Top 15 Households Items you Can Use to Masturbate With

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Looking for the Best things to masturbate with?

You are at the right place.

Have you  gotten bored of using the same vibrators? Have you rushed from your apartment to find the household items which you can use in your bedroom? For example: If your remote control starts looking appealing, then yes we can say that you are not alone!

To use different instruments in your bedroom is not considered as new. As per the survey, the women who come under the age category of 18 to 71, have 70% used the household to satisfy their pleasure!

There are many ways in which you can have fun and just by using the household items if you are stuck in your apartment!

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Top 16 Household Items to Masturbate With (2022) : What Things to Use?

This is an instrument which is used by 42% of women when they have orgasm. When we think of using it then yes we can easily relate with this!

When you are in a bathroom and the instrument is in front of you and you are all alone, then what do you have to wait for?

Just use the shower head to have fun and clean your vagina at the same time!

To have fun with the shower, just play with it and put the heat up and down and see what is best for you!

In your bathroom, if there is a tub then you can have more fun by sinking into the tub and can spend an amazing evening with more and more pleasure!

You just have to find the best cucumber and you have the choice to use it for your sexual pelasure!

It has been surveyed that 18% of the people are  satisfied when they use vegetables or fruit as a toy! But yes, inserting it in your vagina seems to be risky.

 This can result in fungus which can also turn into a serious infection! So, think again if you want to use cucumber or banana!

In utensils, you can use a tablespoon as a household item which will give you the best orgasm.

You can take a spoon and in your clit and labia just go and rub it.

If you do anything with a polished surface then you will see that it will slip like butter! Be aware while using utensils as it may be risky for your health!

4. Pillow

25% of the people only use a pillow. T

he person can assume that they are humping which is also considered as one of the popular ways!

Majority of women release their orgasm at the time of vaginal intercourse, so using this instrument is not considered as an easy task for all!

Toothbrush and hairbrush, just do the best trick when it comes to household items that should be used as a sex toy!  14% of women use their hairbrush as a best sex toy and 13% of the women use toothbrush.

Never use the bristle side as it may cause serious infection in your vagina! Take care of the same before considering this sex toy!

There is almost 4% of the people who have used the wine or plastic bottles as an instrument for sex purpose!

These few people have also used lube as a sex toy! Imagine going through the rough surface of the bottle in the vagina!

Uff this will not provide you a safe orgasm. If  you use a condom or lube on the bottle top then second thought can be given!

The bottles may not work for all people, so for other people only the tool handles with work as a best household instrument! Inserting the splinter in your vagina can result in rashes and also it will not be good for your vagina!

So think twice before using it as it can be used but safely

8. Candle

Majority of the people has given a thought of using the candle as a sex toy while sitting with their coffee on the table!

The real sex toy is made with the material linked with body safe silicone such as vibrators!

So, if you are giving a thought to using a household item or candle, then for a safer side just use a condom to cover it!

As remote controls are designed in all shapes and some of them also vibrate like the way it is used for video games – we can consider and think that women have used them for their pleasure! But what if we talk about germs?

It is worth it if you focus towards using the actual vibrator instead of remote control! But you have no choice as it is also the one instrument!

In this point, mobile phones or we can say electric razor or toothbrush is considered.

 Others which can be used as a thing that can vibrate are back massager, hand mixer! These are the best to be used as a sex toy or instrument!

To satisfy themselves or by not having any other option, 10% of the women also use marker or pen as a sex toy!

Ouuchh pencil is not considered! But yes to be safe use it with a condom so that you can have the feeling of penis going into the vagina! It is good for orgasm!

It has been common for women to consider more than one technique for orgasm! Mattress is used by few people as it is not really easy to use or  to insert into your vagina!

To use a mattress can be risky as it is not possible for everyone to insert into the vagina! Use it safely girls if you are thinking to use it as a sex toy!

13. Blanket

Only 8% of the people think of using the blanket as a sexy toy! They use it in the same way they use a pillow!

 Just by rolling it up and inserting it between the legs and doing the same thing for their orgasm.

But yes, it is important to take care of cleanliness while using it as a sex toy!

Have you ever imagined that there are many applications introduced which you can use for your orgasm?

 With the use of those applications, you can easily keep your phone on vibration!

If you are not able to purchase vibrator than this is one of the best ways that you can use for your sexual pleasure!

Same as a blanket or pillow, a partner tshirt can also be considered as an item that can be used by the girls at the time of masturbating!

 You can simply roll the shirt and insert it into your vagina for an orgasm! It will help you to have a good experience in terms of sexual pleasure!

 T Shirts need to be washed properly if you are thinking of using them

Points to take care of while using Household items:

It is important to be aware while considering your household items for orgasm! Few points which is important to be considered are:

       a.)Use clean instrument with condom:

Whatever item you are selecting for your daily use should be sanitised on priority with soap and antibacterial soap. Then the instrument should be covered properly with the condom so that no bacteria can insert your vagina! Before putting it into the body use it to avoid rashes or irritation!

      b.)Secure your parts:

If you are using any instrument, clean the area where it will be used! It is important to maintain a layer between you and the instrument. For example: you can use a towel, underwear or any other sweatpants! This will help you to be safe and also increase the overall rubbing sensation!

      c.)Use your common sense: 

It is important to use your common sense and to be aware of the wood and glass objects that are sharp in nature and also that can increase your rashes! While using any instrument always remember to not insert any sharp object in your vagina! Always stick to the cloth or safe items which will not create any infection inside your body! Always use the clean cloth if you are thinking to use it as a sex instrument! So be aware and always think twice!




Overall, to get satisfied or for a good sexual experience it has been noticed that majority of people use household items which help them for getting orgasm!

But on the other hand, it is important to be aware of the products which are used! It is your body and you have to keep it safe so never use the products which can harm you or are pointed one!

Use the items that are safe for use and you can get the best orgasm with those items! The list will help you out to select the best one for yourself! 


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