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Top Sexual Web Series of All time

Looking for the best Sexual web series of all time?

You are at the right place.

Entertainment has been an essential part of human lives forever.

The ways and methods of entertainment have certainly changed but entertainment continues to be an important part of human lives.

Before the invention of TV or cameras, Drama existed. People would rehearse the script of a story and would enact the play.

The Drama was limited to physical presence. People who viewed the drama were known as the audience. The audience would usually sit with the artists performing in the front or on stage. 

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Top 15 Best Sexual Web Series (2022): Sexy Tv Shows

1. Game of Thrones-

One of the most popular television series is now available on web platforms for the viewers to watch whenever they like.

The show is largely about who gets to sit on the throne. We won’t delve too deep into the facts and storyline of the series lest we give you a spoiler. 

The world has seen countless series till now but none of them have been made on a level as grand as GOT.

The popular series has countless sex scenes that are unmissable. Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke’s famous sex scene is a favorite of erotica lovers and is likely to remain unmatched for quite long from now. If you want to watch a sexual web series, GOT is unmissable. It is, either way, worth a watch.


  • IMDB rating- 9.3/10
  • Actors- Jason Momoa, Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, among others.

2. Orange is the New Black- 

Orange is the New Black revolves around a woman who is sentenced to prison. The film is about a drug dealer and takes you to a women’s prison.

 Here the life and nature of the character change drastically. 

Apart from the significant transformation in the character’s nature and her life, this series has great sex scenes.

If you enjoy same-sex scenes and lesbian/gay action, you are in for a treat. If you are about to watch a sexual web series, this one is unmissable.


  • Actors- Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, and Laura Prepon, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 8.1/10

3. A Teacher-

This series is not as popular as the other two mentioned above but it does contain some steamy scenes in it. A Teacher explores the predatory relationship between a teacher and her student.

The teacher in question is a female teaching high school students, the student on the other hand is a male high school student of the same school. 

Teacher-student relationships are considered pure and pious all around the world. It is in fact strictly prohibited in some educational institutions for teachers to have romantic relationships with their students and vice-versa.

This rule is applicable to colleges. Imagine how tricky it makes when the characters are merely in high school. Maybe it is because of the worldwide prohibition about teacher-student relationships, that viewers feel tempted to like series like this.


  • Actors- Kate Mara, Ashley Zuckerman, and Nick Robinson, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 6.9/10

4. Shameless-

When the very name of the series has the word shameless in it, you can imagine what you are likely to find inside. Lip Gallagher, an important character in the series finds it impossible to live without sex.

The series has a depiction of several sex scenes, some of which are extremely violent. 

However, contrary to the popular depiction, here, it is this guy, Lip Gallagher, and not the woman who is getting slapped and hit.

The series Shameless is overloaded with what people call demoralization as well as coercion. Watch Shameless and see what you think of this series.


  • Actors- William H Macy, Jeremy Allen White, and Emmy Rossum, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 8.6/10

5. Masters of Sex-

The series’ name is enough to give you an idea about the characters’ expertise in matters relating to sex.

This series has all-things-sex in it. Masters of Sex is the story of two researchers who are engaged in research about human sexuality. 

While pursuing their academic research, the renowned obstetrician, DR William Masters, hires a sexually liberated woman, Virginia Johnson, who is a single mother. The series has a fair number of sex scenes to keep the viewers glued to their screens. Watch this series if you are looking forward to watching a web series with sexual scenes.


  • Actors- Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin Fitzgerald, and Michael Sheen, among others
  • IMDB rating- 7.9/10

6. Easy

Easy is an insight into the lives of different couples living in Chicago. It is a tale of different aspects of modern-day relationships and love.

The couples in the series are trying to find a way to sort their love life, relationships, as well as knowledge. 

Since the series is essentially about adults navigating through their modern relationships, the series contains numerous sex scenes, explicit nudity, and even stimulated sexual acts. The show depicts explicit sexual content and is, therefore, best suited for a mature audience.


  • Actors- Elizabeth Reaser, Michael Chernus, Jake Johnson, among others
  • IMDB rating- 6.9/10

7. Sex Education

One of the most popular picks of this time, Sex Education represents the lives of several students and faculty members of the Moordale Secondary School. The character Otis is socially awkward and lovemaking is not really his genre.

His mother, Jean is a sex therapist who guides her both knowingly and unknowingly in this area. 

Having been surrounded by sex-related videos and manuals, Otis receives his education and uses them later for various purposes, including improving his image and status in the school and solving his friends’ problems.

The problems of the students of Moordale are often related to sexual intimacy and the show presents explicit nudity of both male and female characters.


  • Actors- Asa Butterfield, Simone Ashley, Gillian Anderson, and Mimi Keene, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 8.4/10

8. The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is the story of Christine, who under the pseudonym, Chelsea Reade, serves as a high-end escort.

The series is named so because its main character, Christine, offers a girlfriend-like experience to her clients. This experience includes satisfaction, both sexual and emotional. 

Like a girlfriend, Chelsea strives to be there for the men, who are actually her customers and not real boyfriends and fills the void of a woman in their life by taking care of their sexual as well as emotional needs.

The series depicts some crazy sex scenes and does not shy away from depicting nudity in any way at all. If you are looking for some sexual web series, this one is unmissable.


  • Actors- Riley Keough, Anna Friel, Paul Sparks, Charles Edwards, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 7.0/10

9. True Blood

The telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters a weird supernatural world after her meeting with Bill Compton, a mysterious, strange, Southern Louisiana gentleman.

Bill is a vampire and from the first episode itself, the viewers are bombarded with sexual acts, including but not limited to bondage, threesomes, same-sex intercourse, cosplay, orgies, and so much more. 

These sexual acts were just to name a few. As the series progresses, it gets even more weird.

The show is a treat for the viewers who like sexual content and it gets even better because the series does not only contain a few vanilla scenes and poses. The series contains several sexual acts and therefore the viewers get variety. No matter what your pick is when it comes to watching sexual web series, True Blood has it all.


  • Actors- Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Rutina Wesley, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 7.9/10

10. Girls-

The series depicts the story of four women who live in New York City.

One of them, Hannah Horvath, is an aspiring writer who receives a piece of news that her parents have officially cut her from inheriting their wealth. Following this, Hannah struggles to make a living and establish her career with the help of her girlfriends. 

The sex scenes from this series have been ranked some of the best among sexual web series. Several women have described the nude and sex scenes from Girls to be shockingly and surprisingly realistic.

The series represents explicit nudity in several episodes spanning many seasons of the series. 

This series is based on Lena Dunham’s books, who has stated that several parts of the book have been taken from real-life incidents.

If you are fond of explicit nudity, some steamy action, and a good story, then this show should definitely be on your list.


  • Actors- Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, among others.
  • IMDB rating- 7.3/10

11. Spartacus-

Spartacus is a show based on a slave who headed a revolt against the Romans back in the 1st century BC. T

his is one of the most underrated series ever. It is one of those rare cases where all seasons are just equally as good.

 Spartacus has a lot of sex scenes in it. You have to watch Spartacus if you are looking for sexual web series because not only does it have great sexual content but the series, in general, is mind-blowing


  • Actors- Manu Bennett, Andy Whitfield, Liam McIntyre, among others
  • IMDB rating- 8.5/10

12. Sex and the City-

You must have heard about this series. Sex and the City throws light upon the lives of four New York-based women, who are friends with each other.

 The women stay together despite of their dynamic life and ever-changing sex lives.

Since the very name of the series has sex in it, you can expect to find some steamy scenes in the series. 

The sex lives of these four women are central to the storyline of the series. Watch this series and let us know what you think of this popular show.


  • Actors- Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nyxon, Kristin Davis
  • IMDB rating- 7.2/10

13. Mrs Fletcher-

Another unmissable show on the list is MRS Fletcher.

The storyline revolves around the life of Eve, a single mother, who faces a midlife crisis once her child goes to college. This show has explicit frontal nudity, female nudity, and lots of sexual content. 

In the show, Eve starts her new life as she is all alone after her son leaves home for college, whereas the child faces another set of challenges ahead of him in his life.

 If you are looking for a good sexual web series, MRS Fletcher would be a good choice.


  • Actors- Kathryn Hahn, Jackson White, Owen Teague, among others
  • IMDB rating- 7.1/10

14. Californication-

Californication is the story of an aspiring writer who needs to move to Los Angeles. The person’s life and career are affected more and more by several problems.

He constantly faces the writer’s blocks which further hinders his writing and career. 

As a result, his relationship with his former girlfriend and daughter gets strained. The show shows the central character’s lust for good-looking women and some viewers feel that women have been objectified in the series.

The series has several intimate scenes and nudity is seen frequently. You should definitely give this series a try.


  • Actors- David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Madeline Zima, among others
  • IMDB rating- 8.3/10

15. Vikings-

Vikings is another popular show that is very highly rated. If you are looking for a good series to watch, then Vikings are unmissable. Vikings is different from other romantic-comedy or drama series. 

The show has several scenes depicting female nudity that is mostly aimed to insult the women of the Viking clan.

 We do not want to indulge in discussing the story too much lest we spoil it for you by giving out some vital information. Watch the show and decide for yourself how you like it.


  • Actors- Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen
  • IMDB rating- 8.5/10

Final Words

hese are some of the top-most-rated sexual web series of all time. No matter what your favorite genre is, this list has something for everyone. Right from vampires to science researchers to period drama, this list is bound to give you some of the most highly rated web series. Complete this list and add these great shows to your queue.

As technology advanced and inventions progressed, the drama also flourished. The invention of the camera led to electronic and digital production of these. These came to be known as films. In the earlier times, when cameras were expensive and huge and couldn’t be afforded by everyone, the villagers or townspeople would arrange for film projection at a commonplace on a big screen where everyone could see it.

However, with time technology made more progress. Films became easier to produce and other art forms also emerged. However, a new concept emerged which was somewhat similar to films but still quite distinct.

This emergence was of Web Series. The internet gave way to the birth of Web Series. Web series are like daily soap shows that are telecasted on TVs. The difference between TV series and Web Series, as the name suggests is that Web Series are telecasted on Websites or different web platforms. 

OTT releases have become common, platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are becoming increasingly common because they are easy to use, can be watched anywhere, is cheaper than a TV set and connection, and all you need is a stable internet connection.

What is sexual web series? What to expect from them?

As the demand and production of Web Series started seeing a rise, different types of web series started becoming popular. Today, there are tons of options available for the viewers. Viewers have also increased in number and today, some binge-watchers are so addicted to web series that they wait for years for another season of a series to launch. 

Binge watchers spend hours straight watching a series. They finish a season and sometimes even two in a night. As a result, the demand for different types of web series keeps growing.

One such in-demand type is the sexual web series. These are yet another reason why web series are preferred more than ordinary TV shows by the youth and adults. Web series are not as restricted as ordinary TV shows when it comes to the depiction of violence, crimes, and nudity.

Sexual web series, are therefore web series that are either about sex, meaning that their main plot revolves around sex. Alternatively, it also means that such series have an explicit depiction of nude scenes. 

They could either have a lot of nude scenes or have few scenes but those few scenes are extremely intense, explicit, and bold. The nude scenes aren’t necessarily romantic. Sometimes, they are soft and romantic, whereas, some other times, they are brutal and intense. Nude scenes in web series do not always indicate romance. As stated earlier, web series have fewer restrictions, and as a result they show sexual exploitation, sexual assault, and so on, just as easily and comfortably as romance.

Top sexual web series of all times

Some viewers are fond of watching sexual web series of all kinds. Since web series enjoys a  considerable amount of freedom in what they show, the world has been blessed with some of the greatest sexual web series of all times. Due to cheap internet costs and easy availability of cell phones, watching these web series has become very easy. 

If you fancy some steamy sexual web series, here are the top series that you don’t want to miss. Read the list and find out how many of these have you already watched. And if you haven’t watched one or more of these, make sure to add them to your watch list.

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