Top 25 Hottest Tiktok Guys on OnlyFans to follow.

Looking for the sexiest and hottest Tiktok Guys OnlyFans accounts to follow?

You are at the right place.

Tiktok has created quite a sensation among the youths. This short video making platform has risen to glory in recent years and is continuously adding traffic in the form of new users. 

It is quite obvious that the female content creators have way more following and craze than their male counterparts.

However, unsurprisingly you may find a handful of male Tiktokers who have racked up a lot of female subscribers on their profile just because of their hotness.

Many of you might be wondering where we can get more of this hot content from these Tik Tok guys. Content which is explicit and has no boundaries are available in bulk on Onlyfans platform. 

Here we will present you a list of top 20 hottest Tik Tok guys on Onlyfans that you can follow.

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Top 25 hottest Tiktok guys onlyfans: Male Tiktokers onlyfans

De rankin

Jose offers content full of XXX videos the moment you subscribe to him. 

For all the Gay people out there, you might not want to miss out on this raunchy content.

Being a muscular guy he likes to show off his assets in the right position.

If you are looking for some extra fun apart from the usual Tik Tok content you can head to his Onlyfans.

These Tik Tok stars have a lot of followers and are available on Onlyfans under the below username.

He offers all his fans full face and body content and 1 on 1 chat sessions.

If you are looking forward to some naughty time, subscribe to him at USD 11.99 for one month.


A farm boy from Indiana offers you all a vault full of sex tapes.

Anyone looking for some extreme gay content, Logan is your man.

If you are looking for some customised way of having fun with him, he will be there for you to make all your desires come true.

He offers his content at a price as low as USD 9.74 for 31 days of subscription.

There is more to his Onlyfans than just the price.

He even offers a referral offer, if you can refer any of your friends on his Onlyfans, you can get a month of content free.


This guy here is one of the top creators and he has every reason to be one.

He is a bisexual and offers best sensual content.

What's more attractive on his body is not only his dick but a body full of tattoos that will make you crave for him more.

Being a bisexual you can see him performing with male and female porn stars as well.

This is the reason he is more popular on Tiktok.

If you already have his subscription then just turn-on your auto renew option to enjoy free cum show on Onlyfans.

In case you are looking for his profile charges, subscribe to him at USD 5.20 for 31 days.


Matty is the guy who has the best intro profile on his Onlyfans. 

Just going through his profile will make you crave for him.

He only likes to be called Sir, Daddy and King and will only answer to his obedient fans if they call him by these three names.

This 189 cm tall and 100kg guy can make you feel the excitement run through your veins.

He has content full of heart throbbing and explicit videos and you will find him playing with his dick more often.

If you want to subscribe to this Irish King, you can get him at USD 3 for 31 days.


This guy is known for satisfaction. Mark claims that he has satisfied over 2400+ fans who subscribed to him on Onlyfans. 

That’s a lot of happy fans out there. If you have a special request for him, it will be taken care of on his Onlyfans account.

His account also features other guys who can join in anytime to multiply the entertainment.

That looks like a good deal for everyone. 

If you are also interested in some horny content with a bit of a surprise element then hit him up on his Onlyfans with a subscription charge of USD 11.99 for one month.


The reason Bryson is on Onlyfans is due to the several Tiktok requests that he got. 

He is among the top 0.07% of all the creators and thanks to Tik Tok fans for making him reach there.

He calls himself the Uncut King and he has his reasons to do so.

His account has a lot of likes for the kind of content he posts.

If you are exploring for some quality gay content then you can check out his profile.

All this content can be yours if you decide to subscribe to him.

His profile charges start at USD 10.20 for 31 days.


This straight guy here is a Pornstar in the making.

He loves to explore women and fucks them in every possible way.

Being a Tiktok star he has gained a lot of female attraction.

The content he posts is too horny for all the women out there.

He promises his fans of healthy, realistic and inclusive sexual content all the time.

Due to this he has been able to reach in the top 0.2% on Onlyfans.

If you want to see the reason for this huge following, head to his Only Fans at USD 9.99 for a month full of horny content.


Ryan is a college going guy and is full of kink. 

Piss, sweat, dirty undies and pits are among his favourites and you can find his content full of these things.

He is a 6 feet boy and claims his dick size to be 6.5 inches long. It’s a dream dick for the gay people.

All the filth content is loved by his fans which also includes hole play, showers and cum shots.

At the age of 18, he promises to do wonders with his dick and if you are looking to explore more of this college boy, just pay USD 6.99 for 31 days.


From Tiktok to Onlyfans, he is known as the repair man

With his lean body and juicy cock, he will make you want more of him.

He ensures every content he posts has some production value to it so that his fans will go crazy.

He has started gaining popularity on Onlyfans recently.

People looking out to satisfy their kink can head to his profile.

 His profile is running free subscription currently.

So wait no more and just rush right away before he activates the subscription fees on his profile.


Joshua is a combat veteran and is an experienced firefighter. 

Every woman must have dreamt of sleeping with a muscular guy in a fire fighting suit.

It’s something about his face that makes every woman sweat. 

He is among the top creators and posts content on Onlyfans which is restricted on other platforms.

He also takes care of his fans who are interested in one to one conversation.

You can take a trial of his content right away as his profile is running a free trial of 3 days currently.

After the trial the regular prices start at USD 7.99 for a month.


If you want to see what 3 muscular guys on a bed would do, you can head to Eddie’s twitter profile. 

Be aware that you might want to see more of his naughty side.

You can find the perfect gay content on his profile with multiple dicks going in and out.

For a quick preview of what his hot ass can offer, reach him out on his Onlyfans profile.

You will have all the reasons to thank us once you subscribe to his XXX content at USD 14.99 for 31 days.

12. Romeo


Romeo doesn’t hesitate to take off his pants anytime. 

He promises live streams on his Onlyfans twice a month on Sundays.

All of you who love to watch naked stuff can watch his live shows.

He has a lot of content to keep you busy all night long with around 600+ videos and pics.

The only place you can see his naughty side is his Onlyfans profile which has posts full of his bubble butt, his baby face and his monster cock.

You can give Romeo a shot by subscribing to him at USD 14.99 for a month full of rich content.


Your favourite Tiktok couples are on Onlyfans.

Yes, you heard it right.

This power couple will double your fun every time they get to bed.

If you have any private video requests where you want them to do something kinky for you, you can place your request on their profile.

Anyone looking for some shopping this summer, their Onlyfans account should be on your wishlist.

You will love to see the duo with double the fun and hotness at a subscription charge of USD 12.99 for one month.

You will be happy to find out all the content they have.

14. PonyBoi


Ponyboi is indeed a big Tiktok star and is going to be the next big star on Onlyfans as well.  

This muscular guy has tattoos running across his abs and muscles which will make you weak on the knees.

You will want to take his dick right away once you see him naked posing for you.

He would love to show off his cock, squirt a load of his cum and show his holes for you all on Onlyfans.

His subscription charges steers on a little higher side with a subscription that costs USD 8.99 for one month of his hot body and big cock.


If you would love to see behind the scenes of your favourite Tiktoker then here he is @Deputy547

He is a former law enforcement officer but he makes sure there are no laws followed on his Onlyfans whenever he sheds those clothes off.

He wants you all to say his name whenever you are using his content for your personal use.

He is among the top 4% on Onlyfans and also takes your feedback on anything you want.

His account is running some limited time offers and you can get his subscription at USD 6 for 31 days.


From Tiktok to Onlyfans, he has been inviting everyone to come and have some fun with him.

If you have already seen his Twitter account and believe all his mainstream stuff is too juicy then you should also check out his Onlyfans.

His presence merely makes the content steamy and too hot to handle.

If you want to have a one on one conversation with him, he is up for private messages and will always reply to your DMs.

For the kink people, you can also buy his used underwear and socks by subscribing to him on Onlyfans at USD 7.99 for a month.

17. Peter

If you are looking for your favorite TikTok stars on Onlyfans, you should start from Peter, a famous TikTok star who started his journey on Onlyfans to connect with the fans.

Subscribe to this Onlyfans Tik Tok Guy and get to enjoy the most entertaining and fun content on your device.

The subscription to this OF page is quite reasonable as compared to the quality of content it is offering on a daily basis. 


Urboyboots is here to make your Mondays better with his amazing dick display. 

People looking for cum and cam sessions can book their request on his Onlyfans account.

Also, if you feel you need something extra apart from what he has to offer, then you can also request for some personalised content. 

He is ready for all kinds of kink and fetish stuff if you have any.

He is a 100% performer and knows what he is doing.

His account subscription charge is on a higher side but once you go through his XXX stuff you will find it worth it.

You can get his account contents on Onlyfans at USD 9.99 per month.

This Kentucky nudist is a yoga trainer and a content creator on Onlyfans.

You can enjoy hundreds of videos for free on this Onlyfans page that is owned by Thatyogafvcker.

There are no PPVs on this page and everything comes free with the subscription only. You can expect to see a lot of kinky stuff, breeding, nude yoga, and sex with hot locals on this OF page.  

JastonWorld is a famous TikTok star and owns the best Onlyfans page.

This is his free Onlyfans page where he shares his exclusive content with his fans that he cannot post on any other social media platforms.

He is a 24 year old TikTok Onlyfans guy who is British. He is quite popular for his 8’inch long dick that he loves to show off to her fans.

On subscribing to his OF page, you can expect a lot of solo content and collab videos with  guys and Tgirls. 

Titus Low is one of the popular stars on TikTok and you can also follow him on his Onlyfans page where he share some exclusive snippets from his personal and professional life.

This Onlyfans TikTok content creator is from Singapore and has quite a huge fan following. He frequently uploads content on his OF page that you can watch by subscribing to his Onlyfans account.

Other than this, you can also request for custom content and a chatting sessions with him. 

22. Frosty

This European Muscle Twink is just 19 years old and has a big dick and a perfect ass which is to die for.

If you wanna see Frosty jerking off and doing naughty things on camera then you should definitely subscribe to his Onlyfans page where he uploads all his uncensored stuff.

You can also message him on OF to do custom pictures and videos for you. This Onlyfans page is quite interactive and he never fails to respond to his fans’ messages. 


This Tiktok hottie is a model and an actor and likes to take dick till the last inch.

There is an extreme amount of nudity and kink filled on his profile.

The best thing about a content creator is the potential of connecting with their fans and he has all the ability to make sure he fulfils the request of his fans.

We assure you of the fact that you won’t feel shortage of dick content on his Onlyfans profile.

He doesn’t just stick to showing dick but taking dick in his ass and mouth as well. At just USD 12, he can be yours for a month.

People out there are in for a treat, had they decided to explore  Jordan Starr 

He is truly an exhibitionist and displays his true self in and out.

He has started gaining more followers on Onlyfans due to his athletic body.

Yes, he is quite flexible and can flex all his muscles down there.

If you are looking to explore this sport lover, you will find all the soft content on his Onlyfans that promises to make you hard in your pants.

If you don’t want to miss out on this hot ass, grab your wallet and subscribe to him at USD 6.99 per month.

25. Roy

Roy is one of the popular stars on TikTok and you can also follow him on his Onlyfans page where he share some exclusive snippets from his personal and professional life.

This Onlyfans TikTok content creator is from Florida and has quite a huge fan following. He frequently uploads content on his OF page that you can watch by subscribing to his Onlyfans account.

Other than this, you can also request for custom content and a chatting sessions with him. 

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