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The Most Effective Way to Stimulate Clitoris

Countless jokes have been made about how few people know where the clitoris is. In recent years, people with vulvas have come to understand the importance of paying attention to the clit.

The problem is that not nearly as much is being taught about what that entails. For the majority of people with vulvas, it is necessary to stimulate the clitoral area before orgasming.

In spite of the clitoris being a supercharged erogenous zone and even considered the #1 source of orgasms for those who have vulvas, it isn't an elevator to take you to the top of the building (top floor - mind-blowing orgasm penthouse, please).

As a means of redressing this knowledge gap, we compiled some basic information on clit care and maintenance.

A Clit's Anatomy

Frequently, internet jokes suggest that many people (mostly men) have difficulty finding the clitoris, let alone knowing what it can do. Despite what some people believe, the clitoris is a larger organ than you might imagine.

Its head is the only external part of the clitoris, while most of its body is internal. In truth, the entire clitoral organ resembles an inverted wishbone - the clitoris is the head, while two legs run down either side and a small bulb of erection tissue sits below each leg.

Erectile tissue makes up the head and bulbs of the clitoris, containing thousands of nerve endings and blood vessels all compressed into a very small area. During arousal, blood rushes to those areas, which encourages them and amplifies sensations.

When aroused, the labia of your vulva can also engorge with blood and swell three times their normal size. Essentially, it's a version of an erection for the vulva and clitoris!


There are three areas of the clitoris (the one you can see and touch directly), one inside the labia majora, one at the top of the labia minora, and the other at the top of the vaginal opening and the other at the top of the urethral opening.

In order to access the clitoris more directly, the clitoral hood can be gently pulled back of the clitoris. The sensations become more intense as a result.

In spite of the fact that the vulva's basic makeup is the same for everyone, each person's size and shape are unique. Each vulva and clitoris are unique, and each person's unique anatomy is normal and beautiful, and has no effect on orgasmic sensitivity or ability.

What you need to know about mind-blowing clit play

Everything is better with lubricant.
Every single thing. We strongly recommend having your favorite lube on hand whenever you partake in pleasure, since it's not just for penetrative sex, and it's far better than spit.

Each individual requires/desires a different level of stimulation.
Others prefer only the lightest touch, while others need continuous, firm stimulation. You shouldn't be afraid to explore what works for you, including playing with elements such as speed (fast vs slow) and pressure (harder vs softer). When it comes to communication with a partner, don't be afraid to express your preferences.

Don't be afraid to try it.
While it's easy to dismiss a technique if it doesn't yield immediate results, allowing nerve endings some time to respond and for sensations to intensify can give them a chance to respond. Keep trying. Don't give up too soon.

You should stop doing something if it doesn't feel right.
How should clitoral stimulation be done? You should do what feels comfortable to you.

If you are enjoying pleasuring a partner, be sure to ask for directions!
Allow them to guide you instead of guessing.

The Most Effective Way to Stimulate Clitoris 

The technique of flicking the bean matters more than the tool you use.

To find what works best for you, you can experiment with dozens of techniques. The techniques you like or love may also vary depending on how your body feels or what apparatus you're using at the time.

This list features a few of our favorite techniques, but feel free to freestyle from it, it won't be all-inclusive!

A Clitoris's 4 Must-Haves

Each individual person enjoys clitoral stimulation in a different way, just as every vulva looks different. Here are a few ways to stimulate a clitoris and the surrounding areas, so you can start exploring what works for you and/or your partner:

  • The use of sexual toys such as vibration wands, vibrating rings, pulsators, and wands
  • Various body parts (e.g. fingers, mouth, penis, pubic bone, thigh, buttocks)
  • Playing with grinding toys
  • Furniture for sex (e.g. positioning pillows)

Here are ways to get in touch with the Clitoris

Take a different approach
Move slowly inward towards the clitoris after licking or stroking the outer legs.

Put a beat to it
Drum rhythmically over the clitoris with the palms of your hands.

Graze and tickle
Gently tickle or graze the clitoris with a feather or piece of fabric.

Don't forget other erogenous zones
Enhance clitoral sensation by stimulating G-spots, A-spots, anus, and nipples. The Blended Orgasm is said to be the most powerful type of orgasm, since it includes multiple erogenous zones.

Sucking and blowing
The sensation of oral sex can be enhanced by sucking and blowing on the clitoris head.

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