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SuckSex Review (2020)


SuckSex is a dedicated Indian porn website, which was launched in 2012.

Since then, the site has become quite popular among people who love watching amateur and homemade porn contents. 

The site offers a wide range of erotic videos, stories, and even better photo galleries.

SuckSex has everything that you would like to watch on an adult website.

The site has many members and people who are tired of scripted content often visit SuckSex for genuine and home-based sex tapes.

The site regularly uploads new content as the members  here are quite active, and this is one of their main USPs. The website can be viewed on  mobile phones also, so don’t worry about sticking to your desktop or laptop.

If you have a smartphone, then go ahead and get access to tons of free sex videos, stories, and photos. Currently, SuckSex is the number one Indian porn website with porn videos of all kinds. If you would like to spice up your sex life with your partner, then Suck Sex is an excellent site to go to.

Even though there are  many amateur Indian porn websites available, SuckSex truly stands out because it is 100% free.

The site seems to be unique and straightforward. All the content that you are going to watch  is of only Indian beauties and couples. We thought of reviewing SuckSex to see if it lives up to its mark of being the number one Indian porn site.

The site doesn’t look like a tube site to us, and SuckSex has a very straightforward website layout, which is easy to navigate. The site offers pleasant quality content, and most of the videos are neither hazy nor blurry, which you might expect out of any homemade sex tape.

If you are new to the homemade sex tape, then we will recommend you to try SuckSex once. The site has a massive collection of amateur porn content, and the best part is nothing is scripted.

 Even though the site doesn’t claim to offer amateur content, you are going to see ordinary people filming themselves while having sex. What we liked about SuckSex are the girls. They are all-natural, most of the girls looked pretty, they have beautiful and perky boobs, and they aren’t camera shy either.

In terms of girls, SuckSex has good looking girls in most of the videos.

What makes Suck Sex popular?

The reason why SuckSex is popular is that it is a dedicated porn website. Nothing is fake about  this website. Whatever you see is 100% genuine and homemade goodness. 

There are no fake scripts where a girl is being forced to have sex because she didn’t pay her rent on time or step brothers and step sisters pounding each other hard because they are attracted to one another — just authentic homemade sex tapes.

There are many premium quality adult sites available on the internet offering hardcore porn scenes, but  problem with these sites is that all the content is fake, baring the banging scenes. We all know that the actors behind these big brands need to have high endurance to perform longer for their viewers.

But this is the reason why amateur content is gaining more and more popularity. SuckSex doesn’t have ten crew members filming the couples from every angle to make the scenes look appealing. SuckSex is purely about homemade sex, and everything that you see is all-natural.

Even though some of the videos have poor quality , but rest assured that you are going to watch only 100% authentic sex scenes. Some of the sex scenes can also be considered as hidden sex scenes, where  girls have no idea that they are being filmed.

So, be prepared to watch both intentionally filmed and non-intentionally filmed sex movies. If you love homemade sex tapes, then yes, SuckSex should be your cup of tea. The site offers many categories to make it easier for  viewers to watch the right content.

The site is purely India based, so expect to see only Indian porn and nothing else. Apart from  usual porn categories, such as anal, blowjob, big ass, hardcore, and more, the site also offers different genres as well.

For example, you will see categories such as desi, masala, mallu, Punjabi sex, saree, Bollywood, bhabi, and more. If you are a little bit interested in Indian porn, then start with SuckSex. Finally, Suck Sex never lets you run out of content.

The site uploads content every day, and that’s why the site remains an absolute favourite among everyone. Real sex hardly lasts for 40 minutes, unless the male has that much endurance, so the average length that you are going to watch here is around 15 to 20 minutes.

There will be blowjobs available in the videos, girls getting naked, boyfriends pressing  boobs of their girlfriends hard, and then hardcore banging is included too. SuckSex has everything that you would like to watch in any of the adult site, minus the drama and script.

Suck Sex is all about sex and nothing else, and this is the main reason why the site has such a massive fan  following.

Website Overview

Website Address: https://www.sucksex.com/

Estimated last month visit: Not available

When we entered Suck Sex, we saw  tag line of the company “Indian Sex Magazine”, and on top, there were three tabs, Porn Videos, Sex Videos, and finally Indian Cams.

Porn video and sex videos will redirect to a different page of the same website; however, Indian Cams will take you to a different site, which we think is their partner channel.

When we clicked on Indian Cams, we landed on “Bolo Chat” site. The home page of Suck Sex will give you a glimpse of everything that the site is about. 

sucksex lp-min

You will see the thumbnails of  latest videos. Each video will have a title and a description along with category and tags. Scroll down to explore more content of  the site. If you scroll down to the bottom, then you will see their network channels.

The site  has a “Work with us” option as well, which came in as a surprise for us because Indians are usually not so open when it comes to porn and the porn business. In case you are interested in showing people your beautiful body, then you can join SuckSex.

To watch one of the videos, click on the video. Once you do, you will see a detailed description of the content of  video. The story is nicely elaborated and good enough to make someone watch the video. Right on the video page, you can rate the content as  well.

You will also get to see how many people liked or unliked the content. If you scroll down, you will get to see the collection of more porn videos that you would be interested in watching. All the clips are neat. The site currently provides content in 10 regional languages so far.

However, the default language is English. SuckSex has published over 3000 videos, and there are more than 150 photo galleries to watch. All the content  is released under relevant categories so that you don’t have to struggle, and you will also see related tags as well.

The site was launched in 2012, and they have always ensured to publish fresh and new contents daily. With SuckSex, you are never going to get bored because the site has a lot of content to check out. You will enjoy the video section because nothing can be better than seeing real and original boobs.

The girls had boobs of all sizes, some were decently moderate, while others had massive and gigantic tits. Right on the homepage, on the left-hand side, you will see  three bars, click on that to filter your searches. It will become much easier for you to find what you are looking for.

The site has excellent features, and we will recommend you to go to the sex story section, that will surely keep you hooked. We  liked the photo section as well, because the photos  were lovely and the girls  were beautiful. The site features girls from every corner of the country.

Pricing & Membership Fees 

Good news for all, Suck Sex is free. They don’t have any trial membership and neither any recurring membership fees. Whatever you get is 100% free. This is the reason why people keep coming back to SuckSex to watch more and more amateur contents.

The site as we said uploads fresh content daily, so don’t worry about watching the same content over and over again. We will highly recommend you to surf the site once before you decide to quit because SuckSex  offers a lot of good porn content.

To start watching the content, you don’t even have to login or sign up. The content is right there on the home page, and everything is ready to watch.

If you are under the impression that SuckSex is a dating site, then let’s clear the air for you that it's not. It's just a porn site which has tons of amateur porn content. The commitment to show only hardcore Indian couples banging is what makes  this site exceptional.

After spending  right amount of time on this site, we had to accept that the website is truly unique and one of a kind mainly because most of the Indian amateur porn sites ask for a premium charge. In contrast, SuckSex offers the same quality porn content for no price at all.

The site looks sleek and has one of the best designs, so a full ten on ten for the website layout. The videos of SuckSex are rather short, but some were around 15-20 minutes long as well.

Most of these homemade sex tapes are straight on point, and you will get to watch cock sucking, bouncing boobs, fingering, and hardcore banging scenes. In terms of quality, SuckSex will not let you down. There are around 17 voyeur contents, just in case, if you like to watch hidden cam action.

Other than that, there are  threesome, toys, teen, teacher/student, students, straight couples, shower, sex positions, self-pleasure, scandals, and different types of categories. Don't forget to go through all the categories.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Models: Suck Sex is a dedicated amateur Indian porn website and offers only homemade sex tapes. That’s why they don’t have any model index or names of the girls being featured.
  • Models: Only Indian in between 18 to 30 years.
  • Model appearance: Amateurs performers only.
  • Body type: Slim, large breast, huge asses, petite, and some are healthy.
  • Total number of videos: More than 3000
  • Average Length of videos: 15 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: Mostly SD, some are available in High definition
  • File size: 300-500 MB
  • Buffer: 1-2 seconds
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Website Performance Score



Image Quality

7 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


7 / 10

Competitors of Suck Sex

Suck Sex is one of a kind website, which offers 100% free amateur Indian porn content. However, Indian porn niche is  prevalent , and that’s why there are many players in the market. Who doesn’t like to see shy Indian babes where they are getting fucked by their partners?

Or innocent girls losing their virginity for the first time and being filmed? Since there are a lot of Indian amateur porn websites, it is evident that SuckSex will have competitors as well. Suck Sex is currently receiving massive threats from Fuck My Indian GF, GF Videos, and The Indian Porn.

Fuck My Indian GF plots is similar to that of Suck Sex. The site contains amateur Indian porn content and photo galleries. Fuck My Indian GF has 9,513 adult films and offer unlimited downloading and streaming option. Here in this site, you will see 100% authentic Indian porn only.

GF Videos is also a popular Indian porn website. Yet again an amateur Indian porn site with more than 1000 videos to watch and download. The site looks good and every content is homemade, which means you are going to watch 100% authentic porn videos only.

The site has mentioned the girl’s name right under every clip.


  • SuckSex contains only 100% authentic homemade sex videos and photos
  • Suck Sex doesn’t have any scripted content what so ever
  • The site has more than 3000 porn videos and a galore of photos
  • Video quality is excellent and watchable
  • SuckSex is free, and you don’t have to pay or register to their site to stream  online content
  • The site uploads fresh content daily
  • Most of the Indian beauties are good looking
  • The site is mobile friendly
  • The layout and design of SuckSex is good


  • SuckSex doesn’t give access to bonus sites
  • The site has many pop-up ads

Customer Support 

If you want to get in touch with SuckSex, then click on the Support Page to leave a message. Although there are no direct phone numbers or email ID, the support page is enough to get in touch with them. SuckSex has a reactive support team, and someone or the other will get back to you shortly.

To get started, you will have to enter your name, email ID, subject, and finally type your message. Be as clear as possible with your concern so that you can receive an adequate reply from SuckSex.


We recommend SuckSex to everyone who is into Indian amateur porn content. The site looks great, and it has a lot of videos and pictures. You will have no problem with navigating the site because everything is appropriately segregated. The site is quick and will respond fast.

The best part about  site is that there is a lot of content to go through and everything that you see is 100% pure Indian porn content only. The site offers many solo actions, as well as couples banging hard. SuckSex has a vast category list with every category that you can think of.

There are a lot of good-looking Indian girls who are not shy to have sexual intercourse with their partner. They know what they are doing, and this is why the site is gaining a lot of popularity as well. Unlike other big brands pornographic websites,  it has only real and authentic porn content only.

There will be no fake moaning or orgasms. If you would like to see, some girls giving a blowjob to their partner, then click on the right category and get on with it. The site is free, and you can watch as many porn content as you  want.

Parting words 

We have enjoyed reviewing SuckSex, and we hope that you have equally enjoyed reading our review . Do visit SuckSex once to explore all the contents for free and don’t forget to come back again to read more reviews on different adult sites.

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