Helahel Website Review (2020)


The site has many other things to offer to the Muslim communities and is designed to help the single guys and girls to find the love of their life.

Not just this, but if you are someone who’s holding modern beliefs like dating before marriage, then this application even allows you to do so.

You can find various people within your compatible range and can date them to discover more about their personality traits.

Hence, this feature of the website is one of the enticing ones due to which the site has a lot of traffic.

How often are people sure about the matchmaking site they are using? Marriage is a serious affair within two families and hence one looks forward to the perfect compatibility. Helahel is a Muslim Matrimonial site that allows the Muslims guys and girls to find their ideal match.

When you reach out to the Muslim matrimonial websites, the price of their subscription plans might leave you in doubt; to go for the purchase or not. But this site is available for free for all the Muslims. Thus, this is one of the most preferred Muslim matrimonial destinations of all times.

A successful marriage is never a methodological series of steps, but it is all about sensing how compatible you can be with your partner. When you get the right person to hold the hands tight throughout life, you can make the right decision for your marriage.

Hence, for this, one requires to know well about the personality traits of the person. Not just this, but one also needs to discover various other nuances of the person with time so that there are no further issues.

The website interface is quite acclaimed by users. The experiences of navigating through such a smooth website are exceptional. The minimal time of loading of the site and perfect website design makes it to another pro of the website. Hence, it is the most clickable website for the users.

Hence, getting on to the track of matchmaking can be a fun thing right here as you can find many people across the globe from the Muslim community. All you need to do is to assess the mindset of people and then decide on which proposal you want to act. The filtered research of the candidates will obviously get your forever shoulder to lean on for the rest of your life.

What makes Helahel a credible site?

One of the most prominent reasons why the site Helahel is credible is because it is free of cost. One needs no subscription to have access to the services of the website. Hence, most of the people from the Muslim community get on to these platforms and claim their interest to get married.

This is the reason why this site is considered to be one of the most credible websites for the marriage in Muslim communities. With no fee to pay, the site offers various services that ultimately help people in finding their better halves in this busy world.

If you reach some random sites, then you take the subscription of the plans which are meant for availing the access to all the services which are extended by the companies. But this site makes the services available for free.

Hence, anyone who is merely interested in getting married then he or she can reach out to this site. This is how it is credible and one of the most frequently recommended websites for Muslims to get married.

Some part of the credibility of the site is also because of the design of the site. It has got a perfect website interface and design that makes navigation through the site an easy affair. Hence, you can always navigate through the website without many hardships.

The site is pretty much non-functional if the website is not friendly for the users. Therefore, the users can have an additional benefit of smoothly accessing the services of the site and spend the least of their time during the loading of the website, unlike the other websites.

It has even got its relevance factor as it also allows modern Muslims to date their partners before they decide to get married. This even helps to check thoroughly with the compatibility between the partners.

You can chat here over messenger and can get to know all about the candidate’s personality traits, interest areas as well as many other personal details. Hence, in this corner, you are assured of the mere transparency within both the parties.

This is what sets the site all unique, relevant and credible in today’s times.

Pricing & Membership Fees - Free!

The site can be put to use by the users for free without really spending a penny for accessing the services extended by it.

This is a place where most of the people from Muslim communities, with the intention of marriage, get themselves registered; as a result of which this platform assures the users to find their better halves quickly without any hassle.

Creating a profile and actively searching for a partner can turn out to be fruitful. With no cost, the site deserves to be visited in every way. All you got to spend here on the website is your valuable time as well as effort. Doing that, you can come across candidates who deserve every effort that you take.

But it has even allowed the liberal section of Muslim society to date with each other so that they can have a broader idea about the personalities of each other and hence, one can find the right partner with greater understanding and better evaluation of the candidates.

Website Overview

Website address: https://helahel.com/

Estimated visits last month: 233.6 K

There is this number of visitors on the site as it is free of cost and offers many features that ultimately make the matchmaking process easier to quite an extent.

Hence, the visitors can always be at an advantage to make the most out of the platform and use each of the features to get benefitted in the best way and most importantly find the person that is meant for him or her. 


The immense traffic on the site is also because the platform connects people all over the world. Hence, if you are stepping into this place with the interest of getting married, then you must know that you have access to date guys and girls across the globe who belong to your community.

Finding a guy or girl for marriage has never been an easy task, but when you have access to a platform like this then you can definitely get many options and then choose the one with whom you would like to spend the rest of your lives.

The higher traffic on the site is a positive thing to look up to which opens up a wide bandwidth of options for a candidate to find his or her life partner.

Site Statistics

  • Mobile-friendly site - Yes
  • Women - 35%
  • Men - 65%
  • Member age - Must be at least 18 years
  • Payment option - Credit card
  • Messenger - Yes
  • Live Chat - Yes
  • Video Call - Yes
  • Membership Base - over 15 million users
  • Photos - Yes
  • Watermark on photos - No

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Quality Of Services

9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Success Rates

9 / 10


10 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Exclusivity Of Services

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10


  • The website is free for Muslims. Hence, if you are a Muslim and looking forward to getting a guy or a girl from the same community, then this is the perfect matrimonial destination that can help you fix your matchmaking process at the right place.
  • It is one of the best options that are available for liberal Muslims, unlike other sites. This is so because the candidates are allowed to date other candidates to get along with each additional well and experience complete transparency of thoughts.
  • This website has a navigable website design as well as an interface which adds up to the convenience of the users. Thus, there is no more wasting time waiting for the website to get loaded and appear on the screen. Everything is pretty much straightforward, simple and fast here on the site.
  • The website unites people across the globe, and hence, it is a massive platform for Muslim community all over the world. This platform even leaves the candidates with ample options for people.
  • This is a responsive website which has got a whole lot of visitors, and it helps people in the matchmaking in the right way. Muslims can have the best matrimonial scopes right here on the site.
  • The site realizes the fact that every individual is different in terms of his personality and desires. Hence, it helps people come across people’s mindset transparently. It ultimately prioritizes the individuality of the people and helps them organically go through the matchmaking process.
  • The site checks with genuine users. Thus, one cannot easily come across users who are not genuine. Extremely serious and marriage-minded people are allowed to have access to the site.
  • The site is extremely trusted, safe and secured. One need not fear the usage of personal data for any other purpose.
  • It is even one of the go-to options for traditional Muslims. The site strictly follows the rules for Muslims and everything that the site allows is upright for traditional Muslims to do. If you are meeting a guy or a girl, then you can let your family know. This will remain within halal.


  • One needs to put some efforts in order to get through lots of options and get his or her better half. This is so because one needs to interpret the person and get a transparent vision of his or her personality and then decide whether to marry the person or not.
  • It takes a lot of time for someone to reach out to the support team.
  • The site imparts lenient eyes towards the users who violate the protocol. Hence, one needs to stay careful and process the candidates who deserve further investigation.

Competitors of Helahel

Some of the major competitors of the site are Half Our Deen and Nikah Muslim Community. But this site is always ahead of the competition, and this is so because it is the apple of the eyes of most viewers. The site allows all its services to be accessed for free. ​

It serves one of the most responsible as well as an amazing platform for the Muslim community to find a perfect match. The website has got a user-friendly design and website interface. Hence, it allows users to conveniently navigate through the website.

It is simple and easy to use for even laymen. The loading time of the website is minimal, and hence, it is a fast website to go through.

The site even leaves behind the orthodoxy and allows the users to have access to a sane platform where they can date candidates before they decide to settle down and marry.

Above all, it unites people from various parts of the world in one platform where a candidate avails more options to get like-minded people. So in a competitive market where people can find various matrimonial sites, the Helahel thrives on being the top-listed one in the market.

Customer Support

There is support for the users from the website managers so that they can get their problems sorted.

This shows how the site prioritizes the comfort of the viewers. This is a convenient application to search for the better half as one can reach out to the support team and seek help for any technical issues any part of the day.

They are always available to sort out people’s issues in experiencing the website. Hence, you can be assured of a backup help anytime when you are using the website to look for your life partner.

Final Verdict

The site is an amazing experience to be used for the cause of finding like-minded candidates of marriage within the Muslim community. If you have set your mind to marry and settle down with someone, then it might get a bit difficult for you to look for your life partner in this busy world.

Hence, if you are looking forward to finding a better half with a compatible personality, then this is your platform where you can look for Muslim guys and girls across the globe. This is one of the most credible websites as it allows the users to get along with each other very well by dating.

Thus, liberal Muslims also have an option to marry someone after knowing all about him or her. The unique website has even gone crazily popular amongst the people across the globe in more than 50 countries. The website even offers access to the platform for free.

Comparing all the top websites, the plans are too costly to be availed by people holding a moderate budget. Various features of the website add to the convenience of the users. One of which is the website interface as well as the website design, which is critically acclaimed.

The site is mobile-friendly as well as PC friendly. Thus, you can get registered on the site with ease and set out to do a serious search for the best candidates to get married with.

Parting words

Hence, settling down and getting married is not as easy as it seems to be. It takes a lot of diplomatic and emotional bunch of decisions to make up your mind for marriage. The platform you use for matchmaking can also largely influence your married life.

 But on the other hand, if you are reaching out to a site that hardly has many visitors, then things might get a bit messed up for you. You might not get a much broader set of options for candidates. And you definitely must not take a chance while it’s about your marriage and your life.

Thus, if you want to find a candidate in the Muslim community, then this is the destination where you should be. Try out finding the most compatible candidate by making every little effort to engage within the search activities of the site.

The free site even saves your money and efforts in the process of matchmaking. If you are a liberal Muslim who wants to date his or her better half before getting married, then that is even possible with the help of the dating feature.

Here candidates can date each other and get to know much more about the personalities and mindsets of each other. With extreme honesty, the website has managed to be the go-to matrimonial platform amongst all the Muslim marriage platforms thriving in the market.

Hence, the website deserves a big thumbs up.

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