Top 15 Sites like The Chive in 2022: The Chive Alternative

Looking for sites like the chive?

If you are bored, in a bad mood or just want to have some laughing moments or watch some funny content then The Chive is the ultimate place to go.

The Chive has funny pictures, memes and one of the largest collections of funny videos, fails and innovative art from all around the world.

If you want to search for more content of these kinds of materials then there are alternative sites which offer the same content and make you happy in some moments.

Let’s have a look at the alternatives of The Chive on the internet:

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Top 15 Best Sites like The Chive (2022): The Chive Alternatives

1. The Onion

The Onion is a satirical website that presents funny content sometimes outrageous in the form of the new article and some have deemed it as “the world’s best news outlet”.

It was created by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson in 1988.

They have columns like news websites in various categories like political satire, Hollywood satire, editorial and on-street news interviews. 

They have some of the best funny headlines, parodies and satire of the day news articles. There are local as well as international satire news too on this website.

Price: $28.99 per year



  • Satirical articles
  • News website like design
  • Parodies
  • Local and international funny parodies and satires
  • Integrated with A.V. Club
  • Both serious and absurd news articles


  • News style articles which have not many fans
  • Totally uncensored
  • Varied writers

2. iFunny

iFunny is another platform that lets users enjoy funny videos, pics and memes. It was started in 2011 and since then has garnered a big market for itself.

They have one of the biggest collections of funny content on the internet. They also let users upload their own content which is visible for everyone to see and is packed in a group named “The Collective”.

It has uncensored content which is not for the kids and teens. They also have a mobile app which is supported for both android and iOS.

The app also has features for liking or disliking the content that you see on the app.

Price: Free



  • big collection of the content
  • so many funny pics, videos and memes
  • user-friendly
  • users can upload their own content


  • uncensored content
  • not kids and teens friendly

3. Funny or Die

FunnyOrDie is a comedy video website which was founded by Will Ferrell, Adam Mckay, Mark Kvamme and Chris Henchy in 2007.

It is now owned by Henry R. MunoZ III. The website has funny comedy content in the form of videos and pictures.

Now it has reached the television, Film and available on the Internet. They have produced the show Between Two Ferns which is hosted by Zach Galifianakis and is a comedy talk show.

The site is pretty famous among the users and has made an impact on the internet culture along the years.

Price: $2/month and $20/year



  • Started by comedians
  • Unique content
  • Famous celebrities content specials
  • Both Mobile app and website available
  • Images, GIFs, videos, articles and political satires


  • Uncensored content
  • Not for kids

4. Cheezeburger

There are so many things to explore on the Cheezeburger website as they have multiple integrated websites and forums of the same company.

If you want to see the funny pictures then search for ‘memebase’ or ‘I can have Cheezeburger’ and ‘fail blog’.

There are so many things to find on this website as with each scroll you will find something new to laugh at.

They also have interesting celebrity sections and Geek universe to their website. Their content expands to twitter, parents, cats and many other things that people find funny.

Price: free



  • Satirical articles
  • News website like design
  • Parodies
  • Local and international funny parodies and satires
  • Integrated with A.V. Club
  • Both serious and absurd news articles


  • News style articles which have not many fans
  • Totally uncensored
  • Varied writers

5. LOL Pics

LOL Pics is a free site that allows users to freely browse through their content which has both funny and cute elements to it.

The website is absolutely free and has one of the biggest collections of pics and videos. Their app is available for both android and iPhones and has been downloaded more than a million times all over the platforms.

It is also popular among the social media platforms for its variety of funny and cute pics which have become famous on these platforms.

There are more than 20 categories for the content like comics, memes, videos and many more to enjoy for fun.

Price: free of cost



  • Free for the content
  • Both website and apps available
  • App for both android and iPhone
  • More than 20 categories in the content section
  • Famous on social media


  • Some of the content is uncensored
  • Too much of the content to browse through

6. 9GAG

9GAG is one of the most famous websites for funny content online and is one of the most famous pages on many social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

It is also a free platform that does not charge you anything for their content. The website was launched in 2008 and since then has been a hub for funny content on social media.

It is also very user friendly and has community uploads available too as many of the users can upload their own content on the website too.

It also has apps for the android and iPhones.

Price: Free of cost



  • Top of the chain since 2008
  • Funny pics, videos, memes and articles
  • Social media friendly
  • App for both android and iPhones
  • Gaming platform and has articles on games


  • Too much content
  • User account to post the content

7. Colleghumor

Collegehumor is an internet-based comedy website which was started in 1999 by Josh Abramson and Ricky van Veen.

Their content is widely varied from news articles, sketches to games. They first started as a website but then opened a YouTube channel which gained a massive following with millions in subscribers and billions of views.

Their content is also shown on TV channels like MTV and Comedy Central. Their sketches of comic book characters mostly from the DC comics have gained a huge popularity.

Their website also has memes, funny pics and videos from all over the internet.

Price: $3.99/month



  • Website, YouTube channel
  • TV friendly
  • Funny original content
  • Pics, videos, memes and many more


  • News style articles which have not many fans
  • Adult oriented content not fit for the kids

8. Cracked

Cracked the website is based on the humor magazine named “Cracked” which was founded in 1958.

The website was launched in 2005 by Jack O’Brien. They have all the funny content available in many varieties like blogs, videos, forums, images and many more.

They post funny articles like ‘6 most insane people to ever run for presidency’ and many more like that.

They also have original videos like After Hours, Todays’ topic and many others which have become famous among the users and viewers.

Price: Free



  • Too much experience as a firm for comedy
  • Predated the internet era in making people laugh
  • All kinds of content available in pics, articles, videos and many more


  • too much content
  • varied writers
  • quality of the content can vary too much

9. The Berry

The berry is now a part of the chive and was known as earlier. The website was a one stop for the females to laugh and cry.

The website focused mainly on the female content with the help of viral photos and many original contents that were famous on the internet.

Their gallery was huge and popular among the users.

The photo gallery content range was from the most adorable to sweet and hilarious.

Price: free



  • Part of
  • Female based website
  • Image gallery
  • Funny, adorable and sweet content


  • No longer a separate website
  • Only female based content

10. Imgur

Imgur is an American online image sharing and hosting solutions website. The website is user friendly and is an image only website.

You can share the photos and images of the memes, funny content or technical based images on this website with your friends, family or colleagues.

The content depends upon the users as to what they want to share. They are also allowed to share and download the short videos and GIFs on their platform.

There are several of the categories of the images and videos on this website.

Price: Imgur emerald - $5/month



  • Image and videos sharing and downloading
  • Several of categories for the content
  • App supported for android and iPhones
  • Trending memes
  • Viral videos
  • Simple interface


  • many uncensored content
  • not for kids

11. Funnyjunk

Funnyjunk is a good funny website to visit if you want to have a good laugh. The interface of the website is pretty user friendly and becoming a user is pretty easy.

You can upload your own videos, memes, images, GIFs and other content on this website. The site has all the content which is funny in several categories.

The site is well monitored and has a good policy to take down the offensive content.

The site has been a famous spot for the internet population as a go to destination to get the funny content for their laughs or to create their own comics as a user.

Price: Free



  • User-friendly
  • Simple interface
  • Videos, photos, GIFs and many more content
  • Users can upload their own content on the site
  • A fun platform to use


  • Too many trolls
  • Rip off content on the front page
  • Less moderated site
  • Uncensored content

12. Smosh

Smosh is a famous American sketch comedy website and YouTube channel. The website was started in 2002 by Padilla as a Flash animation site and was later joined by Hecox.

They started their YouTube channel in 2005 and became one of the most famous channels on the platform.

Their channel has more than 25 million subscribers and 10 billion views overall.

They post funny videos, sketches and funny competitions on their channel which is a treat to watch for some light hearted content.

Price: Free



  • An experience of 2 decades in making people laugh
  • Different variety of content
  • Videos, GIFs, images and many more
  • One of the most famous YouTube channels ever


  • Mostly famous on YouTube
  • Website has less content
  • Made the website a shopping platform of their merchandise

13. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a webcomic and humor website which was started in 2009 by Matthew Inman. The website has a lot of content in the form of comics, quizzes and articles.

The oatmeal website mainly works on webcomics which are really funny and has much of the daily life content seen through the eyes of different objects.

The content is really amazing and funny. The website has become famous for making people laugh and feel the light hearted moments from various different objects.

They have so many viral comics and are really famous on various social media platforms.

Price: Free content but revenue from the merchandise sales



  • Original and unique content
  • Different content updated regularly
  • Quizzes, board games, articles
  • Various themes of the content


  • Not many videos
  • Not the trendy content online
  • Update of the new content can take time

14. Zergnet

Zergnet is an online content recommendation company which has been in business for more than a decade.

They provide entertainment information and recommend and promote their celebrities on different platforms and websites.

They offer so many entertainment gossip and articles about the industry and stars. For the people who are searching for the fun this website allows them to save their time by recommending the content to them.

They also have social media platforms which have become really popular among the people. They also post content relating to gaming, movies, sports and many others.

Price: Free



  • Time saving recommendations
  • Offers various articles
  • Different fields like gaming, movies, music, sports and many more
  • Search ads and social media marketing


  • Not many of the funny content
  • Mostly about the movie peoples

15. Memedroid

Memedroid is a great site for funny pictures and videos that have been or will become viral.

You can share your own content on this website too as well as rate the other memes that are on this website.

They have a meme generator feature which helps you to generate your own meme and be famous.

You can also share and create the GIFs on this website and has become a hub for the Internet memers to create or share a meme on their social media platforms to become viral in this social media world.

Price: $0.99



  • Create your own meme
  • Rate and share the memes
  • Videos, GIFs, pics and many more funny content
  • Share to social media platforms
  • Website and app both are available


  • A website only for the funny content
  • No informative articles and other original videos

Everything you need to know about The Chive:

  • What is The Chive?

The Chive is a website and a platform for the people on the internet to share funny videos, pics, stories, articles and many other contents. It is a fun site to pass the time or just go for a laugh. You can always go on this website for something funny and inventive.

  • What does it offer?

The Chive offers funny content overall like memes, images, videos, trolls, tweets and many other things. Many people believe that Chive is for the memes only but you can always find something inventive and amusing on this platform. There are many posts, images and videos on this site which are sourced from other international and local websites so the variety of the content is very much diverse. It also offers amazing photography and cute videos and photos which can elevate your mood in just a moment.

  • How much cost is involved?

The Chive is an ad supported website so there is a cost that is involved for the ad free streaming and browsing. If you have not put the ad block on then it is free to use and browse through but if you want an ad free experience of the site then the membership is for only $4.99/ month. If you are subscribed to the website then the app can also be used as ad free. 

  • Overall Pros and Cons of the website:


  • Fun content

  • Humor images, videos, Gifs and many more 

  • Funny articles

  • Free of cost

  • Website and app both are good

  • Android and iPhone supported apps

  • Less costly


  • Too many ads for the free content

  • App has lots of ads

  • Uncensored content

  • Not kids friendly

Final Words

If you are bored or just want to watch something funny to lighten your mood from the daily life of the hectic then just go on any of the above suggested websites.

The list that we have provided of the site like The Chive has unique content to offer for you and we are sure that you will find the thing that will make you laugh or lighten your mood in one of these suggestions. So enjoy and have a fun time browsing these websites.

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