Top 10+ Porn Sites like XVideos in 2023: XVideos Alternatives

Looking for sites like Xvideos?

There are so many websites available on the Internet to stream or download the porn videos.

These sites have been some of the biggest sites all over the internet and one of them is which have for many years provided adult content for the viewers to enjoy for free.

The website also has a community policy which allows users to post their own homemade porn videos on the site and earn money through that.

The site also has premium membership programs to get the many premium features and content which is not allowed for the users.

Here we will take a look at some other alternative websites which are like in every way and provide the porn content to its viewers.

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Top 15 Best Sites like XVideos (2023): XVideos Alternatives

1. Pornhub

Best Overall  

Pornhub is one of the most popular sites for adult content on the internet.

This site is the epitome of success in the porn world and offers millions of videos and pornstars performing for them.

It also works as a community site where the users can post their own content on the platform and earn some money from the site itself.

This site also has a premium subscription which allows the users to stream and download the content and enjoy some other features which are not available for the free users.

Price: $7.99/month to $9.99/month


  • Free registration
  • Can register by simply using an email id
  • It is not necessary to have an account to watch free videos


  • Fast player loading
  • Simple to use site
  • Easy to access and navigate
  • Free porn videos
  • New daily content
  • Less advertisements


  • Too much non-HD content
  • Needs an account to post the content


Best Overall Quality 

XNXX is a free porn tube with many of the community tools to provide a simple site which allows you to browse and navigate easily for the content that you are looking for.

XNXX is a simple and straightforward site with a great user interface to provide the porn content. It is one of the most popular sites in the world of porn content.

XNXX has been in the market for more than 20 years and still is among the best sites.

They have almost all the content from big networks like naughty America, fake taxi, reality king, Brazzers and many more.

Price: XNXX Gold membership $9.99/month or $95.88/year


  • Free site to use and stream
  • Easy to navigate and browse
  • Almost all the networks have their videos on this platform


  • Massive collection of the videos
  • Forums available
  • Erotica also available
  • More than 2000 tags and many more categories


  • Less gay and trans videos
  • Some content quality can be lesser than others

3. XHamster

Best Overall Popularity 

XHamster is among the top porn sites in the world and has a massive collection of porn videos from amateur to modern VR videos.

The site offers free porn to everyone and you do not even need an account on the site to watch the videos for free.

The site was launched in 2007 and since then has been one of the biggest sites all over the internet.

This site also has one of the best interfaces among the porn websites and offers neatly organized content.

Price: Gold Membership $19.99/month


  • Free for all
  • Easy to navigate and browse the content
  • Female friendly porn and Gay and trans collection


  • Millions of adult videos
  • The community is very active on this site
  • No registration fees
  • The number of ads is less


  • Too dirty porn gets removed from the platform

4. Spankbang

Best Overall xyz

Spankbang is another one of the biggest platforms to stream and download adult porn videos for free.

There is no registration required to watch the content on the site but the account registration can make the whole experience much better.

The site offers millions of videos in the porn categories all over the world as well as the interface of the site is much easier to make the navigations and browsing experience a great joy.

The site also has anonymity features in which it does not ask for your name so that you can browse and stream the videos anonymously.

Price: Free premium site


  • Free content
  • Easy browsing and navigations
  • Millions of videos to choose from


  • Many integrated porn sites like gay, funny, fetish and Latina ones
  • Most of the biggest producers have their films on this site
  • Both amateur and professional videos


  • Full-HD content only for the premium members
  • Lots of ads on this site

5. EPorner

Best Overall xyz

EPorner was launched in 2008 as a free adult site for the viewers to enjoy the adult content for free.

It is one of the biggest Porn sites on the internet and has almost all kinds of adult content available in many categories.

They have provided the video quality label on each of their videos so you know what kind of quality you will be watching.

They have videos in almost all the qualities like Full-HD. They have more than 1000 porn videos in 4K quality which can make you guess the amount of amazing content that they have.

Price: Free of cost


  • Free registration
  • Millions of videos
  • Almost all kinds of qualities available on this site


  • Video-preview available
  • Has photos, gifs and videos
  • Has 60FPS and 4K videos
  • Community features
  • Supports mobile devices


  • Lots of ads
  • Pop-unders

6. Daftsex

Best Overall xyz

Daftsex is a free porn website which offers free porn videos and most of them are full length videos which are almost exclusive on this website.

They have millions of full-length videos from the US, Europe and Japan.

They have millions of full-length videos which is quite exceptional among the free porn sites.

They have content from the last two decades as well keeping up with the latest content in the market.

Price: Free of cost


  • Simple looking site
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Millions of full-length videos


  • Can filter the porn stars in the porn stars section
  • Quality options on the video player
  • No ads
  • Fast interface


  • Missing thumbnail images from almost all the videos
  • Video titles in English and Russian
  • No amateur porn scenes

7. HQPorner

Best Overall xyz

HQPorner is a free porn streaming site which was launched in 2013 and has almost all the big porn producers like Brazzers, reality kings and many more.

The site has a number of total videos on its homepage and also shows how many videos are uploaded today.

The categories they offer make the experience as easy and simple.

They have millions of videos in all kinds of quality like Full-HD, 4K and FPS and many more.

Price: $10/month


  • Millions of videos
  • Free for all
  • Free registration
  • Multiple quality settings
  • Easy to browse and navigate


  • 1080P and 60FPS content
  • Video preview feature
  • Clear with all the numbers
  • Daily update stats
  • Free 4K porn videos
  • Mobile supported


  • Big thumbnails
  • Hidden dark mode
  • Player is buggy
  • Comments are not available

8. Beeg

Best Overall xyz

Beeg is a free porn site which has been in the industry for nearly 20 years and has more than 200 million views every month.

They have a minimalistic approach in their design and get directly to the business for which you have come to the site.

The site has some great navigational features and is a simple site with borderless previews on a white background.

The site has millions of porn videos in hundreds of categories and offers hundreds of tags for easy navigation.

Price: Totally free of cost


  • Millions of videos
  • Simple site
  • Easy to navigate and browse
  • Free 1080p videos


  • Minimalistic and simple design of the website
  • Unique video player
  • Mobile supported


  • Pages like ‘people’ and ‘channel’ needs work

9. Brazzers

Best Overall xyz

Brazzers is not a free site but it sure needs a place in this list.

The site was launched in 2005 and since then has made a big name in the adult world for itself. Brazzers is a premium site and never fails to upload porn videos in different themes like hardcore, MILF, lesbian and many more.

This site has made a big impact in the adult industry and also does the production of high-quality video scenes.

It also won the World’s best HD Porn Site in 2019.

Price: 2 days trail - $1.00, 1 week - $7.00, 1 month - $29.99, year - $119.99


  • Big collections of the Porn videos
  • Easy browsing and navigation
  • Multiple categories and tags for easy searches
  • Uncensored pictures are also available


  • no ads and pop ups
  • Plenty of HD videos
  • Regular updates and uploads
  • Access to more than 33 additional sites


  • Limited time for trial
  • Not free trial membership
  • Some of the old videos do not work

10. PornHD

Best Overall xyz

PornHD was launched in 2004 and has become a leading website in the porn content. As the name suggests they have more than 1000 videos in Full HD.

The design for their website is beautiful and is a fast loading site so that you do not have to wait much longer.

The quality of the videos on this site vary as many videos are available in Full HD but you can change that in setting for downloading or streaming, many homemade amateur videos are in just lower quality. 

Price: $9.99/month or $59.88/year


  • Fast responsive and loading home page
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Fast streaming and downloads
  • Mobile supported


  • God variety of videos and quality
  • Clean overall design
  • Free Full HD porn videos
  • So many categories


  • Thumbnails are not that good
  • No comments
  • Lots of ads

11. YouPorn

Best Overall xyz

YouPorn is a part of the Pornhub network in itself and was launched in 2005. YouPorn hosts its own content and there are tons of content, updates and a smooth experience on this website.

The site has its interface similar to the old YouTube and large thumbnails. The site has too many ads which can be quite distracting. 

The site offers several thousands of videos in many categories and the navigation is easy with these categories and tags.

There are lots of Full HD videos but you can also find lower quality videos too.

Price: $9.99/month



  • Millions of videos
  • Easy to navigate and browse
  • Hundreds of categories and tags
  • Full HD videos


  • Premium option available
  • Hosts their own content
  • Fast loading of videos
  • Mobile supported
  • Free trial is available


  • Distracting ads and pop ups
  • Old design
  • Many categories are pretty confusing

12. RedTube

Best Overall xyz

RedTube is a free porn website which was launched in 2006 and was later bought by the MindGeek network.

The site offers thousands of porn videos which are unique. The design of the website is clean and neat and is pretty easy to access and navigate.

They have so many features like community which allows you to interact, chat and participate with other users. You can also share your photos like dick pics on this site.

Price: $9.99/month


  • Millions of videos
  • Multiple categories and tags
  • Clean site design with easy to navigate options
  • Community features like chat, interact
  • Connect with other like-minded people on this site


  • Awesome site design
  • 100% free site with premium option
  • Free video streaming
  • Fast loading
  • HD videos
  • Mobile supported


  • Lots of ads and pop ups
  • Less full-length videos
  • Confusing menus

Everything you need to know about XVideos:

Features of XVideos:

  • Large collection of porn videos
  • Thousands of videos in full-HD
  • Hundreds of categories like MILF, hardcore, BDSM and many others
  • Multiple tags for easy navigation
  • Great search options
  • Easy to use and access website interface
  • Lots of gays, trans and shemales videos 
  • Many fetishes video
  • Basic design
  • Average of 10-minute duration for the videos
  • Many full lengths video
  • Famous pornstars and their videos on the site
  • Free sign up with your email address
  • Fast downloads and loading on their video player
  • Overall free content
  • Millions of videos

Design and Functions:

The design of the website is pretty basic but the functions work pretty well. The loading time of the video clips is pretty fast and you do not have to wait much longer for the loading of your videos.

The navigation on this site is pretty impressive as all the things are unified and arranged properly. Recent uploads are present on the homepage of the site so you do not need to navigate more for the updated content. If you have any specialty in your mind then you should use their search option which is great with all the tags and categories that it provides.

You can also check the trends which are categorized as regionally. They also have an index for the pornstars where you can search the name of the pornstars and you will find the full collections of their videos which makes it easier for many users who are a fan of pornstars.

They also have multiple language support so you can easily choose the collection in your own native language. You can also check the number of views and likes on videos which makes it easier for the users to find the good quality content in the huge archive of the website.

Content Quality and ease of access:

The quality of the content depends upon the uploader and they have videos in several quality options. They have more than 1000 videos in full HD which are easy to access and have the quality label on every video so it makes it easier to find the good quality content.

You can also change the quality resolution in the settings of the video player as you wish but some videos are only available in limited qualities.

Most of the homemade amateur videos are available in 240p and 360p while many of the properly produced videos are available in 1080p and 4k as well 720p resolution. You can also find some of the videos in 60 FPS. 

The website has a simple user interface which makes it easier to use and access to the users. There are plenty of new updated and uploaded videos on their homepage as well as the multiple categories and tags make it easier to access the videos that you are searching for.

The overall experience of the site has pretty easy design and the ease of access as everybody can use the site and find the videos that they are looking for quite comfortably.

How to Sign up:

Creating an account is pretty easy on this website as all you need is an email address. You will have to fill in the email address, name for your profile and a password and you are ready to use the website.

You will also have to agree with their terms and conditions during the registration process. When you join the as a user you can select the videos to download locally on your device or simply watch the videos at a later time.

The sign-up process is free and lets you enjoy the downloading of the videos as much as you want. You may not need an account if you just want to watch the free content on the website but an account makes the whole experience on the website much better.

The people with accounts are the only ones who can post any content on the website as well as make their own collection by choosing the favorites. You can make this collection public or private whatever you want. You can also interact with other people if you have an account on this website.

Final Words

We all know that is a platform that provides all of the best content in the porn videos all over the internet. They have one of the biggest collections of the porn videos with a bigger range of categories and genres.

Overall quality of the videos on this site is great and it is hard to get another site once you are addicted to this one.

We have enlisted some of the best sites on the internet which can compete with and if you want to explore more content and something else with similar experience of the site then try to go on one of these sites and have fun along the way.

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