15 Best Adult Sites Like FetLife

Looking for the best sites like Fetlife ?

You are at the right place.

No offence to those who love to watch and enjoy polite sex, but the  BDSM community holds a diverse fanbase which is increasing rapidly.

BDSM is currently one of the trendiest kinks that people are loving to feed their masochistic pleasure. Even the dating sites have realized the popularity of this kink and offer a dedicated service to the  BDSM lover kinksters.

If you are already a BDSM lover then we don’t have to introduce FetLife to you as you already know it. Being one of the largest social media platforms for all fetish lovers this site continues to stay at the top.

However, you might not like the idea of exposing yourself to a whole new social media, rather more like a  hookup site that can catch your attention. 

There are plenty of alternatives available which are similar to Fetlife and at the same time offer a chatting experience. So, kinkster are you to know about such kinds of sites? Have a  look.

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FetLife Alternatives: Top 10 Best Sites Like Fetlife [2023]

Best Overall  

This site has been termed one of the most revered sites of all time.

Exploring adult content online is a child’s game before the actual potential of AdultFriendFinder.

This is the place where you can get to meet someone you like.

Devoid of your sexual orientation you can find everyone looking for a casual hookup.


  • Creating a simple username and remembering the password by your dick and boobs is the first step of all.
  • As you know this is the best adult website so it never likes you to keep you waiting.
  • With a large number of dick and pussy hungry animals you will find someone of your choice in a matter of minutes.
  • The perk is not to drive to the middle of nowhere, you will get someone close by.


  • Free signs are affordable.
  • Live chat with nudes and cameras.
  • Acceptable to every device.
  • Sex magazine at an affordable price.


  • Premium is expensive
  • Tight online security.

Best for Swingster Lifestyle

Swingtowns is the perfect site for those who are looking out for a non monogamous community to join.

Sites offers you to hookup with the real people in your nearby area who are actively searching to be engaged in threesome, couple swinging, wife swapping etc.

Site can be accessed for free.


  • The site also lets you explore your kinks and you can enjoy whether you are mistress, slave or findom guy.
  • It lets you to connect with the like minded people and organizes social events as well.


  • You can sign up for free and as a couple or a group of three as well
  • It is Safe, regulated and easy to navigate site.
  • Your information will remain safe and hidden
  • Sign-up process is hassle free
  • You can browse public photos and profiles freely


  • Search box is little tricky.
  • The site is more women-friendly 


  • One Month Premium Membership plan: $16.99.
  • Three Month Premium Membership plan$33.98
  • Lifetime Premium Membership plan$169 one time payment

Best Overall in Quality 

Getting bored of your married life is quite a normal thing in the world of lust hungry animals.

Your husband can have erectile dysfunction in bed, so lack of sex will be hard.

Believe in moving on for a fresh start? Try out this website for kinks and wet pussies!


  • This is the line where you start your kinky journey by finding the right sex artist.
  • But what is good at having something served? Try to find someone who clicks with your kink! That is where the fun lies after all.


  • Your fetishes will be visible. Asking for them during sex is not necessary.
  • You are cheating, right? Don’t let the others know! You can cover your face.
  • Your affair will be a secret with this website as they swear on Maud!


  • Having proper kinks is a hassle.
  • Forums to discuss and chat are not available.
  • The lack of raw sex makes it bland.

Editors choice

Some sage of sex and Goddess of kinks brought this site soon after the Internet was commercialized.

It was a good thing for the millennials who wanted to hook up with them soon.

It is a blessing to the millennials to lose their virginity before college.

This site is the oldest one to let you hook up!


  • Bland and regular sex will get boring after a few years.
  • You can even get disappointed with your little soldier for a while.
  • So, you can either stick to this or learn something new on sex.
  • Educate yourself to create a charming night of sex and BDSM.
  • Write your story of sex with these cool knowledge and moments of BDSM.


  • Adding more content from your account will be a way to become a star of this website.
  • A regular subscription is on the house.
  • They have BDSM movies for rough and nasty sex.


  • Only above 32 have access to this.
  • Some features are not for Apple IoS.

Make a movie about sex and passionate BDSM tonight with you as the protagonist.

The majority in numbers makes the site a hive full of bees.

What is the unique selling point of this site? Full of kinksters and wet pussies! You will find gays and lesbians asking for it! Life was never this good before, right?


  • Virgins prefer this site as a slow start to sexual enlightenment.
  • This is possible because you can find every type of sex here.
  • A little bit of it is free for everyone so you can stay off premium for the first leg.
  • Let us dive deeper into all the little features for a better understanding.


  • The adult-only site ensures security for all your kids under 18.
  • Your preferences help the algorithm find someone who shares the same.
  • All transactions are made to be safe for the website.
  • The premium fee is not that expensive to be honest.


  • Customer service has been a little for many of us.


A place where you can quench your thirst of being in the world of fantasy and mysticism.

This is an app for adults where you can start dating more than one woman or a man.

What makes this better is that you are practising polygamy in the right way.

This is the reason why you cannot get into a big problem with any man or woman involved in this.


  • An offer at the time of being prime is that the site is ethical.
  • There is nothing wrong in dating someone but dating two men or women without consent will get you in a lot of trouble.
  • Here all your consent is important above everything else.


  • Safe for women to use this website.
  • Dating multiple women at the same time is possible.
  • Every step has either a big or a small consent.


  • Dicksters will find nothing here as consent play a vital role in having sex.
  • Anyone with dicks can do the same without breaking a sweat.


Pays as a homage to all the swingers looking for a good amount of sex is welcome to visit this site.

Letting you have some fun on the weekend is all that you got.

This is a website where you will be fighting over which kink has the best move of all the kinks.

Trying them will be a better option for many of us.


  • Nasty and exclusive photos every content has to be the best thing you can get from this website.
  • Rough BDSM and every other wild flings without boundaries is just the crust of this pie.
  • Register to explore all the sites to connect with the one you want to have some sex with.


  • Customer service is helpful and available all the time.
  • Nothing other than kinks and BDSM makes this site a den of sex hungry wolves
  • Accessible from all devices and operating systems makes it navigable for everyone here.


  • Customer service will contact you only through a form of some kind. It makes them slow for real


Are you hiding your kink due to the lack of a perfect place to show it off? What if we tell you, there is a place which is waiting just for you? 

The BDSM SIngles is the ideal place you should not, you should never miss.

From free sign up to mind-boggling features all is taken care of by this kinky website.


  • This site offers you an absolute free entry as you point out some details like age, gender, sexual orientation, email, password etc.
  • From easy browsing of thousands of profiles to check out kinky photos, the site lets you do all with a free version.
  • A 3 day trial period makes the decision making easier.


  • People from 18-60 age limit can freely use the site
  • With a premium subscription, the site unlocks plenty of videos, messaging, joining BDSM chats or rooms.
  • It takes only $10.88/month to enjoy all
  • Options like ‘Online now”. “extended  search”, “auto search” make the searching easier


  • The free version is not sufficient to connect with anyon
  • People under or above the age limit of 18-60 are not welcome


Fetster deserves to be crowned as one of the best FetLife alternatives due to all the right reasons.

The site is best to find out about BDSM and fetish lovers quite easily in your neighbourhood.

The site unfolds profiles of some serious BDSM lovers who are ready to sprinkle the fun in your life.


  • The site renders a colourful vibe with a bunch of kinky photos.
  • The site poses at least 20 questions in front of you to make your registration and experience easier on the site.
  • There are options to find fun from  Foot worship, hard/soft pain,  rubber fetish, cuckold, rope play, dominatrix, pegging, control, rubber fetish etc.


  • Registration to this site is free
  • The site offers  a mobile app version for both ios and android devices
  • The subscription comes with discounts when you  purchase it for a longer period
  • Presents genuine people who live BDSM as a lifestyle


  • Pricier subscription


Fetish.com is the ultimate FetLife alternative that offers you a kinky vibe from the very first moment you enter.

The site has some great things to serve by letting you unleash your true self while exploring it.


  • Being quite an older gamer in the market, the site offers a fun experience toepopel of all sexual orientations.
  • There are options for extended searches which makes the search easier for specialized criteria.
  • You can block members you are not interested in.
  • It offers a Group chat feature to double the fun.
  • You can delve deeper into a regional search to find the partner living next to you.


  • Offers live chatting facilities
  • All the members go through identity verification which makes it safer
  • Lets users report the spam profiles
  • Comes with the anonymous method of payments


  • There is no mobile apps available

11. KinkD


What can be more exciting than having your own kinky community?

That’s exactly why this site comes into play as one of the greatest FetLife alternatives.

Quite similar to Tinder, this site has something unique and exotic to offer you.


  • Anyone can register with this site using their real name or a nickname, but photo verification is highly necessary.
  • The site is great at struggling against any kind of catfishing in terms of online dating
  • The site lets you unleash both couples and singles from your location.
  • Hence, they offer top-notch security.


  • It keeps monitoring scams or spams with help of a team of professional moderators
  • The site takes care of all kink, sexual fantasies, and  fetishes
  • Lets you unleash members of other countries too
  • Available in form of a responsive mobile-app


  • You cannot call customer support as they are available only through email or chat


As the name suggests, the site covers some exotic kink you can drool over all the time.

When it comes to mentioning the name of a progressive site, BDSM.com deserves a shout out.

This site is simply a great place for young kinksters.


  • The site hosts around 120000 online members every minute to create a kinky place for all.
  • The site is a great place to hook up with if you love bondage dating and fetish related stuff.
  • Multiple search options make it easier for you to reach your soulmate quickly.
  • The site is careful enough to offer a BDSM guide to beginners to make the community friendlier enough.


  • Registration to this site is free.
  • It takes only $16.99/month to join the premium version
  • The Premium version unlocks entry into public or private video chats
  • All the profiles are real


  • The subscription is comparatively pricier


For hardcore BDSM  lovers, this one can be a new world worth hovering over.

Collarspace.com is the right spice we all need in our boring life to add that pungent flavor.

This one successfully serves one of the largest BDSM communities in the world with some drool-worthy features.


  • This site is worth addicting over as it serves you a huge option to explore.
  • What is the best part about this site? From straight, gay, single couples to bi-sexual all the kinksters are invited to join here.
  • Moreover, the SSL encoding makes the site even safer.
  • Steeped with security features the site bars any kind of scam profiles immediately after detection.


  • By adding ten answers relater  to your  basusc information, such as name, sexual orientation, pin code,  state,location etc the site offers you the best suggestions.
  • Lets you pick “extend search” or “ quick search” to speed up your search.
  • f you are not yet 18+ then you can get a free registration.
  • At only $14.99/month, one can get exotic premium features


  • One may not find it comfortable enough to add so many personal details


Just like Fetlife, to take care of the fetishes this virtual cage takes you to a naughty world of BDSM.

This amazing alternative makes things easier for all genuine and like-minded kinksters.

The site is also great to check out to get some local meeting opportunities.


  • The site makes you meet the BDSM partner near your location to get some great one-night-stand experiences.
  • By entering your simple credential you can easily sign up with this site.
  • The  Personals option lets you curate your search as per the category of BDSM you prefer.


  • The site is extremely user-friendly with easy-search options
  • It offers complete data protection to your information
  • This FetLife alternative offers  24x7 robust customer support
  • For local meetings the site is perfect


  • Limited user options


Open for BDSM lovers, this site allows singles sto do the nasty sin that satisfies them.

The site is great at serving a FetLife like an experience as it nicely serves everyone's preferences.


  • The great fact about this site is it addresses some of the unusual kinks that you may not find in other sites.
  • It lets you unleash online dating fun by letting you meet people who share the same desires as you.
  • The site streamlines the process of finding similar unusual kinks in other people who match yours.


  • The site comes completely for free
  • The site looks chic and responsive
  • This one is cross-device compatible
  • The site unleashes live chat and instant messaging features for its users


  • Lacks premium features
  • The site requires an improved design and features

16. Reddit


Where there is no one, there is Reddit.

From corporate talks to BDSM, everything you can get at this one site makes it a mind-blowing option.

The site offers some brilliant opportunities to find out about a BDSM community that is naughty and dirty just like you.


  • Reddit lets you meet people from all corners of the world.
  • Hence, the kink you will discover is diverse in range.
  • The site can also help you find your next partner if you are lucky enough to find a match who shares the same thoughts as you.
  • The site lets you post your kinky queries about your desire and get answers to it.


  • Unfolds a whole thread about the BDSM topic you want to explore
  • Best ways to indulge in community chats
  • Fun ways to know about many useful things
  • Makes it easier to find people who have an interest in your kinky thoughts


  • Not so attractive as other sites
  • Not an actual BDSM dating site

Final Words

FetLife is truly a fun-packed BDSM experience that is drool-worthy for any kink lover. But if you are not finding a sufficient kink to quench your thirst, then you should give the above-mentioned sites a chance.

All the sites are great in terms of letting you find a large community and the right partner. All you need to do is, stay within your limits, show your kink with respect towards the other person and keep enjoying the  BDSM world with great fun.

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