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Complete Guide on Sex From Behind (2020)

Passion plays a key role when you want to have the ultimate sexual pleasure with your partner.

However, with time, the exciting foreplay ends up becoming a routine, the passion takes the back seat, and you start finding new ways to spice up your sex life.

At this moment, you can try different positions and sex from behind can help you find the lost  excitement.

A prolonged anal session with your sex partner could already be among your wildest fantasies.

Yet, you need to know some significant aspects of the anal sex.


In this article, we will take you on a journey where you will learn the best ways to have sex from behind.

Be Prepared for the Encounter

It is sometimes hard to convince your partner for the anal sex. But again, both of you  should be mentally prepared for the act to make it pleasing and exciting. Talk to your partner about it and make her comfortable with the idea. Boost her confidence and proceed when she is happy to cooperate.

This step is the most important one if your partner never experienced anal sex before. Both of you need to be very clear regarding the reasons and intentions of analsex. You may be looking for novelty in lovemaking, and the urge could  be very intense.

However, you need to make sure that it is a two-way-traffic of extreme feelings.The understanding between both of you is very crucial for enticing sensual sessions. Try to create a win-win situation through your foreplay. For the beauties out there, it can be a different yet weird feeling to have sex from behind.

So, even if you are too eager to begin, never start with a thrust that might be too harsh for a first-timer.

Have a Slow and Smooth Start

You can begin by inserting your finger in the rear entry. This can be ‘igniting’ for your partner while also enabling her to analyze the pain and the excitement she is going to receive. Also, fingering would seduce her to a greater extent.

Sex from behind involves a great amount of friction between your penis and her rear doorway. So, it would be better to apply a tried and tested lubricant on your organ. This would make the insertion easier for the both of you.

As the session of reciprocation from behind begins, it is necessary to enhance your involvement, because she can’t see you behind her and you need the excitement levels high for it to succeed. Here, we suggest you to moan.

Usually, moaning is considered as the female propreitary butmale moans can be fascinating as well. Your moans can serve as the best connection between you two. However, remember, the penetration could turn painful for her at any given moment. 

So, even when she is totally ignited to take it in (desperately), you need to keep it slow and gentle.

Best Positions for Sex from Behind

For a fantastic experience during your anal sex attempts, it is important to have  a good enough penetration. Also, both of you need to have adequate control. It is essential to adapt to the best possible positions.

Variations in Rear Entry Sex Position

We are compiling a collection of some effective sex positions for the best anal sex encounters. You can go through the details of these positions and choose a suitable position for your next sensual session.


This is one of the easiest positions for sex from behind. You can ask your female partner to lie on the bed with her legs facing upwards.


You need to lie on one side and attain a right angle from the center of her body.

You can start thrusting gently from her anal opening after applying some lube on your penis. This position offers  you better a control.

Here, you can see each other and engage in foreplay as well.

This position offers a great amount of relief to your female partner, as her upper body remains away from yours.

You can finger her vagina  or even use a dildo or vibrator to ignite her senses.

anal sex spooning
  • You can easily attain this position
  • Suitable for partners with any kind of physique
  • The female partner can relax a bit
  • Ideal position for gentle thrust
  • You can enjoy your sex from behind to the fullest
  • Partners can see each-other.
  • This position doesn’t require a slim build for either of you.
  • The angular contact between the intimate areas adds extra spice.
  • intimate areas adds extra spice.You can get better penetration.
  • You can continue with the foreplay while thrusting from behind.
  • You may find it difficult to embrace each-other in this position.


If you are looking for a comfortable position for sex from behind, this can be the right solution.

The female partner lies on the bed in reverse direction, making her butt upward. The male partner lies on her gently.

Here, the male partner needs to thrust the penis from behind, spreading the anal opening.

This position allows the couple to have the complete contact with each other’s bodies.

You can keep teasing her by kissing her back, her neck or by pressing her boobs.

  • Easy-to-attain position
  • Keeps your hands free
  • You don’t require any special kind of furniture or tool to attain this position
  • Constant touch with each other’s body
  • Complete pleasure assured
  • You can get better thrusting power in this position.
  • You can use your hands for other fun-filled activities.
  • Easy access to her rear body.
  • You get better control due to the shorter distance.
  • Better penetration is possible.
  • This position may require an adequate length of your penis for proper penetration.


Most of the couples prefer Doggy Style for usual intercourse but it is a great position for sex from behind because it offers the best possible reach.

The female partner kneels and bends forward on her elbows or palms. The male partner enters from behind holding her waist and hips.

This is among the most comfortable positions for anal sex.

Since this position is similar to how dogs to do the deed, it is called the ‘doggy style’.

The male partner can also reach for the girl’s boobs from behind.

anal sex doggy 2
  • Popular and effective sex position
  • Freedom for lovemaking achieved through bends
  • The man can make effective use of the hands during the thrusts
  • The female partner gets adequate support
  • The angle offers better control for men.
  • You can get more thrusting power.
  • Better penetration due to the angle.
  • Both  the parties are in action &  stay comfortable until the end.
  • You can use your hands for the foreplay
  • The female partner doesn’t get access and control, as the man is behind her


This is among the most creative positions for enjoyable sex from behind the encounters.

The male partner sits upright with his legs spread; the female partner sits on his laps creating a contact between the penis and the anal opening.

As both the hands and both the legs remain free in this position, it is known as the ‘Octopus’--a creature with eight legs/hands.

The male partner can penetrate his genital from behind easily.

The lovemaking can continue for prolonged durations, as both the partners rest on their butts.

Also, the hands of both you and your partners are free for foreplay and additional seducing activities.

  • This is a ‘wrap-around’ position providing the best possible access
  • Hands of both the partners remain free
  • You can seduce your partner in many ways
  • Squeezing her breasts and inserting some toy in her vagina is easily possible
  • You can even shower kisses on her
  • Best access from the back.
  • The bodies stay in touch.
  • The ultimate position to continue with exciting foreplay.
  • The female partner gets better access.
  • Complete satisfaction assured.
  • Sometimes, the penetration and thrusting power may rely on the size of your penis.


‘Turtle Ride’ is one of the most fabulous riding positions for sex from behind.

You can take your partner to the extreme levels of enjoyment with  this position.

The female partner kneels down and bends forward to rest her hands on the flat bed.

The male partner enters his penis from behind while kneeling behind her in the upright position.

The male partner’s hands  stay free throughout the session and can be usedto spice up things some more.

turtle ride
  • Both partners can attain better stability.
  • The man spreads his legs behind her legs.
  • The man gets better control.
  • Effective and long-lasting ride.
  • The man can use his hands to seduce her.
  • Effective thrusting power.
  • Fabulous penetration.
  • Great access to the female partner’s body.
  • Comfortable position.
  • It blends extreme pleasure and relaxation for both the partners.
  • There may be some limitations to the thrusting power as you need to kneel upright to insert your penis.


If you desire to have some novelty in your sensual encounters, this position could be the best solution for you to enjoy the pleasure of sex from behind to reach the ultimate level.

The position is similar to the cowgirl position but the woman faces the other direction.


For anal sex, the woman takes the penis in the  anus instead of putting it in vagina.

In this position, the woman is in power. She commands the act and stays in control of the thrust and angle of penetration.

This factor enhances the level of her pleasure through the play.

anal sex cowgirl
  • Complete comfort to the female partner
  • The female partner has better control
  • Male partner can relax as thrusting is done in the reverse direction
  • Male partner can seduce her using the hands
  • Fun-filled enjoyment guaranteed
  • The girl can ride the man.
  • Better penetration.
  • The girl can add romance by touching the man’s inner thighs.
  • The man is free to use his hands
  • The position is a bit risky for the man’s penis.


‘Burning Man Pose’ is an interesting position for sex from behind.

The woman gets the support of a desk or other furniture of adequate height while the man gets onto her from the backside penetrating the penis from behind.

The woman can  rest her upper body on a table or desk. The man can clutch her waist and enter the penis  into the anus from behind.

The female partner can enjoy the ride as she has better support to sustain the thrusts. 

The man, on the other hand, enjoys the freedom to adjust the  strokes as per his liking.

burning man pose
  • She can hold the furniture tightly, lying on it
  • You can have a fantastic angle for penetration
  • You can experience better thrusting power
  • You can enjoy the bangs through the movement of your waist
  • Thorough and deep reciprocation
  • You get complete access of her backside
  • You can adjust the intensity of penetration and thrusting
  • Simple to direct your penis into her anal hole
  • Can tease her with your hands
  • You may lack support sometimes as you stand upright throughout the session


This position for sex from behind adds convenience for both you and your partner to a considerable extent.

She rests on her knees and hands, while you stand on your feet and  penetrate her from behind.

As she bends down, you can have your desired penetration angle from behind.

This position makes your sensual encounter much easier than the other, most of which are designed for athletic bodies.

You can get an easy and effective angle to thrust the penis inside the anal opening. You can also freely move your waist to enjoy the friction.

bend over pose
  • Both can be in good control
  • Better support
  • Effective penetration
  • Deep thrusting due to correct angle
  • Enjoyable ride altogether
  • She provides the perfect angle after kneeling
  • You can easily have foreplay with easier access to her backside
  • Your hands remain free
  • Better stability as her hands and knees are rested
  • You can choose the most exciting penetration intensity
  • Limited access for the female partner as you would be behind her, and she rests her hands


This is an innovative sex position to enjoy sex from behind to the fullest. The woman sits on a stool or high chair facing away from you.

Her bottom rests at the edge of the chair.

You can gently penetrate her anal opening from behind. If you are using a chair backwards, she can hold the back of the chair for support.

You can also hold her body to keep yourself in the upright position.

She gets the chance to adjust her angel by pushing her feet on the ground.

Thus, both of you can attain the best possible angle for long entertaining sensual encounters.

high chair pose
  • You can easily get into this position
  • You only need a considerably taller chair to enjoy sex from behind
  • Your penis remains almost straight and perpendicular to your body
  • Better thrust power and deeper penetration
  • Enjoyable encounter
  • Man gets better access to her body
  • Easy to penetrate because of  the angle
  • Comfortable position for the female partner
  • Your hands would be free for that extra seductive action
  • The position is supportive for both the partners
  • You get limited support as you need to penetrate at a particular height.


This is a well-designed sex position for the ultimate pleasure during sex from behind.

Both of you need to lie in bed with the man facing the back of the woman. Now, both of you need to  tilt your bodies on one side.

You can start the penetration from behind holding her hips and waist.

You can rub your body against her skin to feel the heat during the ultimate encounter.

For better access and penetration, you can also lift one of her legs and thrust your penis gently into her anal hole.

You can keep on touching her and kissing her during the whole session.

first time anal sex
  • The simple yet effective position
  • You can get face to face access
  • One of your hands and legs would be free
  • Foreplay encouraged
  • Fascinating experience assured for both of you
  • You can penetrate
  • You can play with her using your hands and lips
  • Comfort and support
  • Enables good thrusting angle.
  • There are limitations to the movement of your body, as one side of your body would be on the bed.


The Bulldog position brings a different kind of enjoyment to your sex from behind sessions.

This position is easy to get into and engages both the partners to a greater extent.

She kneels down and rests her arms up to elbows on the bed.


You enter your penis inside her anal opening from behind while standing on your knees.

This position allows you to hold her waist and monitor your thrusts.

This position offers tremendous control. Some gentle and slow strokes will  lead you to deeper penetration and the ultimate pleasure.

doggy butt out
  • Effective access
  • Attain better reach easily
  • Motion similar to sit-ups
  • Fulfill the wild fantasies to the fullest.
  • Fulfill the wild fantasies to the fullest.
  • You can manage the distance between her legs
  • Easy to adjust your stroke
  • A perfect angle for deeper penetration
  • Enjoy sex from behind with extra thrust
  • Adds novelty to your lovemaking  session.
  • Since your hands clutch her body,you cannot carry on with the foreplay


Do you like to get closer to your partner in an intimate way? See Saw Pose is a spectacular position for sex from behind.

You make her sit on your lapfacing you, while you enter your penis in her anus.

The complete skin contact makes the foreplay truly enjoyable for both of you.

See Saw Pose allows you to clutch her waist and hips and improve the penetration.​

Your female partner can also push her legs against the ground to take slow and gentle jumps.

see saw pose
  • Practical position for effective lovemaking
  • Get closer
  • Interesting idea to bring some novelty
  • Use your hands to thrust in
  • Convenient for foreplay
  • You can feel the heat through the sensational touch of the partner
  • Go much deeper than you predict
  • Adore her as she starts moaning
  • Shower kisses when the penis is in
  • Memorable love making sessions assured.
  • You may get limited space for thrusting, as your partner sits on you and restricts your to and fro movement a bit.

The Final Verdict

We understand your desire to try something new when it comes to your sex-life. In this article, we have brought together some practical and effective methods for sex from behind.

We hope that you will find the tips for the beginning of the ultimate lovemaking and the positions ideal for anal sex useful to enhance your experiences. So, get ready to surprise your partner with some fascinating action.

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