Top 25+ Hottest Punjabi OnlyFans Account to follow

Looking for the sexiest and hottest Punjabi OnlyFans accounts to follow?

There are millions of content creators from every corner of the world using OnlyFans on a daily basis.

Onlyfans is a platform where you can find every category of models doing all the kinky stuff for a few dollars but there are some special models that are close to the viewer's heart.

One such type of model is the one belonging from India and to be more precise a Punjabi model.

The Punjabi chicks are popular for their craving for huge dicks and their chubby body.

Here, we have chosen the Top 15+ Hottest Punjabi OnlyFans Account to follow.

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Top 25+ Best Punjabi OnlyFans Accounts

Amber is a UK based Indian girl with an hourglass figure.

The chick is well cultured and educated but reveals her wild side exhibitionist side only for her fans. 

Johal breaks all the stereotypes related to Indian girls and can make anyone fall within seconds with her beauty.

The chick has made hundreds of media posts on her profile and the subscription to her profile is also available for free.

Kayla is an UK based Indian who is raised abroad but has got every trait of Indian bloodline.

Her curves and big tits are every man's dream and she even flaunt them more.

Kayla’s profile is something very engaging and has a lot to offer. 

The creator provides several services like 4K videos, solo female, sex tapes, lingerie, toys and much more than you can think of.

She also replies on 1 vs 1 chat and offers all this at a rate of $9.99 per month with PPVs.

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Kaur has been on the platform for quite a long time now and has made thousands of posts since than. 

The specialty of the model is her bushes that haven't been shaved since the past few years.

So if you are someone who has kink for Hairy babes, this profile is must to see for you.

The hairy Indian babe offers services like squirting videos, pussy close ups, fetish, custom content and much more. 

The model offers everything at an exciting rate of only $7 per month.

The queen of Punjab has been showing off her hot curves on the internet.

Gill considers herself in the top strata because of her fan following and of course her ability to handle them all.

There are multiple services offered by the curvy sage

but the one on one video call has got no comparison.

The big chick is available at a rate of $35 per month after the one month free subscription.

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Meethi is one of the sexiest models performing on OnlyFans.

The Indian chick is currently based in Canada and has been performing on the platform for quite a long time now.

Kalher has posted a few hundred media on platform but her beauty is enough to justify the less number of posts.

The chick charges $30 for a month where all her media are available along with multiple other services.

Serena is a punjabi chick with a curvy petite body and a dirty mind.

The little slut has a lot to offer but avoids showing her face on the platform.

There are a number of services offered by mann.

The only assurance provided by her is of making her fans cum hard enough. 

The chick is also popular on Instagram and has thousands of followers there as well.

The best part is that the subscription to her profile is available for free.

7. Ronnie

The Punjabi chick is one of the most active content creators on the platform. 

Ronnie remains anonymous over the platform but her big booty is all we need.

The whore has uploaded over 1000 posts on her profile and hosts live cam shows more often. 

Some of the services offered by her are playing videos with dildos or vibrator, mastrubation videos, squirting, strip tease with Indian touch and a lot more. 

Everything is available for a minimal rate of $6 per month.

Shaw is a Canada based Indian with a perfectly sexy figure.

The girl who is active on the platform makes a post almost every day. 

There are a lot of pictures of her showing off her body along with videos of her strip teasing, masturbating and playing with her toys.

The dusky slut is ready to move past her limit just to satisfy her fan’s needs and a few bucks.

The monthly subscription to her profile is available for $16.99.

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Rachael Robo has a perfect milf like booty and curves. 

The model does not lack behind in showing off her curves and her viewers are crazy mad over it. 

The creator has made over 500 posts on her profile and is still actively posting on her profile.

The whore also offers full access to herself but that comes at a special price. 

The subscription to her profile is available for $12 per month

The page is run by an Indian creator and offers access to multiple models on this profile.

Sexy Munda consists of top pornstars or creators of OnlyFans, for specific niche or place. 

The profile has over 500 posts and one can go through all of them to find their best match.

It also offers whatsApp contact number in case of urgent query and subscription to the profile is free.

The guy is quite active in Punjabi porn industry and does not hesitate in doing even boy on boy action.

This Punjab Beauty is a newbie on the platform and joined it a few months back. 

The girl is currently in the United kingdom

But has all the traits of satisfying huge cocks in the Indian style. 

The tattooed whore has got her ass printed and that is the major seductive part for her fans. 

There are a few hundred posts on her profile and she is actively posting stuff on her profile.

The subscription to her profile is available for free.

Zara has a long journey from a normal Indian girl to one of the sexiest models performing on OnlyFans. 

The chick posts a lot on her profile and the majority of it is the solo content.

The posts include Zara playing with her toys and showing off her busty tiddies and fat curves. 

The chicks is also open for customized content and chats 1 vs 1 on certain days in a week.

The dusky whore with huge titties and fuck ass butts is one of the most popular model performing on OnlyFans.

The slut offers a varied range of services which includes pictures and videos of her going crazy.

The thick ass bitch is a complete whore and has made nearly 500 uploads

and subscription to her profile is available for $8 per month.

The sexy Indian chick has been an ace performer as far as OnlyFans is concerned. The slut is famous for fulfilling her fans' demands and trying to sort out everything.

The girl has made over 500 posts that includes dildos, vibrators, solo mastrubation, hard scenes, rimming and much more.

Though the user isn't active since past few dates the fans can avail the videos and pictures available on her profile.

The model has made a smart move making a separate free account.

Here, the model has posted certain posts depicting her beauty, figure and compatibility. 

The lingerie queen has made enough posts for fans to draw a judgment of it.

Once you are clear you can switch to her premium account for premium services.

Check out this lacey queen for best Punjabi content.

Rohit is one of the very few indian men that are open for all the sexual desires the possess.

The profile consists of pictures and videos of him performing solo with his huge cock. 

The guy is also open for playing with toys and other large cocks along with posting it.

The subscription to his profile is available at a rate of $15 per month.

Rohit has done many collaboration with the other Indian Gay men and he is quite popular among the few names in Indian Gay porn scenes.

Rohit is Punjabi and you can find him getting abused in Punjabi in his Onlyfans video.

The dusky Indian princess is everything modern men crave for.

The girl is the Indian goddess of Femdom and makes a sexy post daily on her profile. 

There are plenty of services offered by her

and some of them are findom, femdom, humiliation, JOI, spanking and a lot more. 

The chick has made hundreds of posts on her profile and charges $11 per month.

Follow this princess for Punjabi accent NSFW videos.

18. Maya

Maya in an Indian language is a mystery and the girl is really an unsolved mystery for her fans.

The girl offers a hell lot of services from grabbing her tits to spanking her booty or riding a vibrator at full pace maybe. 

She remain anonymous and still is able to create a spell upon his viewers since a long time.

She offers short clips as well long videos of herself masturbating or shaking her ass. 

The subscription to her profile is available for only $4.99 per month.

The content creator is a hardcore body builder from Indain state of Punjab. 

Vaziel has posted over 200 media on his profile and the majority of them is showing himself off in different positions. 

The guy has also posted a large amount of stroking videos where he shreds loads of cum.

The model is open for one on one video call as well and subscription to his profile is$12.99 per month.

The model considers herself a temple and her pussy to be the place that is to be worshiped.

This all natural white indian has a dirty mind with a sexy body who is ready to do every kink she is asked for.

Sexting is one of the best services offered by her

and the subscription to her profile is available for only $9.99 per month.

BabyKayy, the Alt/Emo Desi Petite Princess hailing from Melbourne. Her captivating style sets her apart as she invites you to discover her world. 

Don't hesitate to ask for her pricelist, granting you access to exclusive content.

 For Rebill Fans, there's even more monthly content to enjoy for free. Subscribing at just $12.99 per month allows you to immerse yourself in her unique and alluring charm.

22. Tooki

Tookiiii, your beloved Punjabi Princess! With a captivating allure, she offers exclusive content available for purchase, promising an enchanting experience. 

Tookiiii is dedicated to responding to messages from 2-4pm, ensuring engagement with her followers.

This platform is her most vibrant hub, where her activity is on full display. Join Tookiiii on this exciting journey, where her dynamism and passion shine through.


Taazveerr, a determined individual on a mission for a noble cause. Seeking 50 million USD for the financial security and treatment of a loved one, Taazveerr delves into the world of adult modeling and business.

 With a focus on privacy and discretion, exclusive uncensored private content awaits those who wish to support this meaningful endeavor.

 Join Taazveerr in this unique journey to make a difference while exploring a side that remains veiled from the public eye. Your support contributes to a cause worth championing.

Busty Priya Sangria, a beguiling blend of East Indian elegance and captivating charm. With a mesmerizing 34G bust, she embodies contrasts – an angelic presence in public, a passionate temptress in private. 

Explore her world, where she effortlessly shifts from innocence to unbridled seduction. 

Witness her masterful journey through pleasure with a hint of naughtiness. Succumb to the enchantment of Busty Priya Sangria and embrace the art of delightful indulgence. Subscribe at $8.99 per month.

Originating from Canada, Ontario and representing the ultimate East Indian Beauty, this persona exudes demure elegance in public while embracing a seductive allure in the intimacy of private moments.

 With a commitment to being fetish-friendly, every shared experience becomes an exclusive exploration of desires.

Discover a collection of sultry solo videos, thoughtfully curated to feature toys and passionate encounters. 

Personalized dick ratings are also on offer, whether through engaging text or captivating topless videos.

The allure of deep and sexy blowjobs is not to be missed, promising to leave every individual breathless.

 An exploration of foot fetishes promises to awaken the senses and kindle desires. Custom videos and photos cater to individual preferences. Immersive video calls bring desires to life, and a private sexting world unveils the exploration of intimate thoughts.

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