PopCash Review – How I Make $900 per Month (2020)

PopCash Overview

It’s considered that PopCash is the best popUnder ad network.

Costa Rica is where its headquarters are based, and the company is offering premium publishers, as well as advertisers, a network platform where they can connect and earn money.

If you are thinking about the revenue model, then the answers are CPM and CPC. PopCash is arguably a superb alternative to the Popads network.

Each publisher has been reviewed before the post was uploaded on the site. 


Have you ever noticed pop-up ads while browsing a website, those annoying ads that lure you and irritate you at the same time? Well, they appear suddenly on the screen. The reason why the advertisers put it there is for us to click on them.

This is the reason why PopUnder is so effective. They are not just any random ads that you will get to see on screen while browsing through the content, rather they work like a remarketing tool and appear behind the content.

You won’t see them immediately, rather, when you will move ahead from the ad and close the main browser, the PopUnder displays the ad, and that’s why it is named PopUnders, not popup.

Author's Note

If you don't know already than you must know that almost 70% of my revenue comes from Popunders. Read my full story here: How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites . I use two popunder services on my portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites and those are Popads and Popcash. Today, I will do a Popcash review.

Read my full review of Popads network here: Popads review - How i make $1500 per month

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Popcash: A Brief History

Now that you know what PopUnder is, it’s time for us to get to know about its network known as PopCash. You might have heard about them too, well! They are the giants in their industry.

The company has been here for a long time now, and to be precise, here since 2012, and the platform is dedicated to PopUnder traffic and ads.

Do you know that they welcome more than 850 million people as monthly visitors? Plus, the site has over 50,000 active publishers as well. So, displaying your ad here means you have a good chance of people watching it.

The good thing about Popcash is that it is a free site. You can register for free, and you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees and all. Whatever sales you will make, the company will deduct some percentage of it for using the platform. That’s how it works.

The platform works on a deposit, and the minimum deposit, to run your ads on the platform is $5.00. You have to register on the site and get started. The campaigns will take some time for the site’s moderators to go through them and approve them. Once it’s done, you are all set.

Performance Score: PopCash




9 / 10

Campaign Setup

8 / 10

Traffic Quality

8 / 10

Traffic Volume

8 / 10

Stats and report

10 / 10

Dashboard - What does it look like?

PopCash has a very user-friendly interface if you talk about buying traffic. It is easy to understand, is simple & clutter-free and displays only relevant, useful information. With their interface in the beta stage, new features are being added continuously to the software. 

At the top, you can check reports, balance available, current earnings, referral earnings as well as the last amount that was paid to you. Under this, there are 4 sections - 

  1. 1
    Account Manager - Here you can edit your personal information, change passwords and edit billing information
  2. 2
    Referrals - PopCash also has a referral programme (10% of the revenue) that allows you to earn extra money every time a new user registers using your affiliate link 
  3. 3
    Billing - In this section, you can review transaction history, amounts requested, payment status, fees outstanding and invoices as well
  4. 4
    Support Center - still in the beta stage, here you can connect with the customer support team of PopCash via Skype
  5. 5
  • Campaigns - check status, create new or edit/delete old campaigns 
  • Reports - check campaign stats, filter by time frame, impressions and amount spent on each campaign 
  • Report History - Here you can access all reports, generate reports as per the time period or date, aggregate campaign information, save reports or even download data in form of CSV files for future reference

Requirements of PopCash

  1. 1
    Websites shouldn’t host illegal content because although it accepts adult sites, its important that you comply with their policies as well
  2. 2
    Publishers must not modify the ad code or make any other similar changes whatsoever
  3. 3
    Publishers must not send fake traffic to their sites


The minimum payout is $10.00, and some of the available payment options are Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, Paxum, Payza, and Paypal. It will take seven days maximum for the money to get credited. 

PopCash vs. PopUnders


  • PopCash users receive traffic from across the globe
  • The platform is easy-to-use
  • Support is first class
  • You get updated hourly reports
  • Only a $5 minimum deposit to get started


  • If you compare it with other PopUnders, you will get to see that statistics data is limited
  • It supports only one type of ad, and if you want to put several different types of ads, this is not the right platform for you
  • Payment release takes some time, sometimes even weeks

PopCash Advertising Review

Competitors (AdMaven, Richpops, Exoclick)

Just because we have PopCash allowing us to run advertisements with ease, doesn’t mean it will not have its competitors. The three main competitors that we could find out are AdMaven, Richpops, and Exoclick.


AdMaven began around 35 years ago and has a lot of experience in terms of these kinds of ads, and is considered to be the best in the industry. The platform offers multiple features allowing the website to be published in different ways.

This will include tab options, interstitial ads, lightbox ads, banners, and the traditional pop-up ads. The company has a global outreach and has an influential audience. $50.00 is the minimum deposit to start running your ad.


RichPops is a part of PlatformIO, and offers the opportunity for publishers to make extra money by putting up advertisements on click-under and popunder ads. The significant part about RichPops is that they have perfect customer service and reply almost instantly in case of any trouble.

RichPops, just like Popcash, also offers profit statistics and traffic reports from time to time. You will get to see how many saw those ads on the interface. You will receive an updated weekly report.


Another competitor of PopCash is Exoclick, which is yet again considered good as networks for those who wish to monetize any site. It doesn’t have any monthly plans or so. You can just register and sign up to start selling your ads.

It is considered as the fastest-growing ad Network. There is no minimum traffic requirement, enables you to target different niches and there is a wide range of ad formats, plus you get to earn money by referring visitors/users to the program.

Please note - You must have a minimum balance of $20 minimum to withdraw. 

Final Verdict

If you are running an adult business, this advertisement network is right for you. You can try this popular network ad, and try different Popunder ad networks as well. However, do keep in mind that excessive advertisements might hamper your experience.

The payment rates are superb for European, Australian, Canada, UK, and US traffic. It is worth mentioning that we found PopCash to be very simple and intuitive. 

Ideally, I would suggest PopAds to be the best PopUnder network, but if any network competes well with PopAds then it has to be PopCash. Usually it is irritating for the visitor if two popup networks are inserted in a website and this drives the visitors away as well as significantly decreases on-site time. I would recommend you to only use PopAds for your website, but if you are one of those who is only concerned about making money then PopCash should be your ideal second choice.

Tips and Tricks (in using PopCash)

Always insert a name for the ad campaign that visitors will be able to identify the campaigns. There will be a Country-Operator-OS-Single Offer ID, better to go with that. 

Here are the stats of PopCash one of my website which was getting close to 10,000 visitors per day.

PopCash Stats


Paypal - Transaction History (Withdrawal)

Paypal - Payment Proof

After looking at these pictures you must have got an idea of the earning potential of Popcash as a network for Popunders. So don't hesitate and waste any more time, go and SignUp for PopCash right now.

Popcash Website Link: Popcash Website

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