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As we all know that there are many top adult ad networks to choose from. But we are often confused as to which one will be the right one for us.

Read this detailed Exoclick review before you get confused by all the vague information provided on the internet.

What is Exoclick? How does it work?

What are the payment options? Let your mind ask as many questions as it wants to because at the end, you will get all your answers.

Today i will give you a detailed review about advertising company, ExoClick. ExoClick Review. If you have been following my article you must have noticed my growing concerns with JuicyAds platform.

Since last six months i have witnessed declining revenue and decreasing rates. If the ad spots are not sold, the rates offered by JuicyAds have been horrible.


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I started searching for an alternative last year, and trust me i couldn't be happier. I found one website which was just amazing. Yes i am talking about ExoClick. I stumbled upon ExoClick and tried few of its ads, I was surprised by the quality of ads and the rates they offer for each ad.

I was getting mind-blowing rates. The only concern was that they were not tracking all the click. The number of click tracked by them were somewhat lower than the actual clicks, but the rates were so remarkable that even with lesser clicks the overall revenue was significantly higher than Juicyads.

I quickly changed all my ads from Juicyads to Exoclicks ads and have been very happy since then. They have various ad formats:

  1. 1
    Standard Banners (almost all regular sizes). I highly recommend the square banners that you usually put at the side sidebar. The rates for that were really impressive.
  2. 2
    Interstitial ads (I don't recommend them, they drive away the traffic)
  3. 3
    Instant Messenger Box (IM Box) : this has been the highest revenue generator for me. They show animated small im box at the location you select and the number of clicks on this one are huge. The rates however were not as amazing as the 300x250 banner.
  4. 4
    Popads, although i have always recommended the two most amazing pop-ads companies : Popads and Popcash

About ExoClick

ExoClick comes under the top advertising companies that the users definitely love.

Not suitable for other niches since it has the minimum share for them but if you search the options for the best adult ad network, this is something you will find. 

You cannot opt blindly when it comes down to choosing an ad network. Being cautious and making the right decision is essential.

There are many questions you must ask yourself regarding the traffic, payment system, types of ads, etc. before you choose. 

The adult market is the major focus, it can help you make a lot of money in the long run.


This company has been working since 2006 and has grown and evolved over time. The reach is more than 7 billion. The journey of ExoClick wasn’t a smooth sail but in no time, it became one of the most preferred networks of all times.

Mobile advertising was involved in 2012 and has been a huge success ever since. This platform is specifically designed keeping in mind the ease of use to the users. 

How To Use Exoclick?

Using ExoClick is not difficult, and anyone can learn it quickly.

Before starting off with Exoclick, you have to create an account by filling in some basic details. Next step is to set some clear goals. After setting the goals, the major task is creating the ad campaign. Doing it right decides whether your campaign will get approval or not.

But how to create a successful ad campaign if you are a completely new user. Let’s first discuss the payment options and then move further to creating your first campaign.

ExoClick Ad Network Review 2020

Payment Options

As far as the payment is concerned, different publishers receive payments at different times, weekly or monthly.

Delays are usually avoided at this network and payments are prompt. There are different options of payment that can be considered. Here is a list of all possible options and comparisons you can see to make the most suitable choice.

Payment Comparison

minimum payout $500


minimum payout $500

bank fees is applied

minimum payout $200

fees may apply

minimum payout $20

fees may apply

minimum payout $20

fees may apply


minimum earnings $500


For receiving your first payment, you must ensure the ads are up and running on your platform, and contact the customer service for the same. As far as customer service is concerned, they are always available to help their users in any way possible.

The published ads on the approved websites would help the publishers in generating the amount. You need to ensure the ads are live when they check out. After reaching the minimum payout limit, money can be withdrawn by the publisher.

Campaign Creation

New users must be confused regarding the steps they have to follow for successful campaign creation. This section will help them with that. Exoclick is a plethora of options when it comes down to categories and ad formats.

More than 20 different ad formats are available for the users. Campaign creation for the users is very easy on this platform. One word that you always need to revolve around during creation is “detailed targeting.” It will make or break your campaign which is why we are putting emphasis on it.

How to Create Ad Campaign on ExoClick

Step 1: General Targeting

  • Log into your account and click on “create a campaign”. The first step is to fill in the details in general targeting
  • Think thoroughly, select the right format, and name your campaign. 
  • Next, you need to select the source of traffic, i.e. mobile or web. If you select the web, you will receive traffic through laptop or computers and through mobile devices in case of mobile. Once you choose a mobile, you will come across a dropdown list wherein you can sort on the basis of operating systems. 
  • Then you have to select the category. The top category is the most-selected one, yes, the adult category. 
  • Once you select the category, it’s time to sort it out according to the content you would be posting. Select the subcategory from the wide range of options including BDSM, hardcore, etc. 
  • Then from different ad formats, choose the one you prefer.
  • Next, you need to select the country. The best option should be the country with the language you publish in. You will receive more traffic with that option.

Step 2: Configuration And Pricing

  • For the pricing model, you have three options, CPC, CPM, and Smart CPM respectively. CPC refers to the cost per click, CPM is the cost to pay per thousand impressions, and smart CPM and smart CPM is the willingness to pay the maximum amount. 
  • Next, you will be required to select frequency capping. This decision directly influences the amount of traffic you will receive. It depends upon the time a user sees the ad.
  • The next step will be to set the maximum campaign budget and it varies according to people’s preferences. You can select from anywhere between $20 and $10,000.

Step 3: Sites Targeting

  • Here we have two options, either to go for RON or premium.
  • RON targets all the sites on the network whereas premium targets selected websites with all relevant information to consider before targeting. 
  • You will also get an idea about your position in the premium one, and you can make modifications accordingly.

Step 4: Marketing Material

  • Now it’s time to upload your banner. Keep the ad format in your mind that you chose in step one. 
  • Next, you need to type the URL of the landing page of the website.

Step 5: Advanced Settings

  • The most important step here is to select and restrict the domains you prefer.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you have to click on save the campaign. After saving the campaign, the team will go through it and analyze if it matches the guidelines, and follows all the set rules. If it does, then the campaign will get immediate approval and you will be allowed to proceed.

How can the filter option be used?

The filter option ‘period’ allows you to sort the data with the help of a specific period. For example, you can set the filter period to ‘This Month’ to find the data of the particular month. 

Below that, you will find the filter ‘Group’. By default, you will see the data of all groups but you can manage it as per specific groups as well. 

If you want to filter the data of a particular region or country, you can use the filter ‘Display’ type. You can also use the ‘Global Report’ option to consolidate the data of all the world in one report. 

If you want to see the campaigns that you had deleted previously, you can use the ‘See Deleted Campaigns’ option. Here’s how the filter options are showcased on this site:


The Final Thought

Join ExoClick today, and reap the benefits of this successful adult ad network. This guide has covered almost every important aspect that you need to get started. So, what are you waiting for?

If you are looking for making decent income from banner ads on your website then register today on Exoclick using this link: Exoclick

The payout can be taken in many ways, all industry standard ways are available. I really loved their user interface and especially the statistics section which provides and in-depth overview of data. Hope i was of help and you were satisfied with this ExoClick Review.

If I was not thorough or you couldn't understand some point, do ask in the comment section below or in the public forum of our website at: Questions and Answers.

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    “Thank you for contacting ExoClick Customer Services regarding your account/payment.

    On review of your site(s) performance we have decided to reject your sites as they are not meeting the expectations of our advertisers.
    As such no pending earnings will be paid, as some advertisers will need to be compensated.

    Additionally your account has been closed as we will be not be able to work with you in the future.

    We wish you well in your future endeavors.

    Best regards,

    Team Leader
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    Contact support team not respond until now.
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