Top 10 Poly Dating Sites (2020) – Reviews & Comparisons

Poly-amorous relationships have been in existence since ancient times as we have found evidence of one person being in a relationship with multiple partners in Roman and Greek history.

However, people did not accept it back then as openly as we do it today.

Today couples willingly enter into open-relationships where one partner or both the partners are involved in a physical relationship with multiple individuals.

The idea of staying loyal to one partner for the entire life is too scary for some individuals and they prefer a polyamorous way of life. 


Different types of dating sites have evolved over the past few years that cater to the diverse relationship needs of individuals residing in different parts of the world. Some of them encourage monogamous relationships whereas most dating sites entertain people who are looking for polyamory or swinging lifestyles.

The concept of online dating has helped these people to connect with individuals who share similar interests and relationship choices as their way of life.

Usually, the dating sites that are available for individuals who are interested in hook-ups and casual dating encourage non-monogamous relationships mostly; while, some of them promote consensual non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships only. 

Today, we will take a look at some of the best poly dating sites that offer numerous options and features for people who are looking for someone outside their existing relationship or marriage.

These poly dating sites mostly accommodate people who belong to different genders and have specific sexual orientations. Some of them cater to the dating needs of almost everyone whereas some of them cater to the dating requirements of people who are looking for one-night stands only. 

It was important to analyze these poly dating sites on the basis of different factors such as premium membership rates, mobile compatibility, flexibility when it comes to relationship types and genders found on the website, and much more.

After going through numerous dating sites, we found only a handful of such sites actually define the trend of polyamorous relationships. We have provided the list of such sites in the section below but you can do your own research by considering these three factors:

Paid & Premium features

  • Almost all the sites allow us to register free of cost. However, the main difference lies in the number of free services that such websites provide to their members.

For example, OkCupid is a site that encourages poly-amorous relationships but it only allows the premium members to find out who likes them. The members who have opted for the free membership of these websites can only send a message to the members who have liked them back.

  • Therefore, you can compare the free and premium features offered by different poly dating sites before choosing the best one for yourself among them.

Mobile compatibility

  • Mobile compatibility is a must for all dating sites on the internet these days. This is because the majority of young people and even middle-aged individuals prefer operating these dating apps on mobile phones rather than using them on desktop.
  • Most of the dating sites can be operated through mobile browsers. However, they do not offer the flexibility and smooth user interface that a mobile app usually provides.
  • Moreover, the kind of mobile devices these website apps support can also make a huge difference in its acceptance across people belonging to different age-groups and countries.
  • You must consider these things before zeroing down a dating site because you cannot open your laptop every time to check whether your crush has communicated with you or not. 

Features that encourage meet-ups 

  • The main purpose for which people prefer poly sites is because they encourage people to meet in real life too. However, the majority of these sites are filled with people who only use them for flirting and online dating. 
  • Therefore, you must check whether the site you are using differentiates between online dating seekers and real dating seekers. 

For example, Plenty of Fish provides a separate matchmaking system for its members to decide whether they are interested in meeting a specific person in the future or not. 

  • If you accept the meeting proposition for a particular profile and that person registers the same response for you then the site will inform both of you about it and then you can plan for catching up. 

You can judge a site based on many other aspects too. Also, you will get an idea about the features that you can expect from a poly dating site after going through the major details of all the poly dating sites mentioned below. 

Top 10 poly dating sites

site name



Both free and premium

Both free and premium

Both free and premium

1. BeNaughty

BeNaughty is ideal for individuals who are looking for non-serious relationships and hookups. It can be used by singles and couples both and it also allows its members to create an account with minimum information. 

It is an adult dating portal that fulfills major requirements of couples who are looking for some fun outside their relationship. Therefore, it proves to be one of the forerunning options if you are looking for polyamorous relationships. 



  • Fake images, pornographic content, and nude pictures are prohibited for uploading as a profile picture on BeNaughty.
  • Female members can send messages to other members without a premium subscription.
  • The registration process can be completed quickly without subscribing to any premium plan. 


plan name

total price


Monthly plan



Quarterly plan



6-month plan




  • Free users can send winks to other members.
  • Members can activate safe mode for ensuring that only verified members send messages to them.
  • Members can activate safe mode for ensuring that only verified members send messages to them.


  • The messaging option is available to premium users only. 
  • As the accounts can be created by providing minimum information, there are many fake profiles available on this site.
  • The member activity is far too less if you compare it with some of the bigger and popular dating sites.

2. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish might not be a dedicated poly dating site but it provides many features that are suitable for individuals who are seeking polyamorous relationships.

It is ideal for people who are open-minded and prefer experimenting with alternative lifestyles.

Moreover, it is one of the oldest and biggest dating sites that has been helping singles and couples to find hot people outside their relationships or marriage.

Plenty of Fish


  • Chemistry predictor, ultra-matchmaking, compatibility tests, and many other options are available for finding people who will match your interests and dating preferences.
  • A 'Meet Me' feature is provided to those who want to meet people with similar preferences and interests.
  • POF uses location to match people who live nearby. As a result, your chances of finding a compatible date in real life double up.


plan name

total price

Quarterly plan


Six-monthly plan


Yearly plan



  • All the members can send messages to each other. They won’t be distinguished on the basis of a free or paid membership.
  • The option of sending voice messages is available for free users as well.
  • Premium members can send three gifts to their love interests every day.


  • Free users need to bear incessant ads popping up on the website.
  • Too many users mean that you might not get the attention that you deserve from other members. 

3. PolyMatchmaker

It is a dating platform that has been specifically developed for individuals who are looking for different types of poly relationships.

This means that it allows its members to indulge in polyamorous relationships, non-monogamous relationship with or without consent, and much more. 



  • This site is relatively new but its member base has been growing at a rapid rate.
  • Members belonging to different genders and sexual preferences can register on this site.
  • Members who are unaware of the poly-amorous lifestyle can read the articles that are uploaded on the lifestyle blog section.


The monthly premium plan is offered at $12.99 only.


  • It is a busy website that consists of members who visit it daily.
  • The moderators of this site verify every member thoroughly. As a result, you don’t have to worry about fake profiles and scammers. 
  • An account can be created by providing minimum details. People who are interested in using this site discreetly can benefit from this feature.


  • Since it is a relatively new dating portal, the member base is quite small.
  • It lacks some modern amenities that can be found on some of the popular dating sites.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is a popular dating site that can be used by people who are interested in serious relationships.

Moreover, it can also be used for people who are looking for casual relationships and one night stands. It also has many members who are only looking to make new friends.

Therefore, it can prove to be a useful site for people who are interested in different types of polyamorous relationships. 



  • You can either use its desktop version or its mobile app.
  • Members can boost their profile for increasing their visibility. The boost can be activated by paying a minimum amount that is active for a specific period only (usually ends in one hour). 
  • Members can use the profile swiping feature to explore the profiles that are compatible with them.




Monthly plan - $7.95

Monthly plan - $24.90

Quarterly plan - $19.05

Quarterly plan - $68.70

6-month plan - $23.70

6-month plan - $119.40


  • Different types of compatibility tests are available for checking your match percentage with other users. This percentage is highlighted on each of the profiles as well. 
  • Mutual matches can communicate with each other without purchasing a premium plan.
  • Members from all over the world use this site for finding exciting dates outside their marriage or relationship.


  • The ad-free interface is only provided for paid users. 
  • Only premium members can see the profiles that have liked them.

5. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a dedicated website for people who are looking for hookups and dating opportunities outside their marriage. It has plenty of options available for using it discreetly. 

Female members do not require any plan for accessing its premium services. Moreover, its mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. 

Ashley Madison


  • Members who avail a special package can claim for a refund if they don’t find the website to be useful for finding appropriate matches. 
  • If you like someone on this site, you just have to send a wink for conveying your interest.
  • It uses a credit system where a member needs to buy credits in order to access premium and exclusive features of the site.




100 credits

$59.99 i.e. $0.59 per credit

500 credits

$169 i.e. $0.34 per credit

1000 credits

$289 i.e. $0.29 per credit


  • Advanced search options can be used for searching suitable matches.
  • It is ideal for people who are interested in the swinging lifestyle.
  • The credit system allows you to pay only for the features that will hold significance for you.


  • The credits are available at a higher price on Ashley Madison.
  • Only premium users can send virtual gifts and send customized messages to people whom they are interested in.

6. Polyamory Date

Polyamory Date is dedicated to people who are interested in experiencing a real polyamorous lifestyle.

Therefore, it is a perfect option for individuals who are looking for hook-ups, casual relationships, one-night stands, etc. 

The profile can be created without paying any membership fees. Moreover, members can even upload their photos and videos on their profile.

Polyamory Date


  • Live messenger and video chat options are available on this site.
  • Both singles and couples can register on this site. As a result, it is easy searching for couples who are interested in polyamorous relationships here. 
  • It is a perfect dating platform for open-minded couples and people who are single. 





Monthly plan


$1 per day

Quarterly plan



Yearly plan




  • You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your website profile to make it more authentic.
  • It offers many community-based options such as group chats, blogs, etc. You can read those blogs that will guide you on relationships and online dating.
  • Poly groups and polyamory chat rooms are available for facilitating easy interaction between the members.


  • It lacks some advanced dating features which are available on other sought-after sites.
  • Even the interface of this site appears to be quite outdated.

7. Open-Minded

Open-Minded site consists of thousands of members who are looking to connect with people interested in the concept of polyamory.

Launched in 2014, it is dedicated to all those individuals who want to have fun without any commitments. 



  • Anyone can sign-up on this site for free of cost.
  • Options like sharing of photos, messaging, adding members to favorite lists, etc. are available here. 
  • The site also hosts parties for its members. These parties aid people to interact with interesting individuals and couples.


The monthly membership plan is offered at $19.95.


  • It is a cool place to mingle with people with alternate relationship seekers.
  • Open Minded provides a safe and hassle-free interface for facilitating a care-free online dating experience for its members.
  • You can follow this site on Instagram where you will be informed about its latest features and events.


  • Open Minded has temporarily closed its dating services. However, it claims to resume its services soon.

8. Beyond Two

As the name of this site suggests, Beyond Two is an ideal dating platform for couples who are excited about the concept of introducing a third person in their relationship.

It can be used by singles, couples interested in committed relationships, couples interested in non-committed relationships, and many more. 

Moreover, no restrictions on gender, location, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc. are there for individuals who want to become a member of this site. 



  • It has a dedicated section for blogs, forums, group chats, etc. Therefore, it motivates its members to be a part of the community of like-minded individuals and couples.
  • Members can even upload videos on their profile to attract other users.
  • The option of reporting abusive users has been given by this site. This means that you don’t have to tolerate any humiliation and inappropriate behaviour from other members.


It is a free dating site.


  • It can be used by both serious and casual relationship seekers as it entertains people who are interested in all types of relationship.
  • Dedicated customer service and help is available for the members. This enables them to enjoy this site smoothly.
  • It provides complete guidance and different types of reading material to individuals who want to know more about polyamorous relationships. 


  • This site lacks a modern interface. It is an old fashioned website that might disappoint many visitors. 

9. Polyamorous Passions

Polyamorous Passions is a site that offers multiple dating opportunities to people who want to be in love with multiple people simultaneously.

It tries to differentiate between cheating and polyamory by encouraging consensual non-monogamous relationships.

It can be used by members to find new friends, dates, and love interests. It is a free site that won’t ask you any money or force you to buy premium plans.

Therefore, you can join this site without any reservations. 

Polyamourous Passions


  • It provides different kinds of groups for its members on the basis of their interests and preferences.
  • For example, there are separate groups for people who are curious about poly-amorous relationships and for people who are already enjoying the perks of poly-amorous relations.
  • Members can use chat rooms, groups, and forums for interacting with other members.


It offers a free joining option but for accessing the best features of this site you will require a premium plan. However, we don’t have much detail about its pricing. 


  • It is the perfect website for singles and couples who are looking for a long-term poly-amorous relationship.
  • Members can upload videos and write blogs for impressing other users.
  • It even provides e-books that include different aspects of poly-amorous dating and relationships.


  • The website looks old and lacks modern design and aesthetic layout.
  • It does not encourage hookups, sexual encounters, and any other type of casual relationships.

10. Zoosk

Zoosk might not be a dedicated platform for polyamorous relationship seekers but it has millions of registered members and many of them are open-minded singles who are ready for any kind of experiment. 

Therefore, you will find many singles on this website who are curious or experienced in the poly dating scene. 



  • It allows members to use their Facebook profile credentials for registration.
  • It is a safe and trustworthy site that verifies each and every member who makes an account here. Therefore, you might never find  fake profiles on this site. 
  • Zoosk matches singles on the basis of their online behavior and activities. 


plan name

price per month

Monthly plan


Quarterly plan


Six- month plan



  • Most of its members are youngsters who are looking for some fun. People interested in non-monogamous relationships might find people with similar preferences  here.
  • Members can highlight their profile at the cost of some coins.
  • New features and options are added constantly to this site. Therefore, you won’t feel bored while using it.


  • The exclusive features can be accessed by premium users only.
  • The mobile app is available for iPhone users only.
  • You won’t find any place on your profile where you can express your interest in polyamory.

Final Verdict

These were the top 10 poly sites that proved to be better than majority of other dating sites that claim to be useful for polyamorous relationship seekers. You can choose any one of these sites on the basis of this review or your personal research. 

Even app platforms like App Store and Google Play Store have a lot of reviews available where you can check whether these sites have impressed different users or not. However, you must also be able to differentiate an honest review from a paid one. 

You can also suggest the names of the sites that you found useful while seeking polyamorous relationships in the comments section below. 

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