Top 20 Best Nude Beaches in the World (2020)

Taking a sunbath on a lovely beach with incredible turquoise water and golden-coloured sand is a beautiful way to relax.

But have you ever thought of being completely naked to enjoy the tanning right under the sun? Well, most of us do, but all you find is commercial beaches where people come to hang out with their families.

What if we tell you that there are some nude beaches which allow you the freedom of enjoying the beach while letting those clothes loose, swim, play or do anything you feel like. Excited?

Today, we bring you a list of the top 20 best nude beaches in the world where letting your clothes out loose while enjoying your personal space is never going to be a problem. Let’s begin!

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

1. Le Centre Hélio Marin

Location: Montalivet, France

Centre Helio Marin was the world's first naturist holiday resort situated in Montalivet, France.

The beach, which is attached to the resort is a functional nude beach visited by many people every year.

The place is quite happening and you can enjoy many activities such as beach fun, bungalows, shopping centres, campsites and more.

There is also a grocery store in the resort where you can buy the groceries in case you need them while camping.

The beach is number one on our list because you don’t have to wear any clothes while you go to the grocery shop or anywhere within the resort.

If this place checks all your boxes, then this resort is a must-visit.

 Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

2. Black’s Beach

Location: California, The United States of America

Black Beach is located near the renowned Torrey Pines cliff. The beach was the first-ever legal nude beach in the US.

It is quite popular among surfers and naturalists who are fond of the freedom granted there. There is a point about a mile far away which is marked explicitly for nude sunbathing as well as playing water sports and many other games.

This is one major reason why this beach comes on the second spot in our list. The beach runs for miles along the coast.

This is one beach you should not miss out on!

 Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

3. Samurai Beach

Location: Port Stephens, Australia

Samurai Beach is among the topmost rated nude beaches in Australia.

If you are looking for a wholly packed nude beach which has an ideal location, then you must surely visit this place.

Follow the tradition and take your clothes off without any second thoughts. There are plenty of things which you can do on the beach, such as playing some water sports or just take a sunbath.

There are various resorts available nearby where you can make your reservations quite easily.

This is an excellent place for tourists who want to blow off their worries near the ocean and relax. The beach also consists of a private secluded area which is a mile north of the beach.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

4. Praia do Pinho

Location: Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

Explore the magnanimous beauty of this beach with its white sand alongside the emerald- coloured ocean.

Nudity is mandatory at Praia do Pinho! You can rent cheap umbrellas and comfortable beach chairs to have a relaxing sunbathing experience.

It is located 80 kilometres away from Florianopolis, which can be quickly reached via Santa Catarina.

The beach holds an essential place in the minds of sunbathers who frequently come from neighboring countries of Argentina and Uruguay.

If you are planning a getaway far off to some exotic place, then Praia do Pinho should be on your travel list.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

5. Plage de Tahiti

Location: Saint Tropez, France

Plage de Tahiti is a nude beach which is located on Route de Tahiti in France.

The best thing about the beach is that it is quite popular and you may find some celebrities stripping or sunbathing on the beach.

If people behave themselves and do not bring their cameras with them, there is an excellent chance that they may get to meet a celeb.

However, you have to stay alert for their bodyguards who might cause you some trouble.

Plage de Tahiti pioneered the topless beach movement and has absolutely no restrictions.

You can enjoy some scenic views and interact with the beautiful locals and visitors.

If you are eagerly looking for one of the best nude beaches in the world, then don’t forget to tick down this beach on your list.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

6. Paradise Beach

 Location: Mykonos, Greece

Greece is quite famous for its lifestyle and open-mindedness as many of its beaches offer the freedom of being nude and taking a relaxing sunbath.

Paradise Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Greece which welcomes groups of naked visitors.

However, things may get spicier in the evening when you experience a lot of loud music on this iconic beach.

The two bars here namely; The Tropicana and Sunrise Bar are bound to keep you rolling for the entire night.

Paradise Beach attracts a lot of tourists every year, primarily for two main reasons.

First, the beach being welcoming to all the nude visitors and second, a part of your evening delights.

You must surely visit this beach if you are a fan of evening delight, but we warn you that music might get a bit too loud.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

7. Wreck Beach

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Wreck Beach is one of the longest nude beaches in the world which stretches for about 7.8 kilometers.

The beach, in fact, covers a line of sandy strands and rocky outcrops which lie at the end of Point Grey.

Near the beach lies the University of British Columbia, so you might be able to see a pack of students and even faculty relaxing on the beach.

You can find evergreen trees standing tall along the shore while you can also adore the most magnificent views of snow-capped peaks across the water.

The beach attracts a lot of tourists every year to go nude and relax without hesitation or restrictions.

 Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

8. Red Beach

Location: Crete, Greece

Red Beach is located on the southern shore of Crete, which is known for nude sunbathing in the country.

The beach is named after the ocher-coloured cliffs, which run along the coast, and can be reached through hiking from Matala or a boat ride from the village.

You might see a lot of locals and tourists lying down naked and enjoying sunbath. Along the beach, you might find chairs and umbrellas for rentals.

So what else are you waiting for? Let loose your clothes and enjoy the beach’s incredible atmosphere.

The beach has a funky bar called Yiannis which is famous for its mojitos.

The place also has some mysterious rock carvings which will give you a full-on ancient and cultural pathway.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

9. Bellevue Beach

Location: Klampenborg, Denmark

If you are a nature lover and an avid traveller, then you should plan your next trip to Denmark and check out a nude beach located on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

The beach is quite serene and calm during the day and thumps with loud music during the night.

You are welcome to take your clothes off and relax on the beach to get a natural tan in the daytime.

While in the evening, you will witness a lot of young people hanging out at the beach, hitting it off with some live and loud music.

Get a seat in the famous bar and let your mood turn in for some great music of the decade as well as a fabulous evening of your life.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

10. Cap d’Agde Beach

 Location: Cap d’Agde, France

Cap d’Agde, a naturist beach also known as the “Naked City” comprises of a lively atmosphere which can make you forget about the concept of clothing altogether.

You can enjoy dancing; shopping and dining on and around the beach at all times.

The place attracts more than 40000 visitors per day, especially during its peak season.

The most remarkable thing about the beach is that you are allowed to be naked wherever you want to go; be it restaurants, post offices, banks, stores, boating etc.

The beach has many naturist hotels, rental units as well as a different campground where the visitors can stay and spend their getaways on this lovely paradise on the earth.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

11. Little Banana Beach

 Location: Skiathos, Greece

Little Banana Beach lies on a green island profuse with forests and is only one amongst a total of 60 beautiful beaches.

The beach is quite famous for its nudity where visitors are allowed to walk, take bath and lie naked.

However, you need to walk until the far- right end of the beach to access the nude area.

It comprises of sunbeds, umbrellas as well as jet skis which are available for rent. If you are looking for an isolated area on a beach where you can enjoy some privacy, then Little Banana Beach would be a perfect option.

Include the beach on your list to have an ideal afternoon retreat in the countryside.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

12. Buhne 16

Location: Sylt, Germany

Buhne 16 follows the motto “Grin and Bare it”. Located by the North Sea, average water temperature might go as low as 17 degree Celsius during the summers.

Still, clothing is optional for this beach as its location is best suited for nude sunbathing alongside the German shore.

You can enjoy a relaxing sunbath during the day and party with your friends at night! You should not miss out on this incredible beach!

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

13. Swanbourne Beach

Location: Western Australia, Australia

Located at Marine Parade in Australia, this beach is definitely among the best in the country.

However, you will need to walk up north on the beach to reach the spot where nudity is permitted.

The beach is a must-visit if you are going to Australia for a few days.

No matter whether you are on a business trip or something important, do take out some time to visit this beach.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

14. Leucate Plage

Location: Mediterranean coast of France

Leucate Plage is famous for being regarded as the nude beach which stretches out as quite long as your view.

As you explore this beautiful beach, you will come across a gated community and beyond the gate lies a naturist village where the rule is that there are no rules.

You can drop every stitch of your clothing and enjoy the atmosphere which you will not find in the whole of France.

If you are planning a trip to France, then this beach is a must-visit for you.

 The best thing about the Leucate Plage is that restaurants there are acceptable for the fact of nude dining.

Be their guests and see what’s cooking in their kitchen.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

15. Gunnison Beach

Location: New Jersey, The United States of America

Gunnison Beach was successful in regaining its name as a completely nude beach in 1999 when nude beaches were banned in the state by law.

However, the beach is located on property owned by the federal government, which permits nudity at the beach.

The beach is a significant attraction to a lot of visitors during its peak time, especially during the summer weekends.

So, if you have a wandering soul and in need of a cool nude beach, then Gunnison Beach would be a great option to look out for.

The beach has a perfect location and evening hangouts become more fun as things get a little exciting in evenings here.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

16. Collins Beach

Location: Portland, The United States of America

Collins Beach, situated on Sauvie Island, is one of the most breathtaking beaches to be in your travel list.

Apart from the specialty of the nude beaches that allows you to take your clothes off and relax, it provides you with the options of different activities such as playing sports, bird watching and sunbathing.

The place is perfect for friends and your pets to have a lot of fun by the beachside.

However, you might need to make some parking reservations for your area at a general store located at the entrance of the beach.

On this parking, you can sit, lie down or paint; anything you feel like doing.

Visit the beach during the peak time to see some exciting events without any limitations (as in clothes).

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

17. Plakias Beach

 Location: Plakias, Greece

If you are planning a trip to Greece, then it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with your wife; you should go and check out Plakias Beach.

It has earned the reputation of a nude beach with an incredible view of the coast.

The beach is often supplied with a lot of showers in the day to provide a hassle-free experience to its visitors.

Plakias Beach is famous for scuba diving as well. If you are with friends or loved ones, then this beach is the one which will make you feel like visiting all the time.

So, don’t forget to add Plakias to your list as you will surely have a good time here.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

18. Haulover Beach

Location: Florida, The United States of America

Haulover Beach is a completely nude beach located in the southern part of Florida in the USA.

If you are one of the naturalists, then this beach would be an excellent place for meeting some like-minded people.

Being a clothing-optional beach, it is quite likely that you are going to run into people who are entirely nude while some of them prefer wearing some clothes (it is entirely up to them).

Be a part of a fun and a great view that this beach brings.

So, if you are in the US, you should visit Haulover Beach and fulfill your wish of finding a complete as well as one of the exciting nude beaches in the world.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

19. Baker Beach

Location: California, The United States of America

Watch the Pacific Ocean at its best from the Baker Beach which is located on Gibson Road in San Francisco.

Clothing is optional in the northern part of the beach. You can enjoy the freedom of being nude and a relaxing sunbath here.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

20. Playa Zipolite

 Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Explore your “Y Tu Mamá También” fantasies at Playa Zipolite where a lot of scenes from the Mexican movie were shot.

The beach is famous for nude bathing where the strand stretches for more than two kilometers with some rocks at both the ends.

You will love the freedom that this beach enjoys and to see local people as well as visitors play and relax at the beach, would be a one of a kind feeling.

Along the main beach, lie some budgeted hotels and cafes, which are great places once you enjoy the sun.

At the eastern side of the beach, Playa del Amor offers a lot more privacy than the main beach.

So, if you are anywhere near Mexico, then you should definitely visit this beach.

Top 20 Best Nude Beaches In The World

Parting Words

We have arrived at the very end of our list of top 20 nude beaches in the whole world after having gone through a lot of research across the internet as well as including our experiences too.

The list is perfect for individuals who are looking for a beach with no clothing restrictions. All in all, these beaches are a must-visit to chill, date, relax or do your outing while being carefree.

Do tell us about your experience with these beaches by commenting down here. And, if you are looking for some other places to explore, then you should ask us our suggestions by sending in your queries.

We will surely consider them and come up with a great list of ideas for you the next time. Till then, have a great day!

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