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OnlyFans search: top earners and their earnings

Many individuals who establish themselves on a platform that brings them enormous income have found solace in OnlyFans, and they have made some incredibly impressive earnings.

A typical OnlyFans creator makes about $180 a month. The highest earners, though, can earn significantly more. Blac Chyna, for instance, reportedly earns $20 million each month through her OnlyFans account.

This is an incredible sum of money, and it is obvious that OnlyFans is a very successful platform for creators who are able to build a sizable fanbase.

The success of an OnlyFans creator depends on a few different things. The first is the size of their fan base. The more subscribers and tips a creator receives, the more money they can make.

The kind of content they create is an additional consideration. According to OnlyFansAudit, creators who offer exclusive content are more likely to attract subscribers and generate higher earnings.

The amount made by top OnlyFans earners might vary greatly based on their level of success, the content they create, and the number of members they have.

Top OnlyFans Earners

Anyone can create an onlyFans account; for viewers to access it, they must pay a monthly subscription.

Nearly everyone who made it to the top of the Onyfans earnings list receives monthly funding from their fans, who subscribe regularly to access the unique material of their favorite creators.

According to reports, some of the platform's top earners earn millions annually. The list is as follows:

Blac Chyna ($20 million monthly)

The highest-paid OnlyFans creator is Angelina Renee White, aka Blac Chyna. She is a model, entrepreneur, and reality TV star from the United States. She has a total of 150 pictures on her page.

Chyna earns $20 million per month from her 16.2 million subscribers, who each pay $19.99 a month. Blac Chyna became well-known for her exotic appearance while stripping at the Miami club King of Diamonds.

The 35-year-old reality TV personality has modified her trademark look, brand, and lifestyle.

She recently spoke up to the Daily Mail about becoming a born-again Christian. In a separate interview with Forbes, she said she had left the platform in the first few months of 2023. However, she advised active account owners not to let money control them; but to focus on getting the money instead.

Bella Thorne ($11 million monthly)

American model, actress, writer, and singer Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans in August 2019. She announced her OnlyFans debut with a video montage posted to her Instagram account. 

Her 24.3 million subscribers used to pay a monthly subscription price of $9.99, which added to $11–12 million monthly.

The celebrity's page does not feature nudity, and the subscription is no longer required.

After Blac Chyna departed the platform, the star became the highest-paid user of Onlyfans. 

She immediately made waves when she became the first influencer and content creator on OnlyFans to earn $1 million on the first day after joining the service.

The ambitious young singer and actress prefers to share personal content about her life and business with her subscribers instead of nudity, along with never-before-seen photos and videos.

She posts her music videos on her page before they are released to the general public, allowing her OnlyFans subscribers to view them first. She takes the time to respond to each DM from her followers, another factor in her fast-expanding fan following on the OnlyFans site.

Cardi B ($9.43 million monthly)

Another top earner on Onlyfans is Cardi B. The well-known WAP rapper joined Onlyfans in the summer of 2020.

Cardi B is a stage name for Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, an American rapper and songwriter born on October 11, 1992.

She first became well-known as an influencer on Vine and Instagram. Her main objectives when she joined Onlyfans were to disprove rumors, provide customers access to WAP video behind-the-scenes material, and reveal details of her private life with her fans.

Despite just posting six times since then, the rapper has racked up over 81 million subscribers. Setting her subscription rate significantly lower than other platform creators, she has climbed to the third slot on Onlyfans' list of top earnings.

Tyga ($7.69 million monthly)

Tyga ranks among the top earners on OnlyFans. The American rapper, Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, has moved up to position four on Onlyfans' top profits chart despite deactivating his account to launch a rival website.

He once said that he uses this platform to disclose personal information about himself, including behind-the-scenes films and photos from making his music albums.

He posted several images from his extracurricular activities, intimate gatherings, and movies showcasing his musical talent or documenting the creation of his music videos.

He was able to amass 21.6 million followers with a $20 monthly subscription fee, which enabled Tyga to make enormous profits.

Mia Khalifa ($6.42 million monthly)

Mia Khalifa is one of the highest-paid content creators on Onlyfans, earning over $6 million in subscriptions monthly.

Even though OnlyFans was developed with few restrictions to offer a common platform for producers from all genres, it began gaining popularity due to the posted pornographic content.

She used to be a pornstar and model for webcams. She is a Lebanese-American media figure. Within two months of starting to perform in pornography scenes in October 2014, she had the most views on Pornhub.

The Lebanese-American adult entertainer has one of the top-ranked accounts on OnlyFans, amassing over 22.7 million followers. She uploads adult-rated content that is only accessible to her subscribers, who pay a monthly fee of $12.99.

Here are the other OnlyFans top earners in 2023, according to various sources:

  • Bhad Bhabie: $5.2 million per month
  • Erica Mena: $4.49 million per month
  • Gem101: $2.9 million per month
  • Pia Mia: $2.22 million per month
  • Safaree Samuels: $1.91 million per month

You need a strong and consistent following to create content that appeals to your target audience. The amount of money made will increase as more people subscribe.


We all know that explicit content was considered when developing the OnlyFans platform. However, with recent activities, it has evolved into a tool many use to create general content and make money.

They only have to expand and establish an inner-circle community in order to monetize their content on OnlyFans.

For creators looking to expand their reach on OnlyFans, utilizing OnlyFans search platforms can be a game-changer. These platforms serve as directories that showcase various creators, making it easier for potential subscribers to discover content that matches with their interests.

By appearing on these platforms, creators increase their visibility and accessibility, giving them an edge in a crowded market.

Not only does this drive more organic traffic to their OnlyFans page, but it also enhances the chance of converting casual viewers into loyal subscribers. Being discoverable on search platforms can significantly amplify a creator's growth and revenue potential.

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