Where to Jerk off Online with Strangers: Best sites for online Masturbation 

Looking for the best jerk off sites?

You are at the right place.

Adult jerk off websites are a great way of meeting strangers and getting intimate with them, especially if you are a shy one!

If traditional routes such as Tinder are not working for you to get your sex life going, we’ve got you covered with the list below.

Live cam models won’t disappoint you, wont say no to you, or won’t even throw in the usual tantrums that your girlfriend does.

So what are you waiting for, hop on to one of our finest assembled lists of jerk-off websites given below.

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  • CamsodaCamgirls wilth a twist

Jerk Off Sites (2023): Top 10 Online Mutual Masturbation Sites

1. Jerkmate

Best Overall  

Jerkmate has grown to be one of the biggest masturbation platforms online due to its enhanced security features and increased matching options that the website option. 

The website boasts of a large collection of models of various categories, offering a literal bang for your time and money’s worth.

You can practically hop from cam to cam and keep jerking off! (Given you have the strength for it).

This website won’t disappoint you in any way as not only girls, but people that you find in general are legit on this website.

Cam girls do not charge an exorbitasumssum of money to submit to your demands. If this doesn’t get legit, we don’t know what does!


  • A wide variety of options to choose from. These include Ebony, Caucasian, Latina, and Asian.
  • The website is highly gender-friendly. Offers a wide variety of gender orientation matches such as straight, couples, trans and gay.
  • Hosts a wide variety of pornstars.
  • Hosts a wide variety of sex games and other erotic activities to keep you turned on for the longest of times!


  • A plethora of options to choose from.
  • A vast collection of models and pornstars in a single space.
  • Highly secure as compared to other websites
  • Sexually fluid
  • Many activities to choose from on the website 


  • Limited Free Content 
  • The site can prove to be expensive for someone who thirsts hard!

2. Camsoda

Best Overall Quality 

Camsoda is another one of the budding platforms for online masturbation with a wide variety of content.

The website is primarily known for hosting people with a squirting fetish.

You can view a number of live women on camera squirting their souls away for the right tokens!

This website also provides a lot of customisation options as well as viable security features as well.


  • Gender-neutral and hosts a number of gender orientations.
  • Provides private shows for a price
  • Provides a range of ethnicities
  • Women from different age groups are available.
  • A user-friendly interface.


  • A secure platform to explore your fantasies
  • A ton of women available at all hours
  • A diversified set of personalisation options
  • The website offers a shopping option as well
  • One can view limited-time free content.


  • Limited free content
  • The user interface is a little cluttered
  • No pornstars on the website

3. Chaturbate

Best Overall Budget 

This website feels a lot like the predecessors on the list but has one unique feature: it leans towards its audience's kinky side more.

Men and women listed on this website are more open to trying new stuff, but all for the right appreciation, you show them!

However, the user interface of this website looks rather dated and old school.

Even though one wouldn’t hop on to these for such features, but a cleaner experience definitely helps.

It is one of the best free mutual masturbation sites.


  • Some free content is available on a preview basis. Live cams are visible for free on a limited-time basis.
  • There aren’t many features besides the traditional chat rooms and jerk-off cams.
  • Personalised filters are available which include different sexual orientations such as gay and trans.
  • Filters on ethnicity are visible to the audience
  • Age filters available


  • A lot of free models are available. Cam services are available round the clock with active members
  • Diverse filters available for personalised taste
  • Some free previews available to the audience


  • Tips and tokens are expensive
  • The user interface is outdated and old-school.

4. Bongacams

This website is just plain hot!

Bongacams offers a ton of features with more personalisation options than in the preceding cam websites.

Not only can you choose from a wide variety of age and ethnicity options, but the website offers a ton of hashtags to explore your sexual needs.

Moreover, you can even filter your search based on your region.

The hashtag option lets you be as cocky as you want and get those hands back in your pants!


  • The video quality of some people can go up to 1280p which is fantastic!
  • The hashtag option is very precise and interactive
  • Varied filters to enhance personalisation and experience of the audience
  • Free previewing of live videos for a substantial amount of time


  • Live viewing available to some extent
  • Extensive hashtag search
  • Cam women and men regularly get updated
  • Large pool of personalisation option


  • Paid content can be pricey
  • The username interface can seem cluttered at times

5. Cams.com

There is nothing spectacular about this website but that doesn’t mean it's all that bad!

We just fail to see what’s different in this one.

Besides a simple verification, there isn’t much that is asked out of this website to access it.

The website doesn’t have a ton of free viewing material like many of its peers but whatever there is, is raunchy enough to get your senses tingling.

With gorgeous models and a diverse set of filters available, one can ogle for as long as they want, but at a price.

There is a wide variety of private shows available as well which are worth your wait and money.


  • A simple age verification process
  • Gorgeous models available at the behest of the audience
  • Premium version has decent content
  • Diversified set of filters
  • Personalisation options.


  • Quick sign up feature
  • Gorgeous models
  • A clean user interface
  • Decent premium content 


  • Very limited free content available.
  • Live cams are not active at all hours.

6. ImLive

Imlive means business from the get-go! And by business we mean it reaches out to your pocket real quick.

The first pop you have on this website is the age verification followed by paid camera views and private viewing options.

The website clearly lays less emphasis on paid reviews much more than it does on free viewing.

However, we believe that the website offers a much cleaner interface to move around.

This kept aside, the website doesn’t offer a very pleasing experience.

One of our favorite reviews from the internet calls this website ‘IAmLazy’ which to some extent would be true.

There is very limited content which can be viewed for free and the girls on the webcam just seem bored at times.

It might become frustrating to keep navigating until you find some real hot cam to view!


  • The website offers a cleaner user interface
  • Offers a range of personalised filters
  • Enhanced security features as well


  • The website has a much neater user interface
  • Has a range of personalisation filters


  • The cam girls are boring and uninterested all together
  • Almost everything is paid
  • The free experience is highly disappointed as there is barely any free videos or photos to view
  • To added experiences to the website
  • No sex shop
  • No pornstars
  • The whole idea behind this website seems under developed and bland!

7. Mycams

At first sight, MyCams looks like a spin-off of either one of the preceding websites on the list but that doesn’t mean it falls short off target.

Irrespective of how the website looks, it's really to play around with a wide range of men and women ready to jerk off at your behest!.

What we found really interactive on this website was the real time use of stickers and emojis on a live chat that almost gives it a messaging experience.

We believe that the developers on this have put a clever twist on the website making interaction more worthwhile, even if you are spending a ton of money for the camera models.

A lot of the content is free, especially the live videos.

Moreover, you can spend hours for free watching them. Yes, you will be disturbed by continuous pop-ups, urging you to pay for premium access or even create an account, but you can easily cut through them.


  • A dedicated free show menu which provides a ton of content.
  • Interactive emojis and stickers
  • A wide array of personalisation options.
  • A wide range of cam girls, ethnicity and sexual orientation is covered.


  • A very interactive website
  • Cam girls and models are legit and you get the bang for your work
  • A wide range of cam girls and models to chose from.
  • The free show option is a highly recommended feature
  • Premium accounts can be worth it if you have the taste for prolonged viewing hours and interacting with whose on the other side of the camera. 


  • The only drawback of the website we found was an old school user interface.

8. Slut Roulette

First things first, this isn’t a very free to watch site.

Yes, you may find some free content, but that also comes with a registration.

Without signing up, you cant get too hard or too wet on this one!

Getting that aside, the website is decent in taste and its offerings.

Yes, the excessive demand for pay per view content is high on this one, but we believe that is offset by the cam girls that they have got on the website which seem legit to some extent.

There isn’t much that you can explore without making an account. Still, if you have made one, you do, you find the usual features of filtering models according to your preferences.


  • One can chat for free on group rooms, but only after you sign up.
  • Unlimited access to search for cam girls or models with a valid account.
  • You can order a private show with the first visit, given you can shed that money.
  • There is a comprehensive list of searches such as Lesbian, BBW, and even pornstars available on this platform.
  • Models available of all possible orientations and preferences.
  • The search tool is quite advanced as compared to some of its peer website. 


  • Registration is quick. It only takes a minute for registration.
  • Only basic information is required during sign up
  • No credit card is required for sign up.
  • Model browsing is extensive and enhanced
  • Advanced search tools available
  • Record videos available on paid basis
  • The model profiles are highly detailed


  • The paid content is quite expensive
  • There are limited functions to interact with the cam models.

9. LivePrivates

LivePrivates offers a lot of recommendations for top cam models which is a pleasant sight.

The second factor which is pleasing on this website is the fact that there is endless scrolling with absolutely free cams.

Moreover, there are multiple interactive emojis and actions on every live cam that you view.

However, these interactions are only possible with a premium account.

However, for free hoarders, there are a lot of categories that one can explore on this website.

Such categories include amateur, anal Asian, BBW, Big Tits, Black hair, Deep Throat, Cosplay etc.

For serious fetish lovers, we strongly recommend going for the anal webcam, it's so so worth it!


  • A lot of webcam varieties to choose from 
  • A ton of free material is available to view.
  • An interactive user interface
  • A relevant recommended section
  • Personalised filters for an extensive user experience.
  • Emojis and stickers are available on live cam for a premium experience.


  • A ton of content is free
  • Premium content is totally worth it.
  • Gorgeous models are available 24*7 across the globe
  • A wide variety of filters available
  • A plethora of cam types available which offers a room for you to explore your fantasies.


  • The premium can be expensive. 
  • User interface can be a little dated

10. Xcams

This is another live webcam platform that offers a ton of gorgeous models- but at a definitive price.

This is the biggest downer here, the cam girls are pure beauties but you only get to view them for five minutes for free.

Besides this, you get a lot of sexual orientation to view from besides the usual stuff that you might find on some websites.

Moreover, it would be safe to say that there a ton of gorgeous women out there one can gawk for hours at a stretch.

The free content might be sufficient for some while some might keep yearning for more.

For the latter, the premium access is pocket-friendly and ensures that there is enough room for viewing for all.

There are decent interactive mechanisms with every cam model that one can play around with.

However, the user interface of the website seems underdeveloped to some extent and could have been improved.


  • A good number of models are available
  • Decent free content, but for a limited time
  • Interactive menu and chat options
  • Great filters for personalisation


  • Cam models are gorgeous
  • Premium content is worthwhile


  • Very limited free content
  • Premium content can be hefty on the pocket. 

Final Words

There are a number of websites that have been listed above but not all of them can be termed as free for viewing and usage purposes.

However, as per our personal recommendation, we recommend Jerkmate.com to be at the top of the list for a reason. It's Awesome!

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