Best 11 Best Nudist Resorts of the world

Everyone goes on vacation to get rid of their stress and worries and feel relaxed and fresh to keep themselves reenergized. You can opt to go camping, sightseeing, hiking, swimming, rafting, or whatever you like. But there is something you can try to feel a change in the normal lifestyle and that is to go and spice up your life in a nude resort. 

Not everyone has thought of doing this but why can't you? Imagine yourself going bare and totally free of tensions to enjoy the nude living style. You can find a huge assortment of nudist resorts in the USA where you just take pleasure and make yourself dive deep into the ocean of fun.

Such resorts are full of engaging activities coupled with plenty of food, booze and beverages, and other amenities to keep you at ease and match your comfort level. With the lavish and natural ambiance and soothing atmosphere, you can get the best of your life experience at these places.

Some of the mentioned below nudists resorts are among the most rated and best in the category, so check them out:

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Nude Resorts : Top 11 Best Nudist Resorts of the world (2022)

1. Sea Mountain Nude Resort & Spa Hotel

This property is near Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Southern Nevada. This place is a high-class retreat, especially for adults. People can get their bookings done to calm their souls and soothe and rejuvenate their bodies at this sensual, private, secure, nude hotel.

To make yourself wander in joy in the most remote spa paradise with plenty of luxuries and amenities.

This place will take away all your worries and will give you just long-lasting pleasure and fun. You can contemplate the beauty of this place and feel refreshed and hassle-free in the clothing-optional atmosphere.

It has all the necessary facilities like a massage area, high-end swimming pools, VIP retreat, all day and night music, fun activities, and extravagant guest rooms to make your stay a memorable one.

This hotel will help you feel close to a naturist environment as there is nobody to body shame you and you can move freely without clothing, just full of joy and ease.


  • Location: 66540 San Marcus Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
  • Google Rating: 4.4

2. Shangri-La Ranch

This place has more emphasis on the freedom of your selection. Individuals here can move naked and choose the activity that makes them relaxed and suits them well.

 You can easily access a wide range of amenities offered at this establishment such as relaxing in a hot water tub, poolside space, swimming, sauna, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, water volleyball, hiking, basketball, or horseshoes, etc.

 The facility of laundry, children's playground, and clubhouse are also available. 

The temperature of the pool is maintained throughout the year so that the visitors are not uncomfortable. But it should be kept in mind that bathing suits are prohibited in the pool, sauna, or hot tub. This property is a vast area devoted to making your stay a striking one.

The Clubhouse has largely built a fireplace, chairs, and tables for indoor seating, a dance floor, rich social gatherings, and card games.

For the purpose of entertainment, a library of games and books is constructed in the conference room.

A large collection of VCRs and DVDs with a huge TV screen is placed where you can enjoy the movies by choosing from the collection or you can bring your favorite one on your own.


  • Location: 44444 N Shangri La Ln, New River, AZ 85087
  • Google Rating: 4.7

3. Lupin Lodge

This place offers several choices of recreation. You can have fun in the swimming pool or in a hot tub, play volleyball, basketball, tennis, board games, puzzles, or enjoy TV on rainy days in the clubhouse or just go to a sauna.

The recreation in the daytime is usually not structured. Volleyball Tournament is hosted monthly in the prime season of April-October. 

To enjoy nature and rest in the calm and clear air of the mountains, Lupin is the perfect destination to experience the greenery and release all your stress. With the facility of multiple decks and lawn areas with diversified scenic views, you can easily enjoy reading, socializing, or relaxing.

Both shade and sun lounging selections are included with varied and splendid floras around.

You can make your visit more enticing with an invigorating hike on the nature track of Lupin. The naked hikers are subjected to the spectacular scenery of the Santa Cruz Redwoods.

 The nude individuals just trail in nature with full freedom and joy.


  • Location: 20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033
  • Google Rating: 4.2

4. Emerald Lake Naturist Resort

This property is a lakeside place that offers a nudist environment all around the year. The destination is spread over an area of 21 acres in the beautiful and noise-free surroundings of parkland.

 It is considered to be the only beach in Houston where nudity is legal. The Emerald Lake Resort provides suitable campsites that are situated on the banks of the majestic Emerald Lake and have direct views of the waterfront. 

People who like to experience being nude and enjoy various activities like sunbathing, paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, camping, etc., or just want to try new and adventurous activities that they haven't tried earlier.

The destination is located in Porter near Highway 59 to the northside of Houston's downtown around 29 miles away. It is advisable that after arriving at the gate to enter inside, the individuals must use their cell phones to make a call to the office and they will permit you to enter

. But you need to call them in advance if you are arriving after 6 p.m. or you are coming with a vehicle that is quite larger than usual. 


  • Location: 23198 TX-494 Loop, Porter, TX 77365
  • Google Rating: 4.3

5.Mountaindale Sun Resort

This destination is a secluded and safe nudist family-oriented resort that is located on forest land in an area of around 104 acres. People visiting this place can enjoy swimming in a large pool, hiking on various trails, socializing, or engaging in active sports like shuffleboard, volleyball, pickleball, etc.

The stunning areas of this resort are magnificent and have spectacular views that you can enjoy with friends or family or the guests present there. 

The place is highly equipped with broad amenities such as a vast outdoor swimming pool, sauna, newly designed spa area, and clubhouse.

Many social activities are organized monthly with various other additional programs in the summer season. Mountaindale Sun 

The resort is known for its Halloween Party, August SunFest Celebration, and Winter Holiday events.

The visitors can wander in the forest area freely with no hassle and completely nude without any inconvenience. Also the resort has WiFi connectivity all around its premises.


  • Location: 27100 NW Dairy Creek Rd North Plains, OR 97133
  • Google Rating: 5

6. Mountain Air Ranch

This place has been the center point for the people who want nude recreation. This establishment has been located in Colorado since 1935.

Generally, it is quoted that a man is known by his or her clothes but here in this place, individuals can put off their clothes and all the tags and labels associated with them that the society has put on them. 

We all have seen children love being nude as it gives them a feeling of freedom and it is not because they can roam like that. 

The destination Mountain Air Ranch is situated 20 miles on the southwest side of the foothills of Denver, along Highway 285. The guests arriving here can enjoy the clear bluish skies, fresh air of mountains, and wildlife, mainly a landscape occupied by birds, foxes, and deers.

The area of this place is around 150 acres enriched with nature and its glorious beauty and also with a sense of liberty.


  • Location: 66540 San Marcus Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
  • Google Rating: 4.4

7. Glen Eden Sun Club

This place is basically for those individuals who want to experience being naked and enjoy life. The destination is located in Southern California and is a premium place for families who would like to spend some time in an RV park and nudist resort at affordable price rates. Without bothering about others and their thinking you can move around with liberty putting off your clothes. Visitors who visit this place for the first time usually think about what people will say about them but for your satisfaction, there is nothing such behavior seen in any guests coming on vacation here at this place.

The resort has set clear rules and regulations about the kind of behavior that is acceptable in the periphery of the resort and screening is being done of all the members on their initial visit. So that no uneasiness is experienced by the guests. People of all age segments are allowed to come and join others in the nude fun of living.


  • Location: 25999 Glen Eden Rd, Temescal Valley, CA 92883
  • Google Rating: 4.5

8.Olive Dell Ranch

This favorite nudist destination of Southern California is situated in the foothills of San Bernardino. The atmosphere of this place is calm and serene with a legendary friendly environment and socially active guests. The resort has several amenities that will make your stay more comfortable. The offerings of the property include Clubhouse, pool, water volleyball, rental cabins, tennis court, Jacuzzi, trails for nude hiking, Sauna, and much more. 

The guests can enjoy being naked without any feeling of shame and experience the art of being nude and wandering with full freedom. This feeling of liberty gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction for all the mess of lives caused by the restrictions made by humans. At least here you can move with no clothes on your body and without any limitations or human-made societal boundaries.

Stay in the lap of nature and turn on your vacay mode to give yourself a refreshing treatment to wash out all the mental chaos.


  • Location: 26520 Keissel Rd, Colton, CA 92324
  • Google Rating: 4.4

9. Desert Sun Resort

Many of us might be bored and exhausted with the same daily work. And to add some adventure to make our life a bit interesting we either go for an outing or for a date but does it really help out?

The answer for most of us will be No! So now what can be done in this case, this is something simple and quick. We need not do something big, just book a stay for yourself in a nudist resort. 

Nothing can be more tempting than this. The stay here at this destination will be remembered by everyone for years.

The atmosphere of Desert Sun Resort is truly amazing for the couples to hang out and enjoy their weekend at such a place where they can just sit back and have fun being nude without being judged.

This private nudist inn is near the airport, the Palm Springs International Airport. Don't even need to plan about what to wear on the vacation, just stay nude and have fun with all the activities and sports here in this resort.


  • Location: 1533 N Chaparral Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • Google Rating: 4.5

10. DeAnza Springs Resort

This destination is the largest and newest resort with optional clothing criteria in North America. It is built on a land of more than 500 acres in San Diego. It is a perfect place for vacationing throughout the year.

It has around 311 RV sites with tents with ample space for dry camping and hookups. Individuals can rent these luxurious units that consist of furnished models of parks, motel rooms, and mid-sized RVs.

The resort is surrounded by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park's fantastic hills on all three sides, there are also lawns with splendid grasses, shady trees, pools, and much more.

It also has other facilities like a dual heated swimming pool, spa, hot tub, conference room, game center, gym, horseshoe pits, pickleball and tennis courts, high-end hiking, large patios, etc. 

Other than this they also have the facility of laundry, a children's playground, and a WiFi connection in the resort.

You can enjoy social activities like Nudestock Musical Festival, Naked to Goat Canyon Trestle, and Bare Booty 5K Run.


  • Location: 1951 Carrizo Gorge Rd, Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934
  • Google Rating: 4.4

11. Avatan Nudist Club

Have you ever wondered how crazy and fun-filled it would be to stay nude and enjoy life? Avatan Nudist Club which is located in Minnesota offers you the facility to relish the zeal of being without clothing.

This is the largest resort that supports nudist families and is situated near St. Paul or Minneapolis and is affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation. It facilitates you to come and cherish the memories of being overwhelmed with the activities organized by the club. 

Here you can not only socialize with the people but also see the world from a new perspective that is not based on the standards made by the society.

You can develop a new sense of living with new people and understand the real meaning of living life without bothering about the unwanted events of the world. 

This place is the hub of nudist people who like to spend time being socially connected and enjoying their lifestyle in a different yet extraordinary way. Avatan Nudist Club conducts numerous sports events to keep its guests engaged and active.


  • Location: 524 Sims Rd NE, East Bethel, MN 55011
  • Google Rating: 4.3

Final Words

We all need a mode of relaxation to get over all the tiredness and boredom caused due to our professional or personal lives. So, making time to make ourselves stress-free and calm, enjoyment and entertainment are two necessary factors that should be considered. 

The following two factors can be achieved by either going out for a vacation to an exotic place that you haven't visited before. Basically, a destination that can bring some blend of sugar and spice to your life to add a new taste to your boring routine. Or you can try something new that can make you feel thrilled.

And the above nudist resorts can surely blow your mind and fulfill both scenarios. If you have a family then you can visit those resorts that are family-centric and if you are a couple then you can enjoy and have fun at all of these destinations. Even bachelors can go there to chill and make themselves feel special. 

Also, there is nothing to feel awkward about, of course, we all are humans and there is no point judging each other on the basis of skin, shape, and color. So, it's better to be cool with such topics and just live life to the fullest.

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