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Complete Guide on Lingam Massage (2020)

Have you got bored and fed-up with handjobs and masturbation?

If yes, then you should try sensual tantric massages and stimulations that assure multiple orgasms to even men who have never experienced it before.

The books of tantric sex and erotic massages have a special technique known as lingam massage.

Lingam massage is nothing but handjob with a different name.

Handjobs are mostly focussed around penis and testicles but lingam massage focuses on the penis, testicles, prostate, perineum, and every other sensitive point that is present around the private parts of a male.

linggam massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit word that refers to the male sex organ i.e. penis. Many people are familiar with the word yoni which is the Sanskrit word of the vagina but few people know that lingam which is also what the idol of Lord Shiva called, can be related to the male sex organ.

Yoni massage is also a popular tantric form of giving the utmost pleasure to female sex organs. As a result, we can consider lingam massage as a similar method for penis. Lingam massage is a way of glorifying the male reproductive organ.

It is like worshipping your penis or getting it worshipped by your partner. Therefore, you can either do it on your own or you can get it done by your partner instead. This massage is so powerful that it can be considered as a separate act or you can also include it in your foreplay sessions.

It focuses on using the energy that is stored in the male penis. Thus, lingam massage is more like mediation and less like sex but still, it is providing way more pleasure than your redundant style of handjobs. Women can learn how to give this sacred massage to make their partner feel special.

It can be also used to break the same old regular style of foreplay and make-out sessions. Now without any more delay let us see how this massage is to be given to drive your partner in a sensual world of pure ecstasy.

How to please your partner with a lingam massage?

Follow these steps while giving an erotic and sensuous lingam massage to your partner:

Step 1: Ask him to relax

The man has to be relaxed and in a comfortable position while you give a massage to him. Therefore, ask him to lie on a bed in a comfortable position (mostly on the back) and give him pillows so that he can rest his head or hips (or both) on them.

Also, ask him to separate his legs wide open so that you have free access to all the private parts. If your partner is looking tensed due to any stress or too much anticipation, you can ask him to take deep breaths which will guide him towards a soothing comfort.

Step 2: Breathing is key

Lingam massage comes from the sacred books of tantric sex and in tantra, special focus is given on breathing. Breathing deeply not only improves your concentration but you become more aware of the environment and the surroundings which make your aura even more powerful.

When you inhale deeply, you absorb all the energy and arousal that are scattered around you and when you exhale, you release this energy on your partner which makes them sexually charged.

Deep breathing makes you more receptive to your partner's feelings and you pick up their responses more quickly. As a result, you can provide your special love and care to them without the need for any communication or signals.

Similarly, you must also ask your partner to breathe deeply with you. This not only syncs your breathing pattern with your partner but also helps you both to sync your bodily rhythms.

Step 3: Start massaging with enough lubrication

Dry massage is not preferred because the lingam massage can last for many minutes and sometimes for hours if properly done. Do not use powerful oils like essential oils because the skin around your crotch and penis is very sensitive.

We would recommend you to use carrier oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. for massages because they get easily absorbed and also moisturize the skin perfectly. Also, you should not rush to the crotch area immediately. Start by stroking the thighs and use your fingernails for slight teasing.

After that, you can move towards the inner thighs and apply enough oil on the testicles and inner thighs. Touch the testicles with your hand and cup them occasionally in your palm. However, do not press or squeeze them unless your partner is strong enough to handle such sensations.

You can use your fingernails to scratch on their testicles lightly. It also stimulates their urges.

Now, start massaging the space that falls between their anus and testicles i.e. perineum. Massaging the perineum is important because it creates different sensations and it also kind of balances the stimulations that their dick and balls go through while you are touching them.

Some men feel ticklish when you tease their testicles whereas some may not like too much stimulation in that area. Therefore, it is always better to discuss these things with your partner before initiating the massage.

Step 4: Stimulate the shaft

Once you have massaged enough on the inner thighs, testicles, and perineum, it is time to divert your attention to the main thing i.e. the shaft of your partner’s lingam. Start stroking the shaft lightly and do not show any hurry. This will relax your partner a bit more.

Massage the base of the shaft first and slowly move towards the tip. You can use either a single hand or both of them while giving a massage. However, it is better to stick to one hand at the beginning.

Stroke the shaft in regular up and down motion or you can massage the shaft in a twisting pattern by starting from the bottom side of the shaft's base and moving towards the upper part of the shaft's tip.

It is also a good thing to stroke the lingam differently because unpredictable moves excite your partner even more. Do not forget to breathe deeply during this motion and ask your partner to do the same. Changing your hands in case of fatigue will be good. 

For example, if you have massaged by using your left hand for a few minutes then you can start massaging with right hand afterward. Also, do not forget to apply some oil on your hand because the oil tends to absorb quickly especially when you are using both the hands alternately.

Initially, you will have to stroke the shaft lightly. However, as time progresses, you can increase your pace. Do not stroke too fast or your partner might ejaculate early. Keep changing the pressure of your grip along with the speed to maintain his erection.

Now, after stimulating his lingam with both your hands alternately, try using both your hands together. For that, you must know how to use both your hands smartly. For example, while using both hands, massage one side of the hand with one hand.

You can move both the hands in the same direction whereas you can also glide your hands in the opposite direction after some time. Use more oil to glide your fingers and palms smoothly across the shaft of your partner.

Now, you can catch the bottom part of the shaft with one hand and hold the top part with the other. Move the grip in the same direction first and then switch the directions of the hands. After some time, you can massage the shaft in a twisting motion using both your hands.

Expert Lingam Massage

Step 5: Don’t let them cum

The key to powerful orgasms is edging. For those who have not heard this concept before, edging is stimulation in which you do not allow your partner to cum on multiple occasions.

Therefore, you must first stimulate him on the verge of climax and then when he is about to cum you must stop stroking slowly. Do not stop at once because it can set him from the edge and then nothing can stop him from cumming hard.

You can slow down your strokes and ask him to breath more. The erection might even become soft on some occasions but that is bound to happen when you decrease the intensity of your strokes and massage.

By denying him an orgasm for more than once, you ensure that his body gets prepared for violent and convulsive jets of orgasms.

Step 6: Find the prostate & massage it

The prostate gland is also known as a sacred spot because it helps men to release violent gushes of orgasms when stimulated through a massage. Finding it is quite easy as it can be found exactly in between the anus and the testicles of a man.

After reaching it, you can feel it externally as well as internally. Its size and shape resemble a walnut roughly. Massaging the prostate will entice your partner even more and cause him to focus elsewhere which will delay his climax.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform this action once he reaches on the verge of climax. If your partner is not used to prostate massages, it is better to massage it externally in the beginning. Find the pea or walnut-sized gland and try to push it inwards slowly.

Ask your partner if he is feeling comfortable while you are massaging his prostate. You can use your knuckles to tease that spot by pushing it in repeatedly. After that, you can massage that spot in circles by using your fingers. In case it is too hairy, oil will facilitate in reaching sacred spot easily.

The option of shaving that particular area is also available since you can access his prostate freely after that.

Once you have massaged his prostate externally for some time, it is time to massage internally by moving inward through his anus. Ask him before entering his anal cavity since men are mostly not comfortable when someone enters their dirty hole.

You can pour more oil inside his anus for making it smooth and convenient for him. You can also apply some oil on your fingers for extra lubrication. Enter the tip of your finger slowly and push it on both sides to make way for further insertion.

Penetrate your finger deeper and ask your partner if he is ok. It is not hard to find the prostate because it is only up to 3 inches inside and near the rectum's anterior wall. Once you find that spot massage it gently, use up-down and sideway motion to tickle that part.

Keep flicking and teasing the gland until your partner feels elated with excitement. If you find it inconvenient and hard to use your fingers, you can also use a prostate massager. Many sex toy stores and companies sell these massagers at affordable rates.

Step 7: Culminate the massage

When you feel that your partner cannot take it any longer, move to his penis and start stroking it again. Tighten your grip, use more pressure, and stroke his dick violently until he starts exploding jets of sperm-filled cum.

You can also indulge in erotic intercourse to make him explode inside you. Men who like to masturbate can use the same technique to enjoy huge orgasms. Now that you have learned how to practice lingam massage, it is time to move to the finer details.

Let us start by discussing the anatomy of a lingam i.e. male penis first: 

The penis is not just an organ that grows above your testicles but it has more than what you can see from outside. A normal male penis has a base i.e. root of the shaft, phallus i.e. the shaft, head, and foreskin.

There is a small opening at the tip of the penis which is used to discharge urine and semen. The head i.e. glans of a penis is highly sensitive. Therefore, you will have to focus on the head part more if you want to experience a seductive lingam massage.

In case you are unable to perform the deep throat act, tickling his penis will stimulate it enough to satisfy him. Some men have a circumcised penis i.e. they do not have their penis’s head attached to the foreskin. In such cases, the ridge i.e. the part of the penis that separates the phallus from the head is more prominent.

Some men have foreskin over their glans (penis's head) and such a penis is known as an uncut penis. A naturally long penis is considered to be very sensitive especially when you compare it with a circumcised penis. The two testicles are covered inside a pouch which is known as the scrotum.

The scrotum and the testicles are also very sensitive areas and therefore, you cannot ignore them.

How to get prepared for the lingam massage?

There is no separate science behind the preparations before a lingam massage. You will have to create a magical ambiance that pleases and arouses both you and your partner equally. Here are the steps that must be followed to create the right ambiance:

Use soft lighting

Do not go for harsh and bright lights as you want to create a romantic ambiance before seducing your partner into an erotic session of penis massage.

Use gentle and soft lights instead that soothe your eyes and provide enough visibility so that you can find all the target points easily while performing the lingam massage. You can also use perfumed candles as they provide both soft light and mesmerizing fragrance.

Choose a soothing song or music track

Music elevates your mood and helps you to relax more. Therefore, you can play your favorite song or music track to set the mood before the lingam massage. You can start with soothing music numbers and as you start giving a massage, you can play more sexy and sensuous numbers.

A relaxing background score can also serve the purpose like playing their favorite tracks over Spotify or Youtube.

Make the place lively

Choose a comfortable and peaceful place for performing this sensual massage. You can use fresh and lively flowers to make the ambiance more enchanting. Place plush pillows on the bed so that you can use them whenever you need some support.

Ensure that there is no one around when you are performing lingam massage as things can get noisy as the scene becomes more steamy and intense. Use fresh and clean bedsheets and keep the temperature of the room normal.

You can use a heat diffuser if the climate is too cold or you can use a cooler or ceiling fan if the climate is too humid. The use of an air conditioner is not recommended because it can make the temperature too low which will make things too cold.

Ensure that you lock the door of your bedroom before giving or receiving the massage.

Select the right ingredients

You will require the right ingredients to give a memorable lingam massage to your partner. These ingredients include lubricant, massage oil, massage products like candles, etc. Some people also use silicone lube for lingam massage because it is not only smooth but can also be used as a massage oil.

Gentle oils like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. can be used for giving the massage. You can also heat the oil if it is too cold and saturated. However, do not massage with hot oil as you are going to massage on the sensitive areas of your partner’s genitalia. 

A warm and nice environment with some soft and seductive numbers can create a perfect environment for that massage you have been looking for giving. 

Cum without ejaculating

Some men like to cum without ejaculating because they like to restrict the semen for health and vitality purposes. This can be done by pressing your partner’s prostate firmly as he gets ready to shoot his semen. After pressing the prostate, hold the scrotum and pull it down as he is cumming.

Cumming without ejaculating is ideal for lingam massage and it also assists men in experiencing multiple orgasms.

Final Verdict

These were some useful tips and suggestions that can help you to master the art of lingam massage. Tells us how you feel about it and do not forget to convey your feedback once you have tried it!

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