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JUICY GIF Review (2020)


As the name suggests, Juicy GIF brings you a range of juicy and sexy content in the form of GIFs consisting of amateur models to sexy pornstars.

You will get all sorts of variety in terms of ethenicity like Latin, German, US, UK, and other babes from all over the world.

The site has good designs and offers some of the exceptional top quality content to keep you on your feet.

This review covers all the site’s statistics, the content it deals in, performance score, strengths and weaknesses along with our valuable expert recommendation to see whether it has the necessary audacity to meet your expectations or not.

Gone are the days when people had all the time in the world to go through hours and hours of pornography to get their boats floating. Now is the era of quick fucks, hardcore short reels of porn, and models that show the real deal.

If you found yourself in a similar hurry but still wanting your daily dose of porn, then Juicy GIF is precisely what you need in life. There are a lot of porn lovers out there who don't get time to lavishly download HD content and enjoy videos for hours, privately!

That's where Juicy GIF come in – a quickie to satisfy your every need.

As the name suggests, the site takes full credit in showcasing some of the sexiest pornstars and amateur artists, getting hot and heavy in a matter of minutes. To begin with, it's free and has tons of lewd and lucid GIFs that can give a hard-on in no time.

The website is known for its juicy and sexy GIFs. Right from BDSM and hentai to softcore and hardcore porn with kinky content, Juicy GIFs has something for every porn lover. Not only the GIFs are erotic and filled with everything you want from porn in a few seconds, but they also take very less time to load.

This ensures that you don't have to worry about your internet speed or the time it will take for you to enjoy a quick blowjob. If there were ever a porn site that could get you in and out in minutes (pun intended), or lesser, then it would have to be Juicy GIFs.

What makes Juicy GIF so popular?

Everything in digestible bite sizes is always welcome, and when it comes to porn, sexy and erotic content, GIFs are the new high for porn lovers out there.

Juicy GIFs has done a fabulous job in being less about content and ads and design, and simply focusing more on giving you the hard-on that you came looking for. The biggest reason for its popularity is its ability to load and play in seconds because they are GIFs after all.

Besides, it is always a turn-on to get high and cum in less than a minute! One of the most popular GIFs on this website is of Hulk fucking Black Widow, with a whopping 276,643 views to date.

Some of their other famous categories are perky nipples, masturbation, girl-on-girl action, hot porn gif, big tits, brunettes, MILF, porn star, and even Gang bang.

You can have the deepest of fantasies when it comes to this pornsite and no doubt JuicyGIF manages to do a fantastic job at delivering a quick boner.

Another reason why these GIFs are getting famous is because of the variety in terms of babes from all over the world like Latin, German, US, UK. Every hardcore porn scene that you can imagine would most possibly be there on the site.

Double Penetration, Rape porn, and other such lesser found videos are also available in bite-size GIFs. With over 50,000 pages of hot, seductive and innumerable GIFs listed on each page, this is the collection that can put colors in your in your horny nights.

Now and then, when you need a quick hard-on and to simply jerk-off, Juicy GIFs are here to help you cum in no time.



Estimated Visits Last Month: NA

One of the things that is most talked about in Juicy GIFs is the quality of their GIFs.

While the quality in terms of resolution might not be perfect, but if you look at the creative aspect, then it's bang-on, literally. 

juicy gif

Amateur models, regular girls, porn stars, MILF, and what have you, it manages to capture some of the best fucks and blowjob in angles that have never been seen before. It's hard not to appreciate how much effort goes behind, keeping it all about straight-up hardcore fucking, blowing, and penetrating.

Then there are the taboo and dark erotic categories like rape, double penetration, gang bang, group sex, and various other tags, which are easily available in a few seconds GIFs; everything you want to see but without getting to the dirty, filthy parts!

There are innumerable options when it comes to choosing your way of seduction, but the core purpose remains quick and fast fuck delivering GIFs.

You can choose GIFs based on their different tags, categories like MILF, Anal fuck, Big Breasts, Double Penetration, and even filter for the type of women you prefer.

From the sexiest of the UK and the US babes to intimidating Latinas, and from horny German amateur babes to the seductive French mistresses, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Frequently, the site updates GIFs, raunchy and racy content, and immediate loading (literally no waiting time) makes this site hard to miss out.

Juicy GIFs is as straightforward and simple as the domain name suggests, and is all about hardcore porn content, minimal ads, and a web layout that offers smooth navigation.

And to add to it, the website is free, and this comes as a definite bonus for all the porn lovers who can't or don't want to spend hefty amounts to get hard-ons every once in a while.


Unlike most porn websites that are not often worth their subscriptions, Juicy GIFs are a relief to the eyes. You can get your daily dose of porn content completely free with this website.

The USP of Juicy GIFs is to give you a good quality porn content, and it doesn't always have to be long videos and HD porn movies. Small byte size GIFs are super easy to download, save, and revisit whenever you get horny.

Be it on the road or on between your regular office breaks, you can always have time to browse through sexy BDSM GIFs that get your juices flowing.

Though the website is low on offering features and multiple updates, you won't be disappointed with their collection of hardcore, hentai, softcore, and various other categories of GIFs.

All free things are not necessarily good or worth your effort and energy, and for that matter, you may want to check out a few of their most popular GIFs in various categories to get a better idea.

You can always look for other competitor sites to compare their Juicy GIFs collections and see if this free site is worth your time.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Porn Stars: Kelly Madisson, Melanie Monroe, Silvia Saint, Anissa Kate, Audrey Hempburn, Pinky Breaze, Alina Lopez, Nikki Benz,
  • Live Cam Shows: None
  • Models: Amateur models, MILFs, Pornstars, real-life girls, hentai stars etc
  • Total Number of Videos/Movies: Over 60,000
  • HD quality: No
  • Average Length of GIFs: 10-15 seconds
  • Maximum Resolution of Videos: NA
  • Download Limit: Unlimited - NA
  • Picture Sets Format: NA
  • Zip Sets: NA
  • High Resolution: NA
  • Pictures Per Set of Videos: NA

Website Performance Evaluation



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Image / Video Quality

9 / 10


9 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10

Download / Streaming

8 / 10


7 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Overall Performance

8 / 10

Competitors of Juicy GIF

A lot of websites like Instant Fap, I Loop It, GIF sauce, Sex.com, More Fun for You, Gif Porn Tube, to name a few, are creating a stir in the porn GIFs section.

Their USPs are similar to those of the Juicy GIF website, and most of these websites also tend to offer an exclusive selection of hardcore and softcore porn GIFs. You can always check out their different kinky and hardcore BDSM categories and tags that these websites offer, but Juicy GIF doesn't.

Juicy GIF gets the credit for being one of the best in the short porn GIF domain. Right from the amateur, softcore, hardcore and BDSM categories, there is something for everyone and to get every porn lover's kink on.

If you can't give up on getting a boner in no less than a minute, then GIFs like these were meant for people like you. You don't have to give up your horny mood anytime, anywhere, because Juicy GIFs will be your porn-tainment through those times!


  • An exhaustive collection of erotic GIFs that load in almost no time
  • Byte-size GIFs that make it super easy to load, watch and save for later viewing as well
  • You can save any porn GIF to view it later
  • If you love watching shemales and trannies in action, then they have some of the most erotic and hardcore GIFs in that category
  • There is absolutely no charge for registering on the site as it is totally free of cost. Additionally, you don't even need to register to access thousands of erotic and kinky GIFs archives of Juicy GIF.
  • Over hundreds of tags that can cater to every porn lovers fetishes, kinks and deepest, darkest desires, in a jiffy
  • Easy to view categories like big breasts, double penetration, blow job, etc
  • You can also choose to filter models basis ethnicity likeChinese, Japanese, UK, US, German and other countries
  • Infinite scrolling on the website is possible because of it's easy to use interface
  • There is a comment section for every GIF
  • Basic search options are pretty simple to use
  • You can choose to filter based on recent searches or GIFs popular on their website
  • A lot of the content falls under lesbian and straight niche itself, so it's a win-win if you're into these categories
  • Taboo fetishes and dark porn tags are also available on their website
  • Lot more orgasms and lot less of all the drama and overacting
  • Always new updates to look forward to and new models to cheer over
  • Keeps you turned on and horny with instantly playing GIFs at all times
  • Mobile support available for a total on-the-go porn experience
  • A clean and minimalistic website that is responsive to most screens. Juicy GIFs are almost easy to load and view on any screen and even with low data packs.


  • Website is user-friendly but not very well-defined
  • Since it's a free website, a lot is missing in terms of added features, benefits, and offers
  • Majority of their content is categorized under lesbian and straight niche, leaving fewer categories and kinky tags to surf from
  • BDSM, hardcore and other taboo GIFs are not abundant
  • Image quality for all the sexy photo-shoots and porn albums is not very high
  • Very few gay GIFs available in their archives
  • The website layout is minimalistic, so there is not a lot of engaging activities or sections that could keep you glued day after day
  • The quality of images is average, and their format size is often small, as well. There is also no option to opt for fullscreen
  • The overall website is quite clean and simple with navigation, but you may find a few ad banners uploaded here and there
  • They are cautious in keeping their GIFs all about the quick porn view. However, this tends to cut down on a lot of story, drama and regularly scripting that high-quality porn videos usually have
  • Content varies but lacks too much diversity
  • A lot of generic same old porn GIFs that you might get tired of seeing over time
  • All in all, there is a lot for porn lovers looking for a quick rub-a-dub-dub, but you might end up missing the live sessions, interactions with sexy and seductive models, and the all-in porn experience


While their website might not have the most-friendly interface of all, they sure know how to keep porn lovers engaged and provide well services. There is not much on the support front for this website, but their instantly accessible GIFs make it easy for customers from the get-go.

Besides, you don't need to download to view GIFs, and you don't need a heavy speed connection either. Their updates are not monitored, but they are quite frequent. Hence, you can find some new hardcore GIFs and BDSM videos if you tune in to the website once in a while.

If you are facing any issues with the Juicy GIF website, then you can visit their website. Their team of experts offers you full mobile support and make sure that your porn experience is full-fledged.

Final Verdict

If you're in a hurry and want to browse through some of the best moments porn videos have to offer, then free sites like Juicy GIF would be a great place to start. For all the busy people with stressed-out lives,

Juicy GIF brings you one of the easiest ways to relish in your kinky fantasies, without dedicating too much time and effort to it. While there may not be more for you to see in terms of too high HD quality videos and lengthy porn sessions, but Juicy GIF offers an excellent preview to porn.

When you don't have time for the movie, then check out the trailer, and this is precisely what they offer you. On the plus side, it is always free for one and all, and that is a significant steam-blower when selecting porn sites to visit regularly.

You get variety in terms of the models, their race, different categories, tags, and even the type of porn you are interested in checking out for the day. It's filled with some of the best hardcore scenes that are enough to get your juices flowing at any hour of the day.

You can always give it a few days, go through the kinky GIFs, category-wise, and tag-wise, and then see if the website is worth its salt and worth your time!

Parting Words

Now that we have shared a detailed review of Juicy GIF, it should become easier to decide whether this is the site that can offer you the best of the best porn bytes.

If you liked our review of Juicy GIF, then stay tuned to our website for more such reviews on other top-ranking porn sites.

We wish to make your porn experience the best you've ever had, and our reviews guarantee you the best porn-tainment available out there, right on your screens.

juicy gif

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