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Complete Guide to Jelqing (2020)

Most men are not happy with the size and girth of their penis. This is because most of them urge to have the manhood that is often portrayed in porn films. 

Also, girls and women expect their men to be big in this department. A small cock might make them upset and sexually dissatisfied.

It is not easy to gain an extra inch or two in your manhood especially if you are no longer a teenager and your body parts are not on growing terms.

For that reason, many guys opt for artificial penis enlargement tools, pills, and even surgery to add a couple of extra inches to their erection. 

Some physical exercises might help if you are also looking for enhancing the length and strength of your penis. 


Today, we are going to talk about a technique that is not only easy and effective but is completely natural too. According to the experts, this  technique is called Jelqing, although, in layman's language, it can be referred to as just another technique of jerking off. 

You can also make some adjustments and introduce some customization of your own but the truth is that it is an effective way of stimulating your penis that might also help it to grow a bit. In Jelqing you just use a couple of your fingers (mostly thumb and index finger) to stroke both the ends of your dick.

The pressure needs to be applied from the base to the tip of the penis and can be compared to the technique that is used to milk a cow or buffalo. This technique has been used since ancient times.

It is considered that the more pressure you apply on the sides, the better it would be for the enhancement of your “manhood”.

You can even use some tools to increase the pressure on your penile tissues; some sex toy manufacturing companies have even come up with a couple of Jelqing tools of their own. We will describe those tools and the Jelqing technique in detail in the below paragraphs.

The Process of Jelqing

The process of Jelqing is straightforward as it is a simple physical exercise. However, you can follow this process to make it more powerful and pleasurable as well:

#1 Warm-Up

It is always necessary to warm up before doing any form of physical exercise and this rule applies to Jelqing as well. ​

Your penis needs to be clean and in a relaxed mode before you  apply some serious pressure on it.  You can start by taking a hot shower or you can enjoy a luxurious bath in a bathtub. The use of warm water is necessary because it takes the stress and tension out of your mind and muscles. 

Warm water also soothes the stress out of your penis and softens its skin as well. Your dick gets ready for the exercise after a good bath but do not forget to rub and dry it clean by using a hygienic and soft towel. Now, there are two ways of initiating this process. 

Some men like to jelq their penis when it is completely dry whereas some guys might need the help of an oil, cream, or lubricant to reduce the friction that later  results in discomfort or pain.

The dry Jelqing technique is especially helpful for the uncircumcised men as it increases the stimulation and helps them to enjoy the session more. You can also use some creams that are specially formulated for inducing growth in the penile tissues while practicing this technique.

For example, you can use a Jelqing serum called Bathmate Max Out. Its primary role is to improve the stretching of the penile muscles to boost the growth of your penis. It comprises ingredients that stimulate your libido and assist in achieving faster results.

They also help in the recovery process that is necessary to expedite the growth once the tissues are ruptured after subjecting your cock to continuous pressure. These are the benefits of using this or any other serum or cream that are formulated for aiding the process of Jelqing:

Reduces friction and inflammation  

Constant friction might result in inflammation and redness of the skin of your penis. Therefore, it is necessary to use creams or serums that reduce friction and sooth out  the skin. 

Enhances lubrication

An increase in lubrication allows you to stroke your penis without any issues. It also helps you to apply more pressure on the penis without causing any injury or discomfort. 

Heals skin issues

Some of you might have fine lines on your penis's skin. Serums or creams will eliminate these fine lines and give you a smooth, soft, and rejuvenated skin. It ultimately helps to boost the growth of your penile muscles because soft skin ensures maximum blood flow to these muscles.

Stimulates erection

Jelqing serums and lotions are formulated with ingredients that enhance the  penis erection. Some of the ingredients that are used in them are used for treating ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Therefore, these serums make your erections stronger and they last for a longer period as well. 

Restores texture & tightens penis

The skin of your penis is sensitive and prone to damages, wrinkles, and other issues. These serums not only resolve these issues but also restore the texture and elasticity of the skin that minimizes the chances of any uncomfortable experience while or after stroking your penis.

For complete details about the Bathmate Max Out please check this link - https://ahcaf.com/bathmate-maxout-review/

It is also recommended to not  use any serums or creams if you do not look forward to enlarging your penis. You can simply use cold cream or moisturizer to reduce the friction or you can even use a bar of soap if your dick is still wet and in case you want to continue the process in the bathroom itself. 

#2 Stimulate the penis

Now that you have completed all the steps that were mentioned in the warm-up section, it is time to stimulate your penis. However, make sure that you do not use too much force or grip  because everything takes time and so will your penis to reach an optimal erection.

Massaging the cream or serum on your penis will itself give some erection and therefore, you might not need any more stimulation to make it semi-hard. Once your penis has reached a semi-erect stage, follow these steps to master the art of Jelqing:

  • Grip your penis with both the thumb and the index finger first. You can also make an 'O' shape by joining both these fingers and insert your dick inside it.
  • Hold the base of your shaft firmly with these fingers and apply light pressure on both the parallel points. Now, move the fingers towards the glans and loosen your grip as they move upwards.
  • Do not apply any force on the glans as it might lead to pain and discomfort. Only focus on the shaft and its penile muscles.
  • Also, it is recommended to  not exert  extra pressure on the shaft on the very first day itself.  Increase the pressure and stress slowly on the penis so that it gradually gets used to them.
  • Moreover, do not indulge in too many strokes right from day one. You can start by stroking the penis thirty or forty times on the first day and you can repeat the process in two or three sets as per your satisfaction
  • You can increase the strokes and sets steadily as you get familiar with this stretching exercise.
  • Also, you can use different types of grips to hold and stretch your penis.For example, you can use the 'O' shape technique discussed in the above paragraph whereas you can simply grip your penis with your middle finger and index finger or middle finger and ring finger whichever feels better to you.
  • You can also experiment with one grip a day to see which grip feels better and works out in a better way. Do not put too much pressure on the penis if you have masturbated on the same day.
  • You can also skip your regular masturbation session while performing this stretching routine. This is because masturbation puts a certain amount of strain on your penile tissues and subjecting more pressure and stress on them might not prove to be an ideal thing to do at that period of time.
  • Moreover, you can also vary the direction of the strokes to stretch all the penile tissues. For example, the first set can be focused on the two sides of the penis and the second set can be focused on its upper and lower side.
  • It is recommended that you do not indulge in naughty and dirty thoughts while stroking the penis as it would force you to masturbate instantly. Perform it like any other exercise set that you carry out in a gym.
  • If you feel too worked up or stimulated, you can take a gap of a couple of minutes between the sets so that you do not feel like masturbating.
  • These are just the basic steps that you need to follow to master the process of Jelqing. However, no set process or method would work for all the men. You will have to discover the special tricks and techniques that work for you yourself. 
  • Some men like to perform this stretching exercise when they are sitting on a comfortable seat while some of them like to sleep on their bed while Jelqing.
  • We would recommend you to perform this exercise routine while standing because standing position will help you to apply the force in the right direction.

How to Jelq - Top 5 Jelqing Variations

  • We would recommend you to perform this exercise routine while standing because standing position will help you to apply the force in the right direction.
  • Moreover, the sitting or sleeping position might make you too comfortable and you might start having dirty thoughts that might ultimately result in a masturbation session.
  • We are telling you to avoid having dirty thoughts while stroking as it might result in an orgasm which will make your penis incapable of bearing any more pressure and excitement.
  • Some men might want to watch porn while performing this exercise and they can do it if they are experienced in controlling the orgasm. However, we would not recommend the beginners to watch porn as it will prove to be counterproductive in their case. 
  • Your ultimate focus should be one improving the reps and sets. For example, you can set a goal of reaching three sets of 100 reps on the last day of the first week. You can increase this target to 3 sets of 150 reps in the  second week.
  • However, we would also advise you to not increase the total count of reps beyond 500 because it might induce too much stress and pain on your penile muscles.
  • Remember that too much pressure can work negatively and it might make your penis insensitive for a short period.
  • After following this routine regularly for a couple of months or more, you will start noticing a slight improvement in the length of your penis. It might take another month or two to reach the satisfactory growth. 
  • Do not give up the exercise soon after gaining one or two inches as your penis might go back to its original length and girth after stopping the regime.
  • We would recommend you to follow this regime for at least 5 to 6 months daily to achieve permanent results.
  • Also, you can take one day off every week. This weekly off is necessary because it helps your penis to repair all the damaged cells and tissues.
  • Moreover, your penis will get rejuvenated and more relaxed after a week off which will ultimately encourage you to apply more pressure and force on the penis in the coming week. 

Can Jelqing be used to improve girth as well?

Yes, Jelqing can help you to improve your girth as well. However, it will depend on the kind of erection you are having while performing this stretching routine. We have already told you that you will have to achieve a semi-hard erection while stroking the penis.

This method will help you to achieve gains lengthwise. If you want to achieve more girth, then you will need a bit more erection than that.

Let us say that you will need to achieve a three-fourth erection to increase the girth of your cock. Having said that, the semi-hard erection will be converted to full or three-fourth erection just after the first 20 or thirty strokes. 

Therefore, all the Jelqing techniques that are used to increase the length will ultimately improve your girth as well. This also means that you will  be achieving greater improvement in the length after following this stretching routine for the first couple of months.

If you  follow this regime to sustain the gains,  you will end up adding some girth to your penis in this process. If you want to gain more length and girth, you can start using the penis extender tools that are available in the market.

These penis extenders are machines that are engineered to apply pressure on your penile tissues. They work in the same manner as your Jelqing process but the exerted force is much greater and therefore, it might help you to achieve faster gains.

It should also be noted that the gains achieved through penis extenders do not remain constant and your penis might go to its original length and girth once you stop using them.

How to Jelq - Jelqing for Penis Englargement

On the contrary, gains achieved through physical exercise sustain much longer and proper routine might even make these gains permanent. Therefore, we would recommend you to start by penis stretching exercises like Jelqing before using the penis extenders.

Some men also prefer to use penis pumps to achieve the desired length and girth. You can also combine the use of penis pumps, penis extenders, and Jelqing to achieve faster, better, and sustainable gains.

For example, you can use the penis pumps for 20 minutes each day, and then you can try the Jelqing technique after a few hours. You can use the penis extenders while going to bed as some extenders assure complete comfort and safety of your manhood even while sleeping.

Remember that while using multiple techniques for increasing length and girth, you must also take care of your penis since it is a sensitive part of your body.

Moreover, you should know that using the penis extender might even damage the penis permanently if the process is not followed properly; although there are few safe and trustworthy brands when it comes to penis extenders.

As a result, it would be more safe and wise to use Jelqing and other forms of physical exercises to improve the girth and length of your cock.

How to check whether you are doing it rightly or not?

Jelqing is a simple technique that does not need any experience or special efforts. Therefore, you will be doing the right thing on most of the occasions. However, if you have any doubt, you can observe these signs to know if your Jelqing session was successful:

Harder & darker glans

After the end of each Jelqing session, you will observe that the glans have become harder than before. It  is due to the blood that has reached upwards while Jelqing. It tells you that the objective of improving the blood circulation in the shaft and glans has been achieved. 

The color of your glans also intensifies after Jelqing. This is also due to the blood flow towards the tip i.e. glans of your penis.

Relaxed base 

The base of your shaft will get loosened up and more relaxed after the Jelqing session. You will also observe that it has become lighter than before. It means that your Jelqing session was successful in opening up the veins and stimulating the muscles that are located at the base of your penis.

Bigger dick

A slight difference in the length and color of the penis indicates that the Jelqing process has been properly followed. The overall size of your penis will also improve a bit and your dick will appear darker or redder than before.

Benefits of Jelqing

Now let us look at some other benefits of Jelqing:

Powerful erection

Regular Jelqing sessions will help you to achieve harder and more powerful erections than before. This is due to the improvement in blood circulation throughout the shaft and glans of your cock.

Sustainable erections

The erections will not only be stronger and harder but they will also sustain for a longer period.

This is because Jelqing improves the ability to control stimulation and tingling sensation. As a result, you will be able to perform better in your bed and your sex life will improve by a great margin after following the Jelqing routine regularly. 

Increase in overall size

Apart from the increase in its length, the overall size of your penis will also improve. It will become rounder, thicker, and fuller as the density of the penile muscles increases to a great extent.

Some special tips

You will have to follow these special tips will practicing Jelqing:

  • Do not cum at any moment while or after the Jelqing session.
  • Do not apply too much pressure on the shaft as it might result in pain or discomfort.
  • Do not grip or squeeze the head of your penis i.e. glans as the length of your penis has nothing to do with the glans.
  • Stop jelqing immediately if you feel any sort of discomfort. You can consult a doctor if you continue to feel the pain and discomfort. 
  • Do not use soap or shampoos to lubricate the penis as they might contain some harmful chemicals. These chemicals might enter your pee hole and cause a burning sensation. 
  • If your dick becomes fully hard while Jelqing, you will have to wait for a few seconds for the penis to become softer. This is because Jelqing, when the dick is completely hard, can be hazardous. Moreover, it also does not help to achieve any gains. 
  • Some men notice red and purple marks on their dick after the Jelqing sessions. It might be due to the breaking of blood capillaries. Take a break for a couple of days to allow them to heal. If you still experience pain or discomfort, contact your doctor immediately.


These were some of the things that you need to follow while Jelqing. Some companies have developed Jelqing tools that could also be used for exerting more pressure on your cock. However, we would recommend our readers to use their fingers as it is both safe and effective.

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