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Is PornHub Safe? How to Browse Adult Website Safely Without Getting a Virus?

PornHub sites are very famous and have endless supply of the NSFW videos and all the credit goes to the thriving community.  But many of you have the question that PornHub provides safe porn video’s or is there any virus while opening the porn sites. 

There are many people who have this question and are afraid to use such sites as no one wants to be caught or no-one wants to leak their information.

So, here you want to know that Pornhub is safe to use as it maintains the commitment of offering a secure platform of watching porn to its users. 

It always focuses towards finding the tricks which are considered by the malware attacks and ensuring that it does not disturb its readers.

But also, we cannot say that it is completely safe for its users as there are some risks associated with it.

Is Pornhub Safe? Does Pornhub give you viruses? (2022): Complete guide

What is Pornhub?

PornHub is known as one of the popular online platforms linked with adult entertainment. This platform is Canadian based internet pornography website and the owner of this platform is MindGeek. 

It has been researched that PornHub comes on the 10th position in terms of trafficked website and on 3rd position as it is the highest trafficked adult website all over the world.

Through this website, the users can easily watch pornographic video’s and can also share on social media platform. 

Also, the users have the chance to optionally register themselves to a free PornHub account which helps them to post, comment or download the videos by themselves.

So, we can say that it is famous and tries to be a secure platform for the users so that they can easily see porn videos.

What are the risks of surfing Pornhub?

PornHub is known as the malware hub that sometimes bends towards causing harm to its users so we can see that there are some risks involved at the time of browsing PornHub which sometimes go beyond the overall control of the website.

Sometimes, users can easily become the target of the cybercriminal groups or we can call hackers and the major reason behind it is linked with the advertisements which are showcased on the porn website. Hence we can say that there are some risks involved such as:

A.)  Malware, Ransomware and Trojans

The risk is involved if a user clicks on the advertisement displayed on PornHub. The cybercriminals behind it can steal your information and this can also be sensitive data linked with the adult content.

Scams related with sextortion are very popular and in this the email is sent by the hackers in which they claim that there is installed spyware into the computer.

They will also ask for money and if denied they threaten to send the information to your employer or family members. Sometimes, the claims are not genuine but it can be real as well!

Ransomeware or trojans also directly impact the computer with viruses. This type of virus directly impacts the overall functioning of computers and can lower the speed.

The vulnerabilities can be increased which can also exploit more dangerous malware into your computer.

b.) Privacy

Privacy can also be impacted if your personal data is taken or viewed by the second person. By clicking on the advertisement on PornHub can affect the overall privacy in which through virus the personal information can be accessed.

This simply means that once they emphasise on taking the root cause of the computer then it would be easy for them to view your personal files.

Sometimes, if family members are surfing then there is also a high risk that advertisements will pop up and it can create a negative impact in front of others or we can say family members. So, there is a high risk of privacy breach.


c.) Payment Security

While surfing PornHub, the virus can also impact the payment security or privacy of an individual. As it has been noticed that through viruses there is a high chance that a second person can easily access our credentials linked with banking or any application.

So, it can be stated that there is a high amount of payment security if you search PornHub from any device.


How can you be safe and protect your privacy over PornHub?

It is said that it is important to be aware of your safety and privacy in today’s world.  So, at the time of surfing these are some pointers which should be considered over PornHub.

1.)     Good Anti Malware is essential

It is one the important pointers as it will help in being secure from the danger of malware and it is important that you need to use anti virus software.

One of the products such as Heimdal Next Generation antivirus home is trained to secure from different threats and also it secures the privacy overall. So, it is important to use the best anti-malware solution.

2.)    VPN service:

It is one of the most popular traffic filtering techniques which provides protection towards the risk linked while surfing PornHub.

Presently, the methods of hackers are increasing and traditional anti virus is not sufficient now. So, Heimdal threat prevention home or VPN is the effective way that is based on AL and can easily help in detecting the threats before reaching to your computer.

Such protective software helps in actively scanning the overall traffic and blocks the malicious code before it enters the computer. In this way, you are still safe if you click on any pornHub website! So, VPN is important to be used to be secure!

3.)    While surfing do not click on advertisements

If we talk about advertisements on PornHub or any other site, then it is important to focus on not clicking on any of them. There are many which will not be dangerous but sometimes there are also many which are hidden. If you want to support your favourite pornstar then you find other ways but also remember not to click on any of the advertisement links.

4.)    Avoid Pop-ups

If advertisements showcased on the porn websites are malicious then they will always try to convince you to download it.

They will provide benefits in front of you of giving HD quality of content. So, never be trapped instead to be aware and close such websites to be secure!

5.)    Premium services:

You should never enter your credit card number at the time of browsing. It is easy to purchase a subscription from a good adult website which you are surfing.

But on the other hand, do not enter your credit card data if you are browsing the independent websites. You can be attracted towards special offers but be careful and do not use it! Always use premium services to avoid such issues!

So, these are the pointers that should be considered and it will help you to surf securely and by maintaining your privacy. Always keep such points in your mind before surfing any porn sites or adult websites.

·     How safe are other adult websites?

If we talk about other websites than in terms of security and safety we can say that there is no privacy and security. The prevalence of malware on porn sites is extremely high and there are 53% of identifying the malware while surfing for porn.

Companies or the employees are trying their best to maintain the safety of its users but still it is researched that porn sites are one of the famous destinations for all hackers and uploaders of malicious code.

So, we cannot say that other adult websites are safe as the risk is high and it is important to surf such websites with proper care or precautions.

Considering the other porn sites, the virus can be easily entered through the advertisement link so it is important to keep precaution while surfing for the best porn.

The risk is high so precaution should be taken in a proper manner to be safe and secure.

Pop up or links should be opened by proper care and by using effective antivirus software. Safety should be the first priority as there are high chances of getting the data leaked by hackers.



So, by considering all the pointers it can be said that PornHub or any other adult websites are just like the real world. At the time of surfing the porn it is important to keep privacy and security at priority.  If you are careful then surfing porn can also result in adding malware in the device you are using.

So, it is necessary to maintain all the precautions and also to focus towards not opening the advertisement links which are popping up on the porn sites.

Safety comes when you are using the secure mode with updated antivirus software.

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