How to Make Money on PornHub/Xvideos (2019)

Ok, first of all yes you can make amazing money with Pornhub.make money on pornhub

Yes, i am talking about thousands of dollars, I am doing it and you can too. Lets find out how to make money on Pornhub ?

Today I will tell you how to earn money from Pornhub, and also from other websites like xvideos and xhamster. This article will cover many different ways of making money with pornhub, make money on Xvideos and by other ways of earning money through adult porn videos.

This article will help both adult webmasters and adult performers (webcam models, camgirls, pornstars etc).

Pornhub is the most popular and is on the top position for best adult tube porn sites on the internet. It is so popular that it is among the most popular website on the world wide web. Just check for yourself the traffic stats of pornhub:

pornhub make money

Yes, you saw that right, it gets more than 1 billion visitors per month.

how to make money on pornhub

Now lets talk about the core of this article, can you make money off pornhub?. So how to get paid on pornhub and make a decent passive income on the side? First let me tell you the general ways of making money form popular adult tube websites like XVideos, pornhub, xhamster, spankbang, xnxx etc.

Lets go through each point one by one.

Pornhub Affiliate – Make money uploading porn videos 

If you are thinking can you make money on pornhub then this is an easy way for you?  This is by far the most popular article on my website, check it out here:  Make $100 per day uploading porn videos

Let me give you a brief of how you can make $100 per day and more from uploading adult xxx porn videos. Here are the steps:

  1. Make an account at adult affiliate network Crakrevenue  .
  2. Buy a good looking domain name that has keyword “cam”, “camming”  etc. I recommend Hostgator
  3. Redirect the domain name to your affiliate camming offer from Crakrevnue.
  4. Upload porn videos related to the camming niche on popular tube websites, with your branding on the video. This way when people will visit your domain name, they will be redirected to your affiliate offer and hence you will get a commission of every signup.

Already hundreds of my website visitors are making thousands of dollars. Here is one the income proof of one of our highly successful student:

make money uploading porn

Make money by creating an Adult tube website

This is by far my best method of making great passive income online that too on autopilot. I have written a massive more than 20,000 work guide on this topic Make $3500/month from adult tube websites .

I have been making more than[highlight color=”yellow”] $10,000[/highlight] every month from my network of adult tube websites. Creating and profiting from your adult tube website is easy and you can do that too. Just follow this guide  How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites .

A major part of this guide is driving initial targeted adult traffic to your website using upload method on these popular porn tubes like pornhub, redtube etc.

Here are my income proofs using this method:




Using Hubtraffic – Drive traffic to pornhub and make money

If you can drive traffic to Pornhub or their network of websites then they will pay you money for that. For this, you can use an amazing platform like Hubtraffic.

You just need to first verify the domain name from where you will be driving the traffic. You will also get free tools to import pornhub videos onto your website without any problem. This way you can populate your website with content and then make money off adult display ads and popup ads.

Make sure you change the titles and description of the videos you import otherwise Google will consider you content as duplicate and you won’t get organic traffic

Become Pornhub verified amateur porn producer – Make money from Pornhub and Xvideos as an adult performer, webcam model, pornstar, clipstore studio

This part is for amateur pornstars, camgirls and other people who are making custom clips and porn videos and selling them. I have already written a great and complete guide on making money through Xvideos if you are an adult performer:

Just like xvideos , pornhub also has a partnership program: Become a Pornhub Amateur model. This is a great platform that is being used by many popular pornstars, clipstore studio owners like jenny blighe, lady fyre etc to their advantage.

Not just you make more money you also get millions of views and hence a whole new audience that will later become your customers.

If you are camgirl then this program is perfect for you.

pornhub verified amateur

Pornhub verified profiles make money from ad revenue they generate from their videos. Also pornhub runs contests so these pornhub verified amateurs can take part in them and win them to make even more money.

Another way is to sell your custom porn clips. You can first build a fan base on Pornhub by uploading regular full-length porn videos and clips. Right now you are making ad revenue from your videos.

Once you have enough fan base and people following you, then you can create teasers of your premium clips that people can go and buy.

This same strategy can be applied on xvideos as well.

Make money on Xvideos, Xhamster and Redtube

Similar to pornhub, you can also make money with xhamster and redtube porn tube website. Redtube has a content partner program and similarly, Xhamster also has a content program . Here if you are a content provider or a company then you can create an account and leverage the traffic of these tube websites. You will get advanced branding opportunities and hence much better reach and traffic potential.

Report pornhub Vulnerabilities and make money

Yes you can watch porn and make money (only if you are a hacker or have coding knowledge, I wish I had :D)

Pornhub pays hackers, or any smart guy who can find security bulnerabilities. Hackers have loved hacking popular tube websites in the past, and hence this si a very smart strategy by pornhub to prevent hacking in the future.

If you are interested then you can participate here: Make money pornhub  .

The minimum bounty reward is $50 and maximum is $25,000

Report pornhub Vulnerabilities

Report pornhub Vulnerabilities and make moneyI hope you like this article on how to make money on pornhub.


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