How to Make Money on PornHub & how much does pornhub pay

Ok, first of all yes you can make amazing money with Pornhub. Make sure you read the article till the end. Lets find out how to make money on Pornhub? Today I will tell you how to earn money from Pornhub.

This article will help  adult performers (webcam models, camgirls, pornstars etc). Pornhub is the most popular and is on the top position for best adult tube porn sites on the internet.

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make money on pornhub

How to Make Money on PornHub

Become Pornhub verified amateur porn producer

Make money from Pornhub as an adult performer, webcam model, pornstar, clipstore studio...

This part is for amateur pornstars, camgirls and other people who are making custom clips and porn videos and selling them. Making money on pornhub is easy if you know the right process. Just like xvideos , pornhub also has a partnership program: Become a Pornhub Amateur model.

This is a great platform that is being used by many popular pornstars, clipstore studio owners like jenny blighe, lady fyre etc to their advantage. Not just you make more money you also get millions of views and hence a whole new audience that will later become your customers.

If you are camgirl then this program is perfect for you.

pornhub verified amateur

Pornhub verified profiles make money from ad revenue they generate from their videos. Also pornhub runs contests so these pornhub verified amateurs can take part in them and win them to make even more money. Another way is to sell your custom porn clips.

You can first build a fan base on Pornhub by uploading regular full-length porn videos and clips. Right now you are making ad revenue from your videos. Once you have enough fan base and people following you, then you can create teasers of your premium clips that people can go and buy.

This adult-only money making method from Pornhub can make you rich, and this guide will tell you how. But let's first understand what Pornhub is?

What is PornHub?

Well, if you didn't know about Pornhub until now, then you are probably missing out a lot happening over the internet. Pornhub is basically the world's most abundant and free pornsite. is a Canadian website that was launched in the year 2007.

This porn site has been gaining a lot of popularity ever since and has scored top position among the plethora of porn sites in the market. The site has gained popularity because:

  • It allows users to make their accounts.
  • It enables them to upload their adult content.
  • It also enables users to earn tons of money if they generate enough views.
  • You can also interact with other users, leave comments on their videos, compile your favorite videos, and more.

In simple words, it is a social media website that allows you to enjoy the adult content and also lets you make money through it.

Can you make money on pornhub?

Yes, it is not at all a lie. You can earn money on Pornhub, but it takes consistent effort and time. You should be able to make content that people would like to watch and follow you. If you are able to satisfy the users, then there's no looking back.

This website has a global reach of more than 100 million users. These users come here daily, and they also bring along high-quality traffic for adult users. Moreover, you can earn money in different ways on this site. Let's first understand how much money you can make using this program. 

How to Make Money on PorHub

How much does pornhub pay?

  • Ad Revenue – $0.64 per 1000 views (free videos)
  • Video Sales – 65% Sale Price
  • Custom Videos – 65% Sale Price
  • Tips & Fan Club – 80% recurring
  • Model Referrals – $50 per model
  • Pornhub Premium – Unknown revshare
  • Downloads – You set the price
  • Export to Partners – Unknown revshare
  • Contest Prizes

Is there any cost involved in joining Pornhub?

Well, the good news is, if you want to join the Pornhub program as an adult model/actor, it is 100% free. But if you're going to get a premium membership, then you'll have to pay some amount.

Although creating and uploading premium content is free of cost signing up for the premium membership brings its perks.

Other than joining Pornhub, there are other monetary requirements that you would require to consider, such as internet connection to upload videos and good quality equipment to create these videos.

You can also make money using your cell phone camera, but it will affect the quality of the videos. Although for a start, it is good. 

What are the basic rules of Pornhub?

Well, this is a world of porn, and therefore it has some rules and guidelines, and if you follow them, you will be safe and won’t fall into any unwanted problem. So here are certain things to keep in mind before you start uploading your videos on Pornhub: 

Publish only your videos

You'll be creating publishing and monetizing the porn videos to make money on Pornhub.  But the very first thing you must know is that you must be well versed with your own, the rights of the content that is published by you. 

Therefore, you are not allowed to post the porn content of any other person. To make money with porn videos, you must create and upload your videos. The first thing to be aware of is that you have to own the rights to any adult content you publish.

In other words, you can't post other people's adult videos and make money off them. It has to be your videos.

Privacy is the key

When you are dealing with Pornhub, you have to be careful all the time because there are chances of you getting swindled.  Yes, I am not joking at all. For many people, it is a dream job, and this job can impact your career path.

Most of the sites have strict measures to ensure that their member's personal information is not revealed to anyone else. But you must try your level best to make sure that your privacy and information is protected. 

The very first thing to do so is to never use your own phone number. Instead, you can use third-party texting apps that don't require your name to make a call such as Kik, WhatsApp, TextPlus, etc.

It is advisable to do so because of the technical advancements that have made the determination of address just by your phone number.  You wouldn't want anyone from the Pornhub fan list to come looking for you in your locality where you live.

Would you? Another thing is never to use your real name too. 

Only for adults

One thing that you must keep in mind is that it is an adult website. Across the globe, or we would rather say in many countries, adolescence starts from the age of 18. Thus, to make money on Pornhub, you must be 18 or above. Now let's understand the steps to monetize your video.  

What are the five essential steps to monetize your video?

The five necessary steps to monetize your video that you would be required to follow are: 

  1. 1
    You are supposed to sign up in any Pornhub account, and it is free.
  2. 2
    You are now required to join the verified amateur program. Well, it is also free.
  3. 3
    Be your artist and make adult videos that will interest the users and publish them to Pornhub.
  4. 4
    Now, you have to attract people to watch your content. For this you'll have to market your content and build your fan following.
  5. 5
    Start getting paid, well this is the step that everyone is most interested in, isn't it?  

What are the steps to join the Amateur Program?

Let's first explain to you the way of joining the Pornhub Amateur/Model Payment program because no matter what method you choose to earn money on Pornhub, you have to enter the amateur program. Here are the necessary and straightforward steps you need to follow to join the amateur program. 

  • Firstly, signup for a free Pornhub account.
  • Now, submit your photo with a sign to verify your identity.
  • Once you submit your Pornhub video, you'll have to wait for the admins to verify it.
  • You'll then have to submit the two valid government IDs of yourself, and if you are taking any performer for your videos, then you have to submit theirs too.

How to make money using PornHub? How much can you make on pornhub? 

How much money will you make on PornHub depends on how your porn videos will perform. If you have ever worked on YouTube, then you would know what I am trying to say. YouTube doesn't give you a guaranteed pay-check. 

Still, the money you earn monthly depends upon your YouTubevideos monthly performance that is calculated through the maximum hours your videos were watched, your subscribers, likes, and shares. Like YouTube, in PornHub, you earn your income via ad revenues.

Here is how your ad revenue will generate income :

  • The very first thing that affects the ad revenue is the number of views on your videos.
  • The second thing is the click on ads, basically how many viewers click the ads.
  • Thirdly, which country views your content the most will also affect your ad revenue.

In 2017 the average RPM or ad revenue per 1000 views was 0.69$, and this rate has been rising ever since. So, if you earn 10 million views in a month, then you will earn somewhere around $6900 from the ad revenue. If you think it seems a lot, then you are right because it is.

How much money can you make on pornhub depends on what else are you selling.

Moreover, Pornhub is not as saturated as YouTube, which makes it easier to get the views. Isn't this good news? But before we get into the fundamental question of this guide- "how to make money on Pornhub" let's first understand if it is going to cost you anything for joining this program. 

So, now it is time to get started with the main topic of this article. How to make money on Pornhub. There are a plethora of ways to earn money on Pornhub other than the ad revenue. These are:

  • Free to view Pornhub videos ad revenue 
  • Selling your videos on Modelhub
  • Listing on Pornhub premium
  • Getting a subscription-based fan club
  • Create custom videos and get paid
  • Earning via tips.
  • Earn referral bonuses by referring to other models.
  • Promote an Adult Affiliate Network through your videos
  • Earn Through Patreon Donations
  • Alternate methods

Free to View PornHub Videos Ad Revenue  

Ad revenue that is earned via free to view Pornhub videos is common most way to make money on Pornhub. To make money this way, the process is really simple. You'll have to create and upload your videos on the selected platform and allow those videos to be viewed for free.

In this method, you earn the share of the ad revenue generated by your video, and it will depend upon the performance of your video. The performance will include views and ratings.

The higher the numbers of views you generated, the higher are the ratings, and the higher is the amount you'll earn.

You are Selling Your Videos on Modelhub

Modelhub is a sister site of Pornhub. Once your account is verified on Pornhub, you are allowed to sign Modelhub. Here you can sell your videos for cash. If anyone purchases your video, you will earn 65%of the sale price.

If you are unable to market your videos, then don't lose your heart, you can still list them on the modelhub for free and earn from ad revenue. It is similar to the way you would earn with free to view on Pornhub videos. Well, here is a small bonus tip to earn more money.

If you restrict the download only to the paying customers, then you can drive revenue among the viewers who want to download the video. It is a great marketing tool and revenue generator for the people who list on free to view.

Listing on PornHub Premium

If you are a Verified amateur, then you can upload for-sale videos. Once uploaded, you can make them available on Pornhub Premium. To do so, you'll have to check the 'viewable on premium' box. Pornhub premium will generate much more money than non-premium one.

Well, you can actually earn $45 per 1000 views on Premium. This is indeed a steal deal.

Getting a subscription-based fan club

Making money through fan clubs is easy, and it fetches you high earning as well. All you need is a loyal fan base of your videos. Fan clubs act as a subscription service for your videos. To make money through the fan club, you'll have to set your prices for signing up for your fan club.

To attract signups, you can add rewards like free photos, videos, or anything else that may attract your subscribers to earn lucrative money through subscription.

Create custom videos and get paid

Well, if you have fans who are willing to buy your subscription, then they will pay for the custom clips as well. On Pornhub, verified creators are allowed to accept requests of a custom video. In this scenario, you can set your offers to fulfill custom fan requests.

Earning via tips

Earning through tips is an excellent way in Pornhub. If you have a loyal fan base that loves your content, they can leave you a tip on your Pornhub profile. You are allowed to keep 80% of these tips, and the Pornhub takes the rest 20%.

Earn referral bonuses by Referring to other models

Believe us, referral bonus on Pornhub can start from $50. To earn a referral bonus, you'll have to encourage others to join Pornhub, who you think can be interested in signing up. For earning bonuses, they would be expected to sign up with your referral code.  

Every time anyone will sign up through your referral code and will upload two videos, your account will be credited with $50 straight.

Promote an Adult Affiliate Network through your videos

You can use the videos you upload to drive traffic to your affiliates and believe us; it is a great way to earn money. Members are quite similar to referral links. They have URLs that will drive people to the signup page.

Whenever the user signs up through your URL link, you will get paid. To generate income through affiliate programs on Pornhub, you'll have to follow these simple steps.

  • Make your account on an adult affiliate network.
  • Now create some suitable offers to promote your affiliate network.
  • Once done, purchase your website.
  • After buying your website, redirect it to your affiliate offer.
  • Add a watermark on your videos of your site name and upload them on pornhub.

If your videos become popular, then some viewers might visit the domain listed on your video to watch more of your content. If they do so, they'll be redirected to your affiliate sign up page. You can generate a handsome revenue if they sign up for those affiliates.  

Earn Through Patreon Donations

Patreon is a unique website that accepts donations from your fan base on your behalf. Many YouTubers make money through Patreon. But many people are not aware that this website is also open to adult content.

So, you can open your Patreon account and encourage your fans to donate there. You can do so through video descriptions. It is one of the free money making ways through your adult content outside Pornhub. But here you'll be dependent on the generosity of your fan following.

But if you have good viewership, then some of the viewers will donate to you for sure.

How to Generate More Views on Pornhub?

Now that you have learned about the necessary steps that are involved in signing up on Pornhub and the ways to earn money on Pornhub, one more question needs to be answered, which is how to generate more views on Pornhub.

Unless you get enough views, all your efforts are wasted. So here are some basics of increasing your views on Pornhub: 

Use and Target the Right Keywords

Like Google, Pornhub is also a search engine. To reach any adult video, people would first type some keywords on the search bar. Therefore, to make sure that your videos are seen you must ensure the following things:

  • Look for the most used keywords that people use to search the Pornhub.
  • Optimize your video around those keywords.
  • But that doesn't mean you have to use them in the title. It shouldn't be the super-competitive keyword.

Networking with other creators 

To network with other creators, all you have to do is leave your comments on other videos. Try to make friends with other users and interact with them because it is more likely that these people will view your content. 

Quality is the key

No matter whether you produce adult content or any other content, you have to ensure the quality of that content is maintained. To ensure the quality, try to use the high-end camera, mic, and lights, focus on camera angles and storyline of the videos.

The more professional and exciting your videos will be, more views and ad revenue you'll attract.  

So, If you are not afraid or shy of the world, you can earn a generous amount of money using It is an unconventional but guaranteed way of earning money and you must give it a try.  Let us know how your experience was.

How to get paid on pornhub

Following options are available: 

  • Paxum
  • Check
  • Verge Cryptocurrency
  • Direct Deposit
  • USDT
  • CosmoPayment

I am sure you learnt a lot about making money on pornhub.

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