How to Make Money on Chaturbate – Make $2000/week


Chaturbate is a platform that provides live streaming of adult webcam performances by webcam models and couples through live streams.

As its tagline says, it basically promote masturbating while watching a live person perform for you in a sexually and erotic manner. These live shows mostly consists of nudity and sexual acts. 

If you are also searching for the answer to how much do chaturbate models make? And also how to make money on chaturbate ? Then I will solve all your doubts today.

Making money on chaturbate is very easy if you follow my step-by-step guide.

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What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a platform that provides live streaming of adult webcam performances by webcam models and couples through live streams. These live shows mostly consists of nudity and sexual acts. 

These young individuals perform sexual actions, masturbate with sex toys in front of webcams. Chaturbate platform features five modules:

  • Female Cams 
  • Male Cams
  • Couple Cams
  • Transgender Cams
  • Spy Cams

This list doesn’t end here. There is more to this list and a variety that won’t exhaust and provide you with real-time experience with your desired model. Anyone with a webcam set up and 18 y/o or above can make easy money just by streaming. 

On Chaturbate, not only will you get to make easy money but you will also get to build your fan base or, you can even say your Chaturbate family. After reading this article, you would become a successful side-hustle with a Chaturbate model earning 3000$ in just a week.

How to Make Money on Chaturbate?

Earning money, in reality, might be a stressful task where you must continually work under your boss and wait for payments to happen and

become dependent on someone for your living, but making money on Chaturbate is a straightforward and fun process. 

Even if it doesn’t require any kind of hard work or a particular skill, the only thing that is required is set up and your determination to stream. 

But of course, you need to get done with a few obvious things before we get started like a computer, a webcam and an internet connection. 

But before the cash starts flowing in into your accounts, making your account balance from 3 digits to 5 digits you need to do things that are mentioned below:

  • Create a Chaturbate account: If you already hold an account on Chaturbate, then Sign-in or Sign in through the official Chaturbate page.
  •  I would recommend you to use your real Email address because you are going to receive a confirmation mail about the payment and other relevant information from Chaturbate.
  • Get your Age Verified: This is an essential and mandatory step if you want to make some real money like other streamers do. You might need to send Chaturbate an official ID of mentioning your age and the gender you are claiming to be
  • To get this done, you are required to submit an Email to Chaturbate support asking them what exactly you need to do for getting your age verified. While sending a mail for age verification, don’t forget to add ‘AGE-VERIFICATION’ as your subject.
  • Start broadcasting: Once you get yourself and your partner verified who is going to perform with you, you are all set to make your dollars come in. 
  • Initially, you won’t receive thousands of dollars because, at that moment, you will be building a position in the Chaturbate community, but if you stay consistent in what you are doing, then success will be knocking at your door.

People will ask you to do things according to their desires. After which you are going to get tipped in the form of tokens from your viewers. Lets go one by one. I will first discuss and tell you about making money on chaturbate as a chaturbate affiliate.

Now let me come on the sweet stuff. Let me give you a step by step process on Making Money on Chaturbate. There are two ways to make money on chaturbate:

Making 10k a Week Cam | How Chaturbate Has ...

Understand Chaturbate Algorithm 

Make Money on Chaturbate as an Affiliate

You can add an extra +1 to your earnings by the Chaturbates Affiliate program.

By this affiliate program, you will gain commission behind every new sign up that has been made through you, and you will even get commission after the token purchases that will be made by you. 

This is a  great way to generate more income from one particular source.

chaturbate affiliate program

Let's Take my case. I help webcam models become successful and earn more money.

I also have affiliate sites which are high up in rankings on Google search results and when people sign up on chaturbate through my affiliate link I make a commission.

For chaturbate here is the slab

Either you can go for per lead system where you make $1/lead or you can go for revenue share where you will get 20% of what the person spends.

Like let me give you an example of how I made money in my chaturbate dashboard. Now this chaturbate earnings I do revenue share where i get 20% of what the person spends for life. 🙂

To become a chaturbate affiliate you need to sign up by clicking the button below:

After signinig up, just use your affiliate links to drive traffic and make money from all the conversions you get.

One great method to make money from chaturbate affiliate is uploading porn method.

Already thousands of our website visitors are making money, check it out here : Make Money Uploading porn

Chaturbate Dashboard

Chaturbate earning

You can also refer prospective camgirls and you can make $50/referred camgirl. Now this is a lot of money. Imagine if you can send 100 camgirls to chaturbate you can easily make $5000. You can follow my guide on how to make money through webcam model recruiting

Make Money as a Chaturbate Broadcaster or Camgirl?

You can also register yourself as a broadcaster on Chaturbate.

For that, you will have to hire a few amateur or professional models and provide them the necessary things that are needed to host live shows.

We have given below the list of things that a cam model requires to organize a live show from her home below.

You receive a total payout based on the total earnings of your models and you will have to forward some part of it to the models. 

Many amateur models prefer to perform under a broadcaster as they all receive the proper guidance and training from them.

Also, it encourages them more to compete with fellow performers while they are performing under a broadcaster. 

Chaturbate models might not have a great start as it takes time to build a strong fan base.

Also, the experience of the models vary greatly because of their performances and timing which they select for their live shows. 

However, it is still one of the best platforms for amateur cam models because of its huge popularity and dedicated users from all across the world. I have spoken to many Chaturbate models who shared their journeys on this cam portal with me.  One of them said that while it was not an ideal start as she hardly managed to make a hundred dollars in the first month.

However, she was determined to earn more and earning 100$ was still better than earning nothing.  As time passed by, she started using more props and mastered a few more tricks and moves to entice the audience.

It slowly started paying off and today she is easily earning a couple of thousand dollars every week! 

How to be a cam model? Best webcam, toys & advice

As I have mentioned above in the second part, what all things you require to become a Chaturbate model. If I were, to sum up, everything present in front of you then I would look something like this with some pro and expert tips to make you even more accessible and productive:

  • Fast Internet
  • Webcam
  • Laptop / PC
  • Clean and enough space
  • Sex Toys
  • Costume / Lingeries
  • Work hard and Work smart
  • Explore the Job
  • Test your capabilities
  • Use Apps and Bots
  • Do not stick to just one type of shows 
  • Create interesting themes per show
  • Research/Watch other models 
  • Sell photos and videos on your profile
  • Advertise your Chaturbate Account / Shows on another platfoms. 
  • You can even use your instagram followers for increasing your fan base.

To make money on chaturbate you need to first register yourself as a broadcaster. You can do that by clicking on the button below:

So many girls, boys and couples have become successful on chaturbate and easily making $3000-10,000/week that too working just few hours a week. 

They followed my advise and all the knowledge shared on this website and now I receive thankyou emails from them. 

This does bring a huge smile on my face 🙂 Now dont expect that making money on chaturbate is a peice of cake. There is competition on chaturbate as well.

But if you follow our advice you will be able to distinguish yourself and find a loyal audience for yourself. 

We have written an elaborate 5000+ work guide on how to become a chaturbate broadcaster and how to generate $10,000/week in just 3 months of joining Chaturbate. Thousands of girls, boys and couples have followed this guide and our other Camgirl guide and are making significant income online.

Or if you need more professional help or step by step system, then you can check our comprehensive book on becoming a profitable camgirl

Tips on How to be a successful broadcaster or Camgirl on Chaturbate

  • To be a successful broadcaster or camgirl, you will need a lot of patience and determination especially at the start. Do not expect money to flow in right from day one as hardly anyone will be going to notice you at that point of time.
  • Showing up at peak hours in the evening and night will help you get more exposure. As a performer you can use more props like sex toys, whips, BDSM gear, etc. to add an element of kink to your shows.
  • As a broadcaster, you can provide training sessions to your models to let them grasp some key points while performing on live shows.
  • As a broadcaster, you can provide training sessions to your models to let them grasp some key points while performing on live shows.
  • Remember that couple models tend to earn quickly on Chaturbate or any other cam portal for that matter as the audience gets excited to see what the couples do. Therefore, you can also host a couple performances once every few days to check whether it is working for you or not.
  • The settings and ambience also plays a huge role in making your performances better. The lighting should also be up to the mark to attract the members.
  • You can set multiple tip goals in the public shows and you can set interesting performances at the end of each goal to make the audience pay tips.
  • Private shows will earn you more but you also have to be impressive enough during the live shows itself to make the members request for a private show.

Different Types of Viewers on Chaturbate

Understanding your audience is one of the most important steps for a cam-performer. One must of aware about the level of audience he/she is interreacting with so that they can maximize the profit out of them. Chaturbate has labelled their users with different color coding so that any performer can clearly disntinguish among its audience.

Let's understand what are the different color codes given to different users:

  • Orange: This color code is for Broadcaster.
  • Red: Moderators of the rooms are colored as Red.
  • Green: This color signifies the Fan club member. Green users are your ardent fan and more focus should be given to them while performing.
  • Dark Purple: Another color of much significance as these users have tipped at-least 1000 tokens over the performers within a span of two weeks.
  • Light Purple: Users who have tipped 250 tokens over the cam performers within the last two weeks gets Light purple color.
  • Dark Blue: Members who have tipped around 50 tokens in the past two weeks.
  • Light Blue: Members who have tokens with them in the past and have spent tokens in the past.
  • Grey : These members had no tokens and have never spent token earlier

Other Ways to Make Money on Chaturbate 

There are many ways through which you can earn more money from Chaturbate. I have shortlisted everything down for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Live WebCam Show 

You can go live and start streaming where you can talk with people and do the things that they want you to do like getting stripped, playing with sex toys, masturbating, etc. for you are going to earn tokens.

If the viewer likes what you are doing for them, then you can receive even more than what you have expected.

Public Show 

This is a feature of Chaturbate to allow individuals who don’t want to purchase anything. 

  • Tip Goals: Often, the viewer is asked to perform some small goal that steadily builds up to a larger purpose. Once the viewer achieves the target, then the model starts with the specific task.
  • Tipping Games:  Tipping games are also top-rated. There are tons of apps and bots which are dedicated to playing tipping games in public chat. Few examples include Roll the dice, Guess the number, etc. 
  • Tip Menu: Many models provide a feature of a tip. That means they offer a specific number of advice that is required to perform a particular action for its viewer. If the viewer provides the mentioned number of tips, then the task would be completed. It’s like a give and takes the policy.
  • Interactive Sex Toys: Interactive “tip to vibrate” shows are top-rated and cost-effective. Chaturbate works with the leading interactive sex toy manufacturers. Even though the tips are small, they generate some amount of profit.

Private 1-on-1 Shows (Charged Per Minute): 

These are the sessions that are charged on a per-minute basis.

Before these kinds of sessions, the arbitration is already done hence you can demand the performer to perform specific tasks that you ask the performer to do.

These shows would give you a kind of anonymity, privacy, and full control over the show.

Voyeur / Spy Shows (Charged Per Minute):

With spy shows enabled, other Chaturbate members would be able to spy on any of the private sessions you are currently going to.

Spy shows are charged per minute, and the models can set the rates accordingly. Enabling spy shows is a better way to generate more money than private sessions.

Selling Videos and Photo Galleries: 

Once you have a firm fan following or a hold of yourself in the market, then you can even sell your nude photos and clips at your desired price. You can do this on your Chaturbate profile itself.

How much money Can you make on Chaturbate?

I have been working with camgirls for almost 7 years now. I know the ins and outs of camming industry. Through this article i want to bust any myths and wrong information that has been supplied on the internet. I have already covered on chaturbate token currency value in my other article.  

  • The kind of money you can expect to make from your live performances on Chaturbate depends on your fanbase and the number of hours you dedicate to camming every day. If you perform for 5 to 6 hours every day and have already amassed a following of over 1000 fans then you can easily make up to 1000 dollars every week.
  • Many models earn much more than that but it also depends on your quality of performances and the time you choose to perform.
  • Running A Private Fanclub: If you are selling your photos and videos, and your viewer is demanding it more, then you can also start your Fanclub. 
  • This allows viewers to subscribe to your profile. The viewers, instead of buying photos individually, can directly subscribe to your profile and gain access to your content.
  • On your profile, you would be able to see the members who have subscribed to you in green colour, and it would be easy for you to identify them.

How much do Camgirls Make?

How Much does Chaturbate Pay?

A Chaturbate model makes 5 cents on every token she receives on the Chaturbate platform. So if you receive 20 tokens then you will make $1 in actual earnings.

Note: Remember you are not entitled for the actual token value but rather you make 50% of what you get as tokens. This is because Chaturbate also take a commission for providing you with such an amazing platform.

Also in another article I covered about how much money a cam girl makes, I will request you to check that out as well. There is no upper limit on how much do chaturbate models make, as the bigger the following you have the more tokens you will get and the more money you will make.

As for affiliates and how much they are paid, keep reading on the article as I have answered that later with income proofs.

If you were to ask me exactly how much a Chaturbate model makes, then I might not be able to answer your question because it entirely depends on the dedication of the model and how often the model is streaming on Chaturbate.

Here are actual screenshots of Chaturbate models who made thousands of dollars in just a few months just by doing what they love. Many models have made their careers with Chaturbate and continue to be a part of this fantastic platform.

How to get paid on Chaturbate?

Its easy. After every 15 days my money is transferred to my paxum account.

I will definitely highlight that Chaturbate has never delayed payment and their payment system is highly robust.

I hope you like this article on how much does chaturbate pay and how to make money on chaturbate.

I have done it and you can do it too. If you still have any questions feel free to ask it in the comments section below and i will be happy to help.

Now, you might be thinking about how I can get the cash out that I have made in Chaturbate. That’s very simple. Chaturbate has provided a lot many options to us for this.

The minimum amount for the cash to be debited from your Chartubate profile is 50$. Model’s can also request a daily cashout, but it would require an additional charge of 3.95$. 

Profitable Camgirl

The cash out methods include: 

  • ePayments (No Processing Fee)
  • Check Sent By Mail (No Processing Fee)
  • Direct Deposit (No Processing Fee, USA Only)
  • Check Sent By FedEx (USA: $40.00 / International: $80.00)
  • Payment by Wire ($45.00 Processing Fee)
  • Payment by Paxum ($0.50 Processing Fee)
  • Payment by Bitcoin ($3.00 Processing Fees)


At the end of this article, I would like to suggest that Chaturbate can become the best side hustle for anyone who is above the age of 18. You can easily make up to 3000$ and maybe even more just by streaming on Chaturbate.

You can work as well as make tonnes of extra dollars like the other sexy models that have made their life in Chaturbate. Nowadays during a pandemic, everyone is thinking of ways to make money just by sitting at the comfort of their home. 

I would suggest you come and start broadcasting and start building your cash at the comfort of your home because you don’t require any degree of skill to perform pleasurable things.

You just need yourself or your partner, an internet connection, and Chaturbate to get the cash flowing.

Now the next decision is yours. Either you sit ideal, or you change the digits of your bank account from 3 digits to 5 figures in a month.

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