How to Sign Up on Chaturbate Site: Step by Step Guide for You

Chaturbate is considered as one of the popular webcam websites for the cam models.

If you have the knowledge of foreign languages then it would be easy to earn on this platform without undressing.

In this article, we will learn about the steps that can be considered to sign up on the Chaturbate site! 

By reading this article, you will be able to know what exactly is chaturbate and also the different steps linked with payment as well!

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How to Sign Up on Chaturbate (2023): STEP by STEP (with VIDEO)

What is Chaturbate

Chaturbate is a webcam site through which cam models can earn a good amount and can also be famous!

If one knows the foreign languages they can earn money very easily without undressing themselves.

Most of the modest girls who do not shy or feel complex in front of the camera are earning $3000 per 2weeks with regular working of 4-5 hours a day. So, this is considered as one of the popular sites in today’s era.

Sign up a Chaturbate as cam model

It is very simple to sign up on chaturbate, to sign up the guide is given below in the following simple steps which are very easy to follow. It will not take much time to get signed in to chaturbate. So go with the simple steps as guided you below:

Firstly Create an account and sign-up

  • Whenever we sign up to any site we need to fill the registration form in which we need to provide our details, so we will fill the registration form which is highlighted in green colour and fill the registration form.
  • Choose the username by your choice or which is available by the site, the username will be your cam model name which can not be changed later in any case. 

We will suggest you to select the username which will be pretending your broadcast appearance is something sexy, exciting or bold or whatever. After the registration you are logged get ready for the exciting webcam site.

1. Fill up the Broadcaster Sign up Form

To sign up for a broadcaster there is an option of broadcasting yourself which is highlighted with green colour, users will be able to see this option anywhere in the Chaturbate site. 

Just after clicking the broadcast signup option the warning notice will appear on the screen. You need to read the rules and regulations carefully before you agree to the broadcasting.

Proceed with Model Verification

Chaturbate will verify your age and identity before you start, for this verification you need to fill out a document they will provide you and they will ask you for your few pictures.

  • Select the option>>agree to the performer agreement.
  • You have to fill the fields once you have agreed to the agreement, after this you will see the highlighted section which needs to be filled by you, sign it by filling your name a tap on ‘I agree’ option. It is important to fill the form in the correct manner so that no issues can be identified further!
  • After completing, you have to go to the previous menu. They will ask you for your pictures and the identity card pictures by holding it with both sides.
  • You have to send them 2 pictures which are supposed to be very clear. You have to take a very clear picture of yourself by holding your id card by both front and back side to show them proper verifications of yourself.


You can also use the online picture editing tool incase if you are not getting how to take a single picture with both and front side of the id Card. You can use this one as an example, just select the pictures you want to merge and tap on the add button after editing the picture completely tap on generate image and save it.

Now you are done! just wait for a moment and chaturbate will inform you for the successful age and identity verification. The message will be received and from that you can easily get to know that your account is verified and also ready to be used! So, for what are you waiting? Go and sign up!

Agree to Performer Agreement

  • You need to get approval for earning money on chaturbate by verifying your verify your age. 
  • You need to sign the agreement and give a few pictures of yourself. First of all, we need to tap on performer agreement. After successfully filling the fields of the you need to tap on display or update agreement. Now what actually the performer agreement is?

The agreement is about your age and identity verification. You will be asked to fill your birth date and will warrant your 18+ verification. you have to assure in the agreement that your birth date and the identity is actual and correct.

Your digital signature in the agreement will certify you that you entered this agreement on your own concern by the verification of your 18+ age factor.

Tipping: You will acknowledge that you are using the chat services of the site and you are requesting the site to participate in the tipping program by which the site will allow the other users to give tips in the form of virtualcurrency which will be directly credited into your user account.

You have to agree that the site will not be taking any guarantee of the tipping from any user and the site will allow you to set your tipping limit time to time.

Your account is verified

After your account is verified you will be approved to earn tokens.

While the server will check your documentations you can wait and can check your confirmed age then get back to the page by going to REFERENCE. By checking your details, the account will get verified!


Setting up a Cam Model Account in video

Just after registering you will be able to see my profile, log out and my balance at the upper right corner

 Configure your Chat room

Your chat room will display your profile. Chat room can be configured.

  • Tap on my bio section which will allow you to set your information about yourself like what you like, your hobbies, the you belong to.
  • You can also add your pictures or videos and can earn from them by charging them in the form of tokens. Basically, models charge for their pictures and videos for 200-300 tokens.
  • You can set the region limit. In the settings and privacy section you can limit the region or audience you want to avoid getting into your profile or chatroom. Try to block less region, as you will block the large area you will restrict the large audience to0.

Earnings depend on you, how much do you charge? You can maximum charge upto 90 tokens per minutes for the show, but charging high is not a good option as you will be missing the customers with low budget, so rather then charging more you can charge less token which will be introducing more customers to your profile or chatroom and the charges can be change anytime.

the token which has been collected by you can be changed into the real money in the token stats option, you can check your collection in the token stat option but you have to convert your token into real money before the period ends. There will be to payment periods provided to you per month.

Configure your Apps and Bots

Configuring apps and bots will help you in increasing or maximising your earnings. You can select maximum 1 app and 3 bots at a time.

Apps will serve you in setting your own theme. You can also set the tipping goal and can also connect with the audience by playing games with them and many more things could be done on apps. many more options are available in the app.

You can decide what show you want to do by selecting the most popular app. You can set the parameters of every app by configuring it. Ist little complicated and you need to give some time to set your goals and need to decide the total token you want before taking any action.

You have to take your time to let the audience know your demands

Bots is a kind of program which will help you out with showing your audience the notifications, leader boards and the auto greetings as well as the thanksgiving messages directed by you.

You can get rid of the audience which you want to avoid and you can keep full control on your chat room, which makes bots really useful.

That’s all for signing up for the chaturbate. After completely signing up for chaturbate now you need to learn how to make money on chaturbate.


Configure your Webcam

This states that your webcam is installed successfully. To configure a webcam, you need to download the webcam drivers and configure it, in case you need any guidance you call your customer support of the webcam company or their website. You can easily take help from there and can sort the things out or can resolve the issues which you are facing at the time of configuring the webcam!

Now just go to the green highlighted area, there you can configure the webcam, you can access the webcam by tapping on the allow option which will take you to the configure menu. The first option you will see is the ‘camera’ as it will allow you to configure your ‘broadcasting device’. You can select your webcam there. It is necessary to follow this process so that you can easily configure your webcam!

Now you can see the resolution option where you can set the screen format which depends on your webcam features. Features demand on your webcam device, you can get more features according to your webcam. You can change the bit rate by the good image quality.

The low-quality image will result in the pixelated picture. keep your broadcast speed about to 20 fps or it can be more also and due to this you will be able to ignore dropping too many frames. It will totally depend on your upload speed of the internet before you start just look for the high internet speed. If the speed of the internet is not so good then it can face issues at the time of configuring the webcam, so ensure that speed is good!

Setting up the Payment receive option

Payment receive option is to be set in the token stat menu, so you need to go back and set this before broadcasting. Just go to the token stat and click on ‘payment information’ form link below.

Just fill all the fields and and if you are from the US the payment method is direct deposit and if you are not just the ‘payoneer’ as the payment method. This is important to set the payment method because you are getting the payment by this.

It's quite easy to sign up on chaturbate. The user has to follow the simple steps as given above. It's really an exciting website for the cam models through which they can earn a good amount.

Just need the proper age and identity verification with some easy steps. Once you verify the age you just need to set your profile properly with your personal information. If the cam girl is not shy in front of the camera or hesitates then she is going to grab all the earning opportunities through this site.

She just needs to configure the webcam after registering and signing up on chaturbate. After that user is just supposed to add the payment method through which they want to accept the payment. The money they will receive in the form of tokens which they can check in the token stat. 

They can convert their tokens to real money in the particular time period which is mentioned by the chaturbate.

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