How to Finger Yourself [Make Yourself Cum] – Get Explosive Orgasms!

When we say fingering, it's all about women masturbation. You don't have to be a genius to figure it out. Unlike male masturbation, female masturbation is a technically complicated process.

In male, you stroke the shaft of the penis up and down with desirable speed and you can reach orgasm. However, in women, it's not that simple to reach orgasm.

There are so many techniques for masturbation in a female, but that doesn't even guarantee in achieving orgasm.

One thing to remember is, it's okay even if you don't feel an orgasm, enjoy the whole process of masturbation. 

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Fingering Yourself

Before we get into the topic, you should know that masturbation is a natural process and it's NORMAL. You don't have to feel low or guilty for doing it. Many women do it, but they don't like to talk about it like men do. Also, it’s good for health and can relax your body reducing your anxiety and stress.

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We are not saying this without any scientific reasons. Studies have shown that masturbation releases hormones which help to loosen up our body and give extreme pleasure that reduces your tension. Besides, blood flow to the vagina while masturbating can keep it healthy. 

Some of you may think, fingering yourself can loosen up your fuck hole and thus hamper your sex life. But, that is so not true. Masturbation can help you to achieve even better sex life. Women who don't masturbate often seem to have a difficult time reaching orgasm.

So, it's better for you to masturbate regularly to enhance your sex life. And, about loosening down there, unless you are doing it several times a day with huge vibrators or dildos, it's perfectly fine. Fingering yourself can help you learn more about your own body.

Sure, it's your body, and you know how it's built or look, but, the sensual touches while masturbating can help you to explore a lot more about your body. You can be confident of your body and will learn to love it.

Why Should You Masturbate? - Verified Benefits of Fingering!

All women may not feel the same after masturbation, and it's totally understandable. Some may find it extremely satisfying while some may feel sad after doing it. That is why you have to know all the positive aspects of fingering yourself. Besides, you don't have to look for a partner while doing solo action.

If you are in a mood and the environment is in your favor, finger yourself to get the immense pleasure that you can ever experience. Some of you may even experience the best orgasm during masturbation than during real sex with your partner.

You can learn the basic techniques and use some sex toy as well if you want to get the orgasmic pleasure of your life.

We are going to mention some of the techniques and things you need to understand before you start fingering yourself. Even if you have been doing it for a while now, these techniques can help you to grow as a good masturbator.

Here are some ways that can help you make your pussies wet with exciting pleasure.

How to Finger Yourself [Make Yourself Cum]

#1 Always Consider Proper Hygiene

Maintain Hygiene

Fingering is a dirty fun, but that does not mean you don't have to worry about hygiene. Make sure your hands are clean before you start inserting your fingers, to avoid possible infection. Dirty hands consist of bacteria which can infect your private part if you insert it without proper cleaning.

Also, remember to trim and file your nail (at least the fingers you are going to use) that can injure your private parts. If it’s possible, take a quick shower which will make you feel fresh before you start the action.

#2 Relax Yourself

Relax Yourself

It’s needless to say that if you are in tension or pressure, you won’t be able to enjoy the full pleasure of masturbation. Of course, all of us have so many things to worry about but let them not come in between you and a wonderful masturbation feeling.

Relax your mind and focus on the fingering process. You can fantasize your partner or favorite actor if that helps you to empty your mind full of tensions. You can even take a warm shower or a bubble bath in a tub to unwind your body and mind.

#3 Use a Mirror to Stimulate Your Sensual Side

Look yourself iin the mirror

Standing in front of a full sized mirror naked can help you to get in the mood.

For many women, it can be a turn on to see themselves naked in the mirror. You can get familiar with your body and even appreciate your boobs, butt and cut between the two legs which will bring you a lot of fun and excitement.

Touch your body softly in every way to know which part stimulates you more.

#4 Lube Your Body Abundantly

Use Lubricant

Women mostly have a softer body than man, but that should not stop you from using lube to intensify your sexual desire.

Remember, there is no such as more lube while you are fingering yourself. You can use silicone based oil lube which will make your body like melting chocolate ready to be licked.

Apply lube all over your body and while doing so feel every inch of your body that excites you. However, if you are not into too much lube, a handful of lube on your fingers can do as well. If you can feel the heat, it’s going to help you in achieving the best orgasm of your life.

#5 Do Not Rush It

Do not rush

Masturbation is not like your compulsory duty; you have to get over with as soon as possible. Take your time to build the emotion and feelings before you reach your fingers into the vagina. Touch your neck softly gliding your hands down to your boobs.

Press your boobs as much as you want in circles and let the nipples grow bigger. You can tug or pinch your nipples and even stroke gently to get in the mood. If you have bigger boobs, try to suck a boob while other hand is still working on the nipple of other boob.

You can use saliva on the tip of your nipple and play with it affectionately.

Now reach your hand in the inner thighs through your navel. With the tip of the fingers sensually rub the inner thighs but wait a little bit until you reach the vagina. Tease your vagina while rubbing every part of your body.

When you think the vagina is aroused enough and ready to be impressed by your sexy touch, go for it.

#6 Play with the Clitoris

Play with your clitoris

The clitoris is a sensitive organ in women genital which is covered by a hood. Most of the women get an orgasm through clitoris than penetrating vagina with the fingers. As your one hand is busy exploring other body parts, run the other through the outer surface of the vagina.

The smothering will let the vagina know what is coming next. You can slide back the hood and rub the clitoris using your fingers to expose the clit. Press the clit gently and rub it in circles, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

You can also move your fingers side-to-side with increasing your speed to build up the tension in your vagina. While doing so, play with your boobs as much as you like with the other hand. You may reach orgasm with clitoris playing but if you don’t, go for the G-spot.

#7 Penetrate the Vagina

Fingers Inside

As you run out of breathe while playing with your clit, continue to breathe and insert your fingers gently into the fuck-hole. If you are a beginner, start with a single finger. If your vagina is already wet, you won't need any lube to insert your finger otherwise use some.

Now bend your finger in "C" form inside the vagina and slide them in and out. You can increase the number of fingers if you think vagina can handle them all. To add up extra excitement, rub your clit with another hand while you are fingering with the one hand.

G-spot inside the vagina may be difficult to stimulate, but if you can stimulate your clit and G-spot at the same time, we promise you, that is going to be the best orgasm ever experienced in your life.

G-spot lies twothree inches inside the top wall of your vagina which if rubbed can give you much stronger and deeper orgasm. If you want to get dirty and wild, suck those inserted fingers like a dick and repeat on fingering. Speed up your fingers until you are ready to burst a load of cum with shaking legs.

#8 Try Different Positions

Try different position

You may have a favorite position for fingering and always do it in the same. Try some various positions to analyze the thrill you can get from doing it. When your body is stretched while doing masturbation, it can enhance your lustful side which can lead to a wonderful orgasm.

Besides, missionary position, there are many hot positions that you can try for fingering.

Solo Sex Positions for Women of All Ages


You can add some extra spice when you finger from behind. Lay on your back and reach around your lower back to insert the finger into the vagina.

This is slightly complicated to stimulate the G-spot as compared to missionary position but you can stimulate the anus with the palm of your hand while the finger is going inside the vagina.


One of the hot positions to finger you is squatting. When you are squatting, the legs are stretching away from each other which make an easy opening in your vagina. You can play with the clitoris or drill your fingers inside the vagina while the other hand can press your boobs or help to suck your nipples.


If you find squatting difficult, you can try sitting position which also gives a deep penetration into your vagina.

You can sit on the couch, chair or anywhere else that makes you comfortable. Spread your legs to get easy access into your vagina, lube up your finger and slowly insert your finger until it's all in.

Now, you can speed up your finger motion to stimulate the G-spot once you find it. You can either rub your clit with the other hand or play with your boobs while doing so.


Standing position gives easy access to your vagina and asshole which can make your masturbation experience memorable. You can use a chair or couch or sofa to use them as a support for standing masturbation. Prop up your one foot on the chair and have at it.

This will make a convenient route for your hand to reach both vagina and rear end. You can stimulate your anus and finger the fuck-hole at the same time. You can try this position in your bathroom using a tub; make sure you have something to hold on when you reach the climax.

You don't have to worry about messing up if you are doing it in a bathroom. Also, you can do it in front of a mirror if you want to watch yourself while doing masturbation.


One of the common and traditional ways of fingering is in a doggy style. Get on your knees and put your head down while the butt moves up in the air. You can feel your vagina and asshole exposed and ready to be fingered. Now, reach your hand around and let your fingers do the magic.

You can use both of your hands if you want to. One hand is fingering your vagina and the other stimulating asshole through rubbing or even penetrating.

#9 Let the Toys Come to Play

Use toys

Fingering does not mean you can’t add some sex toys to boost your excitement. It is normal and okay to use sex toys while masturbating. If you think these toys can hamper your natural sex desire, you are wrong. On the contrary, sex toys can help you to increase your sexual side.

You can ride a huge dildo fantasizing your partner, porn star or favorite actor while stimulating your clit with one hand. Now imagine, adding up a vibrator in the action which you can use to stimulate your nipples and go crazy.

You can also use vibrator directly into your clitoris if fingers need a break, instead, try to suck a dildo to increase your tension. Some women can't reach orgasm without using a toy, and that does not make them inferior to other women.

If you also crave for a toy during masturbation, don't hesitate to use it and add some extra thrill into the best fingering experience.

#10 Go Anal


Fingering does not mean playing with your vagina only. It’s sad that an asshole does not get much credit in masturbation. While fingering your asshole, it indirectly stimulates the G-spot between the rectum and the vagina shared by a thin wall. This can lead you to an anal orgasm.

Try doggy position when you go for anal because the position opens up your asshole to a large extent and becomes easy to insert your finger. However, don’t forget to use some lube since your ass is incapable of producing its own lube.

Once you insert your finger, speed up the movement in circular and in-out motion to maximize the fun. You can also use the other hand to rub or stroke your clit until you cum with moaning and groaning.

#11 Build Up for the Best Orgasm


You want to reach orgasm for sure while you masturbate. But, that does not mean you have to go all in, non-stop until you reach the orgasm. Even though orgasm is your final destination, enjoy the sensual ride of masturbation.

When you feel like you are going to reach orgasm, back out at the last moment to build up the tension.

You don't want to finish your masturbation in a short time, do you? When you stop a few times and start over, you will experience the most extreme satisfying orgasm of your life when you are done.

Final Thoughts

Fingering yourself is a natural process which helps women physically and mentally as well. Thus, it’s important for us to talk about it and educate others that you don’t have to be ashamed or feel guilty of doing it. You can enjoy your body in solo action as much as you like.

Since fingering is the safest form of sex, you don't have to worry about getting infections or even pregnant. Learn to appreciate and love your body through masturbation which can give you a healthy sex life reducing your stress and anxiety.

 We hope this article will help you to learn the techniques and style of fingering yourself if you are a beginner. And for those who already are into masturbation, will get some extra tips to spice up the fingering experience. So, what are you waiting for? Have a wonderful fingering day girls!

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