How to Swallow Cum Easily (7 Easy Steps with GIF Preview) – 2020

Swallowing cum is a very rough thing to do, and just the idea of doing that can be a big turn off to many ladies out there. However, there are a few kinky girls and women who like to get nasty and cross the limits of decency.

Such girls and ladies can go to any extent if they have a thing for it or if they want to please their partner.

There are many women out there who get horrified even at the idea of giving a blowjob, and most of us think us that such women cannot even imagine of swallowing cum. However, it is not completely true.

Spit or Swallow? The Big Fucking Question

The idea of giving their head or swallowing cum is appalling to them because they have not tried it enough and if they would have been around some healthy and nice looking dicks they too have been a good cocksucker and cum swallower too!

Today we are going to shed light on how to swallow cum and will enlighten you about many techniques which will help you to do it neat and clean without gagging or spilling it. Some penises release plenty of cum even to give you cum facials, and therefore you must be ready to face the jizz when they erupt like a volcano.

What does cum smell like?

We all know that semen is a body fluid. Body fluid will never smell like a bouquet of roses or candies. Your semen will have a distinctive smell and taste, which is definitely not going to be amazing. 

Your semen has a purpose, which is to make the woman you are having intercourse with pregnant. Healthy semen will have a slightly alkaline pH. It should smell bleach-like, and taste should be a bit salty. 

If the semen stays on a surface for too long, it will have a more concentrated smell or taste. To make sure that your semen tastes and smells normal, you need to ejaculate at least twice every week. 

How do people react when they taste cum?

It depends on the person who tastes cum. Some people find it yummy while some may find it quite disgusting. Some of them get aroused by its smell whereas some people might not like its texture. It can be a big turn on to some while it can be very dejected to others.

The results differ from person to person; therefore, we cannot precisely tell you how a person will react when he or she tastes cum.

ASK A PORN STAR: What Does Cum Taste Like?

How to improve the taste of cum?

There are a few ways that will enable your cum to taste better, just in case you want to taste it. Some women don't prefer to go down there because they have said that men's semen tastes like a moldy sock, and not everyone enjoys it. 

Because you want to make sure that your semen tastes normal, here are a few things that you can do. 

1. Stay hydrated 

Semen is made up of 98% water. If you want to lessen your semen's unpleasant smell, make sure to drink lots and lots of water. 

2. Eat Pineapples, Cinnamon, and Melons

Fruits such as melons, pineapples, and cinnamon can make your semen taste sweet, but these fruits can enable your semen to smell good as well. So, yes, diet affects the taste of the semen too. 

3. Increase the Intake of Parsley, Spinach, and Celery in Your Diet

You need to consume more food items such as spinach, celery, and parsley in your diet because they contain a lot of chlorophyll, which helps the semen taste and smell better. 

4. Say No to Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohols

Things that you should avoid in order for the semen to keep smelling good is quitting smoking, drugs, and alcohol. These things are not good for your sexual health as well.

Does swallowing cum makes a guy horny?

It surely arouses most of the men as they get sexually stimulated when they see a woman eating their cum like a delicious recipe. The visual appeal of a girl tasting their cum is kinky enough to make a limp penis alive and kicking again.

However, some guys are not ok with this thing, and such guys are neither gay nor over-sensitive, and most of them might be decent souls who are not as passionate about sex as the rest of the people are.

Is it healthy to swallow and eat cum?

Now it is entirely up to one's taste preferences that determine whether a thing is edible for them or not.

However, if you do not think much about the place from where it has come from then, it might be quite easy to eat it. Some people tell that the cum they tasted was sweet while some people think it to be salty.

If the cum is more on the sweeter side then probably your partner is diabetic however it is by no means a way to check diabetes. Similarly, if the alkaline ingredients are more, then the ejaculation might taste bitter, and it can even taste like metal due to the presence of zinc.

From all these things we can conclude that the taste of cum differs from person to person and this goes true for the ejaculated solution of both men and women. There are hardly any individuals or animals on this planet who feed on cum so it can be quite hard to tell whether it is healthy or not.

However, what we can say is that eating or swallowing cum is not harmful if we consider of the materials it is made up of. 

7 Quick Myths About the Semen or Cum

Does swallowing cum make you ill?

Certainly not! Swallowing cum is by no means dangerous, nor it does contain any toxic ingredients. At the most, you can throw up if you do not like its taste. However, if semen does not go well with your taste preferences then you better not taste it.

We recommend swallowing cum to the people only if they find its taste ok and if it stimulates them enough. However, if you are eating cum just because your partner wants it, then it is indeed not a great idea. Some people might get contracted by STD’s and STI’s after swallowing or tasting cum. 

This is possible only if their partner is suffering from those infections and if your partner is healthy, then there is no need to worry about it. We advise people to stop giving or receiving oral pleasures if they or their partner are ridden by STD's.

Does eating cum have health benefits? 

A lot of people might be wondering how can eating cum be healthy in any way. However, research and tests done on several individuals have proven that eating semen does have some good results as well.

Semen contains cortisol, estrone, and prolactin which are suitable for the people fighting with depression and stress. These ingredients are also beneficial for people facing with mood swing issues and semen can actually be helpful to the pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness.

It is also a proven fact that semen treatment can improve the health of your hair and skin.

Benefits of Swallowing Cum

Personal Experiences of Swallowing Cum

Here are some of the experiences of people who swallowed cum for the first time. Read them, and enlighten yourself. 

"Well, l was scared the first time, but my husband made it very easy for me. He inserted his penis inside my mouth, not too deep so that I don't start gagging. Once he was ready to ejaculate, he simply inserted his penis inside my mouth and quickly ejaculated. If this is your first time, ask him to put his penis as deep as possible without making you gag. It will be easier."

-- Christina 

"I had it for the first time when I was 21. He was my first boyfriend back then, now husband. He wanted to try it. And so did I. He ejaculated on my breasts because I didn't want to have it all. I took some in my fingers and licked them."


Is it healthy to swallow and eat cum?

Different women had a different experience when they first tasted cum. We want to share such experiences with you to understand the taste of cum better. Check them out. 

"The feel and texture of the semen for me was like a Pillsbury cinnamon roll, which was kept in a microwave for about 20 minutes. However, it wasn't sweet at all. In fact, the taste was salty"

--Gabriella, 27

"Not a taste that I would like to have daily, but it was tolerable. For me, it was the aftertaste that lingered for a long time. I was afraid people would get to know that I have sucked a dick. Lol!"

--Virginia, 24

"The taste of semen was really funny. It tasted like salted vomit, but in a non-grossed manner."

--Simon, 25.

"Well, the texture was like warm, mucous, and salty. That's how it tasted for me!"

--Caitlin, 24.

"I haven't tested it yet, but my friend shared her experience and told me that it tasted like an oyster. Well, if you like oysters, you are in for a treat."

--Hannah, 21

For Blowjob HATERS

Most women freak away from blowjobs mainly because their partner's dick is not that pretty. Also, some women do not like how it tastes. However, the fact remains that semen tastes and smells very different than a dick.

Therefore, if you do not wish to give blowjobs, it is perfectly understandable, but that does not mean that you will not like the taste of cum.

If you hate giving BJ's that much, give a handjob to your partner and ask him to inform you when he is near to orgasm so that he can shoot his semen right into your mouth. If now it tastes awful then forget about it and stop cum swallowing.

Also, if you are not ok with hand jobs as well (which is quite a sad thing as you neither give an HJ or BJ) then you can stop your partner from shooting his sperm loads in your snatch and just when he is about to cum ask him to aim at your mouth. 

For Blowjob LOVERS

If you love giving blowjobs, then it can be due to the following reasons: you like the taste of his dick, you get aroused by taking his dick in your mouth, or you want to please your partner.

If your partner is a dick and forces you to suck his dick, then you must stop doing it just for pleasing him. However, if he is a nice guy who doesn't mind you not giving head to him, then it can be a good gesture by you to suck his penis once in a while.

Also, if you can do that much, you can even taste the semen sometimes to check if you like the taste. Also, if you like the taste of his dick chances are pretty high that you will love the taste of the semen.

Moreover, if you get aroused from oral sex, then you must think of graduating up to the next level by gulping his load down calmly. We are pretty sure that you might be quite convinced to eat cum by now. Therefore, let us learn how actually to do it!

Steps in Swallowing Cum / Semen

#1 Get Him Checked

We always advise you to get him checked first to ensure that he is not ridden with STI's or STD's. Semen also contains HIV and virus of hepatitis if your partner is already infected by it.

Therefore, it is wise to do all the checks first and then start your kinky cum swallowing journey.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#2 Take it Slow

There is no point in going fast if you want to enjoy his cum load. Make the oral sex slow and steady so that when he ejaculates, it is thick, big and pours down on you!

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#3 Ask Him to Come in Your Mouth

You need to tell him that you like his semen so that when he is about to cum, he must think of your mouth first and then let gush his cream down.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#4 Avoid the Taste

If swallowing the cum makes you feel kinky, but you do not want to experience its taste that much then it is always advisable to have a cold drink or soda once you have finished with the ordeal.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#5 Gulp in Down

Most people get irritated due to the sticky nature of the semen as they do not like its texture much.

Such people can shove the dick of their partner deep in their mouth when he is about to cum so that he spurts directly in your throat and you do not have to feel its texture all over your mouth and tongue. 

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#6 Be Wild and Kinky

It is not like he will shoot down his load into your mouth and now you will have to eat like an obedient student. P.S. Although it might look sexy!

You can play with his dong, roll it into your mouth even after his ejaculation and tease it until he begs you to pop it out.

After a while let go his dick, accumulate his semen on your tongue and show it to him. It is a very naughty, wild and horny gesture which will be loved by most of the men.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#7 Play Sex Games

Oral sex is not a one-sided affair at all. If you are giving him a blowjob, it is his duty to swallow your love potion as well.

Therefore, if he does not agree to provide you with oral pleasures then stop giving head to him.

However, if he does agree then you both can play love games as in he will gulp down your cum and you will swallow down his semen at once (through a 69 sex-position or a variant of it of course!) and see who does it more perfectly without spilling a drop from the mouth.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#8 Flatter Him

Once you have swallowed his cum completely, there is no point in being shy, awkward or ashamed about it.

It is better to flatter you guy instead by conveying that his cum tastes yummy and stuff like that.

If your guy likes to hear nasty things, then you can also demean him a little by telling that his cum tastes like piss and he will be running after you to make you swallow another load of cum all in good spirit though!

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#9 Eat from His Body

Most of the times it happens that he shoots thick ropes of cum, but it lands somewhere else like on your boobs, on his face, on your hands, legs or anywhere on his body as well.

Do not get as nasty as licking it from the floor or wall but you can always lick it from his face or take it from your boobs with the help of your fingers and then lick it by looking in his eyes.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#10 Make Eye Contact

Nothing can be as sexy as making eye contact with your partner while swallowing his load of cum. It makes him horny and prepares his dick for another hot session of lovemaking and dick sucking!

How to Swallow Cum Easily

#11 Ask for a Facial

You can always ask for favors in a sexual relationship, and facial is one of them. Ask your boyfriend or husband to spray his jizz all over your face.

After he has completed spraying everything he has, use your hand to wipe all of it and collect it on your fingers.

Once you have accumulated it all take it in your mouth and play it with your tongue before swallowing it.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

These were the steps which can make your cum swallowing experience much better. If you are a beginner, you can follow a few of these steps which might sound pleasant to your and gradually you can advance to the kinkier ones.

However, if you think that this is the kinkiest things you can do with cum before swallowing it, then you are wrong. These steps were just for the beginner and intermediate level guys and girls out there. The real thing is yet to be revealed, and we have saved the best for the last.

Consequently, be careful before trying this because these are really nasty things which are recommended only for the guys and girls who are real slutty and kinky.

Advance Cum Swallowing Techniques

If you want to get a bit feistier and want to taste cum, you can try a few tips. These techniques are more advanced and will help you to taste cum in a lot better way.

Play around with it 

Rather than swallowing the semen right away after he ejaculates, you can keep it in your mouth. Show him the semen in your mouth, and let him feel proud.

You can even use your fingers to play with it as well. Semen is always sticky; you can easily grab some. 

How to Swallow Cum Easily

I Love It!

Here's the easiest thing to do to make your partner feel proud. When he ejaculates in your mouth, and after swallowing it, what you can do for a change is tell him that you love it. 

You can make some sounds like "yum" or "mmmm." If you want to try something else, straightaway tell him that you love it!

How to Swallow Cum Easily

Lick it up

It is not always to swallow his cum. If he comes on any part of your body, you can pick some, and lick it up. This process can make the mood going once again, just a tad bit of warning. 

How to Swallow Cum Easily

Facial Swallow 

Allow your partner to cum all over your face.

You can hold his penis so that cum doesn't get inside your eyes. Once down, you can scope up all the cum that's on the face, and you can then swallow the whole cum. 

How to Swallow Cum Easily

Cum Swapping

Cum swapping means swapping cum with your partner. It is not as simple as it looks like. Firstly, you need to collect his sperm load in your mouth.

After that, get close to him look him in his eyes and kiss him passionately.

Use your tongue to transfer cum from your mouth to his mouth. After swapping cum for a few times, you can get the semen mixed together with his and your saliva.

The semen load gets real slimy by now and can be played with fingers as well.

Get the semen from his mouth to your mouth for a final time and gulp it down like a hungry slut. This stuff is nasty for most of you girls and guys, and we know it.

Such types of acts look nasty and gross even in the porn movies, and you can hardly imagine it doing it by yourself.

However, there are few of the kinky couples out there who do such stuff regularly as it gives them a high. 

How to Swallow Cum Easily

Get Nasty with Fingers

Some women like to play with semen, and that is quite gross by itself. They will ask their men to drop it in their mouth, and then they will chew it like some toffee and get it all slimy and slippery.

Then they will use their fingers to play with it and sometimes they will also create loops out of them.

How to Swallow Cum Easily

The creepiest thing to do is to try making bubbles from a chunk of semen. They will sometimes take the semen loop in their fingers, play with it above their mouth and when it drops down they gulp it hungrily.

Such things are not only a part of adult movies, but some nasty women do it in their real lives as well. This may sound gross to many of you people out there but love and sex make you do nasty things, don’t they?

These were some of the nasty things reserved for expert level cum swallowing people. However, there are many such people especially the women who do not like to swallow the semen of their partners.

It is completely understandable, and there is no need to do it if you do not feel like swallowing his cum. However, if he still forces you to do it, then you must be courageous enough to say a "Big No" on his face.

If he loves you enough, then it should not affect your relationship as well. Relations are all about caring and respect about each other's feelings, and that must reflect in your sex life as well.  

Final Thoughts

Hope you liked these cum swallowing tips and techniques we shared with you.

Swallowing cum is not a bad option and is indeed healthy if your partner is not infected with STD's or HIV, but even though most researchers boast about its benefits, there is no clear evidence to prove that swallowing cum benefits yours directly.

However, you still can swallow the semen if you like to make your partner happy or if it gives you some motivation for having sex. If you have any more suggestions that can make cum swallowing a pleasant experience, then you can share it with us.

Enjoy playing with cum till then and do not mind if some drops enter your stomach! 

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