How the SVAKOM Elva Remote-Controlled Wearable Intelligent Vibrating Bullet Egg Changed My Life

Yes, I love fun, and I don't think I owe anyone an apology for that! I have been quite fanatic about vibrators because they allow me to pleasure myself satisfactorily just the way I like it. Ladies will agree with me that very few things beat that feeling of "sexual autonomy", where you can give yourself a thrilling orgasm just anytime you want it.

Sadly, I have been quite unlucky when buying vibrators. I have undoubtedly made a sizable investment in getting that ultimate vibrator that would get me that mindblowing climax back to back. Not something I am proud of, but my closet is loaded with vibrators, a bulk of them failed experiments and disappointing purchases.

In some cases, the vibrators sounded like a roaring chainsaw starving me of my privacy while others lacked the right vibrating frequency to get my groove on. The truth is, I was about saying a painful goodbye to vibrators for good (sticking with boyfriend) until a fellow "accomplice" of mine who was equally crazed about sex toys recommended the SVAKOM Elva for me.

Don't blame me, I was pretty skeptical about this product at first. Come on, why wouldn't I be? This vibrating bullet egg cost as ridiculously cheap as $89. Having bought vibrators worth over $200 that flopped, it was only natural that I would be doubtful of the SVAKOM Elva, which costs far less.

My friend wouldn't let me be, flooding me with testimonies of the overwhelming pleasures the SVAKOM Elva was lavishing her clitoris and G-spot with. I had to give in; after all, there wasn't much to lose other than a meager $89.

Guess what? Till this moment, I am thanking my lucky stars I didn't pass up on the SVAKOM Elva. No exaggeration, but across my three years of binging on vibrators (and sex toys generally), I am yet to come across a vibrating egg as perfect as the SVAKOM Elva.

Size and material

Basically, the SVAKOM Elva is a remote-controlled wearable vibrating bullet egg. There is so much I love about this vibrating egg. First, for someone like me who is extremely keen on the safety and ergonomics of the sex toys I buy, the SVAKOM Elva managed to beat my expectations.

The SVAKOM Elva is made from body-safe silicone. This significantly reassuring as I have suffered too much from inserting sex toys with inappropriate material design. The itching and the burning irritations I have experienced in the past had made me vow to unreservedly scrutinize the material makeup of any sex toy I buy.

The size was just perfect for me. I am a lover of discreteness. I wasn't going to masturbate in a market. I prefer doing it in reserved privacy, without attracting any undue attention. Therefore, the SVAKOM was a darling for me, coming at a handy size of φ34 x 80mm, weighing barely 93g. This way, I could sneak into my handbag and take it out anywhere with me, without unnecessarily raising questionable eyebrows.

How about the vibrations?

What thrilled me most about the SVAKOM Elva was its wealth of frequencies. I was literally drooling when I discovered that this beautiful vibrating egg comes with 26 different frequency experiences!

An erotic fiesta, the SVAKOM was delectably furnished with 5 distinct modes, each further having 5 frequencies in addition to one superb Intelligent Mode. Can you beat that? I strongly doubt it!

The vibration was incredibly enjoyable. I can't remember when last I savored some thrilling orgasms like those the SVAKOM fed me with. Agreed, the SVAKOM is small, but the designers did an incredible job with the vibrations.

The 5 vibrations mode had ascending intensity, from weak to strong. This way, I had an elaborate "menu" of sensations to enjoy, going slow when the mood demanded it and going strong when I wanted the Fast and Furious style!

No argument, this was way more than the generality of vibrating eggs that had a miserable handful of vibrations, lacking the dynamism and flexibility that the SVAKOM boasts. I particularly loved the caressing and passionate mode of the SVAKOM Elva. But there was one more mode I could die for: the SVAKOM Intelligent Mode.

Big thumbs up to the engineers at SVAKOM, those guys have got some smart brains packed in their heads, and my clitoris couldn't thank them more. Essentially, this SVAKOM Intelligent Mode has a remarkable technology of imitating the vibration of frequency in the entire sex process from the start to when I climax.

No rocket science here, enjoying the SVAKOM Intelligent Mode was insanely easy. I just had to click the "S" button once to get the party started. This takes you from the typical foreplay to teasing as far as those strong pulsations. Pressing the "S" button once changes the vibration intensity while "S" button twice gets it on StandBy Mode.

Gosh, I have never climaxed so intensely as the SVAKOM Elva made me. When I was done and needed to turn the vibration off, I simply had to press the "S" button for 2 seconds. No, I didn't need to be smart to use the SVAKOM Elva right. The instructions on how to use it were clearly and succinctly outlined. I just had to follow them to the latter.

The noise level

Who loves it quiet? I terribly do! One core parameter I don't joke with when selecting vibrators is the audibility. Therefore, my heart was literally going to tear my chest in thumping excitement when I discovered that the darling SVAKOM Elva was whisper quiet.

I have used annoyingly loud vibrators that make my neighbors feel I was constructing a road in my room. Embarrassing, isn't it?

I love my vibrators quiet and discreet. That way, I could transport myself into that orgasmic heaven without everyone in the street knowing I am masturbating. Before now, I used to think that if the motors in the vibrator have to be powerful enough to give you that relished intensity, it had to run noisily. Admittedly, the SVAKOM Elva corrected my foolery.

It is intriguing to attempt fathoming how SVAKOM managed to create such powerful motors for the Elva vibrating egg, and it is yet so quiet. Typically, this vibrating bullet egg's voice comes under 50dB. When I turned it on, the SVAKOM was noiseless when I stepped 1 meter away from it.

How formidable was it against water?

One of my favorite masturbation spots is the bathroom. You know, I have this special penchant for working my Gspot with my vibrator when the water is coursing romantically down my skin.

Unfortunately, the majority of vibrators I have come across aren't waterproof. Most are just water-resistant. This means I couldn't dare use them in the shower or immerse them in my bathtub if I wasn't planning on replacing them soonest.

You guessed right! I was ecstatic when I saw the SVAKOM Elva is formidably furnished with waterproof technology. Precisely, this vibrating bullet egg is IPX6 waterproof. This means my heart no longer had to skip in fear anytime my vibrator is exposed to powerful water jets.

However, as I have seen with some of the best vibrators I have used, I needed to a bit more careful when cleaning the SVAKOM Elva, especially the silicone part.

This isn't unnatural. It is common for vibrators to be damaged by floating water. When I am done cleaning the SVAKOM, I simply needed to wipe it with a dry cloth, emphatically wiping the charging port and metallic sections. Other than that, everything was good!

What about the battery?

With the COVID pandemic in full force and the economic devastation accompanying it, I didn't want to stretch my budget any further on buying batteries for my vibrators. Consequently, it was a no brainer going for a rechargeable sex toy like the SVAKOM Elva that gave me more value for my money in the long run.

More than being rechargeable, I couldn't help gushing about the lasting power of the SVAKOM battery. For those of you who have been close to that cherished orgasms only for your vibrator to die off (from a depleted battery), you can relate with the heartbreaking frustration.

Well, the SVAKOM Elva saved me from that sexual nightmare. This darling vibrator comes with a reliable Polymer lithium battery, with a 300mAh battery capacity.

When fully charged, I could use the SVAKOM Elva for 2 hours 30 minutes at a stretch before it runs off. You will agree with me that this was a multitude of climaxes. It took me 1 hour 30 minutes of charging (with a 5V/1A output voltage/current adapter) to fully charge the SVAKOM Elva. It has a pinhole charging design.

Can you use it with your partner?

Knowing the type of boyfriend I had, I knew he would feel relatively insecure if he finds me binging on a solo-play sex toy. Therefore, I couldn't be more grateful that the remote control design of the SVAKOM Elva allows me to use it with my boyfriend to improve the sexual experience of our lovemaking sessions.

Typically, I found the remote control feature invaluable in enhancing my interaction with him. While I could use the SVAKOM Elva with and without the remote control, I found it more comfortable to use the remote control in varying the intensities and mode when I was using the vibrating bullet egg for solo-play masturbation.

In all, I can gush all day about the SVAKOM Elva. For the past months that I have been using it, I have been energetically searching for its deficiencies. I am yet to find something significant that demeans the SVAKOM Elva.

It is loaded with beautiful features that make you keep coming back for more. And to think that for all this dazzling pleasure (cutting across clitoral and Gspot stimulation) the SVAKOM gives me, it cost as little as $89 has got me pinching myself if I was in a dream. The SVAKOM Elva is simply too good to be true, but it is!

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