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Do Male Enhancement Pills like “VigRX Plus” Really Work? (2020)

One of the quite common problems that men can face is erectile dysfunction. With the ongoing hustle and bustle of life, people have a slow sex life. Due to this, especially men have to go through a lot in life.

Is your partner unhappy with you? Are you looking for the best solution for the right erection? Do male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus really work? What are the possible side effects of these supplements? You will find the answer to all your questions in the upcoming paragraphs.

However, before that, a straight forward “International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)” questionnaire will help you and your doctor analyze the degree of assistance required. 

Clinical Study and the Results

Study in “VigRX Plus Clinical Studies & Their Results” has revealed many facts regarding the VigRX Plus supplement. The study got initiated to examine VigRX Plus (VXP). In the study, researchers included different factors to check the efficacy and safety of the medicine. 

The process started by creating different groups with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Seventy-eight men got included in the experimentation under the age group 25-50. Each candidate got VXP or Placebo at a dose of two capsules twice a day for around twelve weeks. 

The primary efficacy measure included IIEF measures and an analysis related to semen, opinion of the subject, Investigator’s Global Assessment, and Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS). Surprisingly, the results were evident.

VigRX was a better option available as compared to a placebo with better and more effective results to improve sexual functioning in men.

Elaborated Results

  • The subjects who got VXP showed an improvement in IIEF-Erectile Function (EF). The numbers increased from 16.08 to 25.08.
  • In the other hand, the subjects who got Placebo treatment showed significantly fewer improvements. For instance, the number increased from 15.86 to 16.47 only. t
  • EDITS patients scored 82.31 with VXP as compared to 36.78 with Placebo. 
  • Further, by seeing the results, 90 percent of subjects got treated with VXP, and only three percent wanted to continue with Placebo treatment. 
  • As per the side effects, both VXP and Placebo treatment had almost the same side effects.
  • The duration of erections was reported to be 64% longer than previously.
  • Sexual desire was increased by 47.42%
  • Quality and frequency of orgasm was increased by 23%
  • There was a 60% improvement in the ability to penetrate
  • As for the overall pleasure in the sexual experience, it was improved by 71.34%

Introducing - VigRX Plus

As you can see the positive results of using VigRX Plus, we will show you the supplement’s exact working.

What are Male Enhancement Pills?

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with male enhancement pills, then we’re here to tell you that it does. The way to scientifically measure whether male enhancement pills work or not is through their cumulative results and how these results change the initial IIEF score.

The concept of male enhancement pills isn’t new. Natural herbs have been used since forever to boost sexual desire and performance. With the advancement of science and our understanding of how the human body works, many chemicals have been devised to enhance sexual experiences as well.

Those pills did the job and delivered what they’ve promised about firmer erections, delayed orgasms, and enhanced sexual experience. However, there were some issues with the synthesized products introduced into the market.

As it is with any chemical substances, many come with their own risks and side effects.

Most of them also require long-term prescriptions, providing results only temporarily. Needless to say, there was also the issue of how expensive those pills were. But most of all, they weren’t readily available for use. Many required a physician’s prescription to be acquired.

Why choose VigRX Plus over any other product?

Sex is an essential part of every living being. Nowadays, if your sex life gets monotonous, your partner might leave you and move on.

Else, if you can satisfy your mate, you can have the best sexual experience in the future ahead. . Each tablet contains a mix of Damiana, Pomegranate extract, Zinc, Cordyceps, Bioperine, and L-Arginine.

You can also get the same in with different extracts like Muira Puama Extract and Epimedium Leaf Extract. It is nothing but a supplement that helps men improve their sex lives naturally. 

You will come across some of the natural ingredients in VigRX Plus that will benefit you. Alongside this, the product will help you have an overall betterment in relationships and mood. You will see your performance increase and your partner happy with you.

The results will be tremendous, so it is among the safest products in the market.

How does VigRX work in the human body?

Before starting with the VigRX Plus supplement, you must consult a doctor. After this, you need to have it as per the recommendations. You will see visible changes taking place in your body without any painful or expensive treatment.

As soon as you start with the first dose, the capsule will begin increasing your stamina in bed. Then, you would always see yourself in a lively mood. You will see changes in the erection of your penis and will maintain it for a longer time.

Additionally, you will see that you have more confidence when you meet your partner. Orgasm will feel natural and frequent after consuming the capsules for a few days. You will understand the true meaning of being excellent in bed and satisfying your partner to the fullest.

VigRX Plus aims to work on two main aspects: an efficient supply of nutrients and balanced hormones in men. As the ingredients combine libido enhancers and aphrodisiacs, you will see the results in a few days. 

The penis gets the erection with proper blood flow. VigRX Plus helps the phallus receive the amount of blood it requires. However, to control the impact, the capsules increase the level of nitric oxide.

This element helps to rejuvenate the muscle tissues in the private part, further allowing the blood to flow efficiently. When your penis gets the right amount of blood, you will see massive erection and maintenance for a longer time.

The main aim of aphrodisiacs is to help you enhance your sexual desires to satisfy your partner. An improved sex life leads to overall happier life. Furthermore, some ingredients of VigRX Plus help improve brain signals to maintain erection and sexual desires.

The benefits include more stamina and more pleasurable sex experience. 

VigRX Plus and Why It Works

The world of the male enhancement pills was revolutionized with the introduction of pills like VigRX Plus. Not only does it claim to be completely safe, but VigRX Plus reviews also provide evidence from users about how effective it really is.

The product is created using a group of natural substances derived from plants, but it’s also gotten the upper hand on fellow pills present in the market for other reasons. VigRX Plus, by far, is one of the few natural supplements that have been researched, studied, and tested on human beings.

What’s really in VigRX Plus

You must be curious as to how a product that’s made only of natural substances be so potent and effective. However, after you understand the capability of each of these ingredients to boost sexual performance on its own, you wouldn’t be so surprised about the action of all of them combined.

VigRX Plus contains 10 natural ingredients

  • Damiana

A yellow flower that’s found in Mexico’s sub-tropical climate, Damiana has been used for a long period of time in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac.

Due to its ability to increase blood flow to the nether regions, which in turn increases oxygen availability to the cells, it results in stronger and firmer erections. Damiana also has soothing and anti-anxiety effects, making it ideal for men who suffer from performance anxiety.

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract

Epimedium leaf extract is also referred to as the horny goat weed, and that might be enough to give you an idea about how it works. Epimedium, also plays an important role in getting the oxygenated blood flowing into the areas of most need, improving the overall quality of the erection.

What makes it especially effective, however, is its ability to increase testosterone levels in men. That’s one of the reasons it’s very popular among older men and the reason it’s used in many supplements.

  • Asian Red Ginseng

If you’ve tried Ginseng tea, you must have heard about how it’s one of the most popular herbs in ancient Chinese medicine. Ginseng is known for its many health benefits, especially its antioxidant and protective effects.

What you’ll be happy to know is that Red Ginseng also works as a strong aphrodisiac, where it promotes good oxygenated blood flow, plays an important role in improving the quality of sperms, and enhancing the sexual experience.

  • Muira Puama Extract

This Brazilian herb has been used for decades to enhance the libido of both men and women alike.

Alongside its aphrodisiac properties, it’s shown results as a strong nootropic agent. These properties are manifested as improved brain function and activity, increased vitality and energy, and reduced levels of stress.

With those feelings of rejuvenation, it’s no wonder you’ll get back your youth in your life overall, and in your bedroom specifically.

  • Hawthorn Berry

Another herb that’s been used traditionally for ages, Hawthorn Berry is widely known for its cardiovascular protective properties. Its ability to dilate the blood vessels, lower cholesterol levels, and protect the health of the heart has been significant.

Aside from its ability to keep you well and healthy, its strong cardio-protective properties will ensure your erection remains strong and firm by getting the blood flow it needs when it needs it.

  • Catuaba Bark Extract

Catuaba Bark is another natural ingredient that’s been used by Brazilian for ages, and they’re most familiar with its aphrodisiac properties. It also works at increasing blood flow and oxygen to ensure the rigidity of the erection, but its multiple health benefits extend even more than that.

Catuaba bark extract has many positive effects on soothing mental and physical stress, fatigue and anxiety, treating insomnia, and reducing blood pressure. It also has strong antimicrobial activities, which will strengthen your immunity and help you fight bacterial and viral infections.

  • Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is another natural herb endogenous to South America, and as you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s another ingredient in VigRX Plus that promotes good blood flow to your nether regions, leaving no chance for the erection to go soft.

However, its main magic-working abilities come from its effect on testosterone. Not only does Saw Palmetto improve sexual performance, but it also increases testosterone levels in men, promotes prostate health, and even prevents hair loss in men.

  • Tribulus Terrestris Vine

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that’s taken the world of fitness by storm quite recently. Many of the recently emerging fitness supplements now include it in their ingredients. If you’re wondering why, then that’s due to its ability to increase free testosterone in the blood.

For bodybuilders and athletes, this means a magic ticket to building muscle mass and amplifying their performance without needing to inject other forms of synthetic testosterone into their bodies.

For you, this means enhanced sexual experience, vitality, prostate health, and general health benefits.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

If we’re talking about improved blood flow, we can never leave Ginkgo Biloba behind. This ancient Chinese herb has been used for centuries to promote circulatory health due to its ability to increase blood flow, especially to the brain and nervous system.

While this means better blood flow toward erections too, its benefits cover a much larger scope. Ginkgo Biloba is also rich with antioxidants, which have a lot of positive effects on your general health.

  • Bioperine

Bioperine is actually one of the most common condiments in our households, one that we know by the name of black pepper. If you’re about to go to your kitchen for a dose of black pepper, then you shouldn’t; it’s not an aphrodisiac.

However, it may very well be one of the most important ingredients in VigRX Plus because, thanks to Bioperine, your body becomes able to absorb all of the previous ingredients with an efficiency of 40% better than without Bioperine!

With all of the fake male enhancement pills found online, you might feel skeptical about the efficacy of any products altogether.

However, the fact remains that some products do work magically. One of these products is the infamous VigRX Plus. Not only has it been studied and clinically proven to be greatly effective, but it’s been proven to be completely safe to use in the long run.

Possible side effects of VigRX Plus

Whenever we talk about products like male enhancement VigRX Plus, the side effects might click in your mind. If your sex life is becoming dull, you must know it is time to change the scenario with VigRX.

Many people have tried different male enhancement products and seen some side effects due to the drugs used in the making. However, on the other hand, VigRX Plus has natural ingredients that do not provide any side effects after use. 

In case you are allergic to specific components from the ingredient’s list, you can always consult your doctor and look-out for additional assistance. 

Final Verdict

As the risk factor is quite low, the doctors highly recommended male enhancement pills. After reading about the study for the use of VRX and Placebo treatment, the capsules are more beneficial. You will see tremendous positive changes in the body that will help you live a better life.

You will increase your stamina and keep your partner happy. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have Erectile Dysfunction. Always remember, it is never too late. Your initiative to take the right measures will help you lead a better life and a healthier lifestyle. 

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