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Our modern lifestyle comes at a definite cost. Work, work and more work for most of us. There are 24 hours in a day, and there never seems to be enough time. We stretch our time to the limit to spend as much as we can with friends, loved ones; with family too, and hopefully, some time to ourselves. Me time is a crucial factor for many in the modern age, and more often than not, this extends to sensual pleasure too. Singles, couples and groups, whole sub-cultures even, are now rediscovering the importance of sensual, sexualized play and the benefits it brings to themselves and to others. Sexual health and wellbeing has become just as important as our physical and mental health, and for good reason.

It’s not all bad news either! The 21st century has given us the greatest technologies and a standard of living most of us have never known in recorded history. Also, most prejudices against sexual and gender preferences are a thing of the past. We are largely in touch with ourselves and our identity as sexual beings.

Sexual Health and Wellness Impacts Our Entire State of Mind

Science shows us again and again that the link between our adult wellbeing and ‘happy’ hormones are strongly linked to positive and regular sexual experiences which result in climax, for any gender. We’re talking about fully-grown, sexually-mature adults here. It’s true, people who have more life stress and responsibilities in their adult life may not feel they have the time, energy or even know where to start when it comes to expanding their ‘happy hormone’ repertoire via natural, self-administered means.

For adult males, regular, physically-induced, sexual climax is now seen as vitally important for maintaining prostate health and functionality. It is the prostate itself which produces much of this and houses the semen that is produced by males. It’s also a crucial gland in regulating and harmonizing the healthy production and serum content of the primary male sex hormone; testosterone. Healthy testosterone levels determine bone density, as well as a myriad of other metabolic and hormonal functions, many relating directly to mood and healthy body/organ tissue reproduction, including homeostasis.

For adult females, climax is directly linked to a flood of clearing, beneficial mood and physically-enhancing hormones. Oxytocin is perhaps the ‘underdog’ of such hormones, released when climax is achieved. It’s directly linked to passion and success, through the effect it has on specific neural centers within the female brain, so it can enhance social interaction and intuition, leading to a healthier and more positive social and business life. Did we mention regular orgasms can also make you look ten years younger? Wow!

That’s right! Regular and successful climaxes in any gender release a flood of toxin-clearing and stress-busting hormones which have been directly linked to a more youthful appearance in people who have three or more lovemaking sessions per week resulting in physical climax.

“But I work and I really just don’t have the time… I have like ten minutes to myself every day!”

Sound familiar? We go to the gym, watch what we eat and take insurance out on our loved ones, or property and even our pets. Making some time for yourself and/or your partner together is the cornerstone of positive mental health. It’s pivotal for your relationship with yourself as well as your partner, if you have one.

Just as our communication and information technology needs have kept up with consumer demand, so too have personal massagers and other related (pleasure-based) toys and adult products to assist and enhance solo, partnered or group-based, erotic/sensual play. If you have ten minutes a day, or even less, there are many dildos that are waiting for you right now at HotCherry.

Thankfully, the old days of bizarre-looking, corded devices or frighteningly-fake, even dangerous-looking inflatable dolls has passed. The contemporary ranges of high quality, functional and needs-specific devices available in the market today are a testament to consumer need, vigilance and the demand for increasing quality and safety, as well as a reasonable price point.

G-spot specific massagers and stimulators are available in such a diverse range, suited for any size, taste or budget. The importance of men’s prostate health and the benefits of prostate massage have led to an incredible and equally diverse range of prostate massagers and penile stimulators for men and for use by any gender, or non-gender specific individuals. The toy box is open, and it’s definitely play time, all in the name of good health as well as pleasure. Their incredible dildo range includes: anal, black, ejaculating, glass, huge, realistic, silicone, small, strapless, suction cup, and even vibrating dildos! And all this in just one category! We’re confident you’ll find what you’ll love at this professional, well-stocked online emporium...

“I can get that stuff anywhere. Can’t I? What’s so different about HotCherry?”

Your own needs, choices and preferences are as various as there are stars in the galaxy, so it’s only natural that there would need to be a discreet, functional, easy to use, and proficient online portal to deliver your choices in record time and with a minimum of fuss.

There is such a place! 24/7 online shopping that is as efficient and easy to navigate as it is secure and discreet.

 Secure and discreet. Yes, at HotCherry, their business is your complete security as well as satisfaction. They offer a diverse range of products for all tastes and budgets. Their exceptional ethos regarding safety and security extends throughout their product range. They only ever sell products that are created from 100% body safe materials and construction, and have been approved and vetted by the FDA (or similar agencies), ensuring they are all completely safe and approved for use within the USA.

Their excellent service, like the website, is 24/7. Got a question? They’re there to help! With a customer helpline for you to talk live with a retail assistant or drop a message to get a reply to you that very same day (or as soon as is possible). All orders are shipped within 24 hours within the continental United States, and their customer feedback and satisfaction rating is a solid one.

HotCherry: The Ultimate Personal Pleasure Shopping Experience

HotCherry.co offers customers the latest and safest, most technically advanced, personal massage and adult products in the marketplace today. Life’s complicated, and this pleasure-filled company has a diverse range of products to suit any gender, identification or personal choice and preference, especially when it comes to erotic and sensual play.

The incredible range of personal or pleasure-zone-specific massagers, toys and accessories are sure to be a source of inspiration and ultimate satisfaction, no matter what you’re into. Even if you are a first time buyer, they’re there to help you every step of the way, in complete privacy and whenever you need... It’s an exciting way to shop for yourself, your partner or as a gift shop.

The best things? They’re bigger and better on customer safety, offer the bestselling brands you’ll actually want to buy, will always ensure your privacy and discretion, and offer exceptionally-wonderful customer service! These guys actually care about their customers and we’re super impressed.  

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