Top 20 hot models of the world

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Looking for the hot models of the world?

Beauty aficionados should hold their breath as what they have come up with, will surely make you miss a heartbeat. This article will be a summary guide over the top 20 hottest models of the world so that you can find your queen of hearts and pleasure.

 This list will have a variety of models ranging from American, European to Asian and African races so you don’t get hinged to a certain standard of beauty. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Hence, in order to appreciate the true beauty of these models, you must first appreciate your own beauty.

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Top 20 Sexiest/Hottest hot models of the world (Upd 2022)

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Kylie Jenner is an American model and businesswoman who came to limelight by sharing the screen with the best in the show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ from 2007 to 2021.

The model got famous with her beauty brand of Kylie cosmetics and her mesmerizing features were enough to attract her fans, thereby earning the tag of youngest self-made billionaire just at the age of 21. Apart from this, her instagram posts speak highly of her talent to make her every feature ranging from hair, eyes, boobs to booty stand out from the rest of the influencer’s crowd.


If you are all swoony about models in swimsuits, Hannah Jeter is your go to model for an orgasm or simply picture her in a music video. She is the human version of the popular appetizer Sex on the beach.

 Her coral green eyes blend perfectly with the sea green hues of oceanic water. Hence, if auralism of natural sounds arouses you, add one more component of Hannah Jeter to imagine your fantasy world.

 Despite being 31 year old, she has managed to stay in shape due to her tennis background. Instagram handle of our 2nd hottest model in the world.

* Instagram:


Chrissy Teigen is another popular and hot American model who has caught the public eye. Everyone is a lover of big boobs and chrissy is the perfect candidate to qualify this criteria. Chrissy relationship with her all time boo John Legend has led to two beautiful Afro-American kids. If you are up for food orgasm with chrissy, just browse her instagram profile. 

Her bio on Insta reads as “Making America great again”. Whether that’s an intended pun on American politics or not, we are sure that the chrissy addition to the American race has added another gem to a Great America.

* Instagram:


As the name sounds, this Russian beauty has got a fan base of 18 million followers on instagram. With features like 5ft 10 inch height, dark brown hair and green colored eyes, Irina Shayk is the queen of Russian adult industry. Apart from these, everybody usually gets aroused by a finely polished Russian accent. 

She has uploaded 1343 posts on her Instagram handle which you can see by searching her username. Activites on her Instagram showcases how Irina invests her time in furry sexual activities too. Her slanted jaw line is perfect to enhance her edgy look.


Every Game of Thrones fan would have surely fantasized about the dragon queen Emilia Clarke. Her naked visuals on the series with the dragon eggs were enough to attract a huge fan base of the show as well as the model.

 For some, she was the introductory offer of the porn industry. Afterwards, the star’s other movies like ‘Me Before you’ showcased another romantic side of hers. Hence, even with a short height of 1.89 m, Clarke has garnered a following of 27 million people with just 482 posts on Instagram.

Clarke’s bubbly personality is aptly highlighted by her bio “If at first you don’t succeed, laugh until you do.”


If your dicks erect by just watching models with big boobies, Ashley Graham is the perfect choice for you.

She is our beauty with brains model as she contributed to the body positivity and inclusivity debates through her book  A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like.


Next, in our list is the Australian heartrob Margot Robbie who turned into a public sensation with black comedy “The wolf of wall street” and DC superhero films like “Suicide Squad”. 

If you are turned on by supervillain play and all the kinky fuckery that goes with it, you can go browsing Margot Robbie’s profile on social media.

Her character was itself the creation of sexy seduction by Joker, both portraying a dysfunctional and addictive relationship.


The Indian Goddess and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra was thrown open for the world with her International debut in Quantico. Hence, if you are into supercop and detective play, Chopra is the perfect choice with her sexy features.

 Chopra’s Indian wedding with the infamous Nick Jonas made everyone go in awe. This introduced Chopra to the world of International music videos with her hotness in the music video of ‘Sucker’.

 Her exotic Indian features of black hair, dusky skin tone, dark lips came to limelight in music videos like Exotic,  In my city, Desi girl and so on.


The Kardashian sisters have always been the talk of the town with their heavy boobs and booties, the two features desired by most men in this world.Follow her to witness what her 304 million followers find out so interesting about her. 

Every photo of Kim’s is a sensational portrayal of her beauty and flawless features that make men swoon over her just in a few secon


Kendall Jenner is a young American model in the media and adult industry with a fan base of 233 million followers on Insta. She has made her name into this to 20 list just at the age of 26.

 Jenner is like your girl next door with a calm and composed look at first instance and a lot of secrets in bedroom play. By looking at her photos, I assure you that you won’t get tired of her.

Rather the feeling will be to always want more of her.


Gigi Hadid, with her Barbie looks, blue eyes, blonde hair and 5 ft 10 inch height can’t be missed out in the top 20 hottest model list. 

She is just 26 but still was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. Keep some lube and towels ready as you might go instantly into masturbation by seeing this beauty.


No wonder, Megan Fox has been awarded with Teen choice awards as this American actress makes you want to be the dad of her future kids with her long black hair and scintillating grey eyes.


I am sure all Marvel fans shed a tear while watching this goddess die in Marvel superhero film “The End game”.

 This is because the audience is too fond of Johnson and her bold character in Marvel as well as Black widow, which made her the highest paid-actress in 2018 and 2019.

If you were to learn being a Dom, you can surely learn a quality or two from Johnson’s acting skills.


I remember watching Thor for the first time and got instantly attracted to the hot chemistry between Greek god Thor and the mortal human played by Natalie portman.

She has some magic in grayish-brown eyes and nude lips that makes you hinged to her.


Emma Watson fans have seen her transformation from a cranky Hermione in the Harry Potter series to the hottest and prettiest woman in The Wolf of Wallflower or Beauty and the Beast.

 Her blonde hair, soft yet edgy look and sweet smile has catched the heart of millions.


Keira is an English actress and model who grabs people’s attention by her mesmerizing jet black eyes, black hair and a flawless jawline. 

You can see her romanticizing in her roles in Pride and Prejudice (atonement in fountain dip) and Begin Again.

While if you are aroused by intelligent women, make sure to watch her in The Imitation game or Pirates of the Caribbean.


This highest paid American actress makes you go towards your orgasm with her natural hot features like blonde hair, grey eyes, and sharp nose.

 Add nude lips and the next thing you start fantasizing about biting her lips off. She has received accolades for her mystique role in the X-men series, hunger games.


Kate is a full package of heavy boobs, blonde hair, fit body, beauty mark (near her nose) and grayish eyes. If you enjoy learning about different sex positions, Kate's YouTube video of her dancing to Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie" last year was the number one watched video on Twitter and Google for multiple weeks. 

Your dick will straighten up just with a single thought of you fucking her from right behind in the doggie style.


Charlize Theron is a South African and American model who made it to this list with her bold features of short blonde hair, grey eyes, long neck as well as a sharp nose and jawline. 

Just imagine going with all your foreplay on her beautiful neck to feel that edgy sensation and you get instinctively turned on.

She has 6.8 million followers and 467 posts to keep you occupied on a lonely weekend full of orgasm


With 78.6 followers on Instagram, Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model. Her body is as fit as a fiddle, probably due to her serving in Israeli defense forces. Gal’s performances in Wonder Women, the Red Notice has made her the perfect choice for your superhero play. 

After all, we all fantasize about those bold and beautiful Amazonian women and Gal’s Israeli accent is the cherry on the top of the cake.

This guide just took the number of 20 to make a list of the hottest models of the world. But there are more beauties and spicy raw talent out there to explore. If you have a resourceful eye just like a diamond merchant, you can definitely find a raw diamond beauty and enjoy your fantasies with her.

Raw talent gives you the option of a physical relationship before they go all out on social media and catch the public eye. After all, it’s fun to catch a rare thing of mastery but making it to the top 20 list is a feat in itself.

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