Half Our Deen Review (2020)

Half Our Deen

Finding a life partner has never been an easy task and finding someone perfect in the same religion is hard indeed.

Half Our Deen is a Muslim marriage site that unites couples who have similar personalities and views.


  • The interest tagging is an amazing feature to showcase your interests.
  • The site maintains cultural ethnicity and only Muslims can participate.


  • The users  need to be patient and go through every option.
  • No type of free access or a free subscription.

The following review will cover all the characteristic features of Half Our Deen and guide you all on how to find the best Muslim partner.

Half Our Deen is a Muslim marriage site that unites couples with compatible personalities for life. Finding life partners is never a cakewalk, but this platform makes your search easier. You cannot just find a girl in your community, but you can even see the one who is compatible with you in every way.

The site is meant for the candidates who are serious about having a life partner. The makers of the site realize the fact that everyone is unique with his or her interest areas, requirements as well as desires.

After you complete your profile specifying all your interest areas and detailed information, you can be benefitted from the perks of a fantastic feature that is getting matches. This site predicts the matches with the compatibility future, which can turn out to be functional if one processes further.

The matchmaking process here is made entirely organic through activities where one can get to know about the life events of the candidates. This is a methodological approach of investigating the right person to fit in as the life partner for any Muslim guy or girl who has set his or her mind for marriage.

Some more fantastic features of the site include the interest tags. Have you ever imagined how important it is to find a partner with compatible interest zones? These features can help you know the interest areas of different candidates and even showcase them your interest.

Hence, the search is not dull. It is spiced up with these interest tags, which can help you dig out the hobbies of candidates. It has even got a virtuous feature to save you from the confusion you encounter during your search.

You can use the filter questions and put the unique question tool to know whether the candidates can form a perfect match for you or not. The incredible site is meant for candidates of the Muslim communities who find it difficult to search  a life partner.

Half Our Deen has claimed whopping success rates and is one of the most recommended apps for Muslim candidates who are giving serious thought about marriage.

What makes Half Our Deen a credible site?

Half our Deen is a highly- recommended site for the Muslim guys and girls as it has the most organic approach of creating matches.

It does not just lay a platform for the Muslims to find candidates from their community, but it focuses on getting the candidates their compatible match throughout various activities. The site is designed with many virtuous features which ultimately makes successful couples.

You can find your better half right here at the site. All you need to do is just complete your profiles, and that’s all. You will find your better half, without any mess or awkwardness. 

The site processes an organic understanding between the candidates through various  features like  fun activities, interest tags as well as many other things which can help you filter your choice and finally find the one who is destined to be yours through every thick and thin.

It is a credible app as it has incredible numbers of success rates. It is a site that unites couples with compatibility, which is otherwise not possible. You can look forward to commitments for life here. Unlike  other matrimonial websites, this aims at keeping it all transparent for the candidates.

Hence, the fantastic activities, compatibility feature, and interest tags function in the best way to bring about a crystal clear understanding of both sides.

You can quickly join the application as it  offers reasonable plans. It offers annual, monthly, and quarterly programs which one can choose according to his or her convenience. The site is extended to unite members of many countries across the globe.

If you are hesitant to let the people around you know that you are in a matchmaking site, then this is the right place for you. This is so because it is a private website. But if you go for free trials, then you might not avail of the privacy features.

The only people you look forward to marriage are the ones who can dig out details from your profile in Half Our Deen. What makes it even more credible is the pricing it sets for the subscriptions. Making a match and marrying someone can never be an overnight process for sure.

So, if one decides to take an extended subscription like the annual or quarterly plans, then there is a substantial discount on them, whereas the monthly plan might cost a bit higher as compared to that of the other extended plans.

The stress-free process of matchmaking in Half Our Deen platform is recommended for the Muslim folks who have set their mind for marriage. It is the stop where one can find a like-minded compatible partner for like.

The most exciting feature of the site is still left to be disclosed and that is the involvement of parents. We help the parents sign in to the website on behalf of their daughter or sons to actively participate in making the most significant marriage decisions.


Website address: https://halfourdeen.com/

Estimated Visit last month: 1.2M

The website interface is meat for easy navigation of the users.

The candidates require a navigable website to explore their matchmaking journey for marriage, and this is the one that has made it more accessible.

The website interface of the site is incredible, which allows the users to make choices of candidates for marriage smoothly. 

half ourdeen-min

The website offers no fussy designs where the users might get confused. The quickly clickable website and is a layman thing to navigate. You need not be any sort of tech-savvy to get through prominently available options for marriage.

The visits to the sites have got astounding numbers due to the extra-ordinary features extended here. It provides every yardstick to measure the life-partner potential in a candidate fairly. It even leaves the right amount of personal space wherein they can look for what they search for in their better half.

Hence, in this way, it has emerged one of the most reached-out Muslim matrimonial sites. There are visitors from across the globe uniting Muslims to search their forever partner without making the process fussy anyway.

Even the clickable website interface and the design of the website has brought such fantastic visitor mass to the site. It is easier for a layman to reach out to options and navigate through the website. This is an only legit platform where one can meet his or her better half without stepping out of the boundaries of the Muslim rules and regulations.

It has features like filter questions, interest tags, compatibility, etc. which gets you into one of the unique ways of embarking on the path of your search for a life partner.

Hence, these features make the application an exceptional experience for all the single Muslim folks who have taken a firm decision of marriage.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The price of the subscription of the new site is quite less. It has got a lot of discount offers and other customer loyalty programs.

Above all, people are offered with the huge discount offers on an extended subscription of annual or the quarter plans whereas, on the other hand, the monthly plans might fall a little high-priced. The pricing strategy does not even exceed a moderate budget.

You can take your time, get your subscription for a more extended period like a quarter plan, and look for your better half with a serious approach. The  subscriptions are Annual plan: $19/mo, Quarterly Plan: $13/mo, Monthly Plan: $7/mo.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Quality of Videos

9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 1

Success rates

9 / 10


9 / 10

Value for Money

9 / 10

Exclusivity of services

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Mobile-friendly site - Yes
  • Women - 61%
  • Men - 70%
  • Member age - Must be at least 18 years
  • Payment option - Credit card
  • Messenger - Yes
  • Live Chat - Yes
  • Video Call - Yes
  • Membership Base - over 14 million users
  • Photos - Yes
  • Watermark on photos - No


  • The site is a private platform where one can get into the matchmaking process. You might not feel right to let your friends and colleagues know about your presence in such sites. And Half Our Deen completely takes care of it.
  • The compatibility feature of the site helps in predicting like-minded candidates for you. This helps the candidates to make a stress-free choice by knowing in detail about their potential matches who might even turn out to be their forever.
  • The interest tags are the most exciting part of the site as it helps showcase the interest areas of the candidate, which is a huge factor to be considered while choosing your life-partner.
  • You can be within the bounds set for a true Muslim as the site practices Halal. So, the meets conducted by the management of the site for the candidates are upright for a pure Muslim devotee.
  • The activities put forward by the site for the candidates make it even more transparent thing to peep into the mind of others. Hence, you can get to know the candidates better with the fun activities and can also make the process more interesting.
  • Unlike other sites, you can have free access to all sorts of features without any extra fees after you are successfully registered. Hence, you need to get an annual, quarterly, or monthly plan, and that’s all you got to do.
  • The filter questions are also another feature of the site, which helps the candidates filter their choices. This can help them find the right person within their compatibility zone.
  • The site is even designed to save a lot of money . You can find an observable difference when you compare it with other matchmaking platforms. You can also avail  a significant discount for the more extended discount offers.
  • There is a peep through to the live events of the candidates. Thus, it gives a good part of knowledge about the lives of the people. Hence, the marriage-minded people can get to know all about the lives of all the others.
  • The website interface of the site is one of the most recognizable features as it uses technology in the best possible way to give a unique experience to the users. The website is smooth and easy to be navigated.
  • Unlike all the other sites, it is not dull. You can enjoy your process of reaching out to your man or your lady. The active participation in the website is quite relishing. Hence, it is all fun.
  • The site maintains the cultural ethnicity, and the process of matchmaking abides by the Muslim ethnicity. Thus, one can reach out in this platform without bearing speck of doubt about threats to his or her devotion to the beliefs of Muslims.


  • One needs to have the patience to check out every option available. One requires to hold on and be cooperative with the site in the process of matchmaking. One does not meet his or her better half instantly. It is all about making relentless and active searches on the website with some serious attitude.
  • There is no free access or a free subscription. If one even manages to avail  a free subscription then, there is are a lot of constraints on the proper usage. Neither one can have access to the privacy option, nor can the user use the id to go through other profiles. They just use the pattern to attract other people to the site.


One of the major competitors of our site in the world is Nikah Muslim Matrimony. It has been a rivalry for this site thriving in the market. It has somewhat been able to render a lot of exciting features for couples, but the charges of registration are set pretty higher as compared to the others.

The Muslim community relies on the Half Our Deen platform as it creates a difference by rendering the best matchmaking services at the minimal process and even offers whopping discounts on the when subscripted for a more extended period.

Customer Support

There is a fantastic user support extended to the users of the site. You can reach out to them with any sort of query or doubt amidst your heart. You can get them a call when there is an issue in the billing. There is a group of technical supporters who help the candidates get rid of all sorts of doubts.

They are there to accompany the users any part of the day when they seek a helping hand. Hence, it proves its reliability by claiming a support system that firmly stands by the users when they need it.

Final Verdict

The fantastic experience of matchmaking in this corner is an out of the world feel. You get closer to your better half each time you dive deep into the activities of the matrimonial site with ample of seriousness. The site is the go-to matrimonial site for 50 countries in the world.

Several success stories and easily navigable website interface of the sets it all different or unique from all the other sites. You can carefully get to know the candidates and make sure that they are like-minded. Hence, you can learn various things about the interest areas of the person.

Therefore, you can surely get your man or lady right here. The features of the fantastic site are solely designed to help candidates understand others broadly. The process even welcomes parents warmly.

Parting words

In this busy world, finding your better half is never an easy task to go. But it is ultimately more comfortable for now with the coming of Half Our Deen.

Muslims can find the love of their life without threatening their beliefs and rules in their religions. Hence, it is a fantastic platform where candidates can transparently have a vivid idea about the personality of the other person.

There are a whole lot of tools that are introduced in the platform to make it a more straightforward deal for the Muslim guys and girls. For the fair participation of the parents in the decision, there is a way to get the parents involved by getting them parent access on behalf of their sons or daughters.

Hence, you can find your better half and still be an honest devotee of your religion as this matrimonial site aims at keeping things upright as per the rules and regulations to which true Muslims are exposed. Hence, it is the one-stop destination for marriage-minded severe people.

They can dive into the fun activities in the matrimonial sites and even make it a private affair and meet their dream person. One mandatorily needs to have access to the plans. They are available in three forms varying with the duration of validation.

There are annual, quarterly, and monthly plans for the users of the site. They come with certain discount offers, which makes a fantastic deal for a Muslim brother or sister to invest in the subscription.

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