My Sexy Lily Review (2020)

My Sexy Lily

Earlier known as Horny Lily is a website featuring an amateur Canadian- Indian pornstar Lily Singh.

It features everything from solo to couple erotic engagements. The website is very simple and easy to navigate.


  • There are the majority of Indian models featured as of now indulging in solo action.
  • A legitimate number of photo sets are available to watch as well as download for the future.


  • Extra premium charges need to paid alongside the membership to avail advanced features
  • Quality of the content is not very sharp and random

The website is user-friendly as it has no complex tools involved.

It showcases various Kama Sutra sex positions and one can even start a sex chat with one of the models.

My Sexy Lily (previously Horny Lily) is a website featuring a Canadian-Indian amateur pornstar named Lily Singh who performs mostly solo for the viewers of this page. It also features some other girls engaged in both solo and coupled erotic action.

The content is an assortment of all sorts, both exclusive and non-exclusive, and unpaid work is fun to watch.

The website is themed aesthetically and is easy to navigate across. In this review, we are going to provide you with an in-depth analysis of this website called "My Sexy Lily" and see whether it is worth your money or not. Let's dig deep.

What are the good things about “My Sexy Lily”?

As you first visit the webpage, you will get to see a piece of brief information given about what My Sexy Lily, some preview thumbnails of upcoming scenes that will be uploaded to the content archive shortly and My Sexy Lily's latest updates. Navigating across the website is simple.

There are dedicated sections for both videos and galleries, so you can conveniently check out either one of them without a hitch.

There are 160+ videos for you to check out at this particular point in time. Most of them are solo action in which Lily features and pleasures herself in different ways. You can stream the videos in an embedded player or download them in an MP4 format. The quality can vary across the content library.

Some may come in full high definition resolution, and some are really below par when it comes to quality. However, despite this variation, a decent number of flicks present in the library come in excellent condition.

There are 60+ photo sets to choose from, all of them featuring Lily herself posing in various erotic ways. The photos are of decent quality. However, they can't be downloaded in .zip format which makes downloading a tedious job.

There aren't any bonus sites to offer (as it is a stand-alone website) and the content update frequency is very erratic, but you can see her performing live against a minimum charge. Her live sex chat is free for members.


Link to the site:

My Sexy Lily is a website that has been created and features Lily Singh, a Canadian-American pornstar.

Most of the content presented here stars Lily herself, who mainly engages in solo action where she pleasures herself through masturbation. 

Some other videos are featuring other models as well, mostly demonstrating Tantric massages or sex positions dictated by the ancient Book of Kama Sutra. There is 160 plus content you can choose from the library, and it provides previews of the upcoming scenes as well.

The site, although an independent one and not backed by any significant network but it is awe-inspiring when it comes to both performance and layout. As you land up on the homepage of "My Sexy Lily", a brief detail about the website is provided regarding what the content is all about.

It also provides previews of the content that will be uploaded in the future. The homepage is filled with materials that have been recently uploaded to the library, so you can check out all the newest flicks without having to rummage through the website.

It performs well across all the platforms, be it in mobile or computer. The site is also easy to navigate and have ample sorting and searching options.

You can also check out some bonus videos featuring other models as well, mainly focused on Tantric sensual massages and demonstration of Kama Sutra-dictated sex positions. The videos appear mixed with the content library, and they also have their dedicated section for your ease of access.

It also offers some sixty-odd photosets featuring only Lily if you want to get a feel of the action, she indulges in. However, you cannot download photo sets in .zip format and hence downloading the photos might prove to be tedious for you.

Since this website is an independent one, there are no bonus sites to choose from. The content library is not consistent when it comes to quality. Some of them come in full high definition resolution, while some of them are of inferior quality.

However, a decent number of them come in a standard variety, so that is a bit of a relief. Also, the content update frequency is very irregular and erratic.

This website also claims to offer something very unique, something which other Indian models have never done before and that is, being the first Indian model to do live cam shows exclusively for the viewers who are willing to pay a bit extra.

You can also get to interact with her using the live chat, which is free for the members.

Overall, you can keep yourself busy with the website in exchange for a small membership fee. The content is exclusive, and the archive size is decent as well. It also provides live cam and interaction features, which is pretty impressive. You won't be disappointed if you avail a subscription of this website.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The website is providing some exclusive Indian sensual erotic content, and that too at an affordable price. If you have any doubts regarding the membership offers this website offers, we are here to clear all your doubts.

The subscription comes in three options: Monthly, 3-months and yearly subscription. The 3-month subscription offer comes in both recurring and non-recurring options. If you want to check this website out before proceeding first, you get a trial one-day access for $9.95.

The monthly subscription comes for $24.95, recurring. If you want to opt for a 3-months subscription, you will have to shell out a total of $49.95 (recurring/non-recurring). We would suggest you go for yearly commitment, as it comes at an affordable price of $99.99 (non-recurring).

Since this website is an independent, stand-alone website, you don't get access to any other sites. There is no bonus content provided with your subscription. Payment is accepted in MasterCard and VISA.

You can check out the subscription deals using this link:

Performance Scores (out of 10)



Website Design

7.5 / 10

Content Updates

7 / 10

Quality of Videos

7 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Value for Money

7.5 / 10

Exclusivity of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8.5 / 10

Overall Score

8 / 10

Site statistics

  • Bonus sites: Since the site is independent and stand-alone, this website does not have any bonus sites to offer along with your subscription.
  • About the Content: Downloadable and exclusive archive of photos and videos featuring a sexy Indian model indulging in solo action.
  • Content Exclusivity: All content is exclusive
  • Models: 20 models featured as of now, ages 18-30. All of them are Indian or Middle-eastern brunettes.
  • Model appearance: Curvy, D-Cupped brunettes.
  • Total number of videos: 160+ scenes
  • The average length of videos: 10 min each
  • Maximum resolution of videos: 1920x1080, both for download and stream
  • Live Cam: Live cam featuring Lily Singh herself provided along with this website, against some extra charge.
  • File Sizes (HQ): JPG=10 KB, MP4 = 25 MB (average size, HQ)
  • Payment CC Processor: Primary- Epoch, Secondary- CC Bill
  • Accepted modes of payment: MasterCard and VISA.
  • Download Limit: None
  • Download Managers: Yes, should work.
  • Languages available: English
  • Channel Max: 4-8
  • Able to pause/resume.
  • Test Software: IDM
  • Download Speed: Browser: 1000-1200 KB/sec. (25 MB video, Fibre Optic internet)
  • Bit-Rate: 6000k
  • Total number of photo sets: 60+
  • Photo details: Amateur photography with little to no-airbrushing
  • Slideshow availability: Yes
  • Watermarks on photos: Yes
  • Picture dimension: 920x860
  • DRM Protected: No


  • The website is created and features Lily Singh, a Canadian Indian porn actress who provides exclusive solo action for her viewers. Her performances across the contents she stars in is quite a feisty one and doesn't shy from whatever the viewer demands. Be it twerking or dripping herself in honey; she does it all.
  • The website, although not backed by any significant porn production houses, performs impressively across all device platforms. This attribute is evident for a site of this calibre.
  • A decent amount of the videos come in legitimate quality, and the performance is realistic and passionate across all contents.
  • There are about a hundred and sixty additional contents available on the website, which is great because almost all of them (except a few bonus flicks) featured by Lily Singh herself.
  • A legitimate amount of photosets have also been made available with the website, which you can both see and download from the site.
  • You also get a decent number of bonus content featuring other models apart from Lily Singh herself featuring in Tantric massage and Kama Sutra sex position demonstrations.
  • It also comes with a never before seen attribute, where an Indian model is doing live cam shows exclusively for the members who are willing to pay a little extra money.
  • It also comes with a live sex chat feature where you will be able to interact with Lily herself, without paying any extra charges.
  • Affordable subscription rates offered with the website.
  • No ceiling provided when it comes to downloads.
  • Also, accessible with membership to “All Indian Couples”.


  • The content update frequency is very erratic and irregular.
  • The contents are mostly short clips, averaging only around ten minutes.
  • Content quality is very inconsistent across the library. Some content come in full high definition resolution, while some are below par.
  • Extra premium charge needed to be paid along with your membership fees if you want to access the live cam videos where Lily performs.
  • Photosets cannot be downloaded in .zip format, which makes downloading of photos very tedious.
  • Not much variety to choose from, most of them are basically of the same genre (solo action).
  • Stronger model-run competitors present in the market, which provides better content and is efficient across all dimensions that a porn website needs to achieve.

Customer Support

“My Sexy Lily” comes with a dedicated “Members Support” section accessible through the link where you can directly contact them regarding any queries or discrepancies that you could face with your membership with this website.

It works on a docket system, where you get a ticket if you want your complaints or any queries to be addressed. You can also get technical support using the same link. You can also connect with them over Skype or Google Talk for live customer support.

They have also provided a number, 00 1 786 220 3317, which you can ring up to directly interact with them regarding your issues. You can also email them at [email protected] The customer support section is very interactive and efficient.

You can ask any query to them, receive technical support and get your membership issues addressed. You can also track and check your customer support status using the same link provided above.

Close competitors

There are a lot of individual model-run websites in the offing which you can check out as alternatives to "My Sexy Lily". One site where we can suggest is It not only provides exclusive content featuring the famous MILF pornstar Kelly Madison and her husband, Ryan Madison.

It also features lots of other well-known porn stars who get banged by Ryan himself. The quality and the quantity that the website provides is nothing short of mesmerising. It offers quality 4k videos and even network access to bonus sites.

Another quality website that deserves mention is the Melone Challenge, featuring Mia Melone. Here, the professional model challenges a bunch of amateur guys to satisfy her in front of the camera. The content is hard-core and realistic, and the quality they provide is superb in a word.

You can also check out Danielle FTV, featuring Danielle who is a busty, amateur pornstar doing masturbation and having orgasms in real life, as well as getting banged by some guys.

Overall Review of "My Sexy Lily"

My Sexy Lily, a website created and featured by Lily Singh, is quite a unique one. Although any significant porn production networks do not back the site, it fares well when it comes to providing a decent amount of content to the patrons.

With over one hundred and sixty materials to choose from, there is no way you will be left disappointed by Lily herself, who indulges in some freaky solo action and doesn’t shy away from the viewer’s varied demands.

The website is straightforward and convenient to use, but there are still some rough edges with this website which needs work. There are over sixty plus photo sets featuring Lily herself, but you cannot download them in .zip format which makes downloading the photos very tedious.

The content requires some variation, and after a certain point, it might appear a bit monotonous. Also, the content schedule is very irregular as compared to its competitors. The quality of the content is not consistent as well. Some of them are good, while some of them might appear to be hideous.

However, a decent number of them come in legitimate quality. It also provides some bonus content where other models demonstrate Tantric massages and Kama Sutra sex positions. You can also see Lily performing Live Cam shows in exchange for some extra amount added to your membership. 

You can also indulge in Sex chat with the model herself without any additional charge.

There is no access to any network sites though, as it is a standalone website. It also comes with affordable subscription offers, and overall, if you are looking for some legitimate and exclusive Indian porn content-look no further, as “My Sexy Lily” is smashing out in this category.

Parting Words

Hope you liked our comprehensive, in-depth review of “My Sexy Lily” and we have been able to clear all your doubts regarding the same. Stay tuned with us for more such reviews. Till then, indulge yourself in sensual eroticism and stay entertained!

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