Free Pornhub Premium Account (2020)

Pornhub is one of the best platforms to watch some of the hottest and kinkiest porn movies.

The platform has made a mark in the porn industry since it’s  launch in  2007.

A good deal of audience (which is one-third of the population) has been involved in searching porn on the internet with Pornhub being a go-to website for millions of people.

When the site launched Pornhub Premium, people went crazy over its 4K ultra HD quality videos and massive number of pornstars offering tons of special moves. 

Not only this, the site has more than 80 pages of Virtual Reality (VR) porn content which you can watch with your VR headsets for an incredible real-life experience. However, the platform is  a paid one, people are finding it challenging to give the necessary amount for an adult platform.

But do you know you can avail a free Pornhub premium account without any payments or security deposits? Well, we can tell you how to do it.

What’s the Catch with Free Pornhub Premium Account?

Well, I’m sure you must have visited the Pornhub Premium’s membership page once during your journey. It offers you the following prices on its membership prices.

  • 1-month membership will cost you $9.99.
  • One year membership will cost you $95.88.

What you don’t know is that Pornhub Platinum comes at a free trial price for 7 days.. That’s right, folks! It means seven days of unlimited porn right on your screens!!

How to Get Pornhub Premium for Free?

Interested in getting a Pornhub Premium account for free? Well, it is a lot easier. We will be guiding you through the process step by step, and you will ultimately land on 7 days of free access to unlimited premium porn.

Step 1 - Setting up your account 

The first step in getting a free Pornhub Premium account is to sign up on the website. You can go through the link by clicking here. If you already have an account on the site, then you need to fill in the details in the login section.

However, people who don’t have their accounts on the platform go through the above-given link, and you will reach the landing page of Pornhub Premium. Just fill in the details (available username, your email address and a password).

Step 2 - Payment Information    

Premium porn sites don’t give anything for free because getting something free in today’s world without actually doing anything is really a myth. These sites offer such trials to ensure that they don’t lose money.

This is why you have to legitimize their investment by providing your credit card details which will act as proof that you can easily pay for the membership. However, you will not be charged as long as this 7- day trial period.

Pornhub really knows that you will like their site and ultimately you will go-ahead for the monthly membership at least as 3 out of every 4 people tend to stay on the platform even after their trial expires.

Step 3 - Some Renewal and Cancellation Policy to Know About      

The billing statements that these sites use are quite discreet and generally come as MBI*PROBILLER.COM-xxx-xxx-xxxx (‘x’ is some totally secure reference number) such that no one can know about your spanking stuff.

The site accepts all kinds of payment methods, including Mastercard, JCB Co., Visa, and Discover for a hassle-free registering and viewing experience. If you want unlimited porn and do not want to go for the renewal process, then cancel your subscription before the clock strikes midnight on the last day. 

Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically renewed for 1 month at $9.99 (which is comparatively lower prices than other top porn sites on the internet). The subscription to your service can be terminated at any time and without any explanation.

If you are still not convinced, you can go ahead the entire cancellation terms of the Pornhub Premium by going through this link:

Points to Note

There are lots of sites on the internet which give random  usernames and passwords of Pornhub premium which are nothing but a waste of time. These tricks do not work at all. Please stay away from such internet scams because they aim to gather an audience to increase the traffic on their websites.

Instead, try the above steps, which will surely give you unlimited free access to the world-class collection of premium porn.


We totally feel you when you think it is a waste of money in getting a membership to a porn network when you can find loads of free porn on the internet. But the Pornhub Premium experience is something different altogether!

This is why we brought you some techniques on how you can get a free Pornhub Premium account. Keep following us because we keep on posting tons of great stuff to help you get ahead with your personal, intimate life.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or need any suggestions about any more of such things, you can send us your queries, we will be happy to help you out. Let’s meet some other time and hope you will have a great day! 

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