ListCrawler Review (2020)

List Crawler is the site that crawls the internet for escort ads and also publishes these ads on the site.

These ads are not published on the site directly. The third-party website collects these ads and posts them on

It is also known as Escort Babylon which lets young babes around your area to post free ads to hook up with young boys.

These ads are categorized according to the cities in the US. Which ad is shown to you, depending on your location in the US.

If you are searching for sexy chic escorts, then is the best site.

You can see the pictures of many hot babes looking for young boys to have sex. It was registered in 2012.

Now they have closed the back-page owing to a large amount of traffic on the site.

Thousands of people look for alternative websites to find escorts, and Listcrawler is one of them, which is used in the hopes of getting what they look for.

Unique Features of ListCrawler

There are some additional features at Listcrawler, which we did not go through. The basic information has been covered already, and now we are going to have some awesome time ahead. If you want to have some fun with a hot woman of the night, then read it carefully.

The website design is a bit outdated, but it does not mean that the service it provides is too, then you are wrong . Listcrawler gives its best to help you find escorts in your location or nearby areas. It is absolutely free to use this site. So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and check this site right now and get these horny girls for your lonely nights. You will be glad to see that decent chunks of the content areas were devoted to showing you some escorts in your locations or nearby areas.

But a horrible thing I have noticed is, there are no new profiles added since 2018. Since escorts can mostly work for up to a year once. I found many profiles that are associated with horny girls who are no more part of this escorts industry.

It would be a problem for those who are living out of the United States, but those living in the United States can have all the fun with these lusty chicks because it is a very popular site in the US.

Listcrawler Could be more user-friendly

Though it has many features that make this site popular, there are some more features that can be added as well to improve the site or to make it more user-friendly.

When you click on the post, you can read the introduction part of the provider, get her personal number if she has provided, can know her age, and see as many pictures as she has selected to post.

The gold standard for an escort advertisement website will get all that Listcrawler provides, but it also consists of call information, rates, activities, positions, particular services which are provided, also many more statistics such as height, age, pubic hair, boob size, etc.

There is one more important thing which is missing on the Listcrawler is a direct messaging feature. We know that it is an aggregated list of escort advertisements. But if you really want to make this kind of site in the future, you have to be very careful about its execution a little.

One more thing in which you have to take care of is a user should be able to message at least to those who have signed up with the site. If you have such features, then there would not be an issue if you charge a little subscription fee.

In the end, I would say that Listcrawler is doing a good job and giving its best to make customers happy. I have expressed what I felt. It can again come to the race of the best site with some small changes.

Performance Score (Out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Quality of Service

9 / 10

User Friendly Features

8.5 / 10

Number of models

9 / 10

Streaming options

9 / 10

Value for money

9.5 / 10


9 / 10

Quality of models

10 / 10

Live Stream Quality

10 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

91 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Daily Revenue – 535$
  • Monthly Revenue – 16,288 $
  • Annually Revenue – 195,327 $
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 125,916
  • Monthly Visitors - 3,832,486
  • Yearly Visitors – 45,959,340
  • Sale/Purchase Value- 195,337$
  • Website Value -14,969.71 $
  • Estimated visit in a month: 125,916


Website Address:

Listcrawler gives you the opportunity to choose a girl for your nights. Basically, you are paying for this service. Let us have a look at the site.

As you visit the site, you are asked to confirm that you are 21 years of age or above. You do not need to prove it.

You are greeted by a loud site once you click Enter. It is the best option to do some browsing for escort service.

You will see a red and orange banner at the top of the page, screaming out “ESCORT ALLIGATOR…THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LIST AGGREGATOR”. 

A cartoon chick will be seen beside that holding some kind of goblet. Then you need to select your city you are from. If you are living in any village or a small-sized area, then you are wasting your time on this site, because this service is provided to bigger cities.

But if you are living in a bigger city, then you are so lucky because you will get what you have visited this site. Listcrawler crawls a lot of escort sites on the web and aggregates escort advertisements in the form of a list and display you content according to your location.

It is very important to notice it because it means the site does not provide any built-in services to verify the babes if the girls are real or fake in these ads.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The Listcrawler website is free of cost or even without signing up on the website, you can access the content. The website allows you to select the girl of your choice without paying anything to the website. You can select the escort of your interest and from the location of your choice.

The website has a large number of escorts linked to it for your service. You can even browse the adult content on the website for free of cost. Though you can use the website for free, you have to pay the girls for their escort service.

Every website has many advantages and disadvantages which you should go through before using any website. Below are some of the pros and cons of the website that help you to understand the website in a better way.


  • It is free of cost website.
  • It is a mobile-compatible site.
  • This is at the top ALEXA position of all time.
  • It does not use Meta Keywords.
  • Domain remains active all the time.
  • Listcrawler makes it easy for you to find your sex partner in your area in the US
  • A big amount of members are linked to Listcrawler.
  • Daily Classifieds are present on the website for its members for easy search.
  • The site has plenty of escorts for its members.
  • Thousands of pictures of sexy babes are available on the website.
  • Unlimited hot girls are linked to Listcrawler to serve its customers.


  • The website does not take any responsibility for the ads shown on the site.
  • Ads can be placed by any spammers, law enforcement, etc.
  • The identity of the website’s owner is not revealed.
  • Information provided by the hot babes is not verified by the site.
  • The set up of the site belongs to three countries only.
  • The site uses a computer that is used by many websites.
  • It is involved in human trafficking.
  • Your personal information is collected by the website.
  • It is a bit risky to use this site.
  • The site is lacking information about girls.
  • You are not allowed to message the girl of your choice.
  • Many posts on the site look unreal or fake.
  • The site does not verify the girls.
  • There are no advanced search options present on this website.

Competitors of ListCrawler

There are many competitors of, such as AdultFriendFinder and Instabang. These all are famous sites on the internet. But none can compare to Listcrawler as it has its own good network.

You can have the experience of choosing a hot babe and sleeping with her for nights, which you cannot get anywhere else so easily. Many sites are giving their best to compete Listcrawler, but they could not succeed. It is very common for a new user to have sex on his first night using this site.

If you have not checked Listcrawler yet, then you must try for this site now. You will be astonished to see hundreds of chicks near you that are actually desperate to find a handsome man to fuck them or for a one night stand. There is a site called WhatsYourPrice with its slogan “Pay to Date.”

This is also becoming popular day by day with the user base of around 1 million members. It is also like Listcrawler; girls post their profiles and list their price for the date. If anyone agrees to the fee they are charging, then a date is set up.

These babes are not escorts, unlike Listcrawler as the site claims too; they are regular women doing so for extra income. This is the only difference between these two sites.

Final Verdict

Listcrawler is the best option for you if you are looking for some sexy babes to have some fun.

This site provides free adult content and information about the escorts near your area. If you are looking for a date or a free casual hookup, then Listcrawler is the best site for you where you will find like-minded babes and have the action for free.

The first step you need to follow is to have a video chat with the chicks of your choice. You can use this site for a regular hook up. The site design is very basic and simple; you can change the view of the website as per your interests.

Listcrawler has thousands of lusty chicks whom you can contact and have some bang-bang with. You can see the profiles and the pictures of the horny girls linked to this website that will surely help you to select the girl of your choice.

It is a mobile compatible website, so you can use it anywhere and anytime on your mobile. There are large numbers of similar sites, but Listcrawler is quite popular among its viewers.

Parting Words

I have discussed the deep overview of the Listcrawler website covering the advantages and disadvantages too. It is one of the leading websites providing escort service in the USA. I hope my review will help you to get the insight of the website about its usage, and you will take full advantage of this website.

You can read more advantages and disadvantages of the website and get a better idea about the website and know its actual flaws and benefits.

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