Top 15+ Hottest Free Males OnlyFans Accounts to follow.

Looking for the sexiest and hottest Free Males OnlyFans accounts to follow?

What exactly is OnlyFans and how did it become a headline-grabbing sensation? Creators of adult content have found their alternative homeplace in OnlyFans.

You can easily subscribe to their high quality content in the form of photos, videos, Gifs, sexchats, and many more things are waiting for you.

Slowly progressing since its debut in 2016, OnlyFans has taken off its flight because of 2 significant reasons: ongoing pandemic and celebrity factor. 

These two factors have worked in conjunction to transform this ordinary platform into a piping hot sensation. While women of various colors, ethnicities, races etc have catched the public eye, it is the male models that have been left behind. 

This is why we have explored some hottest free males OnlyFans account. You can thank us later!

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Top OnlyFans Accounts We Highly Recommend (MUST JOIN)  

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Top 15 Best FREE Males Onlyfans Accounts: hottest men on Onlyfans

With 3.1 million followers, Scott Timlin has started off our list with a bang. 

With 193 posts, you can get all his posts for free. The model also has a VIP page to see exclusive content, archived footage as well as exclusive offers.

The VIP page has $14.99 per month as its rate and currently got an offer of 50% off running.

He has a turbo dick from MTV which makes girls fall over him truly and madly. His 6 pack abs, British looks, and blonde hair are adding to his popularity.

This hottie male model is garnering 25.2K Insta followers as the creator of Gogo for the Gold.

Living on a Christmas tree farm in the North pacific, Greg loves to make high quality erotica content. 

Thus you will see him jerking off amidst the natural beauty of the Pacific farms which is loved by his 32.8K Only Fans followers.

You have a lot of themes to explore by watching his 315 posts for free.

He posts full length videos every week that are 30-45 minutes long and shot with 3-4 cameras, giving high quality premium content.

Also check out his premium page if you want to connect with him deeply and personally.

3. Stiph

Stiph is our cute and innocent boy next door. 

His sexy body and charming personality is visible through his 665 photos and 100 videos which are all available for free on the Onlyfans platform.

He is a jack of all trades as he identifies himself as a fiction writer ,healthcare worker ,rideshare driver, marathon runner, and finally a Model and actor.

2024 has been lucky for this model as he bagged the awards of Gender bender extravaganza, Munchies Megastar, Dicktator, as well as Best Booty.

If you went out on a terrible date, you can get back your joy by watching his dick.

This Australian charm will mesmerize you in his Bondi beach photos where he showcases his perfect beach-ready body. 

His account hosts 324 photos and 62 videos which you can binge-watch for free.

Look at that beach bum set behind the gushing blue waters of Sydney!

Now we know the secret behind his 40.7K likes on Onlyfans.

That Bi guy’s free page has 475 posts and 30.9K fans, and you should be the +1 among these. 

Try him out and if you love him like we do, join his premium page for X-rated content. 

He is also an Instagram sensation with 65.9K followers which he built on quickly after his old page was deleted.

After all , fans love his anal play, cream pie, cum shots, piss, jerking, feet, sex tapes etc. He also provides free sex tapes for new fans.

But don’t ask him for PPV content as it is not his forte.

Stephen can instantly increase the temperature of the room with his hot looks. 

The dreadlocks, sharp jawline, bulky black body, thick lips, and the cherry on the cake are 100+ kinds of tattoos all over his body canvas.

He is a Canadian-Nigerian singer, songwriter, music producer, actor, filmmaker,

and now becoming talk of the town with 42.9K and 100K followers on OnlyFans and Insta respectively. 

Subscribe to his account to watch him in action in his 1.6K photos and 333 videos.

With 14.2K Insta followers, the next in our list is a cute gay couple whose’ free account will give you 153 posts to browse through. 

Subscribe them to their VIP account and get daily free chat , VIP ONLY content, ability to request custom content.

You can also purchase exclusive content as an extra!

They establish rapport with their fans by opening all of the images & videos that they send. The couple also follows you back!

Just tip them with $100 and become a member of their VIP community.

Another gay account that is free on Onlyfans is of Jacob and Harley who are still in their 20s. 

Jacob’s personality is made by his brunette hair, hazel eyes, 6'1 height, Leo, Vers King, 8.5" long / 7.5" around / cut.

While Harley is blessed with blond hair, blue eyes, 6' tall, Gemini, Vers King + Power Bottom, 7" long / cut.

The couple knows to spend quality time together. When they are not working, they are gaming, hiking, cooking for family, and loving life.

The account is jointly run by two fitness enthusiasts Kaden and Tyler Hylls.

LetsEatCakeFree page is full of hot videos, photos and teasers, which are enjoyed by their 25.9K fans. 

They come under top 0.14% of Onlyfans creators because they are providing threesome scenes with famous porn stars in the industry, orgy scenes, 1 on 1 raw sex between both the guys, and so much more.

Join their premium page to get personal attention by these boys.

Viggo provides 165 posts of hot steamy content for free on his free page of onlyfans. 

But if you want more of him without any censors, you could visit his premium account.

He is a sport, food, and travel lover which you will notice in his content as he uses food for an orgasm.

Attracting 203 gram followers, Viggo will shake up like anything.

He is big and you will love him and his content as well.

The next in our list is this British hottie who has grabbed 95.1K likes on his OnlyFans page.

And why not, he is a tattooed stud with a 9 inch cock. Joe is a desirable man for all gender.

That’s the desire of every woman as well as men.

He is 27 year old but commands 1105 Instagram followers and 153K on Twitter. 

His sexy British body full of tattoos will tease out of your desires and leave you wanting for more.

If what you see below is not enough to jump on his Onlyfans profile, you need to reconsider your fantasies.

The best part is that he is providing 311 posts for free to bless your eyes with his tattoos, dick, chest, and everything in between.

After watching him, I doubt you could resists yourself in wanting more of him.

That’s why Joshua has a premium OnlyFans account which you can subscribe for $7.99 per month.

Fox tommy has 390 posts and 15.7 fans because he is providing a range of content options to users. 

They include custom video pro,B/B and B/G content, Ass play, Personal requests, Solo content, Fetish friendly,sex tapes, Dick ratings, Underwear for sale, Live streams, lifetime Daddy, Feet as well as Spit play.

He is a bi-curious guy who wants to relish all of his manly desires with the world out there.

You can also look into his archive section where he has put up his most videos on sale.

He has 4167 Insta followers for his quality content on social media.

With 16.3K insta followers, Aaron is proving to be a heartthrob of the ladies. 

Remember, if you want to get faster replies from his sexy man, you need to tip him.

This will get your message on the top in his Dms.

He also has a coule page with the username @hotinkedcouple.

Subscribe them at $14.99 t see the couple in full action mode for your sexual fantasies.

Watching Arron licking off those boobies and ass would bless your eyes like never before.

Nick Hawk does justice to his name as he has adapted his body with the features and sharp looks of a hawk. 

The body is another canvas for his tattoo artist where you find all sorts of artistry stuff in the most unique way.

He is loved by his 9K fans because he is he the star of your favorite adult tv show on  Showtime, $1 million insured penis tatto, Nick Hawk sex toy line, playgirl centerfold.

He has also been featured as Men's Health UK Cover Fitness Model. This stripper legend has the thickest and nicest cock of dimension 6' 205 lbs.

And that's why everyone calls him ‘BIG LOAD KING’.

The last model in our list is 6'7" tall with a Big black and hung stature.

You can binge watch his 189 photos and 63 videos for free on his Onlyfans Page.

He always appreciates tips for all his hard work and his nude massages are the best you could ask for on a tiring day.

He has attracted 1.3K fans on the adult platform because of his friendly and accommodating personality.

He is always ready to collaborate with sexy people for his content game.

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