Top 20+ Fitness Models on OnlyFans to follow in 2022


Looking for the sexiest and hottest fitness OnlyFans accounts to follow?

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Top 20 Hottest Fitness Models with Onlyfans (Upd 2022)

De rankin

Model with social media savvy Ana Cheri gained her fan base by chronicling her competitive attitude as a multi-time titlist in Nation Physique Committee, the premier amateur bodybuilding organization.

Since then, she's created her own gym, developed the "Get Fit by Cheri Fit" training programmed, and became CEO of her new Cheri Fit Activewear company.

The ex Playmate, who has her own sportswear brand, publishes workouts as well as videos and photographs from professional shoots showcasing her hard work in the gym. Get a sample of her material by signing up for her basic account, or become a VIP only for $29.99 to access more videos and photos.


Blair is using OnlyFans to promote health and wellness content such as exercises and self-care suggestions. So, if you're looking for some real encouragement to help you focus on your health and wellbeing, as well as enhance your lifestyle, check out her helpful recommendations.

Body By Blair stated that OnlyFans has linked her to so many individuals by allowing her to define herself & share what she loves, and that it has been the ideal site for her as a gym fanatic. For her, fitness is a way of life and a continuing quest. It enables her to develop my mind and body while also believing in my abilities. She highlights the many sorts of workouts she undertakes on her platform, as well as recommendations for living a healthy, balance life and her normal routine.


HIIT is a sort of exercise that consists of cardiac activities followed by rest and recovery intervals, and then the procedure is repeated.

HIIT is among the finest methods to get in shape, and HIIT With Paloma is a great place to start. She provides her best health and wellness ideas on her page, as well as her HIIT exercises.

On OnlyFans, she talked about her experience. Paloma's journey on OnlyFans has been, to put it mildly, AWESOME! She enjoys producing and publishing exercise videos, and the comments she receives from my followers on their growth and workout experience with her making it all the more enjoyable.

Fitness may have a huge influence on your life.

Combining activity and a healthy lifestyle can lower your risk of disease, improve your cardiovascular health, and increase your endurance! Everyone should incorporate at least 30 mins of exercise into their daily regimen.


Desirable and hot Kiera Bernier is yet another creator of OnlyFans. In terms of her professional life, she is an athlete who enjoys volleyball & gymnastics with one hand and dance on the other.

She has a beautiful form and a lovely physique that entices you as well as your manhood all the time. Bernier learned fitness in university and also makes workout videos for her followers.

Bernier began creating smart bite-sized workout programming exploiting the limits of at-home equipment after the pandemic prompted gym closures.


Holly Barker is among the most beautiful bodies on OnlyFans. Aside from having most sexiest figure, the inventor is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

She owns her own gym & spa line, with around 5 facilities now in operation. Her passion for fitness is unrivalled, and she also organizes fitness mentor programmed to instruct others.

This athlete-meets-model has founded five gyms, developed a fitness/business mentoring programmed, and competed on the nationwide Bikini Bodybuilding show nine times.

She is putting all of her industry knowledge into her OnlyFans profile, which offers live lessons as well as food and nutrition guidance. 

Barker has two different OnlyFans pages: HollyBarker and HollyBarkerFitness, where she provides exercises and recipes, and HollyBarkerFitness, where she shows off her sensual side with photos and behind-the-scenes peeks into the development of her material.


Come for the modelling photographs, but stay for the fantastic advise. Mara's page, which includes live workouts, culinary sessions, tailored food plans, and Q&As, pretty well wraps it up. It gives her the impression that she is teaching and engaging with her audience on a profound level, she has stated.

This model, fitness instructor, developer, and food photography does more than simply post sexy photos on OnlyFans. Alex Mara's feed is where you can find her sharing exercise techniques, lifestyle advice, dietary recommendations, and more.

Follow Mara's OnlyFans for free, then pay to access more stuff.


While Castano uses Instagram to provide more lifestyle-based curated content, the Aussie trainer utilises OnlyFans to give exclusive exercise videos, insights into his daily diet, and recommendations on how to live a balanced existence.

He wants to give his subscribers a more raw, behind-the-scenes glimpse at how he trains, said Castano, who has helped Rebel Wilson as well as actress Rita Ora become and remain in shape.

For $9.99 each month, join Castano's OnlyFans page.


Do you want to bulk up? Stevens knows a lot about physique building as a former competitive triathlete who really can squat 455 pounds.

Fortunately, he publishes a plethora of training videos and fitness ideas on his OnlyFans account, which he describes as educational and inspiring with a dash of savagery.  

Stevens may be followed for free.


There's little question that Robshaw has picked up a variety of fitness tips and tactics throughout his numerous years of professional British Rugby player and former England captain and luckily for you, he's sharing his physical success secrets on Only Fans. 

Following Robshaw for free, and don't forget to check out his core, rower, and sled routines.


Stitle is renowned by name  KB Steve only for a purpose: he is a professional kettlebell instructor, but those aren't the only sorts of workouts he talks about. 

His most recent "Get Up" exercise series, for example, takes only a tiny amount of room and one heavy object to complete. Keep up with his health content by subscribing to his OnlyFans profile for free.


Starr Hawkins, better known to us as Baby Momma Fit, is a gym instructor headquartered in Miami, Florida, who is available to assist her followers in transforming themselves.

She's become a well-known industry figure, and she's joined OnlyFans to provide exclusive clips, live stream exercises, and eating plans.

When asked about her fitness path and her fantastic experience on OnlyFans, she stated that she began her career in the fitness sector by working at a pilates facility, teaching back-to-back courses and then training private customers.

It was usual with her to eat and change in her car; it was essentially her second home. She had to arrange for babysitters for my kid as well as a dog walker for her dog. She could say yes to almost everything, despite the fact that she was living pay cheque to pay cheque. When Covid arrived, she transitioned from a two-month free exercise on IG live to a membership class on OnlyFans. 

She now spends time with my kid, and her dog occasionally appears in my live courses.


Lil Lulu is a Chicago-based fitness trainer, cosmetic expert, and content developer. She's on OnlyFans to assist you up your fitness game and look and feel your best - so you can enjoy your best possible life.

Lil Lulu spoke about her enthusiasm for training and her passion for OnlyFans, stating that she began her fitness adventure 4 years ago and that it has completely altered her life.

She became a member of OnlyFans in order to provide her beauty and fashion and fitness advice. Her purpose is to inspire individuals to reach their fitness goals as well as to help them gain confidence in themselves.

Her teaching has always emphasised the need of self-love.


TJ Hoban eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness! He is a World Boxing Federation (WBFF) Champion, celebrity trainer, and online coach. As a prominent fitness model, he has graced the covers of over 200 magazine, namely 'Men's Health' and 'Men's Fitness.'

He has also appeared in over 50 films and television programmes, including 'American Horror Story,' 'Deadly Runway,' 'Mike & Molly,' 'CSI: NY,' and 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'

TJ Hoban credits exercise with altering his life, and you can now engage with him through OnlyFans to become a member of his quest and get inspiration.

TJ Hoban described him as a thin, bashful boy with glasses, braces, and no self-confidence. Tired of being ridiculed, he requested for a weight equipment for his 12th birth day and converted his home into a gymnasium.

He appeared on the covers of over 200 fitness publications, collaborated with legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone, and went on to star well over 50 TV series and films, as well as win the WBFF USA Fitness Championship.


Eliza Watson is indeed an Instagram celebrity and social media celebrity from the U S, as well as a fitness & fashion model.

She got to notoriety as an Instagram curvy model by uploading stunning, voluptuous, and enticing modelling photos and videos. She is also very well for her TikTok lip-sync videos.

Eliza is being nurtured by her parents and relatives in the United States. She started surfacing on Instagram by uploading her sultry, voluptuous, and stunning images and clips, having been a fashion and fitness junkie since a young age.

She climbed to fame on the network at first, acquiring millions of admirers for her photographs and videos.

She will soon appear on the covers of several fashion and fitness magazines.


On Bikini Warrior’s OnlyFans, you get to unlock her deepest and her sexiest desires, and you also get to know her inside and out. 

She is huge fitness advocate, crossfit to be specific. She looks after bodya nd like to keep it in great shape. Her wall is explicit with the option to personalised custom videos and pictures.

She will provide you her premium snapchat for all her subscribers at no extra cost. You can also request for additional services such as dick ratings and pre made videos.

With over 400+ videos and 4000+ images you will always be entertained by my wide variation of content. She is quite chatty and really enjoys getting to know my fans, on both a intimate and personal level.

Ultimately, if you join her, I can assure you that you are here for a good time.

16. Kaitt


If you've ever imagined what that attractive girl at the gyms and on the woods looks like nude, now is your chance. She will make that fantasy come true.

She's a little triathlete who enjoys showing off and interacting with individuals she would not have met otherwise.

She enjoys chatting and sharing her fantasies. Go see her tight petite body go wicked since she's an exhibitionist.

Her content or service on OnlyFans include passionate sex videos all included which are 10-20 minutes each, 1 on 1 intimate messaging, daily pics, dick rating, erotic stories.

With nearly 300 media content on her profile, subscribing to her OnlyFans for  a price of $14.99 per is totally worth it.

OnlyFans profile link: 


Lola Montez is a fitness model and IFBB figure competitor from Canada. Lola has won several competitions, including the WBFF World Champs and the Arnold Amateur.

Lola's initial objective, however, was to get again into form after delivering two children.

Nevertheless, the more Lola exercised, the more she fell in love with fitness, propelling her becoming a full-time athlete and an inspiration to other female athletes that look up to her.

She posts pictures and videos on OnlyFans that she isn’t able to put on Instagram.

18. Annie


Annie is a competitive powerlifter, a fitness coach and nutrition coach.

Annie’s content is made up of thong and bikini pictures, try on hauls, progress pics, dance videos, workouts, nutrition and then lifting forms and techniques for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

If you have subscribed to her profile for a monthly payment of $13.99, she will also take request for custom pics and videos.

19. Liam


Liam is a hot and handsome hunk, which helps him to make into the list.

He is known to be very interactive and engaging with his subscribers. 

He posts daily nudes for you on his feed. 

You can ask for custom videos and pics on his personal DM, you have acces to his hot sextapes and tips can get you into his favorites list too.


You won't receive total nudity if you join to Nataly Fitness, but you will get a tonne of stuff that is perhaps so slightly hotter than her Instagram...and her Instagram has already been sexy as hell.

The nicest thing about Nataly Fitness is that her profile membership is completely free.

There are no catch. Nothing. We are confident that this indicates that she will have PPV material in the future.

However, for the time being, you may subscribe to the OnlyFans account of one of the fitness models and get to sample everything for free.


We were contemplating whether or not to include Fir Girl Next Door

This is due to the fact that she is still fresh to OnlyFans and thereforedoes not have a large amount of content accessible. We determined, however, that we should.

This attractive fit girl has already amassed quite a fanbase on Insta, and we now have no question that she will be generating a plethora of OnlyFans material for her devoted followers as well.

Hell, based on what we've seen thus far, this woman is certainly likely to be useful the money once she has all that amazing footage flowing in

Why fitness models are turning up to OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is jam-packed with fitness material, so no matter what your objectives, preferences, or physical ability are, there's bound to be a way to benefit from the site.

As Castano pointed out, OnlyFans enables you to work alongside trainers from all around the world and experiment with various types of training which you might not have been introduced to otherwise.

Mara's best advise is to take your time in selecting the ideal trainer for you.

Cheri believes it's crucial to find individuals that make you want to work out since everyone has different requirements and personalities.

She went on to say that motivation is equally as crucial as consistency when it comes to seeing results.

If you have any fitness or training questions, please message me personally and I will assist you. Because everyone of our fitness experiences is unique, it's difficult to provide one size fits all guidance.

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