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First Met

FirstMet is a dating site that has been catering to the relationship requirements of individuals for more than a decade.

It was first launched in 2007 by the name 'Are You Interested'.

However, the site was majorly transformed in 2012. It not only got a new name in 2012 but new features were also incorporated in it to make it more user-friendly and fun for the users.

Initially, it was meant to be a dating site for individuals who are only looking for serious relationships and lifelong commitments.

It is still a matchmaking site, but opportunities for casual dating, friendships, and non-committed relationships have also been included after considering the new dating preferences of millennials and matured individuals. A noticeable aspect of this site is that it has more mature singles than youngsters.

The average age of men and women registered on this site is 35, and this tells that most of its members have already been a part of committed relationships or marriage before signing-up on FirstMet. It does not mean that it has less scope for singles in the age group from 18 to 25.

The site claims to have over 30 million members. Therefore, people belonging to every age group are utilizing it for meeting new people, making friends, or for dating purposes. 

It is a matchmaking site which means that you will have to provide a lot of information about your ethnicity, religion, dating preferences, physical statistics, interests, hobbies, and much more. However, you don't have to provide all this information while creating an account.

You can simply enter a few details like your email id, name, gender, and dating preferences while signing-up and the other information can be provided later. Also, you can directly sign-up via your Facebook profile.

This process hardly consumes a few seconds as it takes information and profile pictures from your Facebook account. If you are not using your Facebook account for signing-up, then you can provide a picture of yours to be used as a profile photo.

However, it is not mandatory because the registration process can be completed without a profile picture. Registering, sending and receiving messages, browsing profiles, etc. is free on this site. However, search functions, filters, and a few other advanced features are only provided to premium users.

Special features of FirstMet

The best thing about FirstMet is that it has real people from all parts of the world. It is a legitimate site that doesn't take help from bots and fake profiles to advertise or promote its features. Most members are from Canada, the United States, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, chances of finding an interesting person who also lives nearby you get maximized if you reside in any one of these countries. FirstMet recognizes your location automatically, and you can set it as the location in your profile.

However, if the site is not accurate, then you can change it manually afterwards. Free users do not get the option of searching profiles, but the site suggests a list of matches to them based on their location, interests, and hobbies.

It asks a common question while displaying all the profiles which say whether they are interested in a particular profile or not. If the answer is yes, then the users can click on the 'Yes' button and the interest will be automatically sent to that person.

They can hit on the 'Skip' button if they do not find that profile good enough.

A new profile will be shown to you irrespective of whether you have liked the previous profile or not. If you have shown interest in the last profile, then you will be asked to send a message as soon as you move forward to the next profile.

You can also choose a message from a list of pre-written questions or ice-breakers which you want to send to a particular member. Moreover, the site allows you to send a broadcast message to people who might be interested in you.

For that, you need to pick an ice-breaker question from a long list, and the site will send it to everyone who matches your profile. However, they do not reveal the number of profiles to which your message has been sent. Premium members can see the people who have visited their profile.

They can also send unlimited messages to the people to whom they have sent interests. It is a complete dating site that has few features of Facebook, a profile swapping feature like Tinder, and appearance of an android or iOS app.

FirstMet Review

Therefore, users get familiar with the interface sooner than they might have anticipated while or before creating a profile.

The account creation process is pretty quick. The new members are asked to select at least three interests from the collection of images right after registration so that they can start matching their profile with others based on their hobbies and interests.

By default, the site matches your profile with profiles of all the countries without any age limit. The gender preference is provided initially and therefore, it does sort profiles based on gender, but no age limit is specified by default.

You can restrict people from searching and viewing your profile by clicking on the option 'Control Who Sees You'. After clicking on it, you can make your location visible within 40kms, 150kms, 800kms or 2500kms.

You can also choose to get connected with any profile of your country by selecting the 'My Country' filter. By default, the age range is set from 18 to 99. However, you can change it according to your preference. Once you have selected the age and location preference, you can apply it for future searches.

You can also choose the profiles that you want to see by exploring the 'Show filters' option. If you do not find many matches according to your set preferences, then you can always expand your preferences by using the 'Show filters' option located at the top left corner of your list of matches.

We will explore some more features in the below sections.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Ease of use

10 / 10

Real people

10 / 10

Customer satisfaction

9 / 10


9 / 10

Search and filter options

9 / 10


10 / 10

Value for time

10 / 10


10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

95 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Video chat, Blogs, Advanced search
  • The average number of users at a time – 1K
  • The average monthly visitors – 1.70 million
  • Fake profiles – Rare
  • Fake profiles – Rare
  • Bisexual users – Yes but rare
  • Is it safe – Yes
  • Dating niche – Online dating, casual video chats, flirting, serious dating, etc.


Website address –

Average visits per month – 1.70 million

FirstMet has a simple yet decent looking website.

Its neat layout and smooth navigation provide a user-friendly and hassle-free experience to the users.

The homepage allows the members to send ice-breaker messages to numerous profiles at once.


It also enables them to set and expand their filters that are based on ethnicity, age, and distance (location). Free users can browse unlimited profiles and pictures. They can also upload ten photos that include one profile picture and nine other pictures.

For changing your email address, you will have to first click on your profile in which there is a separate section reserved for editing email preferences. You can also choose whether you want to get notified via an email if you get to receive new likes, messages, replies, ice-breaker messages, etc.

You can even choose whether you want to receive app updates, promotion emails of new offers, etc. on your email address or not by editing the default preferences provided in the 'Email Preferences' section.

The 'Profile' page helps you to change your profile picture, interests, hobbies, music preferences, dating preferences, height, body type, eye colour, diet, etc. You can also specify your drinking, smoking, drugs, and other habits using the 'My Profile' section.

You can also add details about your kids (if you have any), career, and even income if you feel like disclosing them. Features can be added in several other subsections to create a well-detailed profile. Members can browse all their photos by visiting the 'My Photos' section provided in the 'Profile' page.

For changing the search settings and other settings, you can visit the 'Settings' section. Premium account holders can check their payment history and other details related to their premium account by clicking on the 'Premium Account' section.

You will have to visit the 'Connection' page to browse the profiles you have liked and to see the profiles who have loved you.

How to Make an Account in

This page also shows your matches and the profiles of people who have visited your profile. This page also allows you to complete your profile by answering all the questions one-by-one. You can even skip a problem if you do not feel comfortable sharing that particular detail or information.

To explore and see your potential matches, you can click on the 'Browse' webpage. At the bottommost part of the homepage, you will see pages like 'FAQs', 'Help', 'Blogs', 'Safety Tips', etc. The stories of couples who got hitched through this site are provided in the 'Success Stories' page.

The blog has interesting articles related to online dating, how to create an attractive profile, and other trending topics are also covered. Therefore, people who love to read articles and blogs on love and relationships can visit this page.

The 'Safety Tips' page lists all the essential tips that you need to follow while meeting and dating individuals through an online platform. If you are facing any technical error or any other issue, then you can use the 'Report Bug' page.

It contains a detailed form in which you need to select the subject and topic of your issue after providing necessary details like your name, email id, etc. After that, you can describe your issue in detail in the message box.

Moreover, it also allows you to attach screenshots of the errors or bugs that you are facing. For accessing more details about their support services, you can visit the 'Help/Contact' page. FAQs are provided in the form of detailed articles and are classified in their respective sections.

You can also follow FirstMet's Facebook page by clicking on the 'Like' button provided at the bottom of the homepage.

Pricing  & Membership Fees

The basic membership is offered for free. To utilize premium features, you can subscribe to a premium plan. The cost of the premium plans are as follows:

  • Monthly plan - $24.99
  • Quarterly plan - $49.99, i.e. you spend $16.66 per month after availing this plan.
  • Six-monthly plan - $74.97, i.e. you spend $12.50 per month after availing this plan.

The payment for the premium plans can be made through a credit card or a PayPal account.


  • FirstMet provides a unique video chat feature to the premium members. This feature allows a user to send a video chat request to their matches. It also includes voice support.
  • Members can ensure the genuineness of their matches by using the video chat feature.
  • Through 'Icebreakers', the members can connect with people that meet their dating preferences and other criteria. If someone finds you attractive, he/she can even reply to these messages.
  • Premium members can search friends of their friends', i.e. mutual connections. They can also use the advanced search option to explore profiles that match specific interests, hobbies, and preferences.
  • You can download a mobile app for a more personalized experience. They have provided distinct apps for iPhone and Android users which makes it more convenient to the mobile phone users.
  • You can download a mobile app for a more personalized experience. They have provided distinct apps for iPhone and Android users which makes it more convenient to the mobile phone users.
  • The premium plans of FirstMet are quite affordable. Premium users also get access to a particular customer support team that responds to their requests and complaints on priority.
  • The profiles of premium members get boosted by three times, and this improves their chances of connecting with like-minded individuals dramatically.
  • The inbox has separate sections reserved for sent and received messages. The users can even delete their older messages. The deleted messages get transferred to the 'trash' box, which can be explored if you want to view those messages later.
  • If you are new to the online dating world, then you should read the safety tips and blogs that are uploaded on this portal. Advice on various dating niches and types are provided through these blogs and tips.
  • You can connect with thousands of online profiles seamlessly through this site.


  • Some profiles keep reappearing in the list of suggested matches even if you have skipped them multiple times. There is no option to reject a profile or remove these matches from the list of suggested profiles.
  • This site offers limited dating and chatting options.
  • It lacks the perfect matchmaking algorithm that some of the premium dating sites offer.
  • Mobile users can choose to connect with both male and female members, whereas people who are using the desktop version can choose either female or male members as their potential matches.
  • Users will find very few transsexuals and bisexual individuals on this site.
  • Users do not get the opportunity to provide detailed introductions in their profile. For example, you will not be able to describe your personality in detail and neither will you be able to explain your dating preferences or partner preferences in detail.


Several premium dating websites are active on the internet. Among those sites,, Elite Singles, eharmony, etc. are ideal for those who want to indulge in serious relationships.

If someone needs an open platform to date, hook-up, and even to find potential matches sites like OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc. can prove to be more than handy. However, we found sites like Pure, Zoosk, and Skout to be the main competitors of

Like FirstMet, Pure also provides potential matches continuously and has a simple and minimalistic interface just like it. However, you will have to provide your credit card details even while creating a free account. Also, there are limited users online at any given time on this site.

Skout, on the other hand, has a great looking and user-friendly website. It is safe for any type of dating and allows users to interact via a community. It even allows teenagers of age 13 and above to register, which means that it focuses on the younger generation more.

Customer Support 

The FAQs are stored in the FAQ webpage, and it can also be found in the 'Help/Contact' page. Separate FAQs are provided for registration issues, for new members, premium membership and billing issues, account issues, app users, etc.

Therefore, it becomes easy for users to find solutions to their errors and problems. If you want to report an issue or file a complaint, you can click on this link -

For more information on their support services, please visit this page -

Final Verdict 

FirstMet can be a bit confusing as it does not support a particular niche. However, it does provide a lot of free features that will help you to find online friends, and you might even engage romantically with someone through this site. It is also open to casual relationships.

Therefore, we recommend it to users who are not in a hurry of hooking-up or marrying someone as it is more suited for individuals who like to see where a particular relationship takes them.

Parting words

FirstMet is an ideal platform for romantic heads who do not mind getting naughty occasionally!

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