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A Complete Guide on Fellatio (2020)

After a tiring day at work, your man deserves a pleasurable night. That’s what attracted him to come to you at the end of his hectic shift.

After feeding him his favourite meal, before he drifts off into sleep, why not give him the best dream he could have? Well, that dream starts with your mouth on his penis!

It is time for the much-awaited fellatio treatment, which will surely drive him crazy if the best techniques are followed.

Now, for the noobs out there, the primary question is what the heck is fellatio? Do you have this same question in mind? Well, not to worry as you are not the only one.

In layman’s term, fellatio is the term for oral sex that is performed on a male. This word was derived from “Fellatus,” a Latin word, which translates to “to suck.”

So, if anyone is asking for fellatio, he is asking you for a blow job. If you are down for it, why not give it a try?


Practiced for Thousands of Years

Fellatio is not something new; it has been depicted as a sexual act in ancient times at many places all over the world for thousands of years.

Here, the man’s partner, previously only women but now any gender, uses the mouth for stimulating his penis. That helps in bringing the ultimate pleasure, which can even lead to orgasm. Some people practise blowjobs as foreplay, and some as a replacement of intercourse, to avoid pregnancy.

Then again you have other women looking for this oral sex in case  she wants to protect her virginity or perhaps, maybe during that menstruation time. If the woman is in her last few weeks of pregnancy and wants to give her man the ultimate pleasure, she is more than welcome to give him fellatio.

Also, what if the man cannot penetrate his dick into her vagina? That won’t stop him from enjoying orgasmic pleasure, thanks to a blowjob of course!

But, while we   are on this subject, let’s delve a bit deeper into it, shall we? Even though the blow job seems quite sexually stimulating, it is not always the first thing for everyone to perform, especially if that person has a significant gag reflex. But that won’t stop her from being a pro in fellatio, for sure.

This gag reflex will take a back seat shortly with practice. But, for that, the man’s genital hygiene is a significant point to consider.

If it is in poor condition, without proper shaving of genital hair and smelly penis tip, that will contribute to a lack of interest or discomfort among women to perform blowjob or oral sex on her partner. So, for some pleasure, a man needs to work hard as well.

Nothing works better than a perfectly clean shaven erect dick to attract your partner for that stimulating fellatio!

Getting into some advanced techniques now!

If you have been giving blowjobs for a long time, then you are aware of the basics you need for performing this task. But, trying out some new ideas once in a while can serve you better. If you want to master the art of fellatio, then you have to expand your knowledge.

Sticking to just one technique won’t do you any good. The secret of a great Fellatio  lies within the spirit of desire and adventure, and even your ability to just listen to what your partner is telling you to do, non-verbally or even verbally.

The Ultimate Blowjob Part 01

Perfect eye contact is mandatory

Defined as one of the significant techniques for you to follow, maintaining a sexual connection with your partner during a blow job can always help in turning the heat on.

  • Well, the connection does not always mean staring at your partner. In its place, this might be the perfect time to make eye contact.
  • Use it as one technique to let your partner show you how much he likes your tongue on his penis. Your expressive eyes will tell him a lot during that moment, which will further spice things up a bit.
  • The desire on your face is pretty obvious. So, if you are not enjoying what you are doing to your partner, there’s a great chance, he’ll know about that.

Your tongue’s shape matters a Lot

When you were a kid, your tongue used to fascinate you a lot due to the various shapes that you could make with it. But, when you pass that phase of your life and enter adulthood, it becomes easier for you to forget the multiple ways your tongue might feel depending on your made-up shapes.

  • A wide and a flat tongue will feel quite different from the curled up one or the one, which you can easily roll into one tube.
  • Even the side portion of the edge of your tongue will feel a lot different than the tip, which might feel very different from the flat part right in the middle of the tongue.
  • It is always the guys who will notice this difference the most if you are planning to use the tongue on scrotum or frenulum. But then you have some guys with spots on the shaft of their penis, which are pretty sensitive at the same time.

That perfect blow in your much-awaited blowjob

Even though your attention remains on your man’s penis, you should never ignore his balls or scrotum. They are pretty sensitive to even some of your softest touches as well.

  • Moreover, they are likely to be your source of that tremendous psychological power to the guy. Being nice to them can be thrilling, but being a bit naughty will sensually pleasure him the most.
  • Now, you must be wondering what to do? Try tapping his scrotum with the finger’s pads and never go with the fingernails completely, unless you know that he is rightfully into it. Not everyone loves fingernails, you know.
  • Why not try out circling the balls with your forefinger and thumb and grab scrotum at that point where it meets the penis. Then just gently pull it down  away from his body.
  • If you want, you can further use your fingers just to massage the scrotum and gently play with his balls. It will provide him with a sensual feel which he hasn’t felt before.

Time for the suction power

Sucking your partner’s penis tends to draw more blood into his penile shaft causing it to become more erect.. That helps in creating one voluptuous feeling which he surely will enjoy. Many guys find this pressurized feel to be amazing, more like a BP cuff, but better.

There’s no need for you to maintain that steady suction until he reaches his orgasmic pleasure. In its place, you can vary the pressure while sucking. Experiment with various suctions but cover the head of the penis. 

That will make sure that you do not cause any permanent damage to the Glans of the penis. Sometimes, it can lead to some painful results a few days later, so always be sure to vary the pressure and then check with your partner from time to time if it feels rough or not.

Practising deep throat for ultimate pleasure

This practice of taking the entire penis  into your mouth is discussed a lot these days. A lot of men like this feeling, though it is not entirely clear that they are aroused by the idea only or enjoy the physical stimulation of it.

  • Even fellatio practitioners like to perform this task on their men.
  • Most of the techniques revolving around deep throat mainly emphasize on the importance of the giver always being in full control and learning ways to keep their gag reflex under check.
  • There are multiple websites and oral sex books available, offering detailed and step by step instructions on the same.

The Ultimate Blowjob Part 02

Just a tiny little finger will do the trick!

Well, the anus is always the site of fantastic pleasure filled with nerve endings and is quite sensitive to touch and pressure.

But, unfortunate enough, a lot of straight guys are not quite into anything near their rear region. So, it is always stated that if you want the boys to learn the beauty and pleasure quotient of anal love, fellatio is the starting point for the same.

  • In no time, not only will he get turned on but will also feel the ultimate pleasure. He will keep coming back for more.
  • Once you know more about anal safety and approach this section with caution, you can use the finger to massage or gently stroke the outside of the anus. That helps in adding a lot of pleasurable moments to a blowjob.
  • Even if you haven’t ventured out further, this external stimulation is more than enough to be mind-boggling for the guys who are trying this out for the first time.

Try Humming a Tune

Hummer is an amazing trick and proves to be quite versatile. If you are trying to make some sensuous noises while trying to perform fellatio, it can prove to be a turn on, in preferably two manners.

  • At first, it will let your man know that you are enjoying his penis in your mouth and that understanding will help him to be more relaxed. They will understand you aren’t doing anything out of obligation.
  • Physically, humming helps in creating a powerful vibration within your mouth, and that helps you to create multiple sensations, depending on the various speeds and pitches.

Working your way out perineum massage

The perineum is the area between anus and scrotum. Many men would love a sexual massage at that spot during a blow job.

Based on the level of comfort, you have to start with running your fingers up and right at that area and applying a  bit of pressure. If you begin to press deep right in the middle of that portion, you are stimulating his prostate gland externally, which some men find out to be quite pleasurable.

Fabulous Fellatio #5: The Perenium

Planning to Get a bit rough

If you think that your man likes it rough and you are giving that to him, there are safe ways to do so while running down to his soft and sensitive private parts. For those with long fingernails, you can try experimenting with it just to see if he digs it or not.

  • Similarly, you can use a few of your lower teeth, to stimulate the lower region of the penis’ glans and see how he responds to it.
  • The penis’ shaft, after it has been properly lubricated, can always take a fair amount of friction and squeezing. The same goes for the tip of the penis, but you need to be extra careful on the tip though.
  • When the matters revolve around the scrotum, you should not try to squeeze the testicles directly. On the other hand, with good handling power, you will be surprised to see how a bit of pulling can be executed safely and satisfyingly.

Working Your Way Out Advanced Fellatio Choreography

Well, this is not the dance choreography that we’re talking about here. Rather, it is a way to coordinate a minimum of two different forms of stimulations together and then ramping their intensity up or just bringing them down at a simultaneous rate.

  • It means stimulating two significant erogenous zones at the same time.
  • This move of taking your man’s penis into your mouth, for example, is one way to create suspense and anticipation.
  • Trying to time this action before starting the next move can always create a nice effect. So, orgasms will come out more powerfully, making him happy and content from the start till finish.

The ultimate power Revolving around sex toys

Even though fellatio is enough to win over your man, it can further prove to be a great time if you plan on to introduce some anal action  to turn your man on in no time.

Every time, you can  spice things up by introducing a novel element into the act, and now you can do it easily, thanks to sex toys for that.

  • You can always try to take the help of a small vibrator for that external stimulation mainly around perineum regions while you are busy with your mouth.
  • Then you have some anal vibrators as well, which you can always introduce during oral sex. If you have a comfortable partner to use an anal sex toy, then inserting that anal toy when your man has an orgasmic feel, will double down the enjoyment in just one go.
  • You can try using the vibrating penis ring or that vibrator, which will get right on your tongue. Your man might not be able to notice it initially, but, when you start giving him fellatio, the result will be just outstanding.

Time to embrace your power

Inheriting fellatio tricks and tips will help you get into the right power. On the one hand, your man is being attended through oral sex, focused on and even showered with love.

Then, on the other side of the story, they are exposing themselves and making themselves vulnerable to their partners’ touches.

If you are genuinely into the mood to explore the dynamism of sex through fantasy role play, oral sex can always be an experiment for you to try.

This kind of experiment will include dirty talk and some specific types of touches. Some of those examples are slapping, grabbing and even spanking.

Or, it might give rise to something new for you to look up to and to help your mind to wander into the world of fantasy.

blowjob porn gifs

Some Tips to kick start your fellatio session

So, you have gone through some techniques and want to try it on your man.

You always wanted him to feel special, and nothing can work better than fellatio at its best. But first, before you get into this section, you might want to learn more about the steps involved in it. For that, checking out the points mentioned below can serve the purpose all too well.

Have to start it off clean and nice

Social stigma always seems to be on a woman’s genitals. But the real issue is that men can also taste and smell as strong as a woman.

If you are new to this world of fellatio, then you might be worried about these senses. You can suggest him a shower or you can even bath together and start on a clean palate. Artificial taste is not always lovely, but still, some prefer using flavoured lubes or flavoured condom.

Yes, these artificial additions will not taste better but will always add that extra benefit of making blow job a safer option.

Physical comfort is the primary note to follow

Fellatio will always put a strain on your jaw and neck. Kneeling on a pillow, while he is sitting or standing will provide you with the perfect motion range and enough access to make this experience a memorable one.

In case you have a bad experience with fellatio where you didn’t get complete control, then get him on his back and crouch in between his legs. This will help you to be in a dominant position.

Teasing comes with your touch

Using your hands; gently start caressing your man’s inner thighs. Do not just focus on legs, but also on penis, scrotum, testicles and perineum. Make sure to pay attention to his facial and verbal reactions once you start to touch these spots.

Some men find it way too sensitive when you touch their penis’ head, mainly the frenulum, or the indentation between shaft and glans on the underside of the penis.

Make sure to brush up your knowledge and get some ideas on male sexual anatomy, before you start to make him sensually crazy with your moves.

A lick is a good starting point

Now, it is time to use your tongue as a follow-up to explore the terrain down below using some of the slower and wider tongue strokes.

If you want to put in some saliva, don’t be afraid of it as that works as a great natural lube. But be sure that a lot of sexually transmitted diseases can transmit during fellatio. So, using some of the flavoured condoms can be a great practice and the means of safer sex.

It is one fantastic way to help those individuals who find working with condoms a bit difficult at first.

Now’s the time to take him into your mouth

When you think he is semi-erect, it is time to guide your lips over the penis’s tip and ensure that your lips cover your teeth when you gently slide down his shaft as far you are comfortable with.

Putting his penis into your mouth before he becomes erect completely is a fantastic feeling and a great and comfortable way for you to manage the penis’ size, mainly if he is within larger ranges.

Be sure to check your gag reflex

In case you are not into deepthroat, try to work on it without performing fellatio first, just to know which point triggers your gag reflex the most.

It is not always a necessity from your side, and you won’t enjoy a similar effect all the time. With some practice, you will come to know how you can relax your gag reflex and then work your way out with the penis.

When your head travels the underside of the penis, it is time to flatten your tongue to give frenulum a wet and nice stroke. You can try out different kisses and licks as each lip placement will relay a nice sensation within your man.

Try having fun with foreskin

In case, your partner is uncircumcised, try to insert the tongue into foreskin and ten circles around its head. Sometimes, you can use the help of your fingers to massage the head by stroking the foreskin and then alternating with some of the deep tongue licks.

Let him cum

Whenever he is all set to cum, it is time to keep your movements firm and consistent. This is not the right time to slack off. Whenever he starts to ejaculate, make sure to see him through some of the sensuous strokes, and then you better stop.

Most men don’t want continuous stimulation once they have ejaculated and are done with their orgasm.

Getting to the Pros and Cons

Just like with any sexual fantasies, fellatio has its share of pros and cons that you have to be sure of beforehand.

Unless you are through with the points, you won’t be able to enjoy the moment satisfactorily. You should know if you are doing the right thing with oral sex. For that, learning the pros and cons beforehand will help you make the right choice.


  • Cunnilingus and fellatio form the major parts of foreplay and are enjoyed by both men and women. Women are the ones who experience great pleasure as it provides them with higher sexual gratifications resulting in multiple orgasms in a single go.
  • Indulging in Fellatio will help men to get relief from stress and put them at a lesser risk of developing any form of prostate cancer. Moreover, they won’t develop premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction whenever oral sex is in the cards.
  • Oral sex reduces breast cancer in women, which proves to be another reason to give it a try. If women perform fellatio twice every week, they will swallow the semen, which is great for preventing breast cancer.
  • Fellatio can further prevent pregnancy. Having oral sex when you are pregnant will help reduce any risk of revolving infections, which can otherwise prove to be fatal. It can keep preeclampsia at bay, which will otherwise result in the death of mother and seizures too.
  • If a man ejaculates inside a vagina when the woman is pregnant, then the body will treat semen ejaculated inside as an infection, leading to a bad result. You can avoid any such scenario by performing fellatio to help relieve your man without letting him penetrate you deep and hard.
  • It helps in relieving your man from daily stress. It even helps every couple to come closer and share emotional satisfaction.  


  • Even though most people enjoy oral sex, there is another group of men and women who don’t enjoy this kind of activity, not even a bit and make all the possible efforts they can to keep these actions at bay. There are so many reasons for them to not like oral sex and they revolve mainly around hygiene.
  • If the male genital is not cleaned correctly with pubic hairs intact then it might result in putting people off instantly.
  • Men do have smelly parts, no matter how much they deny it. If the penis is stinky and sweaty, then that can put off their women very easily. They won’t feel like performing fellatio on their men.
  • Oral sex is one of the easiest ways to get sexually transmitted diseases even when you are not planning on for intercourse. As you suck the private parts of your man and even swallow his cum; if he does have any kind of STD that will get straight into your body through your mouth.

Listen to Experts for their tips and Advice

Well, you are always welcome to come and check out with the experts for their proven and well-researched tips and tricks.

They have been associated with the field of oral sex for a long time and would be more than happy to share some of their skills and tips with you. So, without further ado, let us walk you through the tips right away and scale up the winning.  

  • There always needs to be some lubrication present while giving oral sex; don’t just bob that penis in and out of your mouth.
  • Make sure to mind your teeth and use your tongue in a swirling motion around the tip.
  • Your hand should perform a twisting motion while grabbing the penis with a good grip for your man’s ultimate pleasure.

Porn Stars Give Blowjob Advice

Practice Makes Every woman perfect

No matter what points you are likely to make, please understand fellatio completely  before you start using it on your partner. If you have followed the steps, then things will work out in the best manner for you. Yes, performing the best oral sex indeed takes time and practice, but it’s not impossible.

So, give it a go, and things might gladly work out in the way you have always dreamt of. You will not just be able to make your partner happy but rest assured that he won’t think of another woman apart from you to be the love of his life.

So, here we are at the end of this article. If you have any queries or want some suggestions/reviews about something, then you are free to send your messages to us. We will reach back to you with a proper answer as soon as possible. Till then, have a great day ahead!

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