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Fatty Game Review (2020)

Fatty Game

The gigantic boobs and the asses set the tone for this one hell of a game called Fatty Game.

The site was launched in 2011, and the theme is exciting and straightforward.

This would be discussed in the upcoming passages, and there are bonus sites included with this.

Fatty Game is a new world to be explored, and that's the intention right now. It is indeed a small site, but a cute one, with big women.

It is a definite statement to say that the Porno videos should be filled only with Slim and sexy chicks. Some insist even the MILFs should have the best of curves. Well, all those notions are destroyed at Fatty Game.

This site backs a horde of BBW’s(Big beautiful women), and they weigh nothing less than 125 KGs. They have massive assets and are quite voluptuous. The women are all from Russia, and naturally white-skinned. It is a massive threat to those eyes, which have been watching slim women. 

What makes Fatty game so popular?  

There are many reasons why fatty Games is popular. Here, you are going to meet women with lovely big boobs and massive asses; the plot is riveting. This is very innovative as one would put it, and I join them with the same thought.

Every girl is given an envelope, and the insides of that contain a secret mission. It is no big secret that the person whom they are going to meet is going to fuck them and blow their brains out with a camera covering the action.

The Fat chicks are up-to-the task and enjoy the work, with their size denying any kind of awkward movement. This is the central theme of the site. There are a couple of websites which are offered as a bonus. And those are also BBW's screwing the hell out of the guys with a different storyline altogether.

All the videos are shot in high resolution, and the navigation is straightforward. The girls in this have just crossed their teens, and some are as old as 40. They do their job well, proving age is only a number.

Website Overview

Website address: https://fattygame.com/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 287K

Fatty Game has curvy BBWs in its cast, who are sent on missions, that have only sex in it, and they film the entire story.

The tasks are not impossible, and it is just a matter of minutes before you find these sexy BBW’s get fucked by the guy at the other end who has been waiting for them. 

The mission does not exceed even 25 minutes, and that includes sex.

The Mission

The site narrows down a list of plump women, who need to have significant assets. Just being fat would not do, since their boobs also have to be sizable. The other criteria are that they should be interested in having sex with a guy whose details are enclosed in the envelope.

The BBW’s do frown sometimes at the company they have to choose, but later on, find out, the guy is fantastic. The seduction part is left to the ladies, and the man is well aware of their moves. It could be a cab driver or a dishwasher repairman who is waiting to blow their brains out with sex.

Big women are found to be highly energetic. Once they are convinced that the guy is god, they accomplish the mission with ease. They surprise everybody with the way they execute their missions and turn around the tables. They do not hesitate to give a blow job.

They love getting their wet pussies fingered and licked. They ride on the guy's shaft after making him erect. The way their boobs shake up and down and with their vast torsos also accompanying, is a sight to behold. They love the jizz on their face and on their big tits.

The only problem is that it is all in Russian, with no English sub-titles even. But, the language barrier is blown off with the sex enacted so perfectly. There lurks a small suspicion that all this is rigged. Still, the performances are so good that we stop bothering about every tiny nuance.

The bonus sites are a mighty plus in this site and justify our investment. The updates are irregular, and that is something the site owners need to take care of. Streaming and buffering do slow down some times.

Actions on Missions

The Dishwasher repairman

This plump girl would have expected something better before she opened up the envelope marked to her. After all, it's a mission she was looking forward to, and she is quite distraught at the fact she has to fuck a Dishwasher guy.

She plays along and calls up the guy to repair the dishwasher at home, which is working fine. She is happy at the sight of the repairman who turns out to be slim, and as he bends down to inspect the plumbing; she sits on the kitchen slab and spreads her legs wide enough for his view.

He lets go of the item he came to service and starts servicing her instead. The plump Russian chick does not hesitate to give him a blow job. And he satisfies her completely with relentless sex as his cock examines every hole of hers. He ploughs her gigantic ass from behind in the kitchen itself.

In the end, he gives her a facial, and with the cum dripping off her face, the mission comes to a close, and the cute lady relaxes.

The Massage

Some BBW's get much luck with their missions. This teen fatty is one of them, and her mission was made very simple. All she had to do was put up her photo and wait for a client. The Lucky guy turns up online and also announces his intentions to be with her that night.

That is a night which both of them would never forget. She strips for him, she takes his dick and rubs it in between her lovely big boobs till she cannot make it any longer. She proceeds to give him a blow job at this juncture, and his big dick does become bigger.

For his part, he starts fingering and licking her juicy pussy and then enters her. He goes all the way down into her holes, drilling her with no limits. Every angle is justified, and it is a total hardcore sex at its best as she moans with every thrust into her.

He ends up ejaculating on her big tits, and she is one happy girl as she whips the cream to taste it.

The Car gets serviced

This young Russian has a boob set that just cannot be contained by any brassiere, leave alone a top. She has to get her car serviced as per the envelope. Therefore she finds her way to the garage.

The plot thickens when the mechanic is busy checking her car out, and she knows it is high time he checked her out as well. Ultimately she grabs his attention and then goes down with all force to blow his shaft.

The Mechanic does his bit very efficiently by lubricating her pussy first with some fingers up that hole. He then proceeds to enter her, and they rock together. Her screams are a bit muffled, and that is because she is trying her best not to scream loud enough.

He lets his cum flow onto her tits, and both are happy with the mission that has been accomplished.

Exploring Geography

Some of the teachers do try to make their students concentrate on the class rather than on her. This Geography teacher, who is also beautiful with big boobs, is given a mission to fuck one of her students. She refuses at first, but once she sees the photo of the lover, she accepts.

The guy also is a huge fan of BBW's, and he is electrified with her every touch. Imagine the lucky guy’s feelings when she takes him into her mouth and swallows him entirely. It is his turn now, and he starts to explore the Geography teacher. He gives her pussy a big treat.

The only problem is he cannot go on continuously, and he needs to come. She allows him that, as he empties himself on her big belly, the mission stands accomplished. The teacher milked him successfully.

two bonus sites

Fatty Pub

This is one of the two Bonus sites that you have free access to. This is also an all European mission based site. The women look bigger here, and all the action takes place in the pub, where few BBWs are hanging out together and some lean guy is having a drink elsewhere.

Eventually, they all pair up and start having hardcore sex, as they choose their partners. But ultimately, it turns out to be an orgy. There are 16 videos like these, and all are in the pub only.


This is a bonus site from the perspective of the members of the Fatty Game. BBW bet has an odder theme than the rest. This involves a wager between Mick and Jake on who can fuck more BBWs in a given duration. No, it is not how many European BBWs but how heavy they weigh.

So every chick is considered before they engage in sex with these guys, and the one who has totalled up more weight is the winner. The site no longer provides updates, and you're left with 15 videos which were made earlier.

The women are all from East European countries, and they pack a punch when it comes to hardcore sex.

Pricing & Membership Fees

fattygame.com does not cost you much. The subscription fees are pretty standard and reasonable. All these prices are revised regularly. Do check out the rates mentioned below.

30 days

3 months

12 months

trial period for 1 day





Rebills at 29.95




Site Statistics




Not enabled

Full-length video


File format

MP$ and HD







Photos per Set


Photo resolution


Model index

Model index

Zip downloads


Streaming method


Video format


Models total




Number of movies

116x30 minutes each (average)

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

7 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Image / Video Quality

8 / 10


7 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10

Download / Streaming

7 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


7 / 10

Value For Money

7 / 10

Overall Performance

8.5 / 10

Competitors of Fatty Game

Fatty games are quite popular with their fans, but they do face stiff competition from the following competitors. They are Young Fatties, Plump mature, BBW Dreamers Review and Fun with a fat chick.


  • Unlimited Streaming & Downloads in 1080p HD
  • Pricing competitive
  • Picture Sets are in High resolution
  • Good Technical support
  • Can be viewed on Mobile, Desktops, Tablet, PC
  • Support around the year
  • Content is exclusive
  • Quality is Full HD
  • Bonus sites available
  • Interesting story Lines.


  • One cannot download during the Trial Period.
  • The collection is tiny
  • To Be cautious with pre-checked offers
  • Limited access for members on trial
  • Updates do not happen frequently.
  • It does not include fetish videos by fat chicks
  • Higher bit rate required
  • Limited trial period
  • All dialogue is in Russian
  • All are unknown performers.

Customer Support

Fattygame.com support staff is ready to attend to your queries as soon as possible if these following queries are raised:

  • Questions on membership
  • Questions on billing
  • Questions on cancellation of membership
  • Questions on problems. if you cannot log in
  • Questions on video playback
  • Questions on the status of your account status.

Round the clock assistance can help you set your device smoothly while watching the videos. Emails, live chat sessions are also available. Click here to send an email to their support team: support@openlife.com

Please use the contact info below if you need any help with your membership.


So, there is a site for fat chicks and deservedly so. Fatty games have this variety in providing storylines. Its concept is almost adapted from the Mission Impossible films, where they have to accomplish a task.

The guys are not that bad, but the girls are sexy in their own way, and they perform more or less like the slim beauties we see. Bonus sites do make it worthy enough to become a member here, and it is indeed a sight to behold with the BBW’s massive boobs and ass swinging near the cameras.

That is enough to make your dick grow hard within seconds.

Parting Words

There may be a complaint that these fat chicks cannot perform hardcore sex the way the slim babes do. Well, you would not complain anymore about these plump chicks playing with the same kind of athleticism that others do.

The theme is something to be appreciated, but they have stopped updating their website a long time back.

That is why the bonus sites are there, since all happen to be East European babes, with a performance at a pub and to satisfy the dudes called Mick and Jack, who like to fuck the ones who weigh the most. Now that's not a bad trade-off surely!

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