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FarmersOnly Review (2020)

Farmers Only

As the name indicates, the site is for those who have a penchant for rural life, ranchers, and farmers and farmlands.

If you’re one of those who find something beautiful and pristine in rural life and are done with city folks or urban glitz, this site is for you.

Well, it doesn’t do anything herculean to knit users in accordance with their interests, but it naturally lures those who organically compliment rural life.

Niche online dating sites like FarmersOnly gained a huge reach through a plethora of YouTube videos displayed official adverts for the site. 

Despite all the flak and ludicrous comments, it got from celebrities and mainstream media, they still went for a national broadcast. Eventually, they gained more than 5 million registered users. Users are here to find camaraderie and both casual and long-term relationships. 

Technically, it might not be a run-of-the-mill hookup site; you can easily use it for that objective.  Most profiles are apparently genuine and the site doesn’t have any specific pairing algorithm except the semantic compatibility and age range.

Members have to hit the Premium zone for communication. Its customer support only entertains user complaints that come with police reports. It restricts free users to only sending Flirts to fellow members. A Gold Status upgrade enables free users to read your messages and reply to them.

A very conspicuous aspect of the site is that it keeps its target audience in its name. However, its user base doesn’t exclusively comprise farmers.

What makes FarmersOnly so popular?

When you speak of popularity or commercial viability, the most important things are usability, authenticity, response, and features. FarmersOnly has a rack of special features that bolster its status.  They are just as quirky and unique as the site name.

You have the FarmersOnly store, from where you can purchase stuff with artwork that ranges from the site logo, their famous catchphrase, “City folks just don’t get it”, and short liners like “no truck, no luck”. Hey, don’t think that the users are all sylvan experts.

Many are city bumpkins who’re there out of curiosity. They sell products like framed posters, hats, mugs, and T-shirts and many others. You also have the FarmPhone letting you enjoy exclusive site features via  texting modality. Sign up with your phone number and you’re ready to roll.

The texting service is very secure. Replying and blocking other users is also easy. But don’t jump the ship as yet. It’s only for premium service. Sorry to pour lemonade on your vest! The Discover feature presents myriad photos of users. You have got the liberty to either select or ignore them.

Again, that’s for active members. The speedy 4-question registration setup is really simple. Games like Hot or Not are immense fun and with the advanced search options, the site doesn’t go bland and drab after repeated use. Profiles feature details about the type of match you want.

Operational ease is high as you can see profile visitors.


Website Address:  https://www.farmersonly.com/

Estimated Views Last Month: 1.18M

FarmersOnly provides a good number of filters to propel your search, which includes religion and body type.

This selection allows you to really funnel their search results to only those profiles you want to see.

The dating platform caters to both Apple and Android apps, while the desktop and mobile site alone attracts 2.7 million-plus visitors each month.

95% of them hail from America. Despite its lack of a formal matching mechanism, it gets away with the audience it taps.

farmersonly poster

It entails a fascinating blog that’s brimming with tips, success stories, recipes, and other interesting things. Overall, the site is easy to navigate and is outright simplistic, making your experience of using the platform smooth and honest. The registration process is extremely simple and succinct.

To roll your dice in  FarmersOnly, just enter your maid id, zip code, age and mention your sexual orientation. Upload a photo on the next page. You can, however, skip this step to progress to the next chapter, which gives you full access to the website. It generates a username at this juncture for you.

You may use it to find potential partners. Start navigating to the My Profile segment and fill out extra information. A better tagline and bio, along with optional details about your habits and lifestyle will get you more attention for sure.

Your fascination with ‘farmer’ or ‘cowgirl’, or other pastures can get its mirror here. The interactive essence and functionality of FarmersOnly are worth exploring. Discovering members is mainly about fiddling with the discover or search feature.

As you read above, the Hot or Not type of swiping game is too fascinating. The standard search section reveals online homies and you can filter it to only display members who match a specific criterion. Be the boss in selecting your parameters, members with snaps, distance, and age.

This feature lets you explore ethnicity, desired relationship, body type and marital status you seek. From any profile that features in the search results, you can tap to open it and send a tantalizing flirt, adding that person to your favorites, or you can message him/her. But dish out some bucks for it.

Unlike most swiping folds, you may also click on the information button to explore a full profile or mail something from the concerned discover page. The Who Likes Me segment lets you monitor your results. It contains your likes and dislikes on profiles and vice versa.

You can cancel your subscription by going to the Account Settings, which rests on the navigation bar’s left and click on “manage your subscription”. Following the guidelines on how to cancel your standard or premium membership can be handy.

Farmers Only - Dating Experiment!

Other sections entail a list of visitors to your profile, email inbox, the Farmer’s Only store with a kit available for buying, and Farmphone, which you get for $4.95 per month. This service  keeps your mobile number confidential. Auxiliary security features showcase your bandwidth to hide your profile.

It will stop your name flashing in search results. The safety and security of FarmersOnly is indeed remarkable. The site integrates proper industry standards to create a safe and secure dating experience.

It encrypts your personal details and tries to impede any form of unauthorized access to the site by implementing innovative technologies, such as firewalls, routers, and encryption software. If you have an appetite for technical stuff, visit their Privacy Page.

Do remember that if you hide your account, it won’t show up in search results, which will automatically log you out of your account. In case you log back in, it will display your profile once again.

Users can upload any number of photos, either directly through the site or by emailing your pictures to m8puvu@photos.farmersonly.com. For those who choose the second option, it may take one day to upload your photos.

Pricing & Membership Fees

You need to keep in mind that it’s a commercial dating site. There’s no doubt about its free features, but those features don’t allow you to chat with other members. You do have the Gold Status as the sole exception in this regard.

Only Gold members can get in touch with others, which include non-paying members. If you don’t want any procrastination to have another Gold member to send you a text, you have no other choice but to upgrade your account.

So, the free services include sign up, viewing other users’ profiles, viewing photos that other users upload, sending flirts, and interacting with Gold members.

The fee-based services include reading and sending text messages, reading and replying to text messages on your mobile device, posting any number of photos as you want, blocking other users, and also seeing who are sending you Flirts.

The prices of your premium subscription are $21.95 for one month, $39.95 for three months and $65.94 for six months. The 3 months package entails $13.32 per month and the 6 months entails $10.99 per month. For Gold Status, you give $9.99 for one month.

You pay $4.95 per month for a month’s package. There are times when FarmersOnly provides discounted plans as well. You can save 50% for a 6-month membership with $10.99 per month. You can save up to 40% for a 3-month membership with $13.32 per month.

A one-month trial will be $21.10 per month. The payment options are credit card, PayPal, cheque, and mobile/net banking. A very good aspect of FarmersOnly is its discrete transactions. You get a cardholder statement, which appears on the site’s log as “ FarmersOnly Media Inc”.

If you’re paying through a credit card, you can cancel your subscription on the site itself. Those who use PayPal to make their payments will need to sign in to their respective PayPal accounts to get proper instructions on the cancellation process.

As you already know, you can cancel your premium membership anytime you want. If you want a more figurative breakup of the cost, you can visit https://www.farmersonly.com.

Site Performance Score




9 / 10

Ease of use

9 / 10

Quality of Members

8 / 10

Value for Price

7.9 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10

Site statistics

  • An overall pitch: Impressively, 50% and more visits come from members going directly to FarmersOnly. The niche dating website ranks a praiseworthy 41 in the relationship and dating category.
  • Ratings: Its iOS app has got a 5/5-star rating from more than 200 reviews, while is Android version has got 4 stars on a scale of 5 from 900 odd reviews.
  • Engagement: The total visits have had a fall of 8.46% from last month’s statistics. The average visit duration is roughly around 00:06:50. Pages per visit are 14.80 and the bounce rate is 35%.
  • Ranking tales: Leading sites give it a global rank of 27, 458. It’s country rank is 4,496 and the category rank is 145. Its category is society and community and the sub-domain is romance and relationship.
  • Sources of traffic: For its desktop version, 67.62% are direct searches. FarmersOnly get 3.00% as referrals, 6.66% as another search, 3.13% from social media and 19.58% from mails.
  • Search dynamics: While 6.66% of traffic is from search, they are 100% organic.

Competitors of FarmersOnly

You don’t need to mount a hill to know its competitors.

The most prominent names are Farmers Meet, Hillbilly Dating, Farmers Only Dating and Farmerdates.

While all are doing brisk business in this industry, few actually come close to the user-efficiency and experience that FarmersOnly provides. Ourtime, Mature, and Zoosk are also noteworthy names in this regard.


  • Extremely easy and fast registration process.
  • FarmersOnly profiles show information pertaining to the types of site users you’re looking to find.
  • Its stellar feature FarmPhone, secures the site’s text messaging service. There is no fear or apprehension of spamming or cheeky mails.
  • The site targets rural dwellers, which is a welcome break from the threadbare dating sites that masquerade as matchmakers but are only pimping in a market that has no ends. It’s not a sex-trading site.
  • It has over 4.5 million registered members. It also have over 20,000 users online on a regular basis.
  • The platform is always available in all US states and across Canada.
  • The best part is that all are real profiles. There are no bots or fake accounts to disturb or lure you into oblivion.
  • You have a scope to search for female or male candidates by location and age.


  • As you have already read, the matchmaking algorithm or process is not strong. In fact, there’s no matchmaking mechanism, so to speak.
  • The majority of the services are on pay-to-use. Only paidrather premium members can communicate with others through email.
  • The support department doesn’t consider all complaints, which causes some issues at times.
  • The layout and design of the site are pretty outdated.

Customer Support

Well, FarmersOnly has its very own and authentic Twitter handle and YouTube channel. They are quite active in these social media accounts. However, they’re yet to have a Facebook page. As a member, you can contact its support staff by sending an email. You can also fill out a form on their website.

For those seeking an immediate reply, you can call their hotline number. The number is (888)755-9655.

If the customer support page appears to be a drab, pointless inclusion to you, you can contact them through email. The addresses are support@farmersonly.com, contact@farmersonly.com, and mail@farmersonly.com.


From a generic perspective, FarmersOnly is a pretty average dating site, entailing some standard and regular features. Well, the lack of uniqueness in its services is not what acts as a deterrent here. The only thing that prevents singles from signing up for FarmersOnly is its target audience.

You can call it their business strategy, but their plus point is their flipside. The founders made this site only for rural folks or those really like or crave for the laid-back, simplistic, and minimalist and rustic lifestyle. As you can see it from a prism, urban dwellers seldom join the site.

It could be a problem for those who are looking for love and romance everywhere and don’t want to miss out on any chance to meet a special person in a big metropolis. Considering its main concept, this is what sets FarmersOnly apart from other dating sites.

So, the paucity of resources and limitations for singles is what really makes FarmersOnly special. Overall, it’s pretty good and viable for rural homes. The main objective of this review was to find out if it’s worth joining. Of course, it is, but only if you live in the countryside or plan to relocate to a rural area.

There are people who are sick and tired with the hum-drum city life or its daily grind. For many, the lack of amenities, honesty and humble culture of rural life can be more appealing. There are long-term relationships and even marriages!

Parting words

I cannot negate the fact that FarmersOnly really connects single folks, both women and men, who share the same values, principles, and priorities. It’s an open secret that rural folks know every person in their neighborhood or area, and FarmersOnly provides a tailor-made solution to this lingering issue.

It gives you privacy and space to let your romantic instincts flow without fears of rumor-mongering.

Although I found its primitive design and style, and inability to contact anybody without upgrading my profile to be an eyesore, it was still a good break from the cacophony and chaos of dating sites that offer romance and friendship, but end up juicing out some spicy tales.

If you’re a rural dweller and single, FarmersOnly can be an ideal platform for you. As for me, being the typical city person, this site is more of a recluse and relief from those ravenous dating sites that offer only titbits of fun. I found its friendship content pure and straightforward.

Concisely, it’s worth a try for anybody, who wants to go “far from the madding crowd”.

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