Twerking Butt Review (2020)

Ass lovers nurture their deepest fantasies through anal sex, creampies, spanking, and much more. Also, buttocks are arguably the hottest part of a woman’s body as they are endowed with natural beauty and kinkiness.

The way they dance, wriggle, and move as you ride them is enough to turn anyone on. However, not many women would surrender their buttocks and anus to their partners happily.

If you talk about sex toys, they have been one of the most vital and indispensable part of almost everyone of us. They have since undergone amazing changes from being just plain, lifeless and weird-looking pieces of silicone and plastic to something more exotic, desirable and 1000 times more enjoyable than before. 

With evolution over the years and introduction of new technologies, sex toys have gone through a series of major upgrades that have made them almost come alive and much closer to reality, to a point where its non-distinguishable as to what is real and what is not.

twerking butt box

Virtual reality to 3D porn, the change has been happening all in front of us, and has opened up the possibilities of far superior, more immersive sexual experiences.

With this in mind, PornHub launched the ‘Twerking Butt’ sex toy a couple of years ago which is simply put, a robotic ass that also has a butthole and a vagina (well yes, that’s true!).

The robotic ass is a recent, and excuse us if we say, kinda funny invention that’s been introduced to the world of sex toys. The butthole runs on electrical power and is great for pleasuring yourself intimately at all the right places. 

Twerking Butt is a life-size butt that resembles the pair you will find on a female body. It is created to look, feel, and work exactly like a real one. It does not come with a body that makes this thing even better as you can use it more discreetly and without any fuss or additional weight.

You can operate it via a wired remote.

Many of you might be aware of this sex toy which is nothing but an artificial pair of buttocks which also has a vagina and a butthole. It is run by electrical power and twerks and massages you perfectly in the right places.

Rest assured, for men who drool over women with nice booties it might be a really joyful experience because the artificial booty won’t complain about any kind of pain or inconvenience when you penetrate into it.

Thanks to today’s twerking obsessed population, they now have a sex toy which actually makes their wishes come true. If you love butt slapping, now is the time to make your masturbation sessions more lively and those that mimic real-life scenarios to perfection. 

What makes the Twerking butt sex toy so real?

There are many features in this toy which are integrated to provide a real lifelike experience to the users. They are made from Cyberskin which looks and feels just like your skin. Moreover, their size and shape are that of a real butt of a voluptuous woman.

Therefore, you can touch, feel and spank it to your heart's content. They are designed with striking butthole and vagina which takes visual stimulation to the next level. A virtual reality goggle and headset are provided with every set, and it even can be operated with the help of remote control.

Moreover, it also heats up perfectly to mimic the body temperature so that every single touch feels real. All these factors make Twerking sexy butt toy extremely close to real.

A charger and an adapter are also provided to heat the realistic buttocks to reach to the normal body temperature of a human being. It is a complete package that comes with cleaning accessories, VR headset, smartphone app and much more.

Not only that, it has two holes, one that mimics the look, texture, and functions of an anus and the other that resembles a vagina. Therefore, you can get maximum pleasure with this tempting Twerking Butt.

Who Invented Twerking Butt Sex Toy?

Pornhub is a company which is more into porn videos, movies and other pornographic content but it stunned the world when it came with world's first virtual reality integrated real sized Twerking butt which was something which did not occur to many even in their wildest fantasies.

It has the potential to redefine what a sex toy means and does, and therefore it is a serious competition to all the sex toy manufacturing companies who claim to deliver every demand of their customers.

Moreover, this toy is not just limited to the customers of the U.S, but people from other countries can order it too and enjoy its unlimited twerks and vibrations.

What Makes the Twerking butt special?

The sheer size and feel of the Twerking butt make it so special. The contours, texture and feel of this Twerking butt are so inviting and tempting that you cannot determine the difference between real and artificial butts.

Moreover, the penetration in both the anal and vaginal openings is real and gives you a heavenly experience.

The motion and vibrations of this sex toy are so real that you feel like you are riding a real butt. It also clenches and twists as the vibrations increase and stimulate your senses to a whole new level. Also, the butt gets warm automatically and makes you feel more awesome.

After penetration, its texture and fine details stimulate you to a whole new level. It also follows the real intercourse action is such a way that it blows away your mind and senses. All these features make this sex toy unique, and you can enjoy a penetration like never before.

How Does It Feel?

This product from PornHub, aptly titled is quite a hard thing to describe into words. It pretty much looks like a butt, yes and it twerks better than any other robotic ass in the market can.

The Twerking Butt Deluxe sex toy packs a unique set of features and is made of material that at first glance, would actually have been confused for a real butt, resembling the perfectly gorgeous, voluptuous rearside of a busty woman. 

It comes with a Bluetooth, remote control and a smartphone case apart from a warming function that mimics rise in temperature akin to a real sexual experience.

What’s even better that you actually get some lube to soften up and make the whole sex toy stimulation process painless and far more enjoyable than a non-lube stimulation. 


The Twerking Butt Deluxe by PornHub is quite a unique piece of craftsmanship and has a couple of features that guys will enjoy thoroughly. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Twerking Butt not only feels and functions like real but even weighs  close to a women’s ass. Its weight is approximately 20 lbs which means that you are dealing with the real thing!
  • It comes with a Virtual Reality i.e. VR Headset that is manufactured by CyberSkin. This VR Headset can be connected with your smartphone to watch amazing VR porn videos from the Twerking Butt’s mobile app.
  • A self-healing mechanism is integrated into the butt that raises its temperature around 98.6 degree fahrenheit. The temperature rises slowly as you penetrate deep inside the orifices to give a stimulating experience to the users.
  • The vaginal and anal holes are perfectly designed with folds, flaps, lips, and crevices. Even their texture resembles and feels completely like a real vagina and anus.
  • This sex toy even mimics the rhythmic motion and vibrations that you feel while inserting and feeling real buttocks.
pornhub twerking butt
  • Twerking Butt is 12.6 inches in width, 8.7 inches in height, and has depth around 13.8 inches. You can penetrate this sex toy up to 7.5 inches deep.
  • PornHub has also launched the mobile app of Twerking Butt which is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store. The mobile app has a huge gallery of simulating porn videos and music. Twerks, vibrations, and massage patterns of these adult videos can be customized through the app.
  • Twerking Butt comes with a remote control that has a long wire to handle its operation conveniently. You also get a power-plug and cable that can be used to charge the butt. A separate adapter is provided for customers who do not live in the United States.
  • You get a brand new CyberSkin VR headset with this package. Moreover, Twerking Butt is even compatible with the VR Headset of Oculus Rift. Therefore, you can either use Oculus Rift's VR headset or the headset that is pre-included in the package.
  • A powerful water jet is provided so that you can clean the butt properly after using it.
  • You also get a storage bag that can be used to store the Twerking Butt when you do not need it. It protects the butt from dust, impurities, and dirt.
  • We recommend using this storage bag because sex toys made from CyberSkin are known to catch a lot of dust and lint when they are left at a corner.
  • A special renewable powder is provided to maintain the realistic feel and texture of this butt for a long time.
  • You also get water-based lubricant to make your penetrations smooth and hassle-free. Only water-based lubes can be used because other lubes can react with the material with which this butt is made.
  • Also, bacteria might start growing in their material and crevices if you use silicone-based or any other lubricant.

Twerking Butt by PornHub - Sex Toy Review

How to use this butt?

Twerking Butt comes with a manual inside the package so it is quite easy to use the product even for beginners. . Unwind the power-plug and cable and connect it with the butt. After that, insert the plugin a power socket and press the 'Power’ button to start it.

This sex toy is programmed with 6 twerking patterns and 6 vibration speeds that can be controlled via the remote.

Separate up and down arrow buttons are provided on the remote for the twerking patterns and vibration speeds. These buttons can be used to increase or decrease the vibrating mode or intensity efficiently.

Twerking Butt is available in two variants viz. a classic model and a deluxe model. There is a ‘Twerk’ button on the remote control which helps you to adjust the intensity of the vibrations and twerk at the time the same time.

For the deluxe model, the ‘Twerk’ button can be used for both twerking and clasping at the same time.

So this is the Twerking Butt? - Product Introduction and Promotion

You can also sync the twerks and vibrations with your favourite music or adult video by using its mobile app. For that, you will have to download the mobile app first for your iOS or Android phone from their respective application stores.

After that, you will have to create an account on the app and save the videos that arouse you. For connecting the sex toy with your mobile phone, you will have to use your phone’s Bluetooth functionality.

After connecting the butt with your phone you can insert it in the VR headset. The app allows you to personalize the moves of the butt as per your wish and customizations. Numerous customization options are inbuilt in this app which makes your job much easier.


  • Twerking Butt is better than most of the male vibrators and fleshlight tubes because it does not look artificial.
  • The realistic design of the butt cheeks, amazing skin-texture, and orifices allow you to enjoy deep thrusts and the overall experience is as good as your real sex sessions if not more.
  • The mere appearance of the butt is so appealing that you find it hard to resist especially after using it for the first time. It appears that  a sex goddess has left her buttocks for perverts like us.
  • It not only resembles a real voluptuous ass when it comes to its appearance and looks but it also behaves and moves like a real butt.
  • It not only resembles a real voluptuous ass when it comes to its appearance and looks but it also behaves and moves like a real butt.
  • Even a cleaning wand and renewing powder is provided so that you can take complete care of your beloved butt.
  • It not only resembles a real voluptuous ass when it comes to its appearance and looks but it also behaves and moves like a real butt.
  • The mobile app is user-friendly and is designed to elevate the experience of the users. The videos can be directly downloaded from the app without any internet connection. As a result, you do not have to take any extra effort to explore the VR clips that would complement this butt.
  • You can use the Twerking Butt without connecting it to VR Headset or smartphone easily. The wired remote control is included to serve this purpose. Therefore, you can either use the butt in stand-alone mode or you can sync it with your favorite music tracks or porn videos.
  • It is better to use this life-sized butt instead of a life-sized sex doll because it is much easier to store and clean it.
  • Twerking Butt can be easily packed in the storage bag that is pre-included in the package. As a result, you do not have to look for a special hiding place when you do not require it.
  • The butt is operated by electrical power but all the measures are taken to ensure the customer’s safety. Moreover, the vibrations, massage patterns, and twerks are so stimulating and realistic that no other sex toy or even a sex doll can provide such a satisfying performance to the users.
  • The CyberSkin buttocks enhance your pleasure and you would love to spank, squeeze, and caress this sexy pair of voluptuous butts.


  • Jokes apart, Twerking Butt is costlier than any other human butt in the market. It is so costly that you could pay dozens of whores instead. It can cost you anything between 500 dollars to 1000 dollars which is quite a heavy price especially for those who do not live in the United States. However, if you want a faithful and submissive partner without a body then probably it isn’t such an expensive deal.
  • It is a wired device with two long wires one for the power adapter and the other for the remote control. This limits your movement a bit, and it also makes it inconvenient to fold and pack it when not in use. You will have to use this sex toy near a power source because it is impossible to use it without electricity.
  • It is not powered with an inbuilt battery or cells. You cannot use it in the outdoor locations during a beach vacation or while traveling as it restricts your use due to its need for a power source to function.
  • It is quite heavy and therefore, some men would need a bit of practice to be comfortable while using it. New users might feel it a bit heavy and rigid at the start. However, things go pretty smooth once your use and practise it enough. Some positions like doggy style and missionary sex are more comfortable and less cumbersome. We recommend these positions to you for getting a much better experience.
  • When you will unbox the package for the first time, you will feel the awful smell of substances and chemicals that are used to preserve its quality during packing and transportation.
  • You don't have to get frightened by this as the smell vanishes after washing it a few times. However, it still deteriorates your experience for the first few times.
  • Each of the orifices can be inserted only up to 7.5 inches which means that men who have a penis longer than 7.5 inches will not be completely satisfied after using it.
  • It is an additive sex toy which can divert your real focus in life if you use it too much.
  • It is a “big no” for the people who like to enjoy discreet sex toys. There is nothing discreet about this twerking butt since it is shaped and looks like a real butt.
  • The display of your smartphone needs to be at least 5 inches long to enjoy the VR experience smoothly.
  • Also, it is not that small which means that you cannot hide or stash it in your cupboard easily. Therefore, it can be a cause of inconvenience to those men who have real wives and girlfriends.

Hours of use & Battery Capacity 

The device has good battery life and can last up to 4 hours when you try to use it. Although it depends on person to person, that how long they are willing to use this sex toy to satisfy their carnal cravings. The product has a battery life of about 3000 MHz.

How to Clean The Twerking Butt?

The robotic ass comes with a water jet and lube that can help you clean up the mess once you’re done. Mind you that the cyberskin material is a little porous and can cause harm to your reproductive organs or even the device itself, so it is advisable if you use a medicated wet wipe and the accompanying renewing powder that is added to this product and can be used to clean it up after you've finished penetrating and satisfying yourself. 


This product comes in two versions - deluxe and classic. The classic version is available to buy at $500 and the deluxe version comes for about $799.

The only difference between the two is that while the deluxe version of this product produces twerking sensation, the classic one is pretty standard and stationary, without any twerking movements. 

Final Verdict

The twerking butt has a lot of advantages and benefits, but the pricing is a bit too high which might discourage a few people to invest their money in the product, which is on the higher end.

While there are a lot of perks such as VR headset, remote control, lube and renewing powder, the product might appeal the most to twerking enthusiasts who are willing to shell out the money for a more immersive experience.

Some people might think of it as if it's been taken off from a mannequin, but the design is quite aesthetically done. It looks and feels like real. The voluptuous size of this butt is good enough to satiate your kinkiest visual fantasies.

Therefore, considering all its features and accessories, we think that its price is not that high to keep away real butt lovers from buying it. Overall look and feel of this sex toy is great and is performance cannot be equalled by any other regular sex toy in the market.

Moreover, this sex toy is completely safe and secure to use, and you do not get any infections or discomfort if you clean yourself and the toy regularly.  The performance of this sex toy is great as the massages, twerks and vibrations are perfect for erotically stimulating you.

You can make yourself an addict of using this toy but do not worry it will never charge you for any of its services apart from its one-time purchase cost. Men with girlfriends and wives might feel a bit embarrassed to buy it, but open-minded individuals will not make a fuss about it.

By introducing Twerking Butt in the market, PornHub has successfully re-defined what it means to use and explore a realistic sex toy.

Many other companies have invented similar-looking sex toys before and after its release but none of them manage to provide such a mesmerizing and elating experience to the users. Like all good things this sex toy also comes with a price.

It is expensive enough to drill a sizeable hole in your pocket especially if you are not a citizen of the United States since it will cost you a lot when you convert dollars (US currency) to your nation's currency.

However, the experience provided by its super-tight butt and vaginal hole makes it worthy of its price.

Your experience gets better when you use it with a VR headset.

A perfect combination of virtual 3D scenes and twerking sensations transport you into the world of sexual gratification and every sensory nerve of yours gets excited.

The insides of the anal and vaginal are so real that you will be bursting your nuts within minutes.

The perfect blend of twerks and clinches improves your experience to a new level altogether.

Also, if the display size of your phone is less than 5 inches then it will hamper your VR experience a little. 

twerking butt

However, most people use smartphones that have more than 5 inches these days and therefore, it is not such a big issue. We tested it personally on many members of our team and some of them found it so addictive that they forgot that they were testing it.

You cannot use it discreetly if you leave it open as it looks like a sexy butt but you can hide it in your cupboard if it has a big enough compartment. Also, do not forget to cover it with the bag which comes with the package because it seems to be loving dust.

It is certainly a healthy way of having sex or masturbating, whatever you like calling it but we call it a surreal 3D sexperience that is unparalleled and unequalled by any other sex toy in the market.

There are surely the adult dolls in the market, but we consider this twerking butt better because it does not make you look like a real pervert. It overall features, performance and feel make it buyable and we recommend all the horny guys to explore this sexy twerking butt atleast once in their lifetime.

It’s a good one time investment and would last you long, thereby earning our recommendation. 

Conclusive Thoughts

These are all the features, pros and cons of the Twerking butt sex toy. Tell us what you feel about it and will you go for such a toy? If you know about any such special sex toys, please write to us and also convey your thoughts and suggestions regularly to us.

Explore the world of sex and do not mind stuffing your pecker in a sexy bubbled shaped anus especially when it is a lifeless yet real Twerking butt sex toy!

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