Top 35+ Celebrities Leaked Sex Tapes of All Time

Looking for the famous celebrities with sex tapes?

You are at the right place.

There are basically two types of sex tapes that surfaced in the market one of that celebrity who is already famous,  features in a sex tape and others are those who gain popularity due to featuring in a sex tape. 

There might be various celebrities that you won't want to see in a sex tape most sex tapes are of the type that we would not recommend to you and some are of the type of watchable. 

We have listed some famous 35+ celebrities who were caught in a leaked sex tape.

Nowadays celebrities mean people from all types of backgrounds would-be actors, directors, singers, politicians, or businessmen.

It has been leaked by the former lover to take revenge or to make some money.

 You may be surprised that some celebrities are of the type that makes their own tapes to make their name in the headlines and to make some money out of it.

This is the way for celebrities to be in the headlines. So stick till the last we have listed top celebrities leaked sex tapes all the time.

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Top Famous Celebrity Sex Tapes of All Time (2022): leaked celeb sextape

1. Jennifer Lopez

De rankin

The most beautiful woman in Hollywood Jennifer Lopez made a honeymoon tape with her ex-husband Ojani Noa.

 In that tape, she has exposed her nether regions.

The tape is of 20 minutes JLo without clothes later it has been restricted by the court. She is one of the famous singers and actresses. 

2. Kim Kardashian and Ray J

De rankin

It was back in 2007 when Kim made a tape with her then-boyfriend ray j.

 It has helped him a lot moreover her boyfriend gained so much fame and also landed on some good reality shows.

 Kim is one of the best singers and she has a huge following worldwide.

3. Hulk Hogan

De rankin

The sex tape released by the Gawker media in which you will see hulk hogan with his friend's wife was made around 2007.

 Moreover, his friend has given permission to hogan to be dirty with her and at that time hulk hogan was married to his former wife Linda. 

4. The Game

De rankin

In 2016 Compton rapper and reality tv star the game has appeared in the leaked sex tape.

But it is impossible to get to know that the game is on the tape because there is not much going on in that clip, moreover, it has not made any impact in the world. 

5. Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith

De rankin

It was the time of early 2014 when Atlanta star Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko Smith has recorded one extreme tape that was discovered by the head of vivid entertainment moreover he has also offered huge money to these two stars to give the exclusive rights of that tape and there is no surprise that these both stars has agreed to his offers. 

Later that tape was on sale in the market before the new season of their show

6. Rob Lowe

De rankin

When tape with two women was released Rob Lowe had fallen into trouble.

As it was not that bad but due to that leaked clip robs another side has been exposed.

In that clip, he is seen having a relationship with a female model and a man. 

7. Kris Humphries and Myla Sinanaj

De rankin

Kris Humphries who was an ex of Kim Kardashian was made a sex tape with Myla Sinanaj who was then a tv personality and wanted to be like Kardashian.

 She was mad for her and did everything she could do to be like her even though she has been getting surgery to look like Kim. 

8. Pamela Anderson and Tommy lee

De rankin

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had a honeymoon tape when they were married.

Initially, Tommy has said that the tape was swept by the adult actress from his home but later he has signed a deal with a  company that was distributing tape to cut the tape's online sale.  

9. Dustin Diamond

De rankin

Dustin has appeared in so many reality shows but despite this, he has not been able to boost his career.

In a desperate attempt, he has tried his hand in a sex tape.

He has directed his own tape and released it with title screeched saved by the smell.

 Despite this extreme attempt, he has not got any fame.

The star later claimed that in that tape it was his body double. 

10. Farrah Abraham

De rankin

The former teen mom star Farrah has worked in a movie with the adult sta James done has been confirmed on the 10th April 2013 and the plan was that Farrah will pose with deen as a couple but somehow the private tape has been leaked and gained so much attention rather than the actual one which has released intentionally for bidding.

11. Nadya Suleman

De rankin

Nadya is a sexy woman who is also called Octomom because she has delivered 8 babies at once.

The tape has been leaked from wicked pictures in which she has been seen in her natural glory.

She has an immense following and she is at spot 5 in celebrities who have had tummy tucks. 

12. Katie Price

De rankin

Katie Price was in the headlines when her video was leaked with the singer D J Dane Bowers when these two were dating.

At that time she was a Big Brother contestant.

 It was the year 1999 when a sexy video was leaked. 

13. Chyna

De rankin

Chyna has made a tape with a fellow professional wrestler whose name was sean Waltman they also solicited that tape to distribute it but later she has claimed that she has not made any kind of money out of this tape.

She has also been named on the list of greatest pro wrestlers of all time. 

14. Fred durst

De rankin

The tape of Fred dust has been leaked illegally by a repairman at the time he was working on his computer in 2005.

 For this matter he has sues so many publishers for posting his tape and he got $70  million as compensation.

He was listed in the list of the greatest white rappers of all time. 

15. Colin Farell

De rankin

Colin is one of the best actors, moreover, he is on the list of the best actors in film history.

In 2006 a tape was leaked in which he was seen with the playboy model Nicole Narain.

The tape was of a duration of 13 minutes. 

16. Paris Hilton

De rankin

One of the most popular sex tapes ever in the world, in 2004 Paris Hilton has been in a video with a then-boyfriend whose name was Rick Salomon got a celebrity status.

That tape was known as One Night in Paris.

Later Hilton swears that she has not made a single dollar from the explicit scene in that film. 

17. Tila Tequila

De rankin

Tila is the most controversial tv star and her tape was released by the vivid entertainment in which she has been seen doing some adult activities with other women.

 But eventually, it has not made any impact on her fans. 

18. Minka Kelly

De rankin

The tape of Minka Kelly was leaked in 2012 and was made in 1998.

She is famous for her role in Friday Night Lights.

When that tape was leaked a lot of people were concerned that at that time she might be minor but later a scientist's team of TMZ deduced that the album playing in the background of the video was released when she was 18 years old.

19. Gene Simmons

De rankin

Gene Simmons has been seen in a tape that was released in 2008 but in that tape, he was not seen with his longtime girlfriend nor with the mother of his children.

He was with the other women in that tape rather than these two. 

20. Tyson Beckford

De rankin

A tape has been released in 2012 may in which Tyson has been seen pleasuring himself with the online model in a chat room.

The tape was of a duration of 45 minutes.

You will also get to see his filmography in that clip that he was doing to impress that girl. 

21. Leighton Meester

De rankin

It was the year 2009 when the Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester was seen in a tape with her boyfriend.

She is so beautiful.

Moreover, she was also listed on the list of most beautiful women in Hollywood. 

22. Tulisa Contostavlos

De rankin

Tulisa has faced so much heat moreover she has seen so much fall in her stardom when a tape of her having sex with her old boyfriend was leaked.

 She was an x-factor judge. That was leaked in 2012. 

23. Bret Michaels

De rankin

A sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels has been surfaced on the internet back in 2005.

It was a four-minute video that was also released on the DVD. 

24. Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott

De rankin

In the 201Their of Tori Spellings hit the shelves and at that time she has revealed that she and her husband Dean Mcdermott has made a tape of themselves having sex on valentine's day in 2009.

She allowed her husband to keep that video on the computer without password protection

25. John Edwards

De rankin

The tape that gained so much attention was made by john with Rielle hunter who was his mistress and reportedly it has been said that she was pregnant with a lovechild at that time. 

 He has also faced the allegations that he urged Hunter to abort that child, moreover, it has been said that he has used $1 million from campaign funds to cover all this mess. 

26. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart

De rankin

In 2009 a tape was released featuring Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart and one more lady who was a former Miss America Kari ann peniche.

But in that tape, there is no action as such. 

27. Kendra Wilkinson

De rankin

Kendra Wilkinson has got fame from The Girls Next Door and in her career, she has made couple porn to gain popularity.

 In the year 2010, a tape has been leaked in which she is having sex with her boyfriend from high school. 

28. Carolyn Murphy

De rankin

The leaked sex tape of Carolyn murphy was reportedly shot on the honeymoon of her then-husband Jake Schroeder.

According to sources, a copy video has reached the Arizona-based internet commerce group.

ICG expects that the hardcore nature of tape may lead to huge sales on the internet. 

29. Dustin lance Black

De rankin

Dustin lance black was an academic award winner for milk screenwriting.

 He was seen in a tape with a man he was having an unprotected relationship with later he sued that tape distribution company and claimed that the company has no right to make money out of his personal life. 

30. Sydney Leathers

De rankin

Tmz reported that Sydney Leathers has made a movie with Anthony Weiner in 2013 she was already famous for exchanging racy texts.

In that film, Sydney leather is without a top. 

31. Carrie Prejean

De rankin

Carrie has faced so much heat due to the tape leak that was too racy consequently she was dethroned by Miss USA.

 At one point in time, she was the hottest California model of all time.

 But eventually, due to that tape, she has to face a lot. 

32. Courtney Stodden

De rankin

Courtney has always been bold in front of cameras, she has revealed to a news portal that she has a sex tape but she will not follow the footstep of teen mom Farrah Abraham and will not sell that footage.

According to one report, the video features her solo and is not out in the media.

33. Tonya Harding

De rankin

Tonya has been listed on the list of best female athletes all the time.

She has a tape with her husband that has been released by them and after that, it has gained so much attention. Moreover, she has also been on the list of the most controversial athletes in sports history. 

34. Jeremy Jackson

De rankin

Jeremy Jackson was a Baywatch star has been seen in the sex tape with adult film star sky Lopez back in 2008.

  He has also claimed that he was threatened by a man physically to give the tape away.

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