East Meets East Review (2020)

East Meets East

Being a foreigner in a strange land can get very lonely.

There are various reasons for this; it could be because of the way you look, talk or even the cuisine you choose to eat. 

One of the many reasons for the many foreigners leading a life without romance or even sex is because of the cultural gap, language problems, miscommunications or merely being a misfit in a community.

Well, not anymore. Here you have the www.eastmeetseast.com, which is a prime dating site exclusively for the Asian community.

The various features of the site are simply great and inviting.

Now, you no longer will have to wait for your life for a company or a person who loves you. 

This is an online dating site that is dedicated to helping out the romantic lives of young Asians living abroad.

The site promises to enhance your love life and make it one of the most ‘happening’ one around. The users simply need to be from an Asain country, and you will be introduced to an entirely new world of romance, friendship, sex and a lot more.

The site has helped quite a few people in making connections with other people of their communities. This exclusivity of this site has made it into a norm, where the common Asain man or a woman can easily find a match. The best part about the site is the fact that it helps locate a date within your region.

The site brings together people from the Asian community into a ‘pool’ where you have a wide option to choose from. It ensures that you do not end up with no-date and have someone to keep you company when you want to feel loved.

The site has all the required features of a regular online dating site and a lot more. This site has various features that help a user to be able to flirt, make suggestions or show interest in the other person from their location or community in that region.

What makes East meets East so Popular?

The site is a rapidly growing one with a huge user base and many visitors every minute. The main reason for its popularity is perhaps the fact that it helps the people from Asia to find other Asians within their location and region.

This site has various features that are designed to ensure that you have a promising dating life when living in a strange land. However, the best aspect of this site is the fact that somehow it celebrates ‘being a woman’. Yes. The site is free for female users.

You simply need to be an Asian and a female to gain access to ‘all’ the features of the dating site. This also includes the paid features and the premium features as well. The site is one of a kind where the young Asian crowd can get together and exchange ideas, thoughts, and expressions.

The site has an ever-growing fame base. The users need not worry about the elongated registration processes anymore. Signing up at the site is a simple task, and you will soon be escorted to all the features here in no time. However, the male users will have to pay for the upgraded features at the site.

The amount for the paid membership is not huge either; in fact, it is quite considerable as compared to many online dating sites that charge a lot more.

Pricing at EastMeetEast.com

As mentioned earlier, the site is free for female users of the Asian community. This enables them to be able to access all the features of the site without any obstacles. However, the boys will have to upgrade into the paid membership scheme to be able to gain access to all the features of the site

  • 1 month---$ 34.99 per month
  • 3 months--$22.99 per month
  • 6 months--$ 32.99 per month
  • 12 months-- $ 11.99 per month

Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) NA
  • Top niche sites – NA
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 7K+
  • Photo slideshows – no
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – NO

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

10 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

96 / 100

Website Overview

The web address of the site: https://www.eastmeeteast.com/

Estimated visitors per month: 3 million

The site is cute as a button and has various features that make it into one of the most desirable sites around.

East meets East is dedicated to Asians living abroad and for them to be able to date the fellow Asians.

The site makes ‘homesickness’ tolerable and manageable with options from your home country in Asia right at your location. 

east meets east lp

The site has various features that make the dating game within your community quite simple. However, the creators of the site are much more generous to the female Asian users and have made the site absolutely and completely free for them.

The female users have access to every single feature at the site and can make the best out of these for finding their true mate. The signing up process is a breeze and does not require too many steps to do so. You will be asked a few details about yourself and also your profile picture.

It must be kept in mind that the user will not be able to respond to the profile picture of other users unless they have a profile picture of their actions and uploaded. This is done to ensure that the site is more promising and appealing as people wish to find a person who can give them the company.

Once the registration has been done, you can access most of the features right away. The search at the site is quite elaborate and has some very helpful filters. This helps enhance the chances of you finding your mate in no time within your close vicinity.

The search options and filters could include your country of preference, age, gender, language or zip code. The suggestions will be displayed immediately for you to make your choice. The next great feature is the Chat room at the site. This allows you to be able to reach out to the person of your interest.

At the chat facility, you can rapidly exchange ideas, thoughts, sexual preferences, and orientations.

Asian Dating App? Introducing - EastMeetEast

It allows you to be able to judge your chosen match to find out if they fall under your type. However, while the girls can read the messages freely, the boys will have to go for the paid membership to respond back or even to view the entire message received.

There are also various fun features at the site that makes it all the more interesting and engaging. One of these features is the ‘Smiles’. These are flirty little suggestions that you can use to make the other person know that you are interested in them.

You can also view the number of people who have to send you Smiles, thus giving you a better picture of the ones that are interested in you. This is yet another way that the user can understand who are their options.

The ‘visits’ allows the user to understand those other users who have visited your profile recently and also the number of times that they have done so. By going through the Visit list, you can assess your options and get a better prospect about the crowd you are attracting.

The site also has a cool mobile app to go with it. This is one of the manners in which you can continue to use the site even when on the move. The app has all the features of the site along with the instant messaging feature to go with it.

This allows you to respond as and when you can without missing out on some of the hottest chances to attract the right person.


  • The site is a bliss for all the Asians who are lonely in another land. This site brings together all the Young, old, sexes, orientations under one roof.
  • The site is free for female users. This is done to ensure that the females do not have to endure too much to get a date and also that the Asian women are much more wanted as compared to the dudes.
  • The registration at the site is easy and free. You only require a couple of steps, and within seconds you are chatting away to glory.
  • There is various profile indicators at the site allows you to know just how much of your profile needs to be updated with information. This is essential and also an added benefit as it allows the users to gain better exposure at the site and an increased number of options.
  • There is also a ‘block user’ option available that allows a certain user to completely block from viewing, messaging or irritating them in the future.
  • The chat room at the site allows a more one-on-one conversation wherein you can exchange ideas, views, experiences and a lot more. This allows users to access their options in a better way.
  • The site is also Homosexual-friendly. Now you could be a man searching for an Asian man or a woman searching for an Asian woman and still get on with your dating life at this site.
  • The live stream is available, allowing the users a better connection mode and a better look at their interests.
  • The site has many fun features also included in it. The ‘Smile’ at the site allows users to send in a suggestion to the other user in case they need to let them know that they are interested in them. It also allows the users to access the Smile list, where you can check out the users who are interested in you.
  • The search options at the site are great, and so are the filters. These are the tools to help you make a better choice when finding a date and also to weigh your options within your region and specific to your Asian community.
  • The site has also ensured that you do not waste too much time to register. You can do so also using the FB account.
  • The ‘coin’ system at the site is a fun one, which allows the users to access the features better using the coins that are earned.
  • The users at the site can view who has visited their profiles and also those who have sent you Smiles. This makes it easier to analyze your options and take your pick.
  • The site also has a method to let the user know who is online at the moment. This allows the user to be able to make a connection with those who are currently online and thus helps you increase your chances to date immediately.
  • The site also has the all-cool one-on-one match recommendations. This takes a huge load off many introverts and users who are new or confused about the entire dating game.
  • The mobile app is super cool with all the features of the desktop view. It also has the instant messaging feature also added that enhances your dating chances while you are on the go.


  • The paid membership fee is quite a bit. Being exclusive to the men, it can be a handful.
  • The downloads can only be done on iOS devices
  • The profile detailing can be better enhanced
  • It is a compulsion to upload a profile picture within 24 hours of registration.
  • The uploaded images need to be approved by the team at the site.
  • To view a picture, you need to have a picture uploaded as well.
  • The member suggestions can be increased to more often.

Customer Support & Other Details

The site is quite user-friendly. The features are also well listed and quite easy to use, however, if any of the users come across a query or a concern they can reach out to the Support team in more than one ways:


East Meet East Inc.

32 W 39th Street, Suite 4

New York, NY 10018

Also available is the all cool ‘Contact Us’ box that allows you to write out your query in exact words that you feel comfortable in. This is a short form that asks for your user name, email ID, the Subject of your concern and finally your complaint.

Email: [email protected]

Competitions of EastMeetsEast

  • Filipino Cupid
  • Muslima
  • Tinder
  • Ok Cupid
  • eHarmony

Final Verdict

We all get lonely in a new place. There are times when you need to relocate without much choice. This calls for a connection to your roots. East meets east does that for you. It helps you connect to the people of your community.

The site has an added advantage to the female users as they can access the entire site for free. The features at the site are great and easy to access. The site makes it a point to help you find your mate as easily as possible.

The various search options and filters make your chances to a better dating life within your community. The site also is available on a mobile App making it all the easier for the users to access it wherever and whenever they wish to.

There are various fun features and coins that can be earned at the site, making it engaging and also helpful. Also worth mentioning is the blog section, where you can check out what other users have to say through their stories.

Parting Note

We all love our roots. There is nothing wrong in seeking out a person of your ethnic group. The reasons are fairly simple, as you can easily connect over food, language, and stories from back home. This site does just that.

It helps you get in touch with the people you can call your own; who look, talk and think like you. This simply makes life a lot more bearable and enjoyable. You could bond over a bowl of noodles or spicy butter chicken and still not be judged.

It is great when you can talk in your language and get the conversations going over ‘chai’. There is something surreal to be able to see your motherland in the eyes of a person sitting across you and feel nostalgic.

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