Delight Sexy Review (2020)

Delight Sexy

Delight Sexy, owned by LDate services is an online dating platform which is extremely basic and offers you a safe and secure online platform where you can connect and find just the right partner for your date.


  • The profiles are very informative and detailed which will help you to sort out whether the other person is the right match for you.
  • Even though the site is fairly new, it has gained traction and has many active members.


  • No free membership plan is offered with Delight Sexy.
  • The price of the membership is a bit on the steeper side.

How many times have you tried going online and find someone to talk to who would be willing enough to go on a date with you? Knowing that the internet is overloaded with date sites, it can become quite overwhelming for someone like us to find someone who we can connect with.

Dating sites are becoming more and more famous among  very busy people. No one  have the time to waste going to a bar and trying their luck impressing someone and wait in anticipation whether they will agree to go out with them or not.

Things have changed drastically, and with the advent of dating sites and apps, no one likes to take the painstaking steps anymore. However, there still lies one problem, and that is which dating site should you go for without burning holes in your pocket. After all, dating sites don't come free either!

This is where a site like Delightsexy comes in. Before you even start looking for someone, you first need to find the right platform, which will enable you to find the right people. Delightsexy lets you meet sexy women or men.

The one-stop destination and a newly launched site has just one goal, and that is to make this online dating platform extremely simple and fun for people who have struggled to find their perfect match in various other sites previously.

It is owned by a company named Ldate Services Ltd. Delightsexy offers you a safe and secure platform, where you need to sign up, build your profile, and start meeting new people before you ask someone out for a date.

When it comes to finding someone for a casual hook-up, it is essential for us to find the right platform, because you never know who the other person is going to be like. This is why there are so many people who have joined Delightsexy already.

You will get to meet men and women near you. Additionally, what can be better than a site that has no restrictions, no commitments, limits, and you can follow your passion as you desire.

Being a new player in the online dating market, there aren't a lot of legit reviews on Delightsexy, and this means not everyone knows whether they should join this dating site or not. Don't worry, we are right here for you, and we will tell you everything that you should know about Delightsexy.

If you are tired of trying other online dating sites, where you get to meet average-looking men and women, then we strongly recommend to try Delightsexy for once, but do so after reading this review.

What makes Delightsexy so popular?

With more than 3,000,000 members already, Delightsexy is gaining a lot of popularity. We can say that Delightsexy is one of the best online dating sites with tons of features, and you have better chances of meeting someone who stays close to you.

The site is dominated by a lot of singles who are tired of trying their luck in all the other places and now looking for a website, which is fuss-free. Get the complete freedom to connect with a single man and woman who are looking for fun, or romantic dates.

Check out the latest sensation of online dating and meet individual no matter when you want and connect with stunners who wants to meet you too.

The singles here at Delightsexy are looking for nothing more than fun and having a good time with someone like-minded. Just become a member, meet a girl, make her happy, and ask her out! Sounds easy right, well, it is easy!

Nothing is better than finding a platform that lets you meet some of the sexiest people on earth, and the site Delightsexy has made it their trademark. Doesn't it make you feel good when you go on an online dating site, and get to meet someone cute, who is as excited to meet you or talk to you?

The website is loaded with single ladies. And in just a few minutes, you will get to create your account, and voila! You are ready for the show! Delightsexy lets you find an adventurous partner who enjoys playing flirtatious and funny games.

Rest assured, you will get to see only open-minded local singles to bond with. There are over a thousand dating options to choose from, who are just a few miles away from your home. No need to sit ideal and feel bored. Be a part of Delightsexy and let the girl near you take away all your loneliness!

About its features, you will be glad to know that Delightsexy doesn't allow anyone to check any of the profiles until you become their member.

This means that they do care about safety. You can upload multiple photos; you can search for users based on their education, partying habits, religion, income, and more. You can send private messages to any hot chick that you like.

Also, make sure that you have uploaded an impressive profile picture of yours because your profile photo is available to all. Just in case, there are some sexy selfies that you might have clicked and saved for the future, now could be the right opportunity to use them!

People with most racy photos on Delightsexy have better chances of finding a cute date!

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month: Not available

Delightsexy might initially sound a bit confusing to be a porn site until you visit the platform, but this website is nothing else but a place where you can find someone to have fun with.

We know and honestly understand that in this fast-paced world, it is not at all possible for anyone to find someone like-minded quickly. 

delight sexy lp

Plus, hoping to hook-up with a girl in a bar is a luck-by-chance game. You might end up paying for her drinks again and again, and she might say thank you and how nice you have been and move on!

There's no point in wasting your time like this when you can come to Delightsexy and find someone easily online!

The platform helps every single find someone who is available locally. Thanks to digitalization, Delightsexy uses some algorithms, which enables users to find someone sexy without even having to wait for hours. You will find someone or the other in a fraction of second. Now that's fantastic!

Delightsexy is the right platform for people like you to find the correct date for tonight, along with it, it is also the right platform where you get to join any online chat room and start chatting mindlessly. Well, that's not what many people are here for, but that's something hilarious.

Some people join these dating sites, not to share some pick-up lines to impress someone, some are hilarious and keep the chat rooms alive.

However, if your agenda is finding a special kind of lady, which according to the site, and us, should be, the chat rooms are the perfect place to find someone lovable and connect with these beauties individually.

To give you a brief about how the web site's navigation, it has a blue theme with a gorgeous lady as their main image. You are not free to take a look at the members until you become a member. So, forget about browsing through people's accounts and peeking through their profiles without logging in.

There's nothing much on the main page, other than the detail about what Delightsexy is, how easy it is to find sexy women here at this platform, some tabs, that are privacy policy, terms of us, affiliates, and safe dating. We recommend you to go through the secure dating page once.

The page has excellent tips for finding the right date in the right way. This could be helpful for a few amateurs.

The page supports its members tremendously, and if ever you feel threatened by someone because dating sites are famous for being the hub spot for scammers and fraudsters, you can complain about that person. Delightsexy will take intense action, and the max their accounts will be blocked.

The site also has a "See me, Hear me, Meet me" feature through which you hear the other person talking or see them if they have turned on this feature. If you are interested in someone, you can send them photos, and later click on "Ask for a photo or more info" feature.

Pricing & Membership Fees 

Before becoming a member of Delightsexy, we know for a fact that that you are waiting to know about their plan. We have got your back and here are the details:

  • Trial pack: 3-days- $4.24
  • One month- $19.99
  • Three months: $81.39
  • Twelve months: $137.06

So, there are no free-trial options available for anyone, if that's what you were expecting, but you can try a three-days trial pack, though, to check out their features. The twelve months may make your brain hurt a bit because it is exceptionally high, which is $137.06, but we let you pick.

However, the best way to go about any dating site is to try the minimum pack, which in this case if $4.24 for three-days. Experience it, and see if all the claims are valid, and once everything seems fine, go ahead with any of the plans. But we do feel that Delightsexy is a bit pricey.

The signup process of Delightsexy is 100% free. You don't need to spend anything to sign up, but that won't allow you to do anything unless you become their member. To even view full sized photos, send or receive a message, you are bound to buy one of their memberships.

As per the Delightsexy website, once you upgrade to the higher packs, you get 9-times more views. The cost of Delightsexy works funnily, though. According to Delightsexy, the longer you commit to the platform, the better the chances of getting discounts for your next upgrade or payment!

And guess what, no woman has to pay anything to become a member of Delightsexy! So, all you bombshells out there, take full advantage of this platform and watch gentlemen trying to impress you every minute.

Once you become a member of Delightsexy, you will be prompted to enter some necessary details. For instance, your screen name, who you are looking for, status description, age range, and lastly, the area. Before searching for your mate, you need to upload your profile picture as well.

We liked the interface of Delightsexy because it is quite clunky. The design is smooth, and the navigation is easy. All the members can search for a partner by their age range, sex, online now, and photo. These features enable you to find a partner in a jiffy.

Site Statistics

  • Members age: 18-35 years
  • The members: Worldwide
  • Signing Up: Less than a minute
  • Total number of members: around 3,000,000
  • Gender population: 60% male, 40% female
  • Mobile app: No
  • Mobile optimized: Yes
  • Hook-up chance: Very high
  • Making contact: Need to become a member and buy a membership plan to start connecting with people

Website Performance Scores



Quality Of Members

9 / 10


9 / 10


5 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10

Website Quality

10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Bonus Features

5 / 10

Competitors of Delightsexy

Here's the truth, online dating is nothing new, and there are already many predominant players in the market. Some of the top dating sites like AdultFriendFinder, Match, iHookup, and more, it is not difficult to imagine that Delightsexy will have to prove its status in the market if it wants to survive.

Mainly because the market is tight and competitive. The three websites that we talked about are currently leading when it comes to online dating. Here are the details:


AdultFriendFinder is one of the top-rated adult dating sites for hookups, and the members can't walk out of it because the chances of hooking-up are high. The site currently has a whopping 25 million members, and all of them actively use this dating site.

AdultFriendFinder is prevalent everywhere and allows you to find a potential match quickly.


As the name suggests, this website is dedicated to those who are trying to find the right match, and hence the name Match.

The site was launched in 1995, and since then, you can imagine the number of people might have joined this platform already. The technicality free site offers people an easy way to connect with different people, and it provides a free trial option too.


Another leading online dating site that offers free trial membership is iHookup. The people of iHookup work hard on their profile to find a potential partner. The website is relatively safer than most of the adult dating or hook-up sites, and yes, iHookup has a lot of members, as well.

We do feel that Delightsexy is already receiving fiery competition from these platforms, and many other hook-up sites, mainly because the site is relatively new in the market. And many other established adult dating sites offer a free trial membership, and unfortunately, Delightsexy don't!


  • The design of Delightsexy is fantastic and smooth to operate.
  • People will enjoy the non-technicality of the Delightsexy website.
  • All the members have their profile pictures, along with their information details, which makes it easier for other people to see whether they are the right fit or not.
  • The tabs on the home page, particularly, safe dating app, is impressive giving tips on safe online dating
  • Delightsexy has different chat rooms where you can take part in and connect individually if you like someone
  • In your profile, you can upload many full-sized photos
  • The site offers no restriction, fun, and secure online dating platform to every single
  • The site is mobile friendly
  • Even though the site is new, there are already many members
  • The signing up process will take less than a minute


  • Unfortunately, Delightsexy doesn't offer any free membership plan, whereas many competitors do
  • We do think that Delightsexy should work on their compatibility check because it doesn't show whether the person you are interested in is compatible or not
  • You can't check any member's profile unless you sign up
  • We do think that the price of three, and 12 months memberships are high. This might discourage new people from joining in.

Customer Support

The customer support of Delightsexy is friendly and if there is anything that you would like to discuss, cancel your membership, report a person, close your account, or anything else, use this contact information:

Company name: Ldate Services Ltd

Call: +448000517318


Overall, we had a good experience with Delightsexy, and we do recommend this site to all. Being just a few years old, Delightsexy has done an outstanding job, and for the paid memberships, it  offers a massive number of astounding features.

The site has a lot of sexy women to choose from and can enable you to choose someone who resides close. Delightsexy is hands down a hook-up site.

Parting words

So, this is our honest review of Delightsexy, and we hope that after reading this review, you must have got a pretty good idea about what this site is all about and how it works. So, go ahead and signup and start connecting with stunners today!

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