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Dating.com Review (2020)


Are you single? Ideally, you want to connect with someone who aligns with your same thought process.

To find dates on the internet, there is no better option than dating.com. The more you are equipped with the site, the better you will be provided on how to use it.     

The site had its inception in the year 1993 and went on to cover 32 countries.

As it is one of the oldest dating platforms on the internet, an undeniable fact is that it has to be a good one.

What makes dating.com so accessible?

Signing up on the site is a straightforward and painless process. First, you need to select your age, followed by your gender. Then you will be asked about the age and gender of your ideal partner.

You do have an option of linking up your Google profile that is going to save a lot of time, and this means that you do not have to submit a lot of details. Then at a point, you might be asked to upload your photo.

Even several photos can be uploaded at a single time. The more pictures you have, the better chances you have of locating a match. Ensure that you do churn in a specific amount of time to the areas of your interest.

The moment you spend a reasonable amount of time on the profile, the possibility of locating potential matches increases. The moment you start using the site, on the home page, there are photos of members. Potentially they could be residing in your area waiting up to be your perfect match.

The moment you click on the picture, you can flip through the entire profile of a person. Even a search function is there enabling you to trim down the search by gender, religion, body type, age or geographic location. These filters can be handy when  trying to locate a person as per your specific needs.

By the favourite section, you can save the profiles of a particular person that you are interested in. By a mere click of the mouse, you would be able to browse through these profiles. There is a tab site activity situated on the top hand corner of the page where all useful things would be displayed.

It is possible to figure out how many users are there in your area, the number of messages you have received and the exact amount of people who have gone on to view your profile.


Estimated number of visitors monthly -5.49 M

The site has a lot to offer if you love fun and interacting with strangers. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore the world and catch up with people from all walks of life.

To join the site, there are a couple of options. First is if you have already had a Facebook account, it is easy to join. With your email, just fill in the registration form.

Just go to the sign-in option and tap on the 'create your account' button. Sometimes the link might not be visible as you have already joined in.

To get in touch with the team, click on the option, forget the password.

The site provides instant access to members all over the world. No special consideration is dished out to females for sending or receiving messages as compared to their male counterparts.

People of both sexes have similar conditions at this site. This means you would be paying the same money for using Dating.com. The main objective of the site was to find your soul mate.

In the last few years, the company has formulated an app for making communication easy between members.

But just like any other dating app, people go on to state the service is inferior, and you may have to shell out a lot of money. A visit to the commercial page of the site does not reveal a lot.

Now the main question that might strike you is how the site works. At an initial glance, it may seem that it is an easy and straightforward task. 

On the home page itself, you would see a gallery of member profiles. Any list that you set has to align with the preferences that you have gone on to choose during the registration process. By a mere search button, you can change that.

On the top, you will locate stories that are similar to those which you find on Instagram. In some of them, you might only find photos with no mention of videos. Just under the stories section, you might find the broadcast button.

Once you click on the list, you might figure out the members who are live streaming as of now. It is possible to join the room, and even you can write to a person who is broadcasting. In case if your current list of users does not suffice your requirements, it is possible to hop on to the search button.

In hindsight, this function has an advanced search option. As part of the first option, you can locate the age, gender, and status online and whether they are available for an online chat.

Now on the options button, you have an opportunity to locate a person on the basis of the common interests that you share. At an initial glance, you are likely to find people from various regions of the globe. Whichever country you go on to select there are numerous members to suffice your needs.

In some instances, you might find only a few members of the country you have selected. Though there is some type of search that is going to segregate those who respond to your requirements from others. Everyone is part of the list.

The company is liable to return all used credits if any member misidentifies themselves and seeks gifts or money from you. This could also be the case if they display false information about their gender, age, marital status, and so on.

If such a situation arises, the company is liable to return all credits that you have spent on interacting with that particular member. Any person indulging in such activity would be banned for life.

The member's profile looks simple, and if you have already visited some of the dating sites before, it is not going to be something new. Even a short message is there where a person can greet fellow members of the site.

Then you are going to find a couple of categories, private and shared. In the latter, you would be able to see everything even if there is no credit.

Then the second portion is the situation where you can see the person and respond to their message. Once they reply to you, their photos will become visible.

It would be tough to figure out the difference between private and shared photos. Though in both cases, they work out to be the same.

If you feel that private photos might contain explicit messages, then you would be in for a disappointment as this is not the case.

Once you scroll a bit lower, more information about the person can be obtained. This includes body type, age, and so on. This could be any type of person that you are looking to suffice your requirements.

On this site, there are a couple of methods of communication. With a free membership, you can send out messages but will not be aware of what the member replies.

To see the replies you have to purchase credits. But there is a strong possibility that you might receive spam messages.

To a certain extent, you are forced to buy credits, because there is no communication on the site. You need to purchase credits to be able to reply to other members.


Dating.com Tutorial and Review

Site statistics

  • Presence in 32 countries
  • Millions of profiles for you to choose from
  • You can only send messages if you are a free member. But to access the words, you need a premium account.

Site performance




7 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Ease of Use

8 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

8.4 / 10


  • Live support- if you have any issues while using the site or are facing problems with logging in, then assistance can be obtained from the live customer care team.
  • Millions of members- Thousands of people are on this site, whereby the possibility of finding the right person increases.
  • Superior navigation tools- there are various tools on offer that makes the process of navigating the site an easy task.
  • Free account- there is an option to start with a free account, though there are better offers for opting for a premium one.


  • Time-consuming- So many profiles are there on the site, working them out be a time-consuming task.
  • Restricted use- the elite features of the sites are restricted to the elite class of members.


While using dating.com, there are numerous features along with payment options at your disposal. The moment you sign up on the site, you have a choice of a free account. For an individual who is constrained by the budget, this is a better option.

The premium account might force you to shell out $ 34.95 monthly

  • $ 16.66 for Six months
  • $ 11.66 for 12 months

When you compare all the dating sites on the internet, this does not work out to be expensive, and what you spend, you are going to gain actual value for it. Being a premium user, there are a lot of additional features that you obtain here.

Competitors of dating.com

The first main competitor of dating.com is ‘Well, Hello’. To start a chat, you need to become a member of the site. Another exciting feature of this site is that ladies initiate a conversation first.

Before you are planning to use the site, you need to register first.

Trust me; it is not going to take a couple of minutes. There are four mandatory fields that you need to fill. Once registration is done, you might be provided with an opportunity of limited access.

You can skip this part and return to the site once you have gone to have a whip of things.

At the home page, you might come across millions of profiles. Mostly they are selected based on default preferences that you have gone on to set in your profile.

Once you go on to visit the profile settings, you can always change them or with the aid of a search button alter your request.

Sometimes random photos of members may appear, and if you click on them, you can obtain more information about the profile. T

hough it might seem like the dating platform is not as good as it may seem.

Strictly come in on the heels is the second main competitor of Dating.com, that is Be Naughty. In fact, for men and women all over the world, this is a perfect dating site.

A vast majority of people on this site are on the lookout for a serious relationship or a good friend.


Most of the messages that you go on to receive from ladies would surprise you. In a lot of ways, this site might be the right one for you. If you are looking for a friend with benefits, then this is the site you need to log in. For fast communication, a suggestion is to install an app on your smartphone.

Whether the site is good or bad does boil down to your personal preferences. For some, it could be a lucky place, whereas, for others, it cannot be the case. There are five free chats allowed, and you do not need to be paying for a conversation.


Any information that you submit on this site would be private, confidential and secure at all times. The data takes all security measures so that the data of the members are kept safe. Till date, no reports have emerged where the site is hacked that is a positive sign.

A notable feature of this site is that they confirm all the members are real once they sign up. This also points to the fact that you do not have to be dealing with bots like the other sites end up doing.

The website thinks that any user should report malicious or unlawful activity on the site. Any profiles that are published go through the staff for detailed review. A strong possibility exists that a reported profile would be deleted entirely once again; this is dependent on the claims put forth.

By doing so, the number of scammers on the site is restricted, that is a better option. If you have any queries, you can respond to support@dating.com. They give due consideration to all your feedback, and every effort is taken at their level to help you.

The customer care team would get in touch with you within 48 hours.


No second thoughts that the site is one of the lucrative options when you are looking for a particular person to connect in your life. Many times you may think of spending your entire life with that person.

 A simple, easy to use website, completely free for all those who want a basic account.

There is always an option to purchase a premium account that is not that costly and loaded with various benefits.

As part of the site, there is a reasonably advanced search option, where locating the right person in your life becomes an easy task.

A lot of profiles on this site are making your job an easy one. Being a secure site, you can take solace from the fact that your data is safe and would not change hands.

For anyone who is exploring the possibility of a serious relationship in life, the site is a better option.

You could confer the fact that the site is geared towards people who are serious about dating. It is an excellent resource for people who are looking out for something more than casual.

It is a one-stop point for singles, genders and religions.


Parting words

In the end, it has to be stated that the site has numerous benefits as compared to the other dating sites. Certain unique features in the form of broadcasting are there where you can make real a person with whom you chat.

We have listed some of the biggest pros and cons of Dating.com which certainly help you to narrow down your research and help you make an informed decision. . We hope you enjoyed reading the review as much as we enjoyed writing it.

We would love to know your opinions and comments on how we can improve upon our reviews so that we can bring more interesting content to you regularly. Till then, Ciao!..

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