YouPorn Review (2020)


No, not Pornhub, but it was Youporn, which came first to the scene at the beginning of 2006.

And it is still is one of the most amazing free websites to enjoy hot, steamy, erotic, seductive, and ming boggling porn videos.

Above all, YouPorn has been associated with some huge adult porn video production studios. That is why you will find some of the most raunchy and exquisite porn on the website. The good guys who brought Red Tube and Porn hub only to bless millions of souls like you and me.

One of the most amazing things that you will find on this platform is the diversity of porn. There is something for everybody present on the website. Be it an amateur opening her legs for the first time or be it a grandmother revisiting her glory days with the vintage porn.

Why is YouPorn so Popular?

Well, YouPorn’s popularity is credited to a number of factors. Firstly, the homepage is filled with the most popular videos in your country. There are also collections based on the date and the hottest videos of all time ever-present on the home page itself.

Another thing that I love about it is that the videos can be downloaded on your device or the hard drive. And do not forget the aspect that the majority of the videos are of HD quality. You will know this better, but two gals licking each other’s pussy and faces filled with cum won’t look good in low quality.

For that, you will need to watch it in full HD. YouPorn’s popularity comes from its free video access and its massive database of videos. It is almost like you can watch one new video every single day for the next hundreds of years. Yes, I am not kidding, buddy. It does have that much of free content available.

One thing is clear buddy, that you won’t find a better option to watch free and premium-like hot and erotic content on the web anywhere than YouPorn. 


Website Address:

YouPorn has a lot of features that will make you fall in love with porn. Well, who I am talking to, you are already in love with porn, aren’t you? 

Today it has not millions, but billions of happy users. It will give you access to a whole lot of porn distributed in various categories, including lesbian, gay, milf, BDSM, threesome, and whatnot.

The majority of the videos are story-based, which also includes good foreplay to build up the interest of the viewer. It has Pornstars like Sarah Ann, Ava Vincent, Carolina Cortez, and many more. It provides experience watching the perfect porn with high quality and non-stop streaming.

Talking about the range of women; you will find alluring babes from all age groups on this platform. I have watched teens of 18 years of age till the age of 50+. Women of all body types, be it BBW, pregnant, skinny, short, tall, all are present on the website, just for your pleasure.

Don’t just stick to one category; you have a whole new world of options with YouPorn; just go out there and explore. If nothing seems to appease you, open the comprehensive YouPorn index and browse through all the categories.

There are thousands of names that you will find in there, choose one, get off your pants, and get going. It is no wonder that YouPorn has bagged the 223 ranks on Alexa and that too on the globe.

The pink and white website design adds yet another dimension of authenticity to the whole website structure. The page loading speed is good, and depending on your internet speed, there won’t be any buffering issues.

The Live Sex tab will let you explore the exotic beauty of babes from all across the world. With the free version, you will get the video quality of 720P, but once you sign up for the premium version, you will get the video quality of 1080p, and it is a fucking awesome, buddy. 


You already know that YouPorn is a free website, and being a free website, it provides a butt load of quality content. With a huge number of categories combined with some epic porn videos from the famous porn studios with impeccable cinematography and amazing storyline, its free version is just irresistible.

The paid version of YouPorn is a whole other level of sexiness. Starting with a one-week free trial, you will be charged $9.99 per month, and if you take the yearly membership, the cost will increase to $95.88, bringing the monthly cost down to $7.99 per month.

The free version is the cake, but the cherry will only come with the premium version of YouPorn. And once you subscribe to the free trial, I promise you buddy that you will be motivated from the core of your dick to spend some money to continue with the premium version.

And don’t worry, the YouPorn guys are awesome dudes, sometimes they provide some amazing deals for the users to get yearly subscriptions and much more. Can you fucking imagine, deals on getting access to some premium porn, I love it!

With the free version too, you can watch some high-level porn, but most of the parts in those videos are trimmed. And that discourages everybody. What is porn without a good story to back it up?

I mean, the real excitement comes when there is a good back story for a dad fucking her daughter or a son licking her stepmother’s pussy. I mean, how can they even start doing that! I wonder when I will have a stepmom because I seriously want to try it with her.

Brandi Love, Top YouPorn Model - Interview

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Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Porn Stars: Ava Vincent, Arabelle Raphael, Carolina Cortez, Candy Red
  • Total number of videos: 4.79 million
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4K Porn (where else will you get that)
  • Download Limit: Unlimited, but only for videos
  • Photos: No photos


In the last few years, the porn industry has developed to a great extent. There were a lot of players in the market before YouPorn, and a lot more has come after its launch.

But only a few of them have been able to come at par with this wonderful website. Pornhub is good, but it does not have that much of free porn. Motherless and Legal Porno, PunishTube, are among others that provide similar freedom to the users.

They also have a lot of free content, but that comes with a lot of restrictions and limitations, which takes all the fun out of fapping.



  • First up is the huge library of content that you can explore on YouPorn. There are a lot of categories to explore. With the free version studios like Brazzers, Reality kings, Vixen has limited watch-ability. But if you are to explore them in the premium version, I reckon that you will like the porno avengers more than the real one.
  • Want to download full-scale DVDs to your own personal drive and take porn everywhere you go, you got it. YouPorn also offers downloadable content with the free version. But the DVDs are exclusive to premium members only.
  • Thousands of… Nah! It is not enough. The right phrase should be hundreds of thousands of hours of porn is lying  unwatched and untouched only for you.
  • Want to remove the awkward sex ads that pop up in the middle of the video? Well, go premium, and you will get the option to remove ads from the whole website. Everywhere that you will see, there will be babes fucked by a dude or dudes of all kinds, shapes, ages, and sizes. You can watch a brother checking out her sleeping sister’s wet pussy or even a plumber fixing the pipes deep inside the pussy of a steamy blonde. Exciting, right?
  • Ever heard of VR porn? Youporn has got it for you but only in the premium version. And this adds yet another reason for everyone to spend some money and get the true value of porn. In the end, it is money well-spent dude. You won’t regret it.
  • The website navigability will make everything easier. From searching for your favorite porn star to getting your hands on the type of videos that you want to watch. Almost everything is accessible from the home screen, or else you only have to check out not more than one tab.
  • Porn in 720 P HD quality, how awesome is that? Not that I like the hair on the pussy, but if there is even a single hair on the babe’s vagina, you will be able to see it very clearly.
  • Well, this is only if you are going to provide your credit card information to these guys. They have a secured method accepting payment made robust with Probiller. Your information is always safe and protected from identity thieves and fraudsters.
  • BTW, have you ever tried YouPorn on the phone? Just try it once, buddy. You will get an even better experience than what you will get with the desktop version. Plus, this way you only have to utilize one hand and the other hand will be right where it needs to be.


  • The very first thing that can dissuade from surfing on YouPorn is the advertisements. I mean, why the fuck would I want to see Shrek fucking a babe or an octopus using its tentacles to penetrate every single hole in a woman. Come on, dude, give it a rest. But it is what it is. With the free version videos, you will have to deal with recurrent ads before the video starts and after it ends. But that is provided that you reach the end.
  • Another thing that I notice missing on YouPorn is the comic stories and images. I mean, these things are useful sometimes. Especially comics that provide a unique experience combined with steamy pictures.
  • Just a copy of Pornhub. Well, I know that you may consider Pornhub as the biggest competitor of YouPorn, but hear that both of these platforms are owned by Mindgeek. You will find the same hardcore and all the other types of porn on both websites.
  • I have found that for videos, the quality is not what it seems on the outset. In the starting, it may feel like the video is loading, but it won’t change for the whole length. It is possible that you may have a slow internet connection, but this is a bit annoying and kills the whole mood.

The Final Verdict

Here comes the judgment. I would say that just close your eyes and go for it. Even if you want to buy the premium version, do it.

Because you won’t find a better club service and porn database that they have to offer.

And add to the huge expanse of their videos along with the high quality will take your fapping and fucking to the next level.

I would say this is one of the best websites for both types of users, free and premium.


Some Parting Words

Dude, was it a good thing to do. I think this the happiest I was in the past few days. I mean, talking about your favorite porn stars and watching India Summers gets fucked from the back makes me cum by imagining her in that position.

She has the perfect body, and her voice is just downright sexy. Pardon me, and I was led astray by her beauty. I was telling you about the review. So, here it is, everything that I like and dislikes about YouPorn is now with you. I hope you will get some insights through this review and become a better person.

Porn is an art buddy; never forget that.

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