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Common Mistakes in Sex: How to Avoid Trouble in Bed

Look, all men and women are not perfect. And, therefore, it is quite common that they will end up making mistakes in bed while having sex. Yes, there are scopes of errors for everyone. And, that is something most people don’t realize.

They think that making mistakes during sex is like a criminal offence because they are used to seeing people have flawless sex.

 Do you know how they have got this notion of something like flawless sex? It is from the porn industry. Yes, on porn sites you watch videos where people are looking perfect. You think the people who work in porn are perfect in bed because you have never seen any wrong move by the pornstars in the industry. But, you should know that you are wrong.

If you want to see the horrible mistakes that these porn stars make during the shoot of a scene, then you have to check out the bloopers of porn videos. You can get that easily on the sites where you go to watch porn, especially, the tube sites. 

So, once, you check those videos out, you can rest assured you will not believe in the idea of flawless sex anymore.

You will also understand how to create a porn video. Apart from that, you will also know that even sexy naked amateur women and girls can make mistakes in bed. 

But, you also have to be careful about certain things because certain mistakes in bed can actually ruin the moment you are having with your partner and you have to be very careful about them. So, let’s discuss them now;

Being Too Fast as You Are Not in the Mood

Sometimes, you are not in the mood and you don’t want to have sex with your partner. But, your partner is horny and got naked and now trying to seduce you and you have other things going on in your head. You don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings.

So, instead of declining, you start having sex with her. You forget about the foreplay and kissing and get straight to the penetration. In this way, your partner will know that you don’t want to have sex and being too fast will kill her mood and that can be very bad for your sex life.

Having No Clue What the Partner Wants or Needs

You have an idea that as a woman, your partner would want you to touch on certain areas of her body. Why? Because you have seen men touch women in amateur porn pics in certain areas to give pleasure and your woman is also the same.

This is a big mistake because every girl has different needs and that is why you have to ask and listen to your partner. In this way, you will understand properly what she needs. And, only after that, you should proceed in making her happy in bed.

You Are Concentrating on Giving Orgasms Only

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Yes, the amateur sex videos that you watch will show you that in the end, the girl is having earth shattering orgasm. But, the truth is, most amateur videos are scripted just like all the other porn videos that you watch.

Giving orgasm should not be the goal for you during sex with your partner. Your goal should always focus on the moment and try to enjoy the moment with your partner and the orgasm will be the by-product of the enjoyment that your partner will be having in bed.

Thinking about Something Else While Having Sex

Yes, life is stressful in this day and age. But, if you think about something else while you are in bed with your partner, then that is a catastrophic mistake because that will only destroy your sex life. So, make sure you leave the stress in your workplace and have fun with your partner fully in bed.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there are many such silly mistakes that people make that actually ruin their sex life for good. So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, then don’t make the mistakes mentioned above. In this way, you and your partner will have a very happy sex life.

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