How to Use a Fleshlight (2020)

There are many sex toys for male and female on the market. One of the most popular sex toys for a male is Fleshlight.

It is made of soft, realistic like skin material called Reel Feel super skin nestled in a hard-plastic casing. It looks like a large flashlight that is why got the name "Fleshlight".

Easy to use in various ways, it will give you the pleasure of real sex and satisfy your horny need. It may be the most revolutionary sex toy for a male that can be found.

Since it’s portable, you can take it anywhere and do the thing. It is designed to give extreme pleasure and fulfil your kink in every possible way.

Regular use of fleshlight can also help you from premature ejaculation allowing you to control speed and penetration.

How to Use a Fleshlight

It may be one of the best, if not the best pocket pussies available on the market.

If you want to show the better sex side and impress your girl with your stamina and skills, fleshlight can be a goon in your life. There are many ways to use the fleshlight according to your need, some of the common methods are described below.

What is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a portable sex toy. It is a masturbation device in the shape of a vagina, mouth, or anal cavity. A fleshlight replicates the sexual sensation of human-like organs. The inner part of the fleshlight comprises a skin that resembles the human flesh.

It has the same texture as a human being's skin would have. A flashlight is a fantastic way of masturbation.

Give Fleshlight Experience an Upgrade

  • Adding suction: As a fleshlight has two open ends, you can create suction by closing the other end while using it. Some fleshlights also have lids on the other end, which creates suction. You also can keep the palm of your hand on the other side while you masturbate.
  • Using fleshlight in the shower: Some fleshlights come with a wall mount that you can stick to your bathroom. This wall mount allows you to enjoy the fleshlight without your hands and creates a suction as well.
  • Experiment with temperature: You can remove the internal part of the fleshlight that takes all the pressure during masturbation. Warm this part with water or place it in the sink filled with warm water. Put the part back inside the toy and enjoy its warmth.

Preparation: Read Before the Act


You should always wash a new fleshlight. Once you purchase it. Make sure to wash it with water and disinfectant soap. Do not use a harsh soap or washing detergent.

The insides of a fleshlight often contain specific lubes and oils. These soaps may damage the internal sleeve.

Instead, to be safe, soak a cloth dipped in warm water to gently wash the device. Do not use hot water as it may damage the sleeve. After you clean it, now is the time to warm your fleshlight.

As we mentioned about the experiments that you can do with warm temperatures, heating your fleshlight would enhance your experience.

Dip it in a sink filled with warm water and let it rest there for five minutes. Then dry it off and use the device. 

How to Use a Fleshlight


A new fleshlight would be pretty hard. Unlike a real vagina, fleshlight can expand on a minimum level. You will require lubrication to make it better.

Do not buy a standard oil lube. Go for water-based lubricants.

The oil will damage the inner sleeve. Put some lube on your hand and apply it inside the fleshlight with your fingers. Also, put some lube on your erect penis.

You can also use a condom, but that will deteriorate your experience.

How to Use a Fleshlight


As you are now aware that fleshlights have two open ends. From one opening, you insert your penis, and the other end is to create suction. The other opening often has a lid on it.

You can adjust the tightness of that lid  per your preference. If you keep it too loose, then the fleshlight will provide minimum pleasure. 

How to Use a Fleshlight

Positions: Tips for Better Experience


You can experiment with your new sex toy's intensity by using it with your hand. Insert your erect penis inside the fleshlight and use your hand to move it upwards and downwards.

This style is the most common use of a fleshlight.

How to Use a Fleshlight


You can purchase it separately, or some fleshlight comes with an extra shower mount. These mounts help in attaching your fleshlights to a wall.

They use suction cups that stick to the wall along with th fleshlight. Enjoy your sex toy while connecting it to the wall. Adjust it according to your height and be careful with your motion.

How to Use a Fleshlight


You can experiment with a shoe. Put a shoe on a flat surface like a bed. Then put the fleshlight inside the shoe and tie it tightly with laces.

Then insert your penis inside the device, and you can replicate the missionary position. Be careful with the thrusting and make sure the fleshlight is in place.

How to Use a Fleshlight

How to Use a Fleshlight


Put two mattresses side by side on a bed. Place your fleshlight in between them.

Now you must make sure that the bed is of the proper height, and your penis can reach the fleshlight's mouth with ease.

Insert your penis inside the fleshlight and start thrusting. You can bend as per the height of the bed. The fleshlight will remain intact between the mattresses. 

How to Use a Fleshlight


Take an electric blanket and fold it in multiple layers. Now remove the internal sleeve from th fleshlight and place it in between the blanket's sheets. Plugin the electric blanket to heat it.

Make sure you do not overheat it. Once you are satisfied by the temperature, insert your penis inside the sleeve and start pounding.

Hold the blanket firmly, and turn off the heat before you start.

How to Use a Fleshlight


You can attach the fleshlight to the bottom of your iPad case. Use a velcro strap to connect the device, and you can masturbate using it.

On the iPad, you can watch a porn video for a better experience. Also, you can video call your love interest and indulge in a raunchy exchange of words.

You both can have virtual sex as your partner can also get involved by getting naked or touching him/herself.

How to Use a Fleshlight

How to Clean Your Fleshlight


After having fun with your sex toy, now is the time to wash it. It is very uncomplicated to clean your fleshlight. Remove the sleeve and keep it under running water. Use warm water for better results. Use a mild soap to clean the device.

Make sure not to use oily soaps. Also, do not rub the device too vigorously as you might damage it. 


Storing: After cleaning the fleshlight, do not pack it immediately. Let it dry completely. Shake off the extra water drops and then wrap it for future use.

Make sure that you buy a good quality fleshlight. You do not want to insert your penis in a sex toy of inferior quality. Click here to purchase some good quality fleshlight at reasonable prices. 

Research well before buying a device and make sure the inner sleeve is made with high-quality material. The insides of the fleshlight should be soft and soothing for your penis. 

Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time

DIY Fleshlight

The required items: A small towel, latex gloves, a plastic bottle

  • Fold the towel in multiple layers. Insert the latex glove in between the towel to create a sleeve.
  • Cut the plastic bottle in half and put the folded towel inside it. Now, roll out the opening of the glove and stretch it around the towel. 
  • You can use this as an artificial fleshlight. You can also place this folded towel in between two pillows to simulate missionary position.

You can learn some DIY sex toy tips here. Be careful while you have fun with your fleshlight, and do not get carried away.

Final Thoughts

If you like thrusting fleshlight, then you can purchase various designs that are available on the market. While you are frequently using the fleshlight, it can ruin within a short span of time. So, it's better to have a few of them in stock for your refreshment.

There are not any specific ways to use the fleshlight, and you can do whatever you feel like to do.

What matters the most is your dick penetrating the fleshlight and giving a wonderful orgasm. You can create your sophisticated style to enjoy the fleshlight if you like to have sex a lot or know the sex positions.

Besides thrusting, you can also use the fleshlight to practice kissing, rimming, and licking to give the pleasure, your partner always wanted.


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