Blake Mason Review (2020)

Blake Mason

The site is famous for hosting hardcore amateur porn content, and most of the models are in their early 20s.

Many of these pornstars gained quite a bit of popularity after they appeared on this platform.

Some of the models, went on to do straight adult performances, while others are still exploring themselves, some of the faces are repetitive, and the new faces have uncut cocks.

Many big-labelled gay sites feature only well-known faces, but Blake Mason gives a chance to fresh faces.

We thought of analyzing Blake Mason from scratch, and get to know about its reasons for popularity.

Soon after Blake Mason launched its adult site in the year 2005, it started gaining a lot of attention and won many awards too. Claiming the title “amateur British men in action,” this adult site promises to offer only horny and sexy college-goers in various sexual positions.

If you love watching uncut British amateur men in action, you have got to watch all the videos of Blake Mason. The gay website is all set to show you some of the alluring British men in group masturbation, solo performances, and group sex scenes.

With more than 1200 videos, you will not be able to stop yourself from visiting this exclusive adult site. Knowing that there is an array of gay adult sites offering good quality videos and photo sets, we wanted to check what made this platform win awards so soon?

The models of Blake Mason are genuinely attractive, and we must admit, their masculine physique will make your heart pound faster when you see them. Their white and caramelized body on top of one another makes you desperate to be a part of the videos.

This is what we felt when we took a quick tour of Blake Mason. To give you a quick brief, Blake offers a myriad of Full HD videos, and the website has an excellent novice appeal about it.

What makes Blake Mason popular?

For an award-winning adult site, it becomes essential for them to upload content that people will not be able to avoid. And thankfully, Blake Mason takes it as their responsibility to show people what they want. The website looks stunning with a simple home page view.

Right on the home page, you will see a galore of pics and will find all the necessary information links to those images. The top menu is straightforward. Blake Mason has kept everything simple and error-free. There are no annoying adverts, no pop-ups to disturb your video viewing experience.

The technical aspect of Blake Mason is impressive too. All-in-all, we are very impressed with Blake Mason’s overall look!

The dream of two boys pushed them to launch a dedicated gay website that will cater to gay people’s needs and desires. The boys vary in body types, and that’s what we love about this adult site.

Some are breaking into the porn industry for the first time via Blake Mason, which means you will get to see a lot of fresh faces! The performers' physique can be slender to athletic or muscular to well-built.

Even though you will get to see well-built physiques, don’t expect to see typical bodybuilders who spend most of the time in a gym. Most of the men have a smooth body, while some of them have hairy chests.

Performers who started their career with Blake Mason do come back to this platform again and again, and you will get to see them in almost as many as 20 videos.

Kai, who is one of the most popular performers of Blake Mason, appeared 39 times; Adam Jamieson, another favorite of Blake Mason, appeared in 37 scenes, simultaneously many other faces appeared several times in different videos.

You will enjoy the “Mating Season” multi-part series where guys go on an outdoor campaign trip. Another popular series of Blake Mason is where they have filmed a series in a bath house. Other than series, they have gay movies that are shot indoors.

The performers can be seen in some steamy and horny sex scenes where there are lots of duo moments, face fucking, oral sex, kissing, butt fucking, and finally, juices splashing and splattering into hungry lips and on top of asses, and bellies.

Each scene will include helpful categories, for instance, doggy style, rimming, flip flop, foreskin play, and much more. Get ready to watch over 1200 sexually explicit videos, that will include around 46 exclusive series. Talking about the videos, you can stream them online or download them seamlessly.

For downloading and streaming, there are up to four formats available.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month’s visit: 137K

Website design

The website of Blake Mason looks highly sophisticated. The white color with a gay poster background makes the website attractive. The no-nonsense website layout is simple and has segregated all the categories adequately.

On the home page, you will see a massive banner with different banging scenes slideshows. Right below is the latest release of Blake Mason videos. The videos will have the names of the performers and when it was uploaded. The site also has a model index page.

Click on any of the models to know more about them. We bet you will become a fan of these knockout performers.


Oh! Navigation is the best part of Blake Mason. Every category is appropriately mentioned, and jumping from one page to another is easy breezy. The videos loaded in a matter of seconds, and on top of it, the website loading time is lessthan a second.

The website looks neat, with everything in the proper place.


There are over 450 models in total associated with Blake Mason, and these models look good and perform exceptionally well. Some of the top models of Blake Mason are Luke Desmond, Kai, Adam Jamieson, and Jack Master.

These gay pornstars have appeared in many videos. And their performance might make you wonder why they even call themselves amateurs. The models are between 18 to 28 years.


Blake Mason currently has more than 1200 adult videos. You are promised to find only high quality and exceptional quality videos. Whatever videos they have, you can expect them to be of top-quality only.

The agile camera work is outstanding, and the usage of multiple cameras lets the viewers enjoy sex scenes from different angles. Starting from deep throat to anal fucking to cum shots, everything is captured beautifully. The available resolution for these videos is 1920x1080; 7509k.

The site uploads new content once every week.

Picture sets

Blake Mason doesn’t only offer videos, but they also have high-quality picture sets.

There are more than 724 picture sets, and each set has 125 photos. The available resolution is 912x684. Blake Mason delivers only quality porn pictures of solo performers, intercourse photos in different positions, and more.

Bonus features

Blake Mason offers exciting 508 bonus videos to watch. These videos can be streamed, as well as downloaded. The bonus site that features these videos is Beddable Boys. If you browse through their bonus section, you will find some older videos of Gay Life Network too.

Even though Blake Mason has not uploaded new content in their bonus section, there are enough videos to keep you busy. On top of that, Blake Mason gives you access to two gay networking sites as well. To get access to these networking sites, you will have to join them.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Nope, Blake Mason is not a free gay site. Visitors are free to watch a one-minute short clip to get an idea about the type of content you will find here.

But to watch full-length videos, one needs to buy one of the memberships. Unlike other gay or any other adult sites, Blake Mason doesn’t have any trial membership options for the new members. They only give you a sample video, and four plans to choose from.

  • One-month: $14.95
  • Three months: $39.45
  • Six months: $64.95
  • Twelve months: $99.95

Our recommendation is to watch the short clips first, get a feel whether Blake Mason is the right option for you or not. Read about the scene’s information. The video will give you the names of the performers, tags, scene information, model’s photos, and sample photos from the film.

The movie will be available in 1920x1080, 7509k resolution for streaming. And the picture sets are available in high resolution too. You can pay by using a credit or debit card, or you can pay by PayPal. The membership plans come with a lot of features that you can’t miss.

For example, you will get access to 1200+ exclusive videos, all the movies are available in HD quality, read about 470 models, unlimited downloadable videos, and photos, watch the videos in any device that you would like and have fun with weekly updates.

To create an account, enter your email ID, think of a peppy username that you won’t forget, and finally enter your password. A password is a must. After you are done creating your account, check your inbox and click on the verification link to activate your account with Blake Mason.

Site Performance



Image Quality

9 / 10


10 / 10


5 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


10 / 10

Bonus Material

5 / 10

Overall Score

87 / 100

Site Statistics

Most Popular Models: Kai Cameron, Luke Desmond, Adam Jamieson, Jack Masters, Taylor Mason, Ollie XS, Lucas Arts, Madden, Alexander Muller, Max London, Jaden Taylor, Jamie Young, Kris Wolf, Joel Someone, Desmond Cooper, Hunter Dickson, Bob Steel, Flecos Cayden, Maxence Angel, Alex Morgan, James Huck, Leo Ocean, Alon Kemey, and more.

  • Models: 18-28 years. Body type differs, and performers are mostly white.
  • Model Appearance: Amateur models.
  • Body Type: Slender to athletic and well-defined to fairly muscular.
  • Total Number of videos: 1260+
  • Average Length of videos: 24 minutes.
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: 1920x1080; 7509k.
  • Live Cams: No
  • File size: 750MB
  • Buffer: 1 second
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of Blake Mason

Of course, there are quality gay adult sites available in the porn industry, and we wouldn’t there be any?

Blake Mason is not just the only site that offers high-quality gay content. Several other sites are trying their best to be the most fabulous gay site ever and delivering the most competent explicit content to their audience. So, we have come up with a few names that might raise your interest.

Do go to these adult sites as well to watch some of their content.

Boy Fun

Boy fun had an estimated 271.93 visitors last month. With the perfect ultra HD 4K videos to offer, Boy Fun has attracted a lot of gay porn lovers to their site and happily converted them into their fans. No wonder so many people have visited the site.

The website features some of the delicious gay boys that you would like to sleep with. This premium gay site has more than 3000 videos, and when it comes to downloading the videos, there are no restrictions.

Titan Men

With an estimated 356.2k visitors last month, Titan Men is another competitor of Blake Mason. This site was launched in 2013, and since then, the gay site has features smokin’ hot, and well0built gay men. If you love watching muscular males banging each other asses, try Titan Men.

The gay action that Titan Men produces is erotic and kinky.

Gay Room

Whosoever becomes a member of the Gay Room adult site; they get to enjoy some astounding features.

From HD clips to high-resolution pictures, models’ index page, to smooth navigation, Gay Room is a must-visit adult platform. Premium members get access to over 12 networking adult websites. The average length of the videos is 30 minutes.


  • Blake Mason has an impressive website design and layout and offers smooth navigation.
  • The site currently has over 1260 alluring sex videos and more than 724 picture sets to enjoy.
  • Each picture set has somewhere around 125 individual photos.
  • Videos are available in high definition, and photos are available in high resolution.
  • Blake Mason has a dedicated model index page with proper names of the models. If you click on a model’s page, you will see the complete bio of the performer.
  • The average length of the videos is 24 minutes.
  • You can download as many videos as you want to watch them later. And streaming contains no glitches at all.
  • Blake Mason offers bonus videos from two gay adult sites.
  • The memberships are affordable, and with just one membership, members can enjoy a lot of features.
  • To register, a user needs to enter his/her email ID, password, and user name. The whole process will consume less than a minute.


  • We didn’t enjoy the older scenes, because they weren’t sharp.

Customer Support

You must choose an adult site that lets you connect with their customer support whenever you wish too.

Blake Mason is pretty serious about giving satisfactory customer experience, and that’s why they are here for you 24 x 7. Whether it is a payment issue, billing issue, video buffering issue, or some other bugs, you can write to Blake Mason.


We are convinced that Blake Mason is an excellent gay porn website that offers a galore of high-quality and exclusive porn content that will take your breath away. The site looks terrific, and navigation is a piece of cake.

We thoroughly enjoyed the models' index page because it gave us a clear picture of the guys we were checking out. Along with the models’ index page, the site provides over 1200 fantastic videos and more than 700 picture sets.

The memberships are not exorbitantly pricey, and with just one membership, all the members get to enjoy tons of bonus videos as well. The models look hot, and most of them have an excellent physique, which is a pro bono.

All the performers know what they are doing, and none of them were shy in front of the camera or us. There was a lot of ass banging, kissing, rimming, and deep throat scenes. The guys are mostly semi-pros and pros, even though the website claims to offer only amateur content.

Members can download as many videos and picture sets as they want. And the format available for downloading is MP4 and WMV. To stream the videos, one needs to have Flash Player in their system. The dimensions are 1280x720 and 1920 x 1080.

The payback is fantastic, and the buffering time is around 1 second. All the scenes of Blake Mason are 100$ exclusive, and the site uploads fresh, new content once every week. If you love watching hot British lads naked, you will love Blake Mason!

At the moment, Blake Mason tops our gay adult site with its impressive content. And thanks to its beautifully designed website, ease of use feature, and models, for making it one of the best in the gay porn niche category.

Parting words

After reading this review, don’t forget to give Blake Mason a try. You will be amazed to see the fascinating porn content Blake Mason has to offer. Go on and register, get a membership, and start streaming, and download unlimited content.

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